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Friday Afternoon Part 11

Part 11

When they got to the top of the stairs Norma said, "Dear, I want
you to go into my bathroom and wait for me there, OK? And take your
little surprise with you - we'll need it - eventually."

If there had been any doubt in Bobby's mind about his mother's
intentions, it was erased when he saw the lascivious look on her
face. So he headed down the hall as Norma opened a large hall closet
and began rummaging around. Bobby went through his mother's bedroom
into her bathroom and stood waiting there until she arrived a couple
of minutes later with a wide flat box in her hand.

"What have you got there?" he asked.

"You'll see. Here - give me our toy. We won't need it just yet."

Bobby handed his mother the big double dildo and Norma set it and
the box she was carrying on the sink counter and opened it. Inside,
Bobby saw a red rubber water bottle and what looked like a long,
thin hose curled up on top of it. Then he remembered from years
back what it was and he started to get anxious.

"Don't tell me you're going to, uh, do that to me again, he said,
remembering how much he had hated what at one time had been a
regular weekly ritual.

"You mean, give you an enema? Well, darling, yes. I am going to give
you an enema. For what I have planned I think this is quite
appropriate. It's really best if we clean you out first. It'll make
what happens afterward that much more pleasant. And believe me,
this time around I think you'll find this enema somewhat more
pleasurable than the last time you had it. Trust me."

Norma took out the water bottle and turned the water in the sink
on, letting it run until it was the right temperature. Putting the
water bottle under the faucet she let it fill up as she turned to
her son and told him to strip naked.

Bobby hesitantly removed both his tee shirt and undershorts, but
fear of what was about to happen had caused him to lose his erection.
When the bottle was full to near bursting Norma retrieved a bottle
of mineral oil from under the sink and added some to the water and
attached the hose, making sure the clip was clamped shut. She then
took the douche nozzle and afixed it to the other end of the hose
and hung the whole contraption from the shower curtain rod next to
the toilet. This done she stepped back and turned to Bobby who
was still standing naked with a look of great doubt on face.
Noticing that he had lost the arousal he had down in the kitchen
and sensing he needed some encouragement she said, "Why don't you
just sit down on the toilet dear while I make myself ready for
this," and began unbuttoning her blouse. Bobby sat as instructed
while Norma removed her blouse and undid her skirt and took it off
as well.

She now stood in front of her son in the half-cup long line bra
and matching red panties, the nylons and the heels. As Bobby looked
up at her she asked coyly, "Do you like the way I look, lover? Am
I as sexy as those women in the magazines you look at when you
masturbate? I feel so - so sexed up standing in front of you with
my tits exposed. Can you see how swollen and hard my nipples are
Bobby? Just like your cock. It makes me want to jack off my cunt
having you look at me like this."

"Oh, yessss - you know I love the way you look, mom," he answered.

"Tell me. Isn't it better looking at me when you jack off, rather than
pictures? Even if I am your mother?"

Bobby simply nodded, hypnotized by the sight of his mother's breasts.

"Still like my tits, don't you - even if they aren't very big?"
she said as she reached up with both hands and began to play with
her nipples, bringing them to erection.

"Wanna know a little secret?" Norma asked conspiritorially.

Again Bobby just nodded, watching his mother fondle herself.

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" she half teased.

Another nod and a barely audible, "uhn uhn."

"Well - after that first time in the bathroom I, uh, borrowed one
of your magazines; the same one you were looking at that day. And
I jacked off to the same picture you were looking at. That woman
sure had nice big tits, didn't she."

"You mean you . . ."

"That's right, darling. I like looking at pictures of naked women when I
masturbate, too. Just like you do."

Bobby's eyes were still glued to Norma's breasts and it was just
a matter of seconds before Norma noticed his prick was now standing
almost straight up between his legs; a bead of pre-cum had leaked
from the tip and was running down the underside of the rigid shaft.
As she continued to pull on one nipple with one hand, she stuck
the forefinger of her other hand in her mouth and sucked on it,
making it wet. Then she reached the saliva laden finger down to
Bobby's lips and began to spread her spit on them as she said, "I
understand it really turns men on - watching a woman play with her
own breasts. Does that excite you Bobby? Do you like to watch me
play with my tits, huh?"

