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Episode 21 - School Sports Day

Hi my name is Jasmine; I’m in the IX th form at school and into running. [ Just add 'V' to get my age: IX + V = XIV]. My parents moved from North Africa just before I was born, so I have short wiry hair, a big grin and deep chocolaty brown skin. Oh except for the pink bits which my mate Billy loves to stroke and lick. I've got small high tits; long fast legs, a permanent big grin, a tight pussy, but I think my bum is a bit too big. In the last story you might remember his mum seduced the pair of us into fucking in her bed and now I more or less live there at weekends. Billy's mum can't get enough of my black nipples and regularly chews me to a crashing orgasm. I guess I must be bi-sexual as I love boys and older girls equally, although the girls in my class all seem too inexperienced. This is my story of running and babysitting some luscious American lesbians.

[authors note] all the characters and establishments in this story are fictional, some more so than others (you know who you are Mike), if any characters happen to resemble any real people it does not mean they necessarily approve of u******e sex or inc3st or taking advantage of babysitters.

Babysitting Service
Ami and her gorgeous identical twin s****r Ami have set up an online babysitting service. It is only accessible by registered users to keep out the complete weirdos and paedophiles. The web site allows a parent to book either one or both Ami’s for an evening (or for the whole night when they have no school the following day). The charges are clearly stated as £5 per hour up to midnight and negotiable later. You received a 50% discount on the second Ami for having both girls.
Once you have confirmation they are available on the selected date and time you could order clothes for your Ami. Most users liked to watch them showering and getting dressed on the web-cam before setting out. This allowed you to make last minute adjustments to your order, in case you had forgotten a particular sex toy, item of underwear or flavoured lubricant.

Amongst the speciality clothing on offer was painted-on shorts. These cover the bum at back, but have a fully open fly showing a shiny thong inside, just covering the top of their pubic mound. On the site you can watch Sweet-Ami being painted by Tangy who is actually wearing a real pair, squatting over a mirror to see her own cuntal detail and painting what she sees onto her s****r. Their favourite colours are an almost see-through tight white pair over a black thong – Tangy paints the thong first, matching their dark pubic hair, ensuring full coverage down the sides of Sweet's lips and deep into her arse cleft. When the thong is dry she paints the shorts over the top, giving a gorgeous view of taut buttocks split by the thin black strap. Her breasts are then painted in red or blue in the shape of a miniscule bikini top with tiny straps, just exposing her real nipples. Then Sweet-Ami sits with legs apart facing the web-cam, rubbing her own nipples hard, until a thin dribble of cuntal goo seeps out staining the ‘shorts’. These shorts are not recommended if you are also ordering the lap-dancing service as the paint can rub off making a mess of your trousers.

Most real underwear needs to be charged separately as it rarely come back undamaged; the current favourite clothing are white boy-shorts style panties with lacy edges, with matching stay up white stockings. Tangy removed most of the stitches in the crotch seam so that they tear apart easily if a dad needs quick access to her cunt – the panties will just split from front to back leaving both holes perfectly exposed for licking or fucking, framed in white lace.

Jasmine at Sports Day
Pounding round the running track I don’t usually take much notice of spectators, but something about the two young women standing near the relay handover point distracted me from the race. Thinking: Concentrate on handing the baton to the next girl, what can be so hard, I’ve done it well dozens of times, every race. But today all I can see is her backside in loose-legged shorts, pointing towards me, inviting the baton. Yes we mess around in the showers after a race, just slapping with towels mostly, the occasional grope, but no heavy lesbian stuff. But now all I can think about is pushing this baton into her slippery cunt from behind and forcing her to climax on it. The small crowd yelling “Jasmine” brings me back to the present, and the handover goes OK, the next girl racing off down the track – her track-virginity preserved.

