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Wife's Gangbang at the carnival

My name is Mike and I am 25 years old, my wife Amy is 20 we have been together since high school and she is one of the most unique girls I had ever met. She is absolutely gorgeous, She has long black hair and the greenest eyes. She is 6 feet tall and thin, she has not the biggest breasts but an amazing ass. We have had a solid relationship but an even better sex life. She has watched me have sex with a friend of hers and I have watched her have sex with a friend of mine. It was kinda awkward because he didn't have the biggest cock and he kept going limp when trying to fuck her.

A couple weeks after the failed attempt of my friend trying to fuck my wife we decided to take to Craigslist to find another couple with pictures so we knew what we had to work with. We found another couple named Tom and Jamie who said they were only going to be in town for a couple days but were interested in swapping. Tom was tall, had brown short hair and was athletic build with a 8in cock. Jamie was shorter than my wife and a little bigger body wise but not fat. She had short blonde hair and a pretty face. They asked us if we were interested in meeting them were they worked after hours and we could all hang out and have a good time. We agreed and asked them where they worked but they said it would be a surprise and gave us directions but promised that we would be guaranteed to have a good time and a memorable one.

The night we were supposed to meet we headed off with the directions we had which took us to a small town in the country about two hours from our place. We drove around trying to find the address and when we finally did there was a sign with an arrow that said "This way to the fairgrounds". Amy looked at me and asked if this was a good idea since we were now taking dirt roads in the middle of the night to find these people. I told her that we were there already and should just go threw with it. After a half mile there was another sigh with neon lights that said "Welcome to the Keenan County carnival". We pulled up to a gate and decided to park and walk the rest of the way.

We walked for about 5 minutes when we came up to a tall booth that had red and yellow stripes on it and said "Tickets" with bold green letters in top. There was a gate next to the booth that was locked. I looked at Amy and said maybe we better get out of here before we get in trouble. As we turned around to walk away I felt footsteps coming up behind us fast and turned around quickly and as soon as I did there was Tom and Jamie with smiles. They said "Sorry we weren't at the gate to meet you we were getting set up for tonight. My wife and I followed them back towards the gate when she asked them, Is this were you work?. "Yes" Tom said, he and Jamie were in the carnival and had been for about 5 years. Jamie told us that they had lost there jobs and wanted to travel but couldn't afford to so they decided to help out with the carnival one year and decided they loved it and wanted to work for them permanently.

Tom and Jamie led us threw the gate and shut and locked it behind us. I asked them if it was OK for us to be here after closing. Jamie said it was OK that all of the workers come and go and have friends come out sometimes. They said that the only people that were out here now were the people cleaning the machines and getting ready for the next day. We were walking down this path when in the distance we saw all the lights and noticed all the rides, concession stands, and game stands. Tom said that they had all the lights on to change the bulbs that were out and make sure they were all working right. They walked us past all the stands and a couple older men who were picking up trash from the ground with a stick with a nail at the end of it.

They took us past everything and up to a large building that said "Fun House" at the top with flashing colored lights. Tom and Jamie looked at each of us and asked if we were ready to get to it. Amy and I looked at each other and smiled and said yes. "Great" Tom said. Jamie said "Why don't you guys go in and work your way threw the Fun House, we are going to get ready and will find you." Amy grabbed my hand as we went up the steps, opened the door that was painted and went inside. It was dark at first when all the sudden there was circus music and lights flashing as we worked out way threw about 1000 bungee cords that were stretched from the ceiling to the floor. We got to the end of them and walked threw a narrow hallway that had the floor rocking back and fourth and lights that flickered on and off.

We walked threw and came to the room with the Fun House mirrors, They surrounded the room and ceiling, Amy was laughing and making faces in the mirror that were being distorted. After a couple minutes we went into what seemed like a giant dryer. It was a big cylinder that rotated and was almost impossible to walk on. After getting threw that we came to a door that said "Maze of mirrors". We went in and when we shut the door we noticed that there was a mirror on the back of it and locked behind us. We started trying to make out way threw and were getting stuck constantly until all of the sudden from behind us we heard "BOO!!" Amy screamed as I jumped and when we turned around it was Tom. He was wearing leather tight pants and a ringmaster jacket which was open and you could see his abs and chest. He walked us out of the maze and into a long hallway with many doors. He opened the third door in the left and grabbed Amy's hand and said "Your in here my dear". She smiled at me and walked in, Tom told me that Jamie was in the next door down next to this room.

