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Friday Afternoon Part 8

Part 8

After having gotten spiffed up for the evening's events, Norma
waited quietly for Caroline, going over in her mind exactly what
she wanted to happen and how to effect it.

Caroline was nothing if not punctual and sure enough, right at the
crack of eight Norma heard her at the back door. Upon entering,
Caroline noticed that there weren't very many lights on so she
called softly, "Norma, you here?"

"In here," Norma called back from the living room. Leaving the
kitchen Caroline turned that light off as well. When she first saw
Norma sitting in an easy chair with her legs crossed and smiling
up at her she was so astounded by the pure sexuality emanating from
her friend that she was speechless; she just stood there for more
than a minute and gawked without saying a word. Then she thought
she felt a cold draft, but wasn't sure that it wasn't just her body
getting used to the heat radiating from Norma. Not knowing what to
say she finally came up with, "I'm sorry. I meant to bring some
wine. Shall I go back and get it?"

Norma continued smiling at her in that funny sexy way and said,
"No, I've already got some. Why don't we go downstairs to the den,
it'll be more cozy down there?"

"Sure - fine - lead the way."

Both women got up and Caroline led them downstairs where the room
was illuminated by a few strategically lighted candles.

"Have a seat and get comfortable, why don't you. I've even got some
champagne here. It's a special night, huh," Norma said.

Caroline was so entranced that she didn't respond, being satisfied
to watch Caroline's every move and admire how absolutely arousing
she looked. Finally she said, "God, Caroline, you're absolutely
gorgeous tonight. Did you get all dressed up for little ole me?"

"Of course, dear. Who else would I go to this trouble for?" Caroline
went over to the wet bar and got the champagne from the cooler and
brought it back over setting the bottle on the table and sitting
down beside Caroline in such a way that it was obvious she was
expecting a kiss. Caroline didn't miss the cue and leaned forward,
putting her arm around Norma and started to pull her toward her
when Norma resisted and said, "Be careful, darling. I don't want
to muss my lipstick just yet." She then moved away from Caroline
and reached for the bottle, picked up the glasses already laid out
on the table and poured for both of them.

"Here's to us, Caroline," Norma said.

"And here's to tonight," Caroline answered back. They clinked the
glasses together and each took a healthy sip, Caroline to steady
her aroused nerves and Norma to give her the courage to go through
with her plan. Then Norma looked over at Caroline with all the
lust she could bring forth and asked, "Were you really serious
about being my love slave tonight, dear?"

"I couldn't have been more serious," Caroline returned, her voice
almost a croak as she gazed into Norma's eyes. "I'll do anything
you want. I owe it to you for the dirty trick I played on you last

"I know, but I don't want you to do it for that reason. I want you
to do it just because you want to. Understand?"

"Yes. Completely. And I want to do this. I want you to tell me what
you want me to do. I'll do anything."

"Good. I was hoping you'd say that. Well, slave," Norma continued
in what sounded like a mock commanding voice, "here's what I want
you to do. I want you to finish that glass of champagne and then
I want you to stand up, right in front of me, and slowly take your
clothes off until you're just in your undies."

"Yes, master - I mean mistress. Whatever you desire," Caroline
responded playfully. Eager, she downed the rest of her wine in one
gulp and slowly rose and stood right in front of Norma. Reaching
one hand up she proceded to unbutton her blouse at a snail's pace
while staring at Norma's face. She took off the blouse and let it
drop to the floor. Then she unzipped her slacks and let them drop
to her ankles and stepped out of them. Next she bent over and
removed her loafers and socks and tossed them aside with a flip
and stood up again saying, "Is this what you desire, mistress?"

This might work out better than I imagined, Norma thought, she's
really getting into this slave shit. But just wait!

"Very nice slave. Now - I want you to kneel before me and spread
your legs real wide. That's it. No, don't touch me - you're not
allowed to touch me unless I say so. Understand?"

"Sorry, mistress. Yes, mistress, I understand. And I know I'll be
punished if I disobey," Caroline responded once more in a kind of
pretend servitude tone of voice. Ha! You have now idea, Norma mused
at this.

"Good. Now do just as I say and there might not need to be any

"Yes, mistress."

Settling back, Norma now took on the air of a regal ruler addressing
a serf as she said, "Well. You know, Caroline my slave, I don't
think I've ever just sat and watched you masturbate yourself without
being involved and that's what I want you to do. Right now. I want
you to start playing with that hot, wet cunt of yours. And don't
stop until I tell you to. Just use one hand. And with your other
hand I want you to start squeezing your breasts and rubbing your
nipples. I want to see them real hard. No go on and do it. Satisfy
my voyeuristic lust."

Caroline didn't even hesitate as she simultaneously lowered one
hand to her crotch and dug into her fuckhole for the copious moisture
there and spread it forward, while with her other hand she reached
into her frilly white bra and pulled her breast out and began
squeezing it and twisting the nipple with finger and thumb.

After a moment or so Norma said, "Very seductive, my little chattel,
very seductive indeed. Are you getting warm, dear."

"Oh, yessss, mistress, I'm getting HOT."

Norma let her continue until she could see from the flush of
Caroline's face and upper chest and her ragged breathing that she
must be nearing the plateau. Suddenly Norma commanded in a loud
voice, "Stop! Right now, stop!"

Caroline froze in an instant and let out a soft mewl of frustration.

"Good. That's enough of that for the time being," Norma said, having
a hard time controlling the pace she wanted to keep. "Now I want
you to stand up again - yes, now, do it. And go over the the bar
and get the ties that are lying there."

"Ties?" Caroline said, looking puzzled, but turned and noticed what
Norma had referred to. She then swayed over to the bar and picked
up the ties and brought them back. Standing once more directly in
front of Norma and assuming a subservient stance she held out her
hand with the ties and Norma took them.

"Now since you're my slave and I can see clearly that you're on
the brink of misbehavior I think I'll head that off before it
starts. Hold out your hands together in front of you."

"Yes, mistress," Caroline replied meekly as she fulfilled Norma's order.

Norma shook one of the ties loose and proceded to bind Caroline's
two wrists together tightly and firmly as she had done that night
with Bobby.

"Why do you feel you need to tie me up, Norma," Caroline inquired
with just a hint of trepidition. Suddenly Norma lashed out with
her open right hand and cracked Caroline hard across the face.

"Shut up you bitch. No talking unless spoken to. Do you understand?"
Norma barked in a low voice. This wasn't the same Norma of a couple
of moments ago and Caroline was startled by the sudden change. But
all of a sudden Norma softened and leaned forward and kissed Caroline
on the cheek and said, "You just have to learn to obey, OK?" very

"Sure - OK." Caroline answered hesitantly, not sure what was going on.

"Now," Norma continued in a more business like fashion. "Let's see.
For my next request I think I'd like you blindfolded. But don't
worry this won't last very long." She picked up another tie from
the couch and wound it around the other woman's head, fitting it
snuggly over her eyes and tying it at the back. Sure that Caroline
couldn't see, Norma then went to the wall behind the couch and
loosened the nylon cord tied off there and let it fall through the
eye hook she had just recently installed in the ceiling rafter.
The other end of the cord slowly descended until it was right in
front of Caroline. Then Norma went over and tied the end of the
cord around the ties binding Caroline's wrists and returned to the
tie off point at the wall and said, "I want you to raise your hands
above your head, darling."

Without a word, Caroline complied. When her bound hands were
stretched above her head Norma took up the slack in the cord and
tied it off once more to the cleat she had installed there leaving
the poor woman hung from the ceiling and virtually helpless.

When she once more stood next to Caroline she viewed her handywork
and stated, "Very sexy. Yes, very sexy," as she reached up and
slipped the blindfold from her eyes.

Showing open concern now Caroline said, "Don't you think this is
going a little bit too far, Norma?" and once again Norma lashed
out with the palm of her hand, this time catching Caroline's big
breast from the side with a resounding crack.

As the woman let out a shriek Norma just said in an icy voice, "I
said. No talking unless given permission first. I thought you
understood that. Do you understand now?"

"Yes," was the only response she got from what was now a very
frightened woman.

"You're going to like this next part a whole lot, I just know you
will, dear," Norma said as she walked over and switched on the
television and VCR. "I want you to watch very carefully. I think
you'll enjoy this." She then picked up the remote and switched on
the tape machine as she came back to Caroline's side. Then they
both looked at the screen as the set warmed up and a picture came
on. They both watched fascinated as the tape began to play.