I collapse on the grass exhausted, fighting to get enough air, hardly aware of the gorgeous lady from the crowd kneeling next to me. I realised she was staring intently at my moist panties exposed under the short running skirt, and then up to my nipples encased in the special sports bra thrusting through my tight tee-shirt. The sports bra is magic – it's made of this super-supple metal that moulds itself to my breasts, leaving the nipples bare but permanently excited.
Looking up, the sunlight is streaming through her long white dress, showing up a total lack of underwear. As she bent forward her pussy lips were illuminated and the crinkly cleft clearly visible.

“I’ve never seen you at school before, are you local?” I asked cheekily, slowly getting my breathing back under control.
“No honey we’re from the States, just over here on vacation and heard you were running. You can call me Erin, and this is my lover, er sorry, friend; Shanti – the tall one in the shorts with the baby”.

I then noticed that Erin was stroking my knee and sending shivers right up the spine to make my nipples thrust towards her. I realised that laying on the grass, legs spread wide, I was probably showing too much under the short running skirt that seemed to have ridden up exposing my damp panties.
Erin whispering: “My friend Shanti and I have booked you and Billy to babysit for us tonight, would you like that?” as her fingers slid remorselessly up my thigh and then under the hem of the panties.
I gasped “Sounds great” as her fingers slipped between my lips, caressing the clit thrusting up into her hand.
Erin: “OK we’re staying at the Luxury Inn; they’ve given us the bridal suite would you believe. Say 7 o’clock, just ask for Erin and Shanti. Oh and bring some toys”. With that she smeared some of my pussy juice from her fingers around my mouth and then licked it off, sliding her tongue in for a quick kiss. When I opened my eyes she has gone, replaced by the rest of the relay team- all excited – we had won, and now it was time for that shower fun...

Clit-Hunter's Guide to the Galaxy
The lesbian couple from the USA had won a competition in the 'Clit-Hunters Guide to the Galaxy', a web-site and monthly e-book dedicated to the needs of girls. It featured stories submitted by readers, reviews of clubs and bars, private adverts, and full-page detailed descriptions of advertised dildos and vibrators. There was a Question & Answer section for younger readers where pre-pubescent or teenage girls could explore their budding sexuality from the safety of their bedrooms. Each month readers could vote for their favourite review or story, and this edition it went to a story entitled 'Extra-vaginal Extra-terrestrials', submitted by the couple EandS.

They avoided the usual sci-fi clichés of humans in remote places being beamed up into a flying saucer and probed mercilessly by aliens with enormous multiple penises. Rather the story involved an all-female crew of a mission to colonise Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. All-male crews had been found to fight on long journeys, mixed crews had been tried but tended to breed, so all-female was being attempted for the first time. The four young women were of course intelligent, beautiful and deeply lesbian. All their TV appearances and interviews wanted to concentrate on the possibility of weightless tribadism, and they were delighted to demonstrate once out of earth orbit. Loosely roped together they pounded each other's cunts until the juices flowed. These tended to coalesce into large droplets of delicious sticky liquid which floated around the cabin until gulped down by the crew.

We'll skip the travel across 800 million kilometres of space, the safe landing, setting up base camp and how we came to meet the aliens, but here they were. Four amazing females (or so we thought) pretty much human shaped - pale blue torsos and face, huge eyes, dark blue legs, dark blue arms, 2 fabulous dark blue breasts. Each breast had an additional smaller nipple above the functional one, which seemed to change colour to reflect mood or state of arousal. But it wasn't until they removed their short skirts that the real difference emerged: they had 4 vertical openings in a row between belly button and anus. The top one hid a large moist clitoris that they stroked absent-mindedly; the second protected a small penis that slid out when stroked, just to urinate. The third slightly larger with slick puffy lips was a true vagina for impregnation and the fourth opened for c***d birth. The last two apparently only developed fully at puberty – the youngest girl with enormous eyes and tiny breasts had an almost featureless cuntal area between her legs, just covered in a light downy fuzz.