"Uh, yeah, it does, mom," he said somewhat hoarsely as his mother's
moist finger carressed his lips and worked its way into his mouth
to play with his tongue.

"I also understand that men really get turned on watching a woman
suck her own breasts, but mine are too small for that. Would that
excite you if I *could* do that?"

His mouth being otherwise occuppied for the moment, Bobby could
only nod his head slightly as he swallowed hard.

"Well, I'm really sorry that I can't do that for you, darling. The
best I can do is to lick my nipple - I can't actually suck it.
Thank god I was blessed with a long tongue and big nipples, huh.
I do this a lot when I masturbate by myelf, you know," Norma said
removing her finger from her son's mouth and using that hand to push her
small tit upward, tilting the long fat nipple toward her mouth.
Lowering her head and sticking out her tongue she first let a long
stream of saliva drip from it until the nipple was completely
soaked. Then she began to lick the nipple she was offereing herself
and the sight was driving Bobby crazy.

"I see in some of your magazines that there's some pictures of one
woman sucking another woman's tits. Do you think it would be
exciting to watch another woman suck my breasts. Do you think that
would turn you on?"

Bobby couldn't believe he was hearing this from his own mother,
but then his mind turned to the previous evening's activities in
the den and he conjured up an image of Mrs. Bishop sucking on his
mother's nipples and the vision caused his cock to jump as he once
again nodded his head.

"Tell me, Bobby. Have you ever looked at those pictures of women
sucking each other's tits while you jacked off. Have you?" Norma
said. She was now so aroused herself that she was finding it hard
to talk.

"Yeah, mom, I have. I think it's really sexy. I'd really like to
watch another woman suck your tits, too. Did you ever have that
done to you?" he asked, wondering whether she would tell him about
anything she had done with Mrs. Bishop.

"Have what do to me, honey?"

"You know, have another woman suck your nipples?"

"Uh huh, yes I have. And I'll tell you about it sometime if you'd
like. But not now. Now it's time for your enema. God, this has
gotten me horny. Are you horny, love?"

It took all her willpower, but Norma managed to stop fondling
herself and reached for the hose hanging from the rubber bag.
Holding the douche nozzle in one hand she stepped directly in front
of Bobby and said, "Now open your legs wide, OK? And believe me,
you're really going to like this."

Bobby did as he was told and spread his muscular thighs as wide as
they would go. Norma inserted three fingers in her mouth and got
them as wet as she could. Then she leaned forward and inserted her
hand between her son's thighs and under his buttocks being super
careful to avoid having her arm come in contact with her son's
rampant prick. Norma began to feel around the crack of his ass and
when she touched the taut muscle ring of his anus his body gave a
sudden jerk. This brought his hard penis in contact with his
mother's forearm which caused him to jerk violently again.

"My, my, you are sensitive back there, aren't you, love. But please
try and hold still. I don't want to injure you with these long

Bobby was now confounded by a number of different feelings and
emotions, but he was most aware of his mother's fingers gently
pressuring his rectum. She worked there ever so slowly until she
had gotten the entrance to his ass good and wet and the tip of her
middle finger past the anal sphincter, but then she stopped to let
him get accustomed to the feeling. Norma's biggest fear at the
moment was that he would be so sensitive that he would cum just as
quickly as he had the previous evening when he was finger fucking
himself back there. But he didn't, although she could feel the
muscles clenching her finger contracting and releasing. She felt the
same contractions with her forearm which was now up against the
side of his big hard-on towering almost straight up.

"OK?" she asked softly and when he nodded she began to probe further
up his ass, working her finger in and out while twisting it back
and forth at the same time until she finally had most of her finger
buried in his rectum. The feeling was exquisite to Bobby. He was
tense, but that only added to his arousal as he felt her moving
her finger around. The sight of her breasts hanging down from her
bent over position, her face right next to his and the combined
smell of her perfume and cunt were making him dizzy. God, how he
wanted to reach out and touch those tits, but thought better of it.

Then Norma withdrew her finger from him and took the douche nozzle
from her other hand and began to insert it up his ass. It was
actually smaller than her finger so he hardly felt it go in. When
Norma had the nozzle positioned as far up his rectum as it would
go she said, "I want you to hold this in with your hand, Bobby.
Here - put your hand under you and take hold of it, OK?"