During all of this, Bobby remained stuck on the stairs, hidden
behind the partition. He could hear well, but he couldn't see
anything and he was dying to get a view of the action, but there
was no way he could do so without revealing himself. Without being
able to watch, what he heard sounded really wierd to him, but it
had him totally absorbed. The whole situation was really strange,
but highly charged and his cock was swollen with excitement.

"Ah, here we go," Norma said as the video picture came up, "pay
attention now my little slave." As they both looked on, the scene
before their eyes was very similar to their own situation. It showed
a nondescript, well lit room in the center of which was a young,
good looking brown haired woman suspended from the ceiling the same
as Caroline was except her hands were held together with handcuffs.
And standing facing her was obviously her mistress. Only this
mistress was dressed in a totally black leather outfit including
a thin leather mask. There wasn't any audio, but it was obvious
that the leather clad woman was lecturing the bound woman and as
she did so she would casually fondle and toy with various parts of
her body.

Pausing the video with the remote control, Norma then said, "Caroline,
dear, I really want you to watch this very closely, because this
poor girl's story is you own fate for this evening. I want you to
know, also, that I really love you, but you're now going to have
to pay for having seduced my son."

Before Caroline could utter a response, Norma simultaneously reached
a hand up and cupped Caroline's bare breast while she leaned forward
and began licking all over her entire face with her wet tongue,
even sticking her tongue in the other woman's nostrils, before
shoving it deep into her mouth. She remained there, kissing Caroline
and feeling up her tit for the better part of a minute before she
finally pulled her head back. Keeping her hand on the bound woman's
breast, Norma took one step back and then grasped Caroline's stubby
nipple between thumb and fingers and pulled out hard while twisting
it viciously at the same time. Caroline let out a howl as the pain
shot through her tit, but Norma seemed not in the slightest concerned.
Instead she used the remote and once again started the video.

Within seconds, the tall, leather-clothed mistress in the video
did the same thing to her victim and it had the same result. Then
she stepped forward and roughly inserted one of her hands between
the suspended woman's thighs and began to masturbate her. Norma
followed suit and did the same with Caroline, only exclaiming, "My,
my, aren't we wet, though. This must be really turning you on."
But there was no response from Caroline although her face was now
contorted with the combined effects of the pain in her breast and
the hand diddling her cunt. Responding to the feel of Norma's hand
fondling her pussy, her suspended body began to writhe.

"Like that, do you, darling. Well good. I thought you might. Let's
just keep watching. It get's better."

Not really knowing what he was doing, Bobby's hand moved down to
his now hard cock as if it had a mind of its own and he began to
rub himself through his pants. Doing so he could feel a wet spot
already there from pre-cum. Growing impatient, he considered taking
his cock out and jacking off to the arousing sounds, but decided
against it for fear of making some inadvertant noise and getting
caught. So he just sat and listened some more and tried as best he
could to fill in with his imagination what he couldn't see. He was
especially mystified by the remark his mother had made about Mrs.
Bishops atoning for having seduced him. Maybe that was what that
shriek he heard was all about.

Norma said, "Would you like to see what you're not going to have
tonight, Caroline?" as she began to take off her clothes slowly
and teasingly. All she discarded though was her blouse and short
skirt so that she was now standing in the sexy red longline bra,
nylons and heels.

"I wore these just for you Caroline. I hope you like the outfit.
I want you to get at least a little enjoyment while I'm punishing you."

"Please, Norma. Do we have . . ." and her remark was cut off with
another hard swat to the cheek from Norma's hand. "Remember the
rules, cunt! No talking unless I tell you to!"

"But you said . . ." and again Norma slapped her face and said, "I
didn't request an answer. When I do you'll know it. So just shut
up until then." And then she stepped forward and kissed her deeply
again, confounding but arousing Caroline even further.

Then the women's attention was once more drawn to the action on
the t.v. screen as the mistress moved to one side of the tied up
woman. From out of nowhere a riding crop appeared in her hand and
she waved it in front of the woman who showed real fear on her
face. Next, the mistress drew back her arm and brought the crop
sharply down on her slave's ass. This wasn't play acting; it was
the real thing. Caroline looked fearfully over at Norma who remained
still, however, watching the screen.

