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Step daughter to be

Fictional story.....

I had all ways worked and had never got round to settling down until I met Angela, she had been working in the building next to mine and I had seen her on a few occasions and had only said "hi". Well a few of us from the office decided to have a pub lunch and Angela was in there with a few of her mates, we struck up a conversation and I asked her on a date, she said it would be fine but had to be at the weekend as her daughter would be home from uni, and could look after her youngest, she told me her daughter who was 20 yrs old was studying medicine and was on a week off her name was Linda, and her son who was Cameron was 8yrs old, I made arrangements to pick her up and would go for a meal.

The weekend arrived and I arrived at Angela’s, went to the door to be greeted by this stunning girl who was Linda, she was beautiful I looked her up and down her long legs and hour shaped figure, my cock leapt at the sight she was blonde and deep blue eye's I went in behind her as I watched her arse in skin tight jeans that left only the track of a thong she was wearing, I re-adjusted myself so my fella didn't give me away.

I sat chatting to Linda and introduced myself to Cameron who was a cute little guy in his football kit the same as whom I supported. Angela cam in and she looked stunning, we got up and left as we did Linda said make sure you use protection and burst out laughing, Angela went bright red as we sloped off. We had a great meal and great conversation I found out that Linda's father had been a soldier and was killed in action and Cameron’s farther was someone on a blind date and he had f***ed himself on her and ****d her, but hadn't been on a date in about 9 years. We had a few drinks and got to know each other a bit better.

Angela was lovely and had been a accountant for some years and had bought up the 2 of them whilst Lind's dad was away fighting for queen and country but hated moving and got divorced they stayed great mates until he was killed, we left the restaurant and walked back to the car, as we sat in the car we kissed as we felt each other’s bodies, Angela reached down and rubbed the front of my trousers feeling my cock, she gasped at the size and hardness of it her nipples where hard when I touched her tits.

She asked if I would wait to go further as I explained I wasn't looking for anything other than a kiss and great company tonight, she looked and said she would of gone a bit further but not sex, I asked why she wanted to she confessed she had liked me for a while but was too scared to chat to me, she pushed me back and unzipped my trousers, my huge thick sprung out as she shrieked saying it was massive, as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft rubbing it slowly, I groaned at the touch of her soft hand stroking my cock.

Angela lowered her head slowly taking my cock into her mouth as my head fell back and groaned saying it felt fantastic, as she slurped my shaft into her mouth, she pulled my cock out of her mouth breathless saying she had never had a cock so big in her life, lowering her head again, her tongue lapping around the head as her head bobbed up and down, she cupped my balls in her hands squeezing them gently, as I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, I gasped saying I was Cumming as Angela sucked my cock like a Hoover and I exploded into her mouth, as she swallow what she could only letting a small drop run down my shaft. Angela wiped the corners of her mouth and sat up saying that was needed and had never had a bloke cum in her mouth before but was so turned on by the size she didn't want to miss the opportunity, I leant across and kissed her, running my hand over her fair size tits her nipples all hard I slowly undone her top and unclasped the front of her bra to release her tits, I rubbed her fairly dark nipples.

I moved my hand down her body and up the inside of her leg to feel her wet pussy and slipped my fingers underneath the elastic on her panties rubbing her soaking wet clit, Angela groaned and whispered “make me cum” as I rubbed her clit slowly she gasped and moaned softly as my fingers felt the sticky juices that dripped from her pussy, we got re adjusted and drove back in near silence as Angela sidled up to me saying it was a lovely evening, we arrived back and I was asked in for a coffee, I sat in the living room and spoke to Linda she asked if we had a good evening and general chat, Angela came in and we all sat chatting.

As Linda chatted I watched her full pouting lips on her flawless face move imagining them around my cock sucking me deep down her throat I was getting horny and made my excuses to leave, Linda then said well mum did you test drive him giggling as she said it, Angela turned and said “no but my jaw is saw from sucking his huge cock” and smiled at me, a deathly silence fell over the room as Angela, said would I like to have dinner here next weekend, I nodded and left. The following day, I phoned Angela asking if all was ok, as the conversation got onto what was said to Linda; Angela said I had 40 questions thrown at me when I had left as we laughed for ages, knowing it was killing Linda not knowing how big I was, I said to Angela if she wanted to brag then it was ok laughing as I said it.

The following weekend arrived and I picked Angela up from work and we arrived back at her place, I asked what room I had as she was living in a huge house, she calmly said well your be in mine no way am I not sampling that cock this weekend. Cameron arrived home and I suggested we go for a kick about, he shot off and got changed as we went across to the park and played footy for a while, we arrived back at the house and had tea, later on Angela put Cameron too bed and joined me on the sofa, as we cuddled up watching tele, Angela slowly rubbed my trouser front awakening my cock, she slowly unzipped my trousers, pulling my cock out rubbing it slowly, as she slowly sucked me deep into her mouth, slurping it slowly as I groaned I lifted her head and kissed her slowly as she continued to rub my hard shaft, I trailed my finger over her hard nipple and undone her top and removed it slowly and then her bra, I pushed her back and helped her out of her skirt and panties, to reveal a shaved pussy.

I opened her legs and started to lick her pussy making her groan as she guided my head into the right place given her full pleasure as I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her slit I dipped my tongue slowly inside as I flicked her clit as she cum, she begged me to fuck her as she was so horny, I moved up in between her legs and slipped my cock into her tight hole making her moan and gasp as begged me to fuck her and cum in her pussy, I started to move slowly my cock coated in her wetness of her juices I could feel the muscles of her pussy clamping my cock deep in her hole, the only way I was going to escape was to unload in her and satisfy her horny body. I started to thrust harder and harder as she begged for more her voice getting louder as my buttocks clenched and I shot my load into her wanting pond. My spent rod slipped out of her pussy as I fell back breathless, Angela said it had been years since she had, had sex and was pleased it was me that ended her baron sex life as we laughed like mad.

We got dressed and rested as I believed that this weekend was going to be full of sex and hardly any sl**ping, we went to bed and cuddled as I felt Angela’s hand run down my body onto my cock making me firm up slowly I started to suck her nipples one by one as she groaned my tongue flicked them rapidly as she orgasm again and again, Angela got on her knees and I got behind her slipping my now rigid rod into her pussy as I spanked her sweet arse, making it glow a slight pinkish colour and a slight track of my hand I bent down nibbling a cheek making her giggle begging for more as I grabbed her hips thrusting my cock in and out like a piston my heavy balls swinging to every thrust as Angela begged for more, she shook and groaned as she orgasm wave after wave of total pleasure, I could not hold on any longer and unloaded my cum into her.

That weekend I had amazing sex and left for work on the Monday morning, Angela asked if I would stop in a side road for a few minutes as I did she leant across unzipped my trousers and hungrily sucked my cock fondling my balls encouraging me too cum in her mouth as I couldn’t hold back I blew my load again draining my rod full of its juices down her throat, she sat up saying it was needed to finish her amazing weekend.

We arrived at our places of work and made arrangements for a f****y weekend the following weekend when Linda would be down for 2 weeks I agreed and went into work. The following weekend came and .............

More to follow

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