The aliens were amazed at our single multi-functional pussies and demanded we masturbate vigorously to demonstrate how they worked. We noticed that their hands were also slightly different to ours: the fingers further apart, perfectly adapted so that they could push one digit into each opening to stroke or finger-fuck themselves to climax. Once we had demonstrated fisting on each other they delighted in bunching their long fingers together to bring us off, their extra nipples glowing a deep red with excitement.

The widely differing languages didn’t prove to be much of a problem, the youngest girl – pale blue all over – carefully taught us by pointing and speaking their high-pitched words for ‘breast’ and ‘tongue’ in exchange for our Anglo-Saxon ‘cunt’ and ‘arse’ which they found really funny. Counting was tricky as the names for their four openings were, to our earthling ears exactly the same as the four fingers used to stroke them; so a ‘clit’ was ‘1-finger’, 'little penis' was '2-finger' etc. They appeared to have dozens of words for ‘climax’, each seemed to describe the particular combination of fingers and tongues required to achieve it. They had never tried using their 5th finger or artificial devices for masturbation, so we gave them a whole new lexicography including ‘anal’ and ‘dildo’, while bringing them off. She acted as translator between our races, and delighted in fashioning a cuntal adaptor tube so that we didn’t have to squat to pee but could join them in standing to fill the water recycling plant.

One day her darker blue pigment started to cover her breasts and bottom and her third opening appeared almost overnight – her glistening extra lips revealing a perfect new virginal cunt, which both crews delighted in making love to. They never understood why two of our crew stayed a pale pink and didn’t develop into the dark brown skin and black nipples of the leader, but checked their bottoms every day for any signs of the slight brown puckering extending outwards.
We had taken a canister of frozen sperm to raise a human colony, but they turned out to be hermaphrodite – their six inch tongue had a small nipple underneath for depositing spunk into any suitable cavity, and we soon all became pregnant with mixed-race babies...

You’ll need to buy your own copy of the Clit-Hunters Guide to the Galaxy if you want to read the rest of the story, it’s available from all good lesbian bookshops or downloadable from, you guessed it, Mega-Dildo Publications (with apologies to the late Douglas Adams).

The prize for the favourite story arrived as a pair of airline tickets for EandS; and all expense paid trip to England to check out the lesbian clubbing scene, and update the Guide.

At the Hotel
Billy and Jasmine arrived promptly at 7 o’clock, walked tentatively across the vast hotel foyer to the reception desk where the obviously gay receptionist asked “Yes Miss, and what can we do for you?” and then spotting Billy “So are you two c***dren here for the swimming pool perhaps?”
Billy: “Actually we’re the babysitters for Erin and Shanti – you know the couple in the bridal suite”.
Receptionist: “But aren’t they lesbians – wouldn’t you prefer to come around the back and suck my cock?”
Jasmine: “Actually they’re bi-sexuals – Shanti has a baby; and Billy prefers me and girls, thank you. Just show us the way to their room”.
The receptionist calls out to a passing maid “Linda please take these adorable babysitters up to the bridal suite, they are expected”.

In the cramped lift Linda brushes against my breasts and fondles Billy’s bottom: “Are you two really babysitters? Here let me carry that bag, it looks heavy”
As I hand over the carrier bag full of clothes and toys the end of a purple double-ended dildo pops out, “My, what else have you got in here? Let’s see - a pair of pink handcuffs, 2 enormous vibrators, 4 thongs, spare batteries – you’re very well equipped; Jasmine, isn’t it, I love your perfume, can I lick your neck – just there and there, and snog you a little. Hmmm you make a 25 year old feel like a teenager again; all moist between the legs, I’m sure you’ll make the ladies very happy. Here we are top floor – the bridal suite, I’ll just open the door – they said to come straight in”.
Erin called out from the bathroom “Hi, just strip off and join us in the jacuzzi on the balcony”.