After they had watched a couple of minutes of the slave on-screen
being flogged, Norma turned to Caroline and asked, "Well, you
fucking cunt, do you think you will enjoy THIS part of this evening's
festivities, huh?" And she paused to take in the surprised look
cross Caroline's face as Carlone realized that Norma fully intended
the same treatment for her.

"You wouldn't do that to me, would you Norma? Oh, come on, please."

"Wrong again, you cunt-slurping whore. I fully intend to whip you
quite severely. That is, severely enough so that you won't ever
forget this evening for the rest of your life. Now, are you ready
to get on with it?" The question was rhetorical so Norma didn't
expect an answer as she reached under a sofa cushion and withdrew
a three-inch wide, thick leather strap about four feet long which
she at once doubled over in half. "I don't have a riding crop, but
I think this'll do quite nicely. Don't you?"

"Oh, no . . . Norma . . . not that . . . please," Caroline begged,
her voice laced with real terror.

Norma once again slapped Caroline across the face, saying, "That's
for talking again without permission. But that won't be anything
compared to what you're going to receive from THIS!" and she held
the leather strap right up to Caroline's terrified face. "Have you
ever been whipped with a leather strap like this, dear? It really
hurts. I mean REALLY hurts. And I'm going to whip you really good."

"You can't do this Norma! It'll leave marks and Brad'll see them!"
Caroline cried.

"Leave marks, I should think so indeed," Norma sneered. "Yes. I
fully intend to leave marks. Not only on your body - those'll heal
eventually - but on your soul as well. And furthermore, that's all
bullshit about Brad seeing those marks. You told me you haven't
had sex with him in months, you lying cum-sucking cunt. And even
if he does see them, that's your problem. Just try telling him the
truth about where they came from. Anyway, it'd probably get that
perverted mind of his so inflamed he'd just **** your filthy ass.
Hmmmm, not a bad idea, is it, huh?" and she chuckled.

"Now. Let's see," Norma pretended to ponder, "where to start."

Stepping to Caroline's side she quickly reached out and yanked the
frightened woman's panties down to her knees in one deft movement
baring her large round jutting ass. "At least your fat ass is good
for something, you slut. It gives me a nice big target to aim at."

And with that Norma reared back and cut loose with the strap with
all her might. It came down squarely on Caroline's ass with an
astounding whack which caught Bobby unawares, sitting spellbound,
and listening, and he jumped at the sound.

Not a second later Caroline let out a bl**d curdling shriek as the
pain of the lash seared through her body. Stepping back to admire
her work, Norma saw a wide red stripe covering the middle of her
victim's buttocks from hip to hip.

"From the sound of it, you really liked that. Let's try another
one." And once again she brought the strap down with a loud crack.
It had the same result as the first lash and Caroline howled from
the pain.

Norma saw tears streaking down Caroline's cheeks and stepped up to
her and began licking the tears away. Mistaking Norma's action for
a softening, Caroline whimpered, "Please, Norma, I'm sorry, please
don't hit me anymore."

Norma didn't slap her this time for speaking unbidden, but simply
said, "No more?" with mock incredulity. "Darling, I'm just starting!"

"Ohh, please, Norma. The pain - I can't stand the pain. It hurts
so much," she cried.

"But, lover, it's supposed to hurt. I told you it would, didn't I.
That's why I'm whipping you, don't you understand. I want to hurt
you. I want you to feel extreme pain for what you did to me and
Bobby. You need to feel it." Even to her own ears, Norma's
justification for her actions sounded hollow, but she was determined
to carry out her plan anyway.

"Three more on that fat ass of yours and then we'll take a little
breather," Norma said, even as she raised the strap and brought it
down again and again and again. Carline's behind was now one big
bright red blotch as she sobbed, slumping forward in a futile
attempt to alleviate the unbearable effects of the lash.

"God, that's fun. I never had any idea how satisfying it would be
to make you suffer. I love it!"

