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Experementing with my dad and his friend.

When I was younger going threw school I started noticing that I was attracted to guys instead of girls. I was an only c***d so I really didn't have any siblings that I could talk to about it. I was too afraid to talk to my father about it scared that he would react negatively and want nothing to do with me anymore. I got a journal when I turned 18 I used to keep most of my thoughts in about life and how I was dealing with the fact that I was sure that I was gay. One day my father found my journal while he we combing over my room because he thought that I was smoking. I didn't realize that he found it because I was at school while he was conducting his search.

When I got home that day he was sitting on the couch and asked me if I could sit down and talk to him for a minute. He told me that he had found my journal and that he knows that I am attracted to men. I wasn't angry that he had went threw my journal simply because his reaction wasn't anything like I thought it was going to be. My mom had left my dad a couple years ago and my father sometimes wasn't the happiest person to be around so the fact that he wasn't yelling or calling me names or grounding me was a huge relief. He asked me when I started noticing these feelings and wither or not id ever done anything with a guy. I told him no that I have been embarrassed about it and not really thinking about doing something with another guy.

He talked to me for about an hour and told me that everything was cool and not to worry so much about it. I was relieved and ran to my room. A couple weeks later. I had got home from school and was on my way to my room when I heard noises coming from my dad's bedroom. I was quietly going to walk by the door so he didn't hear me, I walked past the door as slow and quietly as I could when I noticed the door was cracked open. I put my head down and when I was almost past the door I turned my head for some reason curious of what was going on. I looked and saw that my dad was sitting on the edge of the bed and there was woman in there on her knees and she was sucking his dick. He had his arms on the bed behind him and his head was tilted back and he was moaning. She had stopped for a second to get in a better position when I saw his dick. It was big and wide, he had no hair, he must have shaved it.

I had only caught a glimpse for about a second but in that second I felt my own dick getting hard. His dick was the only one id ever seen other than my own and for some reason it turned me on. I looked for only a couple more seconds when his eyes met mine only for a second, I ran right to my room and shut the door, pulling my homework out so if he did come in and start yelling It would at least seem like I was in here the whole time doing my homework even though I knew he saw me and he knew I saw him. I sat in my room for an hour waiting for him to burst threw the door but he never did. He yelled dinner was ready and I walked to the kitchen with my head down waiting for the yelling but it never came. It was like he never even saw me he asked how school was and if I had any home work. I answered all his questions and than he told me to finish my homework after dinner.

That night as I went to sl**p all I could think of was his dick, and the more I thought of it the harder my dick got. I had masturbated to many things before but that was the first time I masturbated to seeing my dad's cock. The next day when I got home from school I got into the house and walked to my room without hearing any noises. I put my stuff in my room and was on my way to the bathroom to take a shower when I walked passed the computer room and this time the door was wide open. My dad was sitting in the computer chair watching porn on the computer while he was masturbating. I walked quickly passed the door but I had to look again, his back was to me so I figured I could sneak another peek without being noticed. I peeked my head around the corner again when all the sudden I heard "How was school", I was terrified, this time I was defiantly caught.

I've caught you twice spying on me he said. I'm sorry I said. That's all I could say, he giggled and said "That's OK". If you wanna see all you have to do is ask and not spy on people. He was still looking at the computer screen when he said "You can come in". I walked in the room and got about half way in when he turned in the chair. He had the video on the computer paused and I was looking right at his hard dick. He started stroking it and said with a smile "Is this what you've been trying to look at?". I nodded and he said "Well here it is". He said "Your 18 years old and you act like you've never seen a hard cock". He turned around and unpaused the video, it was a girl giving a guy head in a computer room. He laughed and said "Doesn't that look like fun?". Ya I said as he turned the computer chair back around and said "You look like you wanna touch it". I put my head down and said Ya. He said "Go Ahead".

I reached out and grabbed a hold of his warm hard dick. I had a hold of it and almost out of instinct I started stroking it up and down. He moaned a little and smiled. He turned the chair back to the computer and said "Come over here". He had pulled the chair away from the computer desk just enough for me to get on the floor and play with his dick. I got down on the floor and was stroking him as I heard him hit play on the video again. He was watching the porn video and I could feel him getting harder and harder as he watched it. I was stroking his dick when again almost our of sheer instinct, I got up on my knees and licked his dick, He let out a moan and said "Do that again". Again I ran my tongue from his balls all the way to the tip of his dick. I did it over and over again until one time I got to the head of his dick and went over and put it in my mouth. He let out a groan as I started moving my head up and down on his dick. He moaned and said "That feel's good".

I sucked him for awhile feeling his warm hard dick throbbing in my mouth. He just sat there for awhile watching the video as I sucked him until he put one of his hands on my head and started pushing down on it harder and harder and than he said "Suck that cock". That to me was an amazing shot of adrenalin so I started going faster and faster and he pushed down on my head harder and harder. He pushed so hard once that I gagged and he laughed and said "Yeah". I took his dick out of my mouth and started licking on his balls. He moaned louder and louder as I started sucking him again. He said "Don't stop" as I went faster and faster until I heard him let out a thunderous groan and I felt his cum shoot and hit the back of my throat. I let out a gag as he held my head down to finish shooting his load in my mouth. I got up without swallowing, I felt like I was gonna throw up. He looked at me as he tucked his dick back in is pants and said "You can go use the bathroom".

