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Another business trip (True)

I went down to the restaurant in the lobby for dinner at about 7ish. The place was pretty busy with mostly business dinners and office after work social gatherings. There was a group 6-7 of women sitting a table. As I went through dinner I noticed I kept connecting eyes with one woman in particular. She was a mid-30s, attractive business professional type, just above her shoulder brunette, about 5'7"ish great body in a girl next door type of way, slim to average but proportional. I thought that maybe it was a coincidence but after a few more glances I could tell she too was looking in my direction. I also noticed a ring so I just chalked it up to 'window gazing' on both our parts. I eventually finished dinner and went up to my room to do some work and a conference call.

At about midnight I decided to head back down for a drink, I was still wound up from an annoying work call and my brain was not ready for bed. I went into the bar and it was still busy but a new crowd of people had arrived. Still business people but mostly the after dinner crowd and people staying at the hotel. I settled in for a drink, as the crowd thinned out I saw her again, this time with a small group of four women in a different area and she was well into some type of pink/red martini. I had couple of drinks and lost sight of her in the traffic of people coming in and out. I asked for my bill and paid and went to leave. As I was crossing the hotel lobby to elevators I saw her, again our eyes connected just as she passed I said "Nice eyes!". She stopped and said "You too!". I told her I had seen her before and then again now. She smiled and said "I know, I saw you looking at me.". It kind of went a bit silent and then I introduced myself and she told me her name. I told her I was heading up but it was nice to "observe" her slyly. She laughed and said “her too” and wished me a nice night. She took two steps then stopped and said "If you want to observe me again, I'll be here in two weeks on the same night, at the same time but without my coworkers". She said that we could chat more next time.

The next two weeks passed and I made sure to be there for work as well. I also planned for just in case there was some chemistry. I went into the bar and she was there but there were guys talking to her already. I sat at the bar, she took one look at me and said something to them, got up and walked over and sat beside me. I told her that they must be disappointed and she mentioned that she was there to see me and thought I wasn't going to come. She was pleasantly surprised. We sat and chatted, she was sexy, just had something about her. She could tell that my eyes were totally giving me away and that they were tearing her clothes off. She told me she was attached, that she did not want to talk about it. I agreed. We kept talking, flirting, our hands brushing up against arