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Friday Afternoon Part 12

Part 12

When Bobby again entered his mother's bedroom she was still seated
on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide, masturbating.
Seeing him she said, "Come over here and stand right in front of
me, OK."

Bobby walked over and stood directly in front of Norma, his stiff
prick pointing directly at her face. "Why don't you set that stuff
down for a minute." He did as instructed and tossed the large double
dildo and tube of K-Y jelly toward the head of the bed.

"God, lover, your prick is huge. I can't believe how big you are.
You didn't get it from your father, that's for sure!" and she
emitted a short burst of mirth at this. "I hope you don't mind,
but I'm really going crazy. I never imagined giving you an enema
could get me so aroused. It never did before. Before we go any
further I've just got to jack myself off or I won't be able to
function. Be a good dear and just stand right where you are so I
can look at that fucking sexy hard penis of yours while I cum, OK?"

Bobby didn't say anything, but put both hands on his hips and jutted
his straining cock out toward his mother's face. All she would have
to do is lean forward just a little and she could take it in his
mouth, Bobby thought and hoped. But Norma remained motionless except
for the increasingly rapid movement of her hand in her pussy. Her
face and upper chest were now blotched with red spots and her
breathing had grown ragged as she masturbated her cunt furiously
while staring transfixed at her son's hard-on.

"Damn, I'm so fucking hot," she said, "I just love having you watch
me jill off as much as I enjoy watching you. It's just so fucking lewd."

Looking down at her, Bobby wondered if his imagination were playing
tricks on him; his mother's nipples now appeared to be about twice
their normal size. And then he saw what had in fact happened. In
her excitement the areolae had puckered up and pushed her nipples
even further out than normal, becoming the back part of the nipple
itself and swelling outward. He was fascinated by this transformation,
but didn't have long to study it.

In less than a minute Norma's legs suddenly came together trapping
her vibrating hand between her thighs. Her body went rigid as the
peak of her orgasm slammed into her and she grunted loudly as each
spasm came and went until she was finished and flopped back on the
bed, arms widespread. Bobby fell to the bed on his knees beside
her and leaned down to gently kiss her mouth saying, "Gosh, mom,
that was powerful. Are you OK?"

"Oh, Bobby, yesss - it was so good. I needed that. Thank you, son,
for being so patient," Norma said, grasping for breath. "Give me
just a minute to recover and it'll be your turn."

At that point the thing Bobby wanted to do most was just lie down
full length right on top of his mother and stick his big dick up
her drenched cunt. The desire was almost overpowering in its
intensity and it would be so easy to do. So before he made that
mistake he pushed himself up to his knees and back onto his feet
at the side of the bed. He knew the rules and didn't want to get
his mother angry at him and ruin whatever she had in store next.
He was learning quickly that Norma was a master of the erotic and
whatever her next surprise was, it would be worth denying himself
the risk of an impetuous moment.

Looking at his mother's breasts, which in her present position made
them flatten out and appear that she didn't have any breasts at
all, he saw that the nipples had returned to their normal state
and the large areolae had once again reappeared. It crossed his
mind just then how amazing it was that women could be so much alike,
yet so different. He thought of Mrs. Bishop's large swelling breasts
and puffy, pink areolae and contrasted them in his mind with his
mother's and wondered if Mrs. Bishop's nipples reacted the same
way when she excited. The answer evaded him, but another question
took its place and found voice as he said, "Mom, would you tell me
now, like you said you would, about another woman sucking your
breasts? I'd really like to hear about it."

"God, you're a curious k**, you know that. But, yeah, I'll tell
you if you really want to know. First though, I want to do something
else and then when we're set I'll talk to you about it."

Sitting up now, Norma reached over and grabbed the long, thick
rubber double dildo and held it out to her son. "Here - take this,"
she said as she then picked up the tube of K-Y jelly as Bobby took
the dildo from her.

Opening the tube of lubricant she said, "Hold your toy over here
and let me put some jelly on it." Bobby reached the dildo to her
and she squeezed out a gob of the clear stuff onto the nearest
head. "Now give me your hand as well - that's it. Now I want you
to grease up your butt really good with this stuff - but be careful!
I don't want you to cum right away like you did last night."

"Aw come on, mom. You don't really want me to put this in me, do
you?" Bobby asked incredulously.

"Uh huh, I sure do. I know this is something new for you, but I
think you're going to really enjoy this. Remember - trust me, OK.
Now, move over here and put one leg up on the bed. It'll make things

Bobby was having doubts about this whole business, but went ahead
and set his leg on the bed, reaching around behind him with the
jelly on his fingers and began to gingerly apply it to his anal area.

"That's it, darling. Get it good and slick. Now use your finger
and get some of it inside your ass." As Bobby did this and began
pushing some of the jelly up his rectum with his finger Norma took
his other hand and steadied the dildo as she smeared jelly over
half its length from the knobby tip to where his hand gripped it.

"Ok, good. Now go ahead and put that beautiful little toy up your
ass, love. Go on, but just take your time. Don't f***e it. That's
it," Norma coached as Bobby moved the head of the instrument to
the entrance of his ass and, using both hands now, applied enough
pressure to get the head in, forcing wide the anal sphincter, now
tight from his obvious nervousness.

"Ahhhh," Bobby moaned and closed his eyes as he felt the big knobby
end of the fake cock pass the ring of muscle and enter his rectum.
He didn't need his mother to tell him what to do now as he began
to slowly twist and turn and push the rubber cock further into his
ass. It was nothing like he had ever felt before and he had the
fleeting thought that this must be what it's like when gays fucked
each other and he now understood a little of what women must feel
like when they were being fucked in the cunt.

In a lust filled daze he continued to work the dildo further and
further up his ass until he heard his mother's voice say, "Hey,
whoaaaa. That's enough, son - don't let's be selfish about this,
now. Leave a little for me, OK."

Leave a little for me???? Bobby's confused mind questioned. But he
didn't have time to ponder that as he felt Norma's hands on his
hips, gently guiding him as she directed, "Now get down on on the
bed, dear," and she turned him and pushed gently so that he cam
down on the bed on his one hand and knees, the other hand still
holding the dildo in his ass.

"Now move up toward the head of the bed and turn over on your back
- that's it," Norma said, still helping him as he propped himself
up on a pillow against the headboard. In this position he found
that he had to keep his legs and thighs somewhat back toward his
chest so the dildo sticking from his ass wouldn't be pressured into
the mattress. Norma now got up on the bed and sat facing him. "Now
spread your legs a little," she said as she stretched her legs out
toward him and began pushing herself forward in his direction.

"What are you doing, mom?" Bobby asked puzzled.

"Just be patient - you'll see." Norma then raised her right leg
and laid it over Bobby's left thigh while moving her left leg under
his right thigh. "Now move just a little toward me, darling."

Still not knowing what his mother was up to he did as he was told
and moved down toward her until Norma laid back on her one hand
and reached forward and took hold of the dildo projecting from his
rear with the other. Seeing the surprised look on his face she
said, "Get the idea now, lover? Huh?"

To Bobby's amazement, Norma guided the exposed end of the rubber
cock right at the entrance to her sopping wet cunt and leveraged
herself even closer to him, managing to get the head in. When she
had a couple of inches inside her she stopped moving and just stayed
partially on her side, propped up on her elbow.

"Wow, mom!" Bobby exclaimed.

"Neat, huh," Norma retorted as she slowly began to slide the dildo
further into herself causing it to slide in the opposite direction
in her son's asshole and making him jerk involuntarily. "Hang on,
Bobby, you'll get used to it in just a bit."

Using her hand in a back and forth motion, Norma began to set up
a regular motion with the rubber cock imbedded firmly in both their
openings. As close together as they were there wasn't much room
for movement, but it was sufficient to set up highly erotic charges
in both of them as they now stared lustfully into each others'
eyes. Norma could also see that her actions were causing her son's
large erection to twitch violently and she asked, "You're not going
to cum yet, are you Bobby?"

"God, I'm awfully close. Maybe you'd better stop for a moment or so."

Norma quickly stopped the action of her arm and just lay motionless
and looked at Bobby who was now plainly sweating all over.

"Feel good?"

"Oooo, yeah, it does. Does it feel good to you, too?" he asked.

"Of course it does, silly. Now tell me, was I wrong? Don't you like
being fucked in the ass?"

"You were right," Bobby answered and quickly considering the
situation continued, "but say, who's fucking who here?" and chuckled
in spite of himself.

"Damn it, Bobby, it's 'who's fucking WHOM.' Can't you get that
straight?" Norma chided, but decided not to push it. As it worked
out, however, the comical nature of this aside worked in both their
favors as it lessened the sexual tension to the point where both
of them backed off from the brink of climax.

Not wanting to completely lose the erotic thread Norma said, "Oh
well, let's just say that we're both getting fucked and doing the
fucking. How about we're both being double fucked? Sound OK with
you?" and this time they both laughed aloud.

When the humor passed, Bobby jumped in with, "Mom, tell me now
about having another woman suck your breasts - please." This little
verbal surprise caused Norma to adjust the hand she was using to
manipulate the dildo so that she could grasp it and at the same
time rub her swollen pussy lips and engorged clitoris with the side
of her hand. In so doing it also moved the rubber cock inside
Bobby's asshole which caused him to moan and say, "Whoops. Be
careful, please."

"Sorry, darling. Do you really want to hear about that?"

"Yes, sure. God, I'm so hot right now I'd just love to SEE anybody
sucking on you're nipples, but especially another woman. Did you
really like it?"

"Yes, Bobby, I really liked it. Well, maybe not so much at first
because I was scared. I mean, scared about having sex with another
woman. You know, the first time?"

"Uh huh. Mom, are you a lesbian?"

Norma was taken aback by both the question and the seriousness of
her son's voice as he asked it and it took her a second to ponder
her answer. "No, Bobby, I'm not a lesbian. Lesbians lead a lesbian
lifestyle and I'm not interested in that. But I do like having sex
with women as well as men and I've been doing so since I was a
freshman in college. That's where my roommate introduced me to it."

Bobby considered what his mother had said and made the not quite
gigantic leap in his mind to the next question unaware at the moment
of the can of worms he was about to open. "Mom, I know you're mad
at her for what happened in the car, but do you like Mrs. Bishop?"

When he saw the sudden change in Norma's facial features as she
added two and two together, Bobby knew that he had irreversibly
crossed the line and that there was no going back now. Norma paused
just long enough for him to get in and try to rescue the situation."Mom,
I gotta tell you something and I hope you won't be mad, but I heard
what happened down in the den last night."

At that, Norma sat bolt upright, tearing herself from her end of
the double dildo and said, "You what . . . ?"

For the next five minutes Bobby gave an uninterrupted monologue of
the events he had witnessed, finishing with, " . . . but I never
actually saw anything. I hope you're not mad at me."

"No, my love, I'm not mad at you. I'm just sorry that you had to
be subjected to that sad little scene. That was something I wish
I'd never instigated and that you'd never know about. I can't
imagine how you feel about me."

"Well, I'm a little bit jealous right now."

"Why should you be jealous. Tell me."

"Because I love you, mom."

"I know you do, son, and I love you too."

"No. I don't mean like I've always loved you. I mean I really love
you. You know, like being in love. Do you love me the same way -
even just a little?"

The sweet sincerety of her young son's words pulled at her heartstrings
as she said, "You know I do, sweetheart. I do love you. Just because
I also like having sex with women doesn't mean that I don't have
different feelings for you, you know."

"You said you like to have other women suck your breasts. Does that
mean that you also like to do other things with them?"

"Yes, Bobby, I like doing other things as well."

"Do you like to suck other women's tits, mom?"

"Uh huh, yes I do."

"And do you like to eat their cunts, too? And do they eat you?"

"Yes. Uh huh."

"And do you do those things with Mrs. Bishop?"

After a second's hesitation Norma nodded her head and said, "Yes."

"And you suck her tits and she sucks yours and you give each other
orgasms and stuff."

"Yes. As a matter of fact, Caroline is just as crazy about my big
nipples as you are. She can't seem to get enough of playing with
them and sucking them."