Bobby reached under him with his right hand and took the juncture
of the hose and nozzle from his mother's grasp as Norma stood up
and reached for the clamp. Norma undid the clip, but held the hose
clamped with her fingers as she said, "Ok. I'm going to let a little
of the enema go now. If you start to cramp up or it hurts just say
so and I'll stop."

She very slowly lessened the pressure of her fingers on the hose
and Bobby began to feel the warm water enter his bowels. It was an
amazing sensation and nothing like he had feared or remembered.
Looking up at his mother standing above him, her turgid nipples
jutting out from her huge dark areola not a foot from his face he
was even more surprised when Norma raised one of her legs and placed
her high heel softly on his thigh, her long, full leg right in front
of his face.

"You never did get a chance to feel my legs last night did you? I
think you said you wanted to, but you fell asl**p first, huh? Well
- why don't you do it now, if you want to. Go ahead, feel up my
leg," Norma croaked, her voice cracking from her own arousal as
she looked down at her son's twitching prick.

Bobby stared at the nylon sheathed leg right in front of him and
said, "Are you sure it's OK, mom? You won't mind? Really?"

"No, Bobby, I don't mind. I know that's what you want to do. And
I want you to do it. Go on, feel my leg, son."

Bobby reached up with his left hand and hesitantly cupped the back
of his mother's large calf in his palm and began to slowly squeeze
it. Then he started to run his hand up and down the back of her
leg from ankle to knee and back again a number of times.

"Does it feel good, Bobby. Do you like feeling my leg?"

As the water continued to trickle into his insides the pressure
was having an effect on Bobby's libido and he was almost beside
himself with passion. "Jesus, mom, yeah, it feels so good. I love
this. I love feeling you up. Your legs are so beautiful. I've
dreamed of this for so long . . ."

"I know, love. I've wanted this for a long time, too. It feels so
great having you feel up my legs." After a short pause Norma
said, "Would you like to kiss my leg, Bobby. Would you like to lick
it with your tongue. Go ahead - do it. I want you to. Give my leg
a tongue bath. Lick it all over. Make it good and wet for me."

As Bobby leaned forward and laid the flat of his tongue on the side
of his mother's leg, Norma noticed that the water bottle was almost
empty and reset the clamp. As he began licking his mother's calf
he forgot about the enema nozzle stuck up his ass and let go of it
so he could hold her leg with both hands as he kissed it.

The reaction was immediate as his water bloated insides spasmed
once. The douche nozzle was blown out of his asshole and a powerful
jet of the enema shot out of his rectum. Remaining calm, Norma
leaned over him and hit the flush lever on the toilet as another
spasm released even more of the enema and then it came in a steady
stream as her son was engrossed in feeling and kissing and licking
her leg.

When Bobby appeared to have evacuated all of the water, Norma
removed her leg from his grasp and set her foot on the floor. "Now
I want you to clean up, dear, and then come meet me in the bedroom."

As Norma moved back, Bobby stood up unsteadily, his immense prick
waving in front of him and stepped into the shower. Norma left the
bathroom as Bobby turned on the shower and closed the curtain. But
it wasn't two minutes later until Norma heard the water shut off
and Bobby came into the bedroom toweling himself, his hard-on still
sticking straight out from his crotch.

When he saw his mother sitting on the edge of the bed, thighs spread
wide, playing with her pussy he gave her a quizical look to which
she responded, "I'm just keeping it warm for you, darling. And no need
to worry; even if I did cum, it wouldn't make any difference right now.
I can cum a dozen times to your once. But I'm glad to see you resisted
jacking off in the shower; I don't want you to cum yet. When you do I
want you to sperm my tits with your hard penis, OK? Like you asked me if
you could once? Remember?"

The thought returned to Bobby and gave him a rush. He was about to
drop the towel right there on the bedroom floor when his mother
said, "Go put the towel back in the bathroom, dear, and fetch the
gift I brought you; it's time for another little surprise. And bring the
K-Y jelly, too. It's in the medicine cabinet above the sink."

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