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So it was just another usual night around the house. Dad got called
away to go pick up some parts for a car that had to be done. He called and said
he would be home around morning. My s****r and her boyfriend decided to go out
to eat and go to a movie since no had cooked. Well its around 6 oclock and we
are hungry. So we are just trying to figure out something to eat and we decide
on chinese take-out.

It’s simple and quick.

So its just me and my mom for majority of the night. Now its around 8 oclock and
I’m busy downloading some good porn on my computer and slowly arousing my cock
with my door wide open, hoping my mother would catch a glimpse. I have always
fantasized about my mother. She is not some supermodel, she doesnt go to the gym
for her perfect six pack body, she is just a regular mother who works her ass
off to pay some of the bills. She doesn’t have huge tits or an amazing ass. But
I just want to fuck the shit out of her simply because she is my mother.

about an hour later I hear her getting in the shower and I love this time of the
night because I peek throught the key hole in the door. Its just enough to see
her entire body, and I’m just kneeling at the door with my cock in my hand
jerking off and cumming all over the door. Well she jumps in the shower and my
fun is over.

Now its rought 11 oclock and im still jerking off at the computer with my cock
sticking slightly out of my shorts hopefully enough for my mother to see. Now my
mother has trouble sl**ping so she takes these pills to make her sl**py.
Everytime she takes these things she gets pretty much like d***k and doesn’t
remember anything in the morning.

So I have always thought of trying to take
advantage of her while she was all messed up on the pills. But sadly enough I
have always talked myself out of it. But tonight was different, I just had to
have her. Something about her was weird, cuz she kept going into the closet by
my door and she would stand there for a few minutes and come out with nothing. I
couldn’t see her face, so I don’t know if she was looking at my cock but I was
sure hoping so. Just at the thought of my mom actually looking at my cock made
it rock hard and push my shorts to the side.

While my cock was doing this, the
closet door slowly closed. I was hoping it was for her to get a better glance.
No hope after a minute or so my cock slowly gets soft and the door closes all
the way and she walks away.

Well all my hopes and dreams are thrown out the window when she says she going
to sl**p. So I jump out of my shorts and just throw on some boxers and start
watching some of the i****t porn I just downloaded fantasizing it was me and her.
So now I’m really jerking off, going at it hard and fast and all of a sudden I
hear a moan at my door. I jump up and open the door quickly.

My mom is standing
there with about 3 fingers deep in her pussy and doesn’t even notice I’m
standing at the door. So I watch her for a second and say "Fuck it, apparently
she wants it as bad as I do." I grab her by her waist and thrust her into the
wall and shove my tongue deep down in her throat while we share moans and a deep
passionate kiss. She finally comes to her senses and doesn’t seem to mind. I
start fondling her entire boyd exploring with every inch of my own body. Wow I
was in heaven. "It is finally happening" I said.

My mom says " John, I’ve been
fantasizing about you for about 2 yrs since I caught you jerking off with your
door open".

So I decide to take things into the kitchen, knowing that my grandmother who
lives with us can wake up at any moment and catch us. Figured that would make it
alot hotter. I place her on her back on the kitchen table and start eating her
beautiful pussy. "Holy shit, this is the best tasting pussy I have ever eaten in
my life" I scream out. Moans and little screams come out of her mouth along with
the occasional "eat my pussy son, just like mommy likes it, play with that clit".
About 20 minutes go by and she came a few times.

She tells me its my turn and
turn stand up so she can get a good look at my cock. As soon as her knees hit
the ground I shoved my cock deep in her mouth and face fucked her. I grabbed the
back of her head by her hair and kept slamming my cock down her throat. I just
couldn’t take it anymore, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and came all over
her face. Watching her lick it off her lips and wipe it off her face made my
cock hard again within seconds.

So now I take her and push her body face first up against the wall and shove my
cock into her soaking wet pussy and just start pounding it.

Making her scream my
name, calling me son, calling herself mommy. Wow all this dirty talk was making
me hot, just then she says to me "Take that cock and ram it in my ass". Well by
all means, I always do what my mother asks. Jesus was her ass tight, but god
damn it felt good. So after awhile of fucking, sucking, and fondling each other
she says " I want both of us to orgasm at the same time". So I take my dick out
of her ass and place it back in her pussy and start pounding the hell out of
that pussy til she was on the verge of cumming.

About a minute goes by and we
are both ready to cum, and next thing you know I feel her walls clench around my
dick like a bank robber with money I just can’t handle it anymore and I cum in
my own mothers pussy for the very first time. Spurt after spurt kept going deep
into my mothers cunt. And her juices are squirting out while mine are squirting
in her. Well we both lay there exhausted for about an hour of kissing and
touching and she says "Hopefully your dad starts to go away more often". I
couldn’t agree more.

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