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So recently it was my wifes birthday. She didn't want to do much so I suggested we just go out for maybe some appitizers and drinks. She said that would be nice so se sent the k**s to her mothers and went out. We went and grabbed something to eat and a pitcher then went to an old hangout we havent been to in a few years. We ran into an old friend of mine she hasn't met and we sat with him and started drinking. She was asking how long have we known eash other and stuff and next thing it was late. Shots were flowing and it was getting close to last call. We were close to our house so she asked him if he wanted to come over for more rinks...he said it would be great. On the way home she pratically passed out, and when we got home he and I had to carry her in. So we laid her on the couch and grabbed a beer. The kitchen overlooks the f****y room so we could see her. So when she rolled over and her skirt flipped up we had a nice view of her ass. He looked at me and smiled and I knew what he was thinking, because the last time I saw him we were fucking my old girlfriend So I said lets go...we carried her to the bedroom and I told him to give me a minute and get us a few beers. While he was gone I stripped her and told her we were going to have sex all night and she was going to get a hell of a fucking. SHe just smiled and he walked back in and just looked at her naked body and smiled said this is going to be good. We stripped down and my wife glanced over at him as he pulled out his cock and her mouth dropped...he was a very hung guy...she knew, even though she was hammered, she was getting fucked hard. I went down on her as he walked over to her mouth, she was already wet. He just stuck the head of his cock in her mouth and she went right to work on it. I jumped on her and slid my cock in her and dumped a huge load in her. As i pulled out it started to drip out and he got between her legs and he thanked me for lubing her up for him. He started aiming his cock at her pussy and put the tip looked massive compared to her pussy..then he slid it half way, she let out a gasp and a moan, and he worked it in and out slowly then picked up the pace. With each thrust he went in a little more til he was all the way in. By this time she was she was pulling at the sheets, grunting and squealing. He said she has one tight pussy, but not for long...then he told he to hang on because he was going to give it to her now...and her did. He was now going in and out with the full length and starting to pound her hard. SHe was cumming constantly and begging him to fuck her and to cum. He told her to open her legs as wide as she could so he could cum deep in her, so she grabbed her toes and pulled them wide..then he started to tense up then buried it in deep and started to wife had a total look of pleasure on her face when he came..I wasn't sure if it was from feeling him cum of that she finally got a break from his big cock. But when he pulled out a masive amount of cum dripped out of her..he got up and she just laid there spent with her legs open...He looked at me and said that was some great pussy...Hell ya I of the best i have ever came in....he agreed. So we took turns fucking for an hour then she passed out from the sex and alcohol..We had another beer while she laid between us...he asked if he could fuck her one more time even though she was out...I said sure...I tole him I'd turn out the lights and step out...I was in my office next door and listened to him get her worked up again and stare to fuck again...but he was easy on her..more like lovemaking....grinding and kissing. I could hear them talking and moaning then I hear her tell him to cum in her pussy and I heard the bed stop bouncing and her moaning..I knew he just came in her again. Then he turned on the light, and I came back in to see them cuddling and another load dripping from her...looked like the biggest one she got all night. So I turned out the light, climbed in bed behind her..we were all cuddling with her in the middle and I slid my cock in her sloppy pussy and shot another load in her then we fell asl**p....Happy Birthday.

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