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Sexy arangement part 2

Just before I start I just use notepad fast to do these stories I know im missing punctuation
and what not so just enjoy the story cheers-----------------

Hey should I put my stuff upstairs? my mate asked my mum. sure make yourself at
home babe. I looked at my mum pulling up her shirt rubbing her stomach.
I couldent help looking at her toned belly and red belly bar pircing.

Ok ive put my stuff in your room. my mate said running back down stairs. good now
ive got you both here its time to hear the new rules in my house. If I want
to see anything I will just get it out same with me.

Secondly at home you two boys have to have no pants on at all soon as you
get home second you close the door your take off all your pants got it.
no problem mum. great one babe. the rule for me is to strip to my panties
and bra and you can take what you want off ok.

Then casual as anything my mum strips her shirt of showing her toned belly
and big boobs cupped in a red bra. then she took down her jeans they
were so tight they took her red thong along flashing her pussy with her
blonde landing strip.

My mate dropped his pants releasing his big dick my mum gasped and said
fuck you shaved looks alot better. I dropped mine and she smiled and said
yummy as ever.

Im off to make dinner she said while swaying her hips and bouncing her ass.
we followed staring at her bare ass. she started frying meat on the stove.
I quickly rubbed her belly to feel how toned she was and quickly removed her

Fuck mum you must of worked out. only a little hun. I was so hard I kneeled
at her arse spreading her cheeks to reveal the smallest pink arsehole.
I was hard as hell I took in her arsehole air smelling hard.

My mate moved in putting his hands on her hips pulling her pussy closer bending her over.
oooh cheeky dont cum until I say ok. sure and you can see your mum cum properly
this time. I got under for a clear view of my mums pussy and mates dick.

Ooooh lord fuck me slip shhlllick your so big shllliick and your the hottest milf.
he got pretty fast pound slap his balls bounced. oh god im cumming aaaaahhhhhh
it dripped on my face I licked it up it tasted sweet. that felt good pull out big boy.

Im dishing up dinner. I sprung up and licked her pussy clean mmm your cum is sweet.
then moved to my mates meat pole slurrp pop her cum tastes better fresh haha.
here boys she got her dinner speggetti bolognese then said theres no salt you
need to cum on my dinner.

Ok mum let me feel your toned belly and boobs then she kneeled grabbing my cock jerking
fast I felt all over her belly boobs fast then I felt the cum rush up me.
I spurted on her food covering it all lightly. mmm need abit more she went to my mate
you was in my pussy you must be close.

I am I need to be inside you a little she jumped on him pussy first soon as her snatch
swallowed up his head he moaned and came. she pointed him to her dinner fucking jerk.
she cupped her pussy over her meal and a extra bit of cum came out. dont cum in my pussy

Sorry babe. we sat down to eat and watched my mum eat all our cum with her dinner.
mmm just right that im off to watch tv. she walked out swaying her hips ass bouncing again.
Fuck your mums dirty. your telling me.

Hope you liked it if I do another the story would be different.

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