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The Wildest Place...

Hello all!

It's time for me to answer another question in detail! I get asked a lot, "Where is the wildest place you have ever fucked?" The short answer, on the sofa of a night club. Now it's time for the whole story.


Last fall, I was heading out to a dance club here in my small middle American town. A goth/industrial night only happens about once a month here and the October event is the BEST one. It was a cool night here in Indiana. I wore a nice long black velvet skirt, the long flowly heavy kind. It was all the way down to my shiny black boots. There really wasn't any point of the black thigh highs and black satin panties I had on underneath, but I wore them anyway. My hair was more pink then red at that time, up in ponytails, so I wore this kind of matching black and pink vinyl corset. It covers my 36c breasts... barely, but it's short. It ends above my belly button. Really more of a bikini top then a corset. Top it off with my grandmother's silver cross dipping into my cleavage and I was good to go!

I didn't have a date, but I wasn't going alone. I had a small group of friends going with me. Four of us in all. Myself, my BFF Tracy, and 2 of our guy friends, Daniel and Tod. They were older friends, a few years older then us, they were just finishing college where as Tracy and I were still Freshmen. Tracy was looking HOT herself. She had on a white latex minidress that looked more like she was painted white, then wearing clothes. It was tighter then skin on her sexy little frame. She wasn't as busty as me, only barely B's where I have C+, not quite D's.

The club was the usual dark wave with loud music pumping out of the darkness. A fog machine made the lights sparkle and dance. It was quite the transition from the cool quiet night air outside to the club full of half naked sweaty dancing freaks. I was home. Leaving my friends behind I went straight for the dance floor. I love to dance. I would dance all night long if I could. I'm a tease on the dance floor. I bump and grind with anyone, male or female, who looks my way. Nothing is more arousing then Dirty dancing with total strangers. (Que up Cruxshadows -- Deception on youtude for the full effect) I spied a really hot guy in velvet pants and a nice while vampire shirt, he was tall with slick black hair and piercing eyes. He was the one I wanted. Debating on weather or not to go for it, I slowly danced my way towards him. Keeping my back to him I closed the distance between us, slowly cornering him to the wall. I was trying to be subtle about it, but suddenly he pressed up behind me, his strong arms around my waist, his hot breath on my neck. In retaliation, I did the only thing I could, grinding my ass against his cock. I was shocked to find a nice bulge there to grind against. He was already rock hard.

I was able to feel his throbbing cock between my ass cheeks even given the layers of clothing between us. His hands drifted down slowly, stopping between my thighs. My skirt was just too long for him to hike up, but he started rubbing my pussy anyway. Let me tell you, velvet on satin feels sooooo good. I was soaking wet in seconds, but then again, I think I was a bit wet before I even walked in the place. It didn't long before I heard a moaning in my ear and his thrusting grinds turned to climax thrusts. He blew his load right there in his pants. Right there on the dance floor! He nibbled on my neck for a few seconds as he drifted back to the reality of what just happened, and quickly ran off for the men's room.

Smiling to myself, I continued to dance for a few more songs. The soaking wet feeling in my panties was amazing. It was getting worse as I danced slowly to the music. Beads of sweat ran down my back and cleavage. It was time for a drink!

Grabbing a soda I headed over to where my friends were sitting on a couch in the corner of the club. I would say it was a dark corner but the entire club was pretty dark. There wasn't room for 3 let alone 4 on the little love seat looking thing. I did the next best thing, sat in Daniel's lap. Daniel has been a friend for a long time. He was one of the 2 guys we came to the club with, remember them? :P

One of my all time favorite songs came on. It's a Sin by the Petshop Boys. (pull it up if you can!) There I was, sitting in his lap, grinding against my second cock of the evening. I quickly turn around, facing him this time. He was a good friend, but not a lover or anything. Normally I looked to him like an older b*****r, but just then, the throbbing between my thighs and the lump in his pants blurred my vision of him. This time, I hiked my skirt up so I could grind directly on that cock. My long black skirt spilled down his legs hiding everything from view.

Suddenly the feeling changed. Looking down at him, he smiled. His cock was pressing against my soaking panties. He had reached down and unzipped, pulling his cock free under the cover of my long skirt. I continued to dance/grind on his cock for another song or two. Then, the best thing that could ever happen, happened. s****rs of Mercy -- Lucretia came on. I was getting closer to a climax of my own. My satin panties were soaked and slowly being pushed aside with the grinding motion, it wasn't long before I felt hard cock pressed against my swollen clit. With a slight shift of my hips, I pushed myself down his cock. It was a bit bigger then I expected, it filled me up nicely. The look in his eyes was raw sexuality, it didn't matter to either of us who were were fucking at that moment, or where we were, we just needed to fuck, and to fuck HARD.

I rode him hard, bucking and grinding to the music. I looked around. There were some eyes on us, I could see them trying to figure out if we were really fucking or just playing around. All it did was make me fuck more and more wildly, impaling myself on his hard cock.

Looking up at me, he leans in and says... "You'd better stop, I'm going to cum!"

I had no intention of tell him I was on the pill. I whispered back, "Just Hold off a little longer, I'm... almost... there."

His hands moved to squeeze my plump little ass. I bent over low, giving him a nice view of my cleavage, and causing my silver cross to bump against his lips. Smiling, he took it in his mouth. I could see in his face he was struggling not to cum. If he knew I was on the pill then he would just cum and be done with me, so.. I let him sweat it out.

"Ooooohh Jenni.. I mean it... I'm going to... cum." That's what I was waiting for.. He COULD have tossed me off of him and shot his load there in front of a room full of people, but nooo.

Squeezing my ass hard, I felt his cock swell inside me until it past the point of no return. Each fiery wet spurt inside me made my climax rip though me so much harder. It must have been like 4 full minutes of climax for me, as I started to come out of it, his cock was softening inside me. I could feel his cum leaking out all over. I was glad I was on top.

Looking around, Tracy and Tod stared at us in disbelief. I also caught the guy from the dance floor standing 10 feet away with 2 drinks in his hands. It seems he was looking for me. I smiled weakly at him and slid off of Daniels cock. He quickly zipped it up before it was exposed.

Sheepishly I ducked back into the darkest corner of the club and savored the feelings dripping down my thighs, was I so wet or did he cum a small ocean inside me?

Later that night, things went back to normal, Daniel and I stayed good friends and part time lovers, but we never reached a peek like we did that night in the club! It was amazing.

See you next time all! Feel free to ask anything, maybe it will help me decide what story #3 should be!


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