Billy was out of his clothes in a flash, all agog at the size of the suite, and the view of Leicester from the balcony, but Linda wanted to take her time and savour my body. She carefully pulled the jumper and tee-shirt over my head, ‘accidentally’ brushing the bare nipples, making them jump to attention. She pulled off my jeans, dropping them on the floor, and then kneeling down hooked her fingers into the waistband of my favourite dark green thong – which complements my dark skin, and slipped them down past the knees and I stepped out of them, leaving her face very near my pubes.
“Oh my, you smell divine” she murmured “what is that perfume?”
“I’m not wearing any down there, that’s just natural cunt smell, do you want a taste?”

Linda flipped the thong inside out and started licking at the moist patch, enjoying my flavour.

“No silly, you can lick my cunt not the thong. Oh that’s it, a bit higher, now push you tongue right in. Yes pull my lips open with your thumbs, suck my clit, make me cum you bitch – really suck it, you can do it, use your teeth. This pussy wants to orgasm on your face. Oh god, I’m cumming, keep sucking; this black bitch is going for a second climax.”
Shanti sauntered out of the bathroom, naked except for a towel around her shoulders, which did nothing to cover her fabulous breasts dripping soap suds onto the carpet. “Jasmine, lovely to see you" she purred "You can put that maid down now, let go of her ears and she will stop licking you out”.
Linda struggled to her feet, with a dollop of white pussy cream on her nose: “Remember its hotel rules that visitors can’t stay the night, so I’ll call back up when my shift finishes and smuggle you and Billy out”; to Shanti “Now you take care of these c***dren, nothing you wouldn’t do with your own daught3r”.
Shanti walked over and wiped the goo off her nose with the towel, and after a quick kiss, patted her on the bottom towards the door. “Bye now, no need to worry about these 2 little darlings, they’ll be cumming all night.”

Billy was already in the enormous bath-tub when Shanti returned holding my hand. “Hi love, I see you like the stream of bubbles up your bum, is that erection for me?”
Erin: “Come in you two, I’ve had Billy, now I need some cunt. Shanti come here and rub my tits, and then this pretty Jasmine can sit on my face”.
Me: “Erin and Shanti are not your real names are they?” as I took a firm grip on Erin’s clit.

Billy with his cock firmly down Shanti’s throat: “I expect they don’t want their real friends to know they play with u******e girls and boys”
After playing around in the bath we all stretched out on the enormous bed; Erin and Shanti cuddling into a classic trib position, with Erin on her back and Shanti on top, interlocked at the cunt, rubbing her pussy up and down against Erin's. Billy flops his still-hard penis against Shanti's exposed bum-hole; but she pushes him away.

"Please teach me how to do that trib thing; it's making my pussy all wet just watching you two" I pleaded, getting Billy worked up.

Photo Session
We all took turns with the camera trying to capture the very essence of lesbian lust: kissing, licking necks and breasts, petting, rubbing, and slapping firm bottoms, sliding fingers into moist holes. Billy insisted on many, many shots of Erin and Shanti taking turns on eating out my cunt, with the occasional close-up of a small green lubricated dildo sliding into my arse. Erin’s hands and tongue were everywhere: swallowing little Billy, then passing the mouthful of sperm to Shanti. I tried to copy the trib Erin and Shanti were performing, pretending Billy was a girl, but his prick kept sticking up all shiny and hard and accidentally fucking me.

Later on when baby woke up demanding a feed and nappy change Billy took numerous photos for private consumption of the baby lying naked between Jasmine's bare breasts; dark nipples grasped in tiny pink hands, and my long dark fingers snaking around her tiny pink bottom. Billy couldn't resist licking out her fleshy lips, making her giggle deliciously. The most comical photos were when baby grabbed hold of Billy's penis, dragging it inexorably towards her mouth; Billy's face was a picture. All she wanted was to suck her thumb, while maintaining a firm grip on his purple head.