Continuing to work herself up into a lather, Norma positioned
herself in front of Caroline and grabbed her jaw f***efully in her
free hand and lifted the crying woman's head. She bent and once
more began licking the tears from Caroline's cheeks and then began
kissing her, running her tongue all around her lips and into her
mouth. Drawing back she said , "Well, darling, have you had enough?"
to which Caroline replied, "Yes, yes - oh, it hurts so much. I've
had enough."

"That's too bad, Caroline, because I haven't and I'm not finished
yet. But I am done whipping your ass so take a guess at what's
next." Norma said, her voice taking on a really mean and hard edge.

Caroline looked at her wide-eyed with the dawning realization of
what was coming and said, "Ohhhhh, noooo. Please. Pleasepleaseplease
don't do this, Norma. I'll do anything you want - I promise - but
please don't do this."

"That's right, keep it up, you little slut. Keep on begging. It's
music to my ears. But let's see, now. We don't want anything to
get in the way of your enjoyment so we need to make a little
adjustment here," and she reached over to Caroline and insert her
hand inside the bra cup that still concealed one breast and pulled
it roughly out. She carressed the tit gently and pulled lightly on
the nipple and bent down and tongued it for a couple of seconds,
making it hard. Then she raised up and moved back and to one side.

"Nooooo, pleeeeeease," Caroline wailed, throwing her head back
between her extended arms

But it was to no avail as Norma once more swung her arm back and
around bringing the strap fiercely across Caroline's exposed breasts
which were being held out by the bra. Just as before it left a
broad red strip right across the middle of both tits and Caroline
howled again from the pain.

After having lashed Caroline's breasts twice more, Norma suddenly
felt a let down. It was enough. She just didn't want to do this
anymore, so withouth saying a word she marched over to the wall
and undid the cord from the cleat and slowly released the tension
on the line, watching as Caroline's arms came down in front of her.
She was afraid for a second that the woman might faint, but she
didn't as she remained standing, sobbing, with her head down.

Norma went over to her and first undid the cord and then loosened
the ties binding Caroline's wrists. As soon as they were free her
hands shot immediately up to her painful breasts and she began to
massage them gently as her face drew up in a grimace. Then she put
both hands behind her and began to massage her rump at which point
Norma hurried around and looped a tie around her wrists and made
them fast together again behind her back.

Startled, Caroline inquired, "What are you doing now, for christsake?"

"Quiet, you bitch, or I'll string you up again and start all over,"
Norma commanded.

Seeing that her hands were tightly bound, Norma went and sat on
the edge of the coffee table and leaned back on her hands as she
spread her legs.

"Down on your knees, whore and get over her and suck my cunt!.
You're going to make me cum. Be quick about it, too - or else!"

Caroline obeyed meekly and dropped to her knees in front of Norma,
lowered her head to her sopping pussy and began to french her out
with her lips and tongue as Norma leaned back on her elbows and
played with her own tits and nipples.

Bobby, still concealed behind the stair partition, listened in
dumbfounded silence to all of these events. He couldn't believe
what was happening and his emotions were in a disordered heap.
Never before had he seen this cruel, vicious side of his mother;
he had no idea it existed. What was more unnverving to him, however,
was the fact that his mother was this very moment having her cunt
eaten by another woman! He knew there were lesbians in the real
world, but never for a minute suspected that his mother might be
one. His young and simplistic mind was having trouble reconciling
that someone could enjoy sex with both men and women as was now
apparently the case with his mother.

At once he felt extremely jealous, but this was hinged with a
growing eroticism at the sound of Mrs. Bishop sucking her off. Soon
he heard the unmistakeable sounds of his mother approaching an
orgasm and wished that he could witness what was happening, but
knew he couldn't risk even a peak for fear of being caught.

When Mrs. Bishop had finished her off, Bobby heard his mother say,
"Well, at least your fucking mouth still works, bitch. Now - pick
up your clothes and get the hell out of here. Right now. I've had
enough of you for one night. Go on, get out of here."

The tone of her voice more than the actual words roused Bobby out
of his reverie and he suddenly realized that he needed to move very
quickly. As silently as he could he moved his cramped muscles and
began to ascend the stairs and just in time. No sooner had he once
again hidden himself behind the kitchen swinging door than a sobbing
Mrs. Bishop, dressed in only panties and bra and holding the rest
of her clothes bundled in one arm, came into the kitchen and went
quickly out the back door.

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