Tom went into the room with Amy and shut the door. I walked to the next door down where Jamie was standing in the doorway. She had on a pink wig that was in pigtails, white face paint, red stars painted around her eyes, her nose was painted pink and she had on bright red lip stick. She was wearing a Purple bra and a purple skirt with wool socks that came up to her knees and had multicolored stripes on them. She pulled out a blindfold and with a smile said "Put this on". I put it on as she led me into the room. She guided me to a chair and I sat down. I felt her pull my hands behind my back and tie them. I laughed as she said "I want to do something kinky". She finished my hands and than tied my legs to the chair. She kissed me and said "I'll be right back". I sat there for what seemed like forever when she came back in and pulled the blindfold off. The room was painted and all there was for lights was black lights and the paint on the walls glowed. All the walls were painted except the one I was facing. Jamie said it was a double sided mirror. I could see into the room but they couldn't see me.

I looked into the other room and my wife was strapped into some kind of sex swing/chair. She was blindfolded seated in the air with her legs spread and her arms tied to the swing. Jamie whispered into my ear "Sexy isn't it?, Do you wanna watch your wife get fucked?". Yes I said as she giggled. She left the room and came back in shortly and unfastened my belt,pulled my pants down and said "I'm gonna suck your cock while you watch your wife's pussy get destroyed". Jamie got on her knees and began sucking my cock when I saw Tom walk in my wife's room naked with a rock hard cock, he whisper something in her ear. She smiled with her blindfold still on. And he began fucking her as she was strapped to the swing. I could hear her perfectly moaning and grunting as I watched Tom grab her hips and thrust into her hard. He fucked her hard and fast when I heard her let our a scream as her body tried to move in the swing but couldn't, as she came.

He kept fucking her pussy hard until. I saw him stop and grab a bottle of lube off the floor and slather his cock in it. I saw him start sliding his finger in her ass. "She's never had anal before" I said. Jamie looked up from sucking my cock and said "She has now" as she giggled and began sucking me again. I watched Tom inch his big cock in her ass as she screamed and yelled "Go slow, Go slow". He got his cock in her virgin ass as she screamed and moaned. He would pull his cock out and slide it in her pussy and than quickly back into her ass. She came again as he fucked her ass. Tom started fucking her pussy again when I heard him let out a loud grunt as quickly pulled out of her and than he was gone. I asked Jamie where he went. "You will see" she said as she kept sucking my cock. Than all out of nowhere there was another guy I had never seen before walk into the room with a hard cock and began fucking my wife as she hung there with a blindfold on.

"Who is that guy?" I asked Jamie. She turned and looked and than looked back as me and said "You said in you email you wanted to watch your wife get fucked didn't you?" I smiled and said ya. I watched as this guy I never met fucked my wife as hard as he could and as fast as he could as she moaned and moaned her body trying to move but not able too. I saw her smile as he must have said something to her. I don't think she even knew it was a different guy. I watched as he grunted loudly and than just like Tom backed out of the room. That guy just left too I said, Jamie giggled with my cock in her mouth. Than another guy walked in, He was a bigger black guy, he was very fat but had a very large cock. He walked up to her hanging body and shoved his massive cock right in her ass. I could hear the swing rattle as her body jumped as she let out a thunderous scream. He pounded only her ass until just like the others he backed out of the room.

This time I didn't ask I just waited for the next guy to walk in. A older guy walked in, he had to have been about 50 years old. He had a smaller cock but wasted no time pounding my wife's young pussy. There was 10 different guys who walked in that room and fucked my wife. After the last guy she just hung there exhausted. Jamie got up and as she left the room said "Watch". Jamie walked into the room, looked at my wife and began licking her pussy that was stretched and swollen. Than she started licking my wife's gaping ass. My wife moaned but it seemed like she couldn't even moan loud anymore she was exhausted. Jamie left the room and walked back in with a large cup. She walked over to my wife and said "Tilt your head back and open your mouth" My wife did when Jamie looked into the room I was in and smiled as she tilted the cup and all of the cum that the guys that fucked her shot into it poured all over her face and in her mouth. She gagged and spit as she tried to swallow it but couldn't there was so much. After Jamie was done she whispered into my wife's ear "You just got fucked by 10 different guys. My wife was stunned but smiled and laid there still exhausted.

They let my wife down and let her clean up as Jamie untied me. We walked back towards the exit with the sun coming up with Tom and Jamie. I asked my wife if she enjoyed it, Yes she said but I don't know if I will have sex again for awhile smiling. As we got to the gate and walked out Jamie said "You make sure you come back next year."

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