Shanti and Erin get dressed to go off to the lesbian bar at 10 o'clock – when it warms up. The gay hotel receptionist tells them the G Spot Swingers Club and Quebec Gay Bar closed down years ago, but could recommend the Leicester Leopards Club - a discrete pub where the ladies like to hang out. Got out of the taxi, no idea where it was, the entrance was very dark, but packed with girls of all ages. Obviously the minimum age rules were very flexible, all the youngest girls had valid looking IDs making them apparently legal.

Erin found an empty booth while Shanti pushed through the throng of colourful sweaty bodies towards the bar heaving with hot young cunt on a night out.
Further along the bar one couple was a mature lady dressed entirely in black leather, with steel spikes surrounding her breasts, holding onto her young lover by a dog leash. The girl was f***ed to wear an old stained baby-doll nightie, considered erotic in the ‘60s. It was a horrid see-through pink colour, extremely short, with filthy nylon lace around the hem – just failing to cover her bare arse. Her high breasts poking through the thin fabric appeared to be covered in dry spunk from a bukkake session that afternoon. When not pleasuring her mistress between the legs, she sat on a bar stool idly picking off lumps of the crusty white stuff and dropping them into her glass of champagne, for the dominatrix to drink.

Shanti surreptitiously videoed the whole disgusting scene while waiting to order some beers. She eventually manages to catch the barmaid’s eye: “Two beers and whatever you’re drinking”.

The barmaid is wearing the club’s regulation outfit of leopard-skin print bikini top, matching back-less shorts and long white lace-up boots. The back wall of the bar is entirely mirrored so whenever a barmaid bends down to fetch a bottle from the cool shelf they expose their butt hole, but crucially the shorts keep the cunt covered. “I do love your fanny”.
Barmaid: “Surely you can’t see my cunt, it feels covered up. I’ll complain to the management about these shorts. Oh wait a minute you’re American aren’t you?"
"You must mean my arse”, giving it a good slap. “Fanny here means Cunt or Pussy. You only get to play with that when I know you a lot better”.

Meanwhile Erin was joined in the dimly-lit circular booth by a young woman and a c***d– the young girl wearing a pair of fairy wings and a tiny dance leotard. The pink leotard had turned almost transparent with sweat from dancing; her small high breasts and thighs covered in glitter. The girl sits astride her mistress licking her neck and ears. The woman is holding a glass of wine in one hand, the other obviously massaging the young girl between the legs.
Jenny: “Oh yes mum please keep doing that, just there, harder, a bit higher, I think I’m going to cum on you again”.
Her pretend mum whispering: “Hush baby, this nice lady doesn’t need to know what we're up to” then loudly to Erin “Could you look after Jenny for a few minutes while I visit the little girls' room?".
Erin: "Eh, sure. Come here you little beauty, I won't bite, well perhaps just a little. Let's see, you must have reached puberty, you have such juicy breasts, and did you call that lady Mum?"
Jenny: "Yes she likes that, pretends to spank her naughty daught3r, really gets her wet. Sure I saw you at the school earlier, didn't you have your tongue down my team-mate Jasmine's throat? I'm the little bitch she threatens with the relay baton – you wouldn't believe how far up it goes in the showers when it's all soapy".

Just then Shanti retuned with the drinks as Jenny sunk under the table to chew on Erin's cunt: "It's such a crush at the bar, you wouldn't believe the odour of sex out there" looking down, spots Jenny "Oh hello, I see you've found a little helper".

Erin pulled off what little clothing Jenny still had on, and lifted her up to sit on the circular glass-topped table. Jenny coyly pulled her knees up to her chest, hiding her bare breasts, but beautifully exposing her lush pale un-tanned bottom, glowing in the light from under the table. Holding her knees she slowly pulled them apart, smiling all the while at Erin. Erin tried to hold her gaze, but couldn't resist looking down at the perfect pink crinkly lips, dripping moisture down between her bum cheeks. She then leaned back on her hands; opening her legs fully to Shanti's probing fingers. She only managed two fingers in the dripping snatch, quickly finding her g-spot; her thumb naturally falling onto the clit. Erin leant over kissing under each nipple in turn, savouring her delicious young taste and between them brought her to a rapid climax. Jenny positively purred through her orgasm, her breasts heaving upwards into Erin’s open mouth: “Suck me you bitch, suck them, chew them off, make me cum again, oh I love you both”.

