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Great threesome with two hotties...

The three of us stumbled through the front door of the house. It was myself, Sarah and Mika. We all arrived at Mika's house after long night of partying... Mika gave me the offer to spend the night, she had a futon couch that was she said was surprisingly comfortable to sl**p on despite being several years old.(Yeah right...No futon for me) Although I had a little to drink, I wasn't in too bad shape that I couldn't drive... I only lived about 15 minutes away... However I was tired as hell, and combine that with some alcohol, you might as well double your B.A.C. level, I may have to consider her offer after all.

Mika and Sarah were laughing with excitement from the night as they unloaded their accessories and unwound from the night. Let me describe the girls briefly... obviously their names are changedSarah is brunette, with long brown hair and a nice phat ass. She is baby-faced had a very innocent look on her, very college-girly. She has pretty eyes. She experimented with a friend once in her dorm she admitted to me.Mika so named b/c of her resemblance to the pornstar "Mika Rain". She has a very punkish dyke look to her. Short spiky hair, several tattoos all around her body and she has a fit athletic body, the one's we usually see on the Olympic volleyball player chicks, you know, toned stomachs and little body fat... just like that. Although guys confuse her for a lesbian often she says she loves dick... she just prefers pussy... let me rephrase she LOVES pussy, about as much as I do. :)I started hanging with Sarah for a little while. I haven't fucked Sarah yet... close to it, but we just made out so far. Mika was a fuck buddy of mine I fucked Mika a few times before, and it was awesome... she had energy and she was kinky.I was ready to pass out from being so tired. I stumbled to the bathroom took a leak, and decided to take a quick shower before going to the good ole' futon. I checked my cellphone... it was almost three. While I was in the bathroom I faintly heard heavy banging and some hard breathing and gasping.

When I walked out, there was Mika on the bed fucking the life out of Sarah with a pink strap-on dildo doggy-style. That BITCH! I mean it was obvious she wanted Sarah, but I didn't even get to do Sarah yet... and they started without me how dare they. :)They were completely naked, I just saw Mika's naked tattoo body, on top of Sarah's soft silky skin. Mika's ass and hips thrusted forward as she fucked Sarah hard. Mika had one hand yanking Sarah's hair and the other hand on the small of her own back while she thrusted.I got the quickest boner I've probably ever gotten, the clothing I just put on from the shower, I took right back off... jeez after all that hard work. :)The bed was creaking as they went back and forth. Fully naked, I crawled behind Mika. My erect penis brushed against her ass cheeks. I ran my hands from her bare soles, up her legs, to her hips, and then up her back to where I cradled her breasts. I kissed the back of her neck. She turned back and smiled, but she was not going to get distracted from fucking Sarah's pussy.She took her hand away from Sarah's mouth, Sarah gasped "Oh fuck". Mika turned Sarah over and began fucking her missionary. I kept caressing Mika's toned naked body. She paid very little attention to me, the only attention I got was from a small smiley-face tattoo on Mika's right ass cheek that looked to be smiling at me.I started sucking Sarah's tits as she lay on her back. Mika started shouting "take it, take it, take it!" Sarah's face was red with pleasure. I started to suck Sarah's navel and worked my way up to making out with her. We went on like this for a few minutes, but Mika and Sarah were drenched in sweat. Breathing hard Mika asked me if I wanted to go. "Damn right!"That's why I love Mika, so good at sharing. :)I put some lube on my dick that was by the bedside, which Mika obviously had out for the strap-on. I didn't want to use a condom, I fucked Mika before and Sarah seemed clean... Ok, honestly I'm gambling with my dick always use protection k**s! I entered fingered Sarah a bit then entered her tight pussy. Oooh, that felt nice. I began doing her, Myka kneeled behind me and caressed my chest from behind. She nibbled at my ear, and said "Feels good? You wanna cum". Her warm breath in the air was going to drive me to orgasm. Luckily Sarah pulled Mika to her and Mika moved away from me and to sit on Sarah's face. Wow, it's always the nice looking girls that are freaks!!I plowed at Sarah for a minute, before I decided to lay down and have Sarah ride me.

Sarah got on top of me, her fat ass making it all the better. I began to squeeze it, then Mika grabbed my hands and held them down. While Sarah rode me and screamed moans of pleasure, Mika pinned my arms above me as she pecked me with soft kisses all over my face. It's like they were competing but working together to make me cum. As Sarah rode me, her tits and ass bouncing, my keys fell off of the wild bed. Mika yelled out a the phrase of the night to Sarah."Giddy-up girl!!!"At this point I was ready to ejaculate like a Hawaiian Valcano. I told them, and since I didn't have a condom on, Sarah got off of my dick. Yet and still, Mika grabbed my dick and jerked it off for the last few seconds and it shot right into the air, some on Mika's hands and the rest all over the bed. I think we all came on Mika's sheets at some point, not to mention the sweat from all of us... oh well, I was sl**ping on the futon anyway, that's their problem. :)We got dressed. Although the fucking gave me a boost of energy, all of it faded, after I orgasmed on Mika's hands. I got into my boxers, Sarah laid in bed (read futon) with me... I passed out and slept in, but Sarah had to wake up early for a study session. As she would go out once again as a innocent faced college student no one would ever have suspected the naughty girl she was the night before. :)

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