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More whore

After the fall of communism, I returned to the villa in restitution after his uncle, was
pretty devastated, it was necessary to invest in it and devise a
what purpose it renovovať.Ja I had a place to live, work, and I had
so I may be. At that time I met with her classmates
Maros and he was praised that he also returned some lands
predal.Bol in the right package, but said that the rush.
Rather, the money invested in a company. I did it too
I have praised the building in which to invest Soap. Designed by me
I went to show him the budovu.Myslím that he building now
liked. Especially poloha.Vilka tucked away on the outskirts of the regional park
city, overgrown with weeds all around, but outside the walls of dilapidated
I nevlhli.Zbadal in his eyes that something was up. I showed him
room for miestnosťou.Vo large hall tells me "You know what would
There was a well established ... a mess! "
"Clutter is a regular here but it does not have to be a mess here." Him to me.
"I will give the money to provide the building and we have a joint venture."
"We're good buddies, and this joint venture, we can easily
rozhádali "I him to oppose.
"Once we agree on clear rules and a woman bude.Možeme
divide as they arrive. Will be your first, my second .. Which
Once you log in will always be subject only to you and not allowed under continual development
zobrať.A naopak.Čo course will earn your girl your what
earns my moje.Ty will give me money for building renovations. If
with or without my consent agreement complied with some of you will lose the building. A
on the contrary, I investíciu.Súhlasíš? "rolled me prešpekulovaný
I considered for a while but have a vision of your harem kurvičiek me
opantal.Súhlasil and I waited for the opening of the massage salónu.Tak
then called a brothel.
Opening day is approaching and I'm wondering how to start, where to pack
nice pussy to represent my harem. Now the first I could think of
my classmate Andrejka.Vysoká brunette, boobs maybe even fours
and beautiful to tváre.To would have been a luxury kurvička.Lenže
vydatá.Na my happiness was the nurse and earn
very málo.Možno privirobiť will want a husband that does not
learn. I tried to meet her. When she went home from work
I invited her to kávu.Bavili we have a lot of things but its possible
with the intention of it I did not know how to table. I tried it
zahovoriť that missed the bus. Then I offered that it takes
domov.Počas ride I put a hand on the gear lever to the thigh
Improved slap me it's not clear if I truly pokračovať.A my hand
began to f***e away, I could not I reached between her legs and
started lichotiť.Že is the most beautiful woman I've ever together mal.To I
have had to stand at the roadside. When I told my husband that the
really understand (as does drinking) but does not want to break up, I knew that
This will be her dobré.Ponúkol I privirobenie and suggested intake
. Her response was "do not know" out of the car "rest already will go
on foot. "
So promising that evolved and eventually nothing.
The opening day of the Maros brought a friend from Orava nizučkú
but the blonde from her eyes bursting chtíč.Maroš came to me and he
neprenechám it, because I had to have the first slut, I agree "
but this is the first and last exception "He took her into the apartment thus
the "casting"
Before lunch I came to show it to the social hall. He set
jupredo me and stripped her naked. doing commented, blue eyes,
fleshy lips, firm breasts, wider hips, pussy beaten with
majora (certainly the home regimentkurva) rounded buttocks. Quite
fajna whore. I did not forget it has to offer.
I reminded him our deal-the girl is just him and his
zákazníkov.A well I did. Less than half an hour for someone to ring
video doorman.

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