Shanti pulled her sticky fingers out of Jenny’s cunt, licked them and started to explore the damp buttocks: “Oh what have we here, you naughty girl?” pulling on the short blue cord emerging from Jenny’s bottom. The first anal bead stretched her bum-hole wide before leaving with a faint ‘pop’, the second larger bead took some tugging, and Jenny winced as the third largest opened her right up. With the arse still gaping Shanti slipped in a thumb and brought Jenny off again. Meanwhile at the head end Jenny had been swigging beer from a bottle on the table, open-mouth kissing Erin, swapping the creamy liquid back and forth between their tongues. Some dribbled onto Jenny’s chest, which Erin quickly suckled off; this then turned into a game with Jenny pouring the lager over each breast in turn to see if Erin could keep up, before it ran down across her perfect flat stomach.

Shanti: “Stop messing about you two, we have some serious fucking to perform here, flip the bitch over. Yes that’s it - on hands and knees, bum in the air, so I can get my tongue in here before she closes up again, mmmm”.
Erin managed to pull Jenny’s head up to her own bare tits, so engrossed in mashing her nipples into the youngster’s face that she failed to notice ‘mum’ returning, standing close behind her, until the strap-on penetrated her moist pussy from behind. “Shag my daught3r would you? Bitch take that, and that” as she grabbed Erin’s hair pulling her backwards onto the long thick dildo, now laughing “It’s OK, I forgive you” with each thrust of the hard dildo.
Just then the music dropped from a deafening roar to sounds of applause; "Quick over to the stage" said Jenny wrapping a shawl around her waist to afford some cover from the crush of hot lesbian bodies.

The crowd were mostly younger than Erin and Shanti, dressed in shorts, mini-skirts or see-through leggings, Ann Summer's erotic outfits, bikini tops or topless. A Hen Party of girls in identical school uniforms – just skirt, knee-length socks and tie dangling between bare breasts were dancing together. The crowd swirled around the stage dancing, snogging, petting, some getting very d***k.

Two pole dancers in yellow and black striped cat-suits, calling themselves the Tiger Twins were up on the raised stage. They wore matching masks with cat-ears, to protect their identity and age. The cat-suits were such a snug fit and made of such thin fabric they appeared as an almost see-through skin. Each time a Tiger flung her legs open the material was stretched tight across her crotch, revealing the dark wet lips inside. They had obviously made a crude hole in the back to push the anal plug tail through and the stitching in the crotch seam was coming unravelled, revealing more pussy as the pole-dance progressed. They writhed around the poles, thrusting their barely covered pubes towards the appreciative audience, who wolf-whistled each time an open cunt came into view.
As Shanti pushed Erin forwards, her head at the twin's pussy level, she suddenly wrapped her knees over Erin's shoulders hauling her bare cunt fully onto the waiting tongue. Erin licked and sucked, pulling the Tiger's cheeks apart to get at more juice flooding into her mouth. Being three inches taller, Shanti had to kneel under the Tiger's bottom, pulling on her tail, which came out with a squishy sound above the music, on the end of a dark blue anal plug.
Shanti: "Wow you taste divine. I’ll just keep hold of this for a while, just keeping it warm for a friend”.

Using Erin to hold up her middle, Tiger let go the pole and trailed her hands down onto the floor performing a reverse hand-stand forcing Erin down onto her knees with her head still locked in between Tiger's thighs.

The Management
Many girls photographed themselves or friends, mostly using smart-phones, so Shanti's attempts to record the pole-dancing with an expensive video camera for their review did not go un-noticed by the management. One of the barmaids quietly invited them into the manager’s office behind the bar. Inside the office Erin was momentarily mesmerised by the sight through the two-way mirror of the barmaids' backless striped shorts; their lips gaping open, clearly visible as they bend down to fetch chilled wine bottles from the lowest shelves. The quite phallic shape of the wine bottles made them very popular as a dildo when empty.