I got into the bathroom and shut the door. I looked in the mirror and opened my mouth wanting to see all the cum that was in it. My tongue was completely covered in cum. I started to move my tongue up and down and around in the cum. I decided not to swallow but I started the shower and before I got in I spit some of the cum in my hand and rubbed it on my hard dick just to see how it felt. The rest of it I toughed up and shot my head back and swallowed it. I gagged but I swallowed it all down. I had just sucked my dad's dick and he came in my mouth and I swallowed it. I was grinning the whole time I took my shower. I got out if the shower but my dad had left so I just went in my room and watched T.V. The next day I woke up and he really didn't mention what I did but it was still on my mind.

My dad said we had to go on a drive to pick up a part for his truck. I told him Id go with and we left. On the way there we were on this highway when all the sudden he asked "Do you wanna suck my dick again?". I shot my head to look at him and said "Yeah I guess". He smiled and unfastened his belt just enough to pull his dick out. It wasn't hard yet but I knew I was going to make it hard. I got in the spot between the front seats and put my head in his lap and started sucking him again, I sucked him for awhile when he said he was going to cum, I sucked faster and faster until again I felt his cum fill up my mouth. I couldn't spit it out because we were in the truck so this time I just swallowed it as I gagged. He looked at me and said "When we get home I wanna try something else." OK I said. We got home at dark and when we got inside I went to my room when he called for me to come into the living room. I walked into the living room and he was sitting on the couch completely naked. I smiled and walked towards him to get ready to suck him again when he stopped me and asked me to take my cloths off.

I took my cloths off exposing my hard dick. He smiled and said now you can suck my cock. I got on my knees as he sat on the couch and began sucking him. I sucked him for about 10 minutes when I heard a knock at the door, my eyes shot up to him with a look of fear of someone catching us. I was going to ask him who it was but before I could he said "Come In." The door opened and it Jim a guy he worked with. I was scared shit less but Jim just smiled and came over and sat down next to my dad on the couch. I didn't know what to do I was so embarrassed until he put his hand on my head and guided it back to his dick. I looked out of the corner of my eye as I sucked him when I saw Jim start unbuttoning his pants stand up and pull them off. He sat back down and started stroking his dick that was bigger than my dad's. My dad said "Why don't you suck Jim". I looked at him and smiled. I moved from in front of my dad to Jim and began sucking on his dick. Jim let out a moan and said "That feels good man."

Jim had both of his hands on my head as he shoved my head down on him making me gag each time. He pushed my head all the way down on his dick and held it there as my body tried to back away from it as I almost threw up. I went back and forth for awhile until Jim got up and went into the bathroom and came out with a small bottle of something. I kept my head down sucking his cock as I could feel Jim get behind me and open up the bottle he had and squeeze something onto his finger. All of the sudden I felt my body quiver as he had slid his finger into my ass. I let out a tiny grunt as he went from one finger to two. My dad said "Does that feel good" I said yes with his cock still in my mouth. Next thing I heard was more stuff that was lube being squeezed out only this time onto his dick. I felt him sliding his dick back and forth in my ass crack. Next thing I heard was "Relax". I knew I was about to get fucked and I actually always wanted to know how it felt. I felt pressure on my asshole as the head of his dick was being shoved into me. When he finally got the head of his dick into me my body felt like it was being electrocuted and I let out a loud yell. I could feel him inching it in my ass very slowly every inch more painful than the last. I felt like I was going to split apart. I wasn't focused on the dick I was sucking anymore but the pain from having a large dick in my ass.

My dad kept telling me to suck him but all I could do was moan and yell as Jim was now sliding his dick all the way in and out. Every time he pulled out and put it back in it seemed like it was going in easier. He grabbed my hips and started slamming his cock into my body while my dad had his hands on my head moving it up and down on his cock. Jim said "Take that cock" and that turned me on so much I started moving my body back and forth on his cock. After awhile Jim started thrusting faster and harder until he let out a loud groan and I could feel him shooting his load into me. I felt all the hot cum in my ass as he trusted one last time.I reached back after he pulled his cock out and I could feel my asshole was stretched. My dad got up off the couch as I put my head down on the couch trying not to focus on the fact that my ass hurt. All of the sudden I felt him get behind me and start easing his cock in my already sore ass. After he got it all the way in he wasted no time fucking my ass as hard and as fast as he could.

It only took five minutes of him thrusting as fast and hard as he did as I bit the couch cushion trying not to scream as tears left my eyes when I heard him let out a thunderous groan and again could feel my ass get warm with him shooting his load into me. He got up and sat on the couch with Jim. As I stood up to go take a shower I could feel all the cum start running down my leg. I got into the bathroom and turned so I could see my ass in the mirror and it was stretched and red with cum still leaking out of it. I got in the shower with a smile on my face. At that point I knew that I was definitely gay. When I got out of the shower Jim was gone and it was just my dad sitting on the couch when he looked at me and said "Next time should I invite more guys over?" I smiled at him and said Definitely.

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