"Well, that's why I'm jealous."

"I don't understand, Bobby. What do you have to be jealous of?"

"I'm jealous because Mrs. Bishop can suck your tits and cunt and
you won't even let me touch you and you won't really touch me. I
love you, mom, and I want to be able to do those things too. And
I really want to fuck you. I don't understand why Mrs. Bishop can
do those things and I can't." Bobby said with a definite sadness
to his voice.

"Oh - I see," Norma answered. "I'm so sorry, dear, but you've just
got to understand that because I do love you that I feel it's just
best if keep a certain distance. And as much as I would love to
have you fuck me, it's absolutely out of the question. The risk is
just too great and if anything ever happened it would ruin your
life - and mine too. You don't want that to happen, do you?" she

"No, I guess not." And Norma could tell the resignation in his
voice was genuine.

Most seriously Norma said, "Son - you need to know that I suffer
just as much as you do. I want those same things, but some things
just aren't meant to be. So I'm just trying to make the best of it
for both of us. Can you understand that?"

"Sure, mom. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stir up trouble."

"It's OK, Bobby. I know you didn't. Let's just try to enjoy each
other the best we can, OK?" but Norma could see from his now rapidly
shrinking member that the situation had deteriorated. In an attempt
to reverse the impending course of events, Norma f***ed a sexy
smile to her face and leaned forward to grasp the loose end of the
dildo still sticking out of her son's rear.

"I guess you're not much in the mood anymore, but I still am. So
would you just mind if I get myself off with this and then we can
sort things out more?"

"I'm sorry. Sure - go ahead," Bobby said absentmindedly.

In the process of getting the dildo back into her cunt Norma began
moving it around, noticing that it was indeed having an effect on
Bobby when she saw his half hard prick start to twitch and expand again.

"Why don't you just lie back for a minute or so and let me finish
myself off, OK? And if you wouldn't mind too much, it'd be nice if
you'd rub my legs while I'm doing it."

"Sure - I'd love to," he said as he cupped the back of his mother's
full calf with one hand, moving it up and down as he squeezed it.
Norma then resumed her previous movements with the dildo and began
jacking it in and out of her cunt and her son's anus alternately.
In no time at all she could see that Bobby's penis was once again
hard and throbbing, just as her own clit and cunt lips were.

"Jesus, Bobby, I'm going to cum real quick. Is it OK?"

"Yeah, sure mom," he panted, once again excited to his previous
level, the rubber cock in his ass doing a number on his prostate.
"I think I'm gonna cum to - real soon."

It was one of those unplanned moments as both Bobby and his mother
sat up at the same time facing each other. The action caused the
dildo to bend in the middle between them, but it stayed put in both
his ass and her cunt. There was now no room for Norma to move it
so she quickly switched her hand to her clit and began to furiously
jack it with her fingers.

Suddenly, Bobby came up and to one side so that his rigid prick
was now on a level with his mother's bare tits. He let go of the
leg he had been feeling up and started to jack off his penis as he
screamed, "Here it cums, mother - here - it - cums!" and a long,
thick gob of viscous sperm shot out of his cock directly onto his
mother's exposed right nipple.

Seeing this pushed Norma over the edge and she went rigid, but
managed to almost shout, "Oh, yesss, Bobby! Cum on my tits!
Cumonmytits, you fucking horny prick! Do it! Sperm my tits, lover!
Jism my breasts!"

As she frantically jerked her pussy and spasmed, he did too, sending
blast after blast of semen onto both of his mother's bare breasts
until they were speckled all over with jism. Norma reached up with
one hand and started to smear it all around her chest, scooping up
some of the copious load with two of her fingers and bringing it
to her mouth and then leaning forward to kiss her son, licking his
lips with his own sperm and pushing it into his mouth with her tongue.

As the climax began diminishing they both put their arms around
each other while still kissing deeply, Norma rubbing her cum soaked
bosom against her son's sweaty torso, moaning and panting into each
others' mouths as Bobby sucked on her tongue and lips. Finally they
broke apart, the dildo forgotten for the time being.

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