The barmaid e****ting them is wearing the same backless shorts – the manager slips finger into her crotch, then licks her fingers “very nice Dawn, suggest you pop out and seduce those two straight-looking girls in the hen party”.
The office has a huge leather sofa with rough towelling over the arms for sliding a cunt up and down. As their eyes become accustomed to the low lighting, Erin and Shanti become aware of massive row of dildos stuck down to the glass-topped table ready for use, and a swing suspended from the ceiling. The manager’s business suit has open crotch trousers and bare breasts with heavily pierced nipples clearly visible inside her jacket. “Hi I’m Diane the owner, here let me pour you a drink, so you’re from the Clit-Hunters Guide magazine checking out our establishment, so what do you think?”
Erin: “How did you guess?”
Diane: “We checked you out – an American lesbian couple; one 18 years old, 5 foot 6 inches tall, about 120 pounds. Let’s see B cup tits - almost C cup, brown hair in a pony tail, nice tight ass. No tattoos or piercings. Neat trick shaving off all the brown pussy hair. The other one about 21, long blonde hair and blue eyes, 5 foot 4 inches tall, slim and athletic body build, working your way back into shape after the baby. Again heart-shaped blonde pubes all gone, shame really, I was looking forward to kissing those. Am I right? And anyway your babysitter rang to say you were on your way”.
Shanti: “OK we’re rumbled, so we can get down to business” pulling off the last of her clothes “Lick out my cunt and this establishment will get a 5 star rating”.

Diane mumbling between Shanti’s thighs “Mmmm very tasty, let’s see if a few British fingers will bring off this bitch”. While she was deeply engrossed in Shanti’s cunt, Erin selected a particularly vicious looking black dildo and thrust it into her arse, making her climax noisily.
When Dawn came back in proudly displaying two empty bottles covered in girl cum: “They’re not straight anymore, those two bitches responded really well to a little sapphic lust between the legs”.

Diane: “Well done, now get over here on the swing and let these two researchers check out your shorts". The swing comprised two wide leather straps that held her legs apart at right angles to her body, leaving her cunt fully exposed to Erin's probing tongue at the front. Shanti selected a large dildo from the table and after licking it, eased it up Diane's arse from the back. She screamed at the double assault, rising in intensity as Erin sucked in the wet lips and ground the clit between her front teeth.

Early Hours Back at the Hotel
When Erin and Shanti staggered back up to their suite at 2:30AM, the ch1ldren had obviously fallen asl**p on the giant bed kissing, with baby naked in between them.
“Seems a shame to wake them up” breathed Shanti, gently stroking up Billy’s thighs. He shuddered awake with an instant hard-on which Erin play-fought to suck first.
“Come on sl**py head” was all I heard in Shanti’s delicious US drawl, before she clamped her mouth over mine and licked out the mixture of vodka and spunk on my poor tongue.
Erin: “I see you found the mini-bar” spotting the array of empty glasses “looks like you’ve had quite a party”.
Shanti: “So Erin, how do you feel about sex with u******e boys and girls?”
Erin: “Well the way I see it Shanti, if a gorgeous class XIV runner wants to impale herself on this rigid, lubricated, bumpy strap-on dildo emerging from my under my skirt, then who am I to make her wait a few more years ?”
Billy: “And if a XII old boy, nearly XIII, needs to lick out the cunt of a divine 21 year old blonde he happens to find naked in his bed, where is the harm in that?”
Jasmine: “And all Billy really wants is to wank himself between some hot tits, and squirt his spunk into any available female opening; he’s not that fussy which cavity to fill. That cannot be exploitation”.
Erin recovering from a mouthful of sperm: “Take a look at these photos from the club; here’s me sucking on that beautiful pole-dancer still wearing some of the tiger costume. Oh and this one shows me licking her anal plug tail before pushing it back in. This one is the owner Diane on her knees bringing off Shanti with an immense vibrator. Oh and this one is my favourite: all the serving girls in a row, wearing those delicious back-less shorts bending over and holding each other’s tails up, so that their bare cunts shine through.

The two tiger twins from the club, Ami and Ami arrive at the hotel in the early hours and walk up to the same effete man on the reception desk.
Receptionist: “And what can I do for you two young ladies? Oh my, you’re just the same”.
Ami: “Yeah we’re identical twins, so get over it.
Ami: “We’re here for Erin and Shanti, they said to drop in at any time”.
Receptionist Roger: “That lesbian couple from the states?”
Ami: “Yes that’s them, and some of our best friends are lesbians, so be polite”.
Roger: “Eh yucky, all that kissing and licking and juices and soft skin, give me a firm young boy any time.”
Sweet-Ami reaching over to pull her s****rs leggings down: “Bend over babe and show this nice man your arse. Dad says we have very boyish hips when he’s in a buggering mood”. Tangy-Ami pushed out her bare arse, pulled apart her bum cheeks, covered in lipstick, to reveal the end of a blue anal plug.
Roger incredulously: “Your dad has both of you up the arse?”
Tangy-Ami: “Not at the same time silly, I just stuff this enormous dildo up me while he has Tangy, and then we swap places”
Sweet-Ami flipped the plug out and handed it over to Roger: “Here, see if this is to your taste”.

Roger between mouthfuls: “Oh wow, you taste divine, OK come on up to the suite, try to be quiet; it is only five o’clock”.
Tangy-Ami: “OK, the deal is you can have her arse, if I can have yours”, pulling out her trusty feeldoe “these two round bumps go up me, and this penis end goes up you. Don’t worry we’ll keep our lady lumps covered up, so you can pretend we’re both boys”.

Once in the lift heading for the top floor Roger’s trousers were quickly around his ankles, and Tangy pushed up flat against the lift wall with two fingers exploring her taut arse. The lift stopped suddenly at the fifth floor and Linda the maid slipped in: “Hey, is this a private orgy, or can anyone join in?” she asked going down on Sweet’s tits.

In the suite, standing up in the shower-room, the fuck sandwich was Sweet fucking Roger with the flexible strap-on and Roger was deeply inside Tangy’s arse with his own rock-hard prick. Linda fully-dressed managed to crawl up between the tent of open legs to bathe Tangy’s exposed cunt with warm soapy water. When she finally took Roger’s balls into her mouth it all became too much for him and he shot an arseful of sperm into Tangy and slumped to the floor.
After the pretend-boy-sex Sweet-Ami stripped off and pinned Roger to the floor by sitting on his chest, while Tangy tormented him by rubbing her wet cunt up and down his cock, slick with her own anal juices and his cum. When Erin walked in sl**pily needing a pee, Roger started thrashing from side to side trying to get away from so much bare female flesh, which just made it worse. Tangy sunk her cunt all the way down his rigid prick, while Erin squatted over his head and let rip a stream of hot liquid into his mouth. His attempts to remove his tongue from her cunt just made her orgasm more powerful, until she insisted he licked her all clean. Roger was bundled out of the door naked, clutching Ami's anal probe, and the girls returned to bed for some more loving.

The entry in 'Clit-Hunters Guide to the Galaxy' for the 'Leicester Leopards' reads “Fabulous place for girls to dance and get laid” accompanied by a gorgeous photograph of me, sitting cross-legged on the bed, hugging Shanti's baby. Babies arm is just tastefully hiding my breasts, and her foot is held snugly between my thighs keeping the open moist lips fully covered. The contrast between the babies pink foot and my wiry black pubic hair was electric. In bed are the two Ami's with the sheet pulled up to just expose their gorgeous dark nipples, with a caption "local babysitting services guaranteed to satisfy you and your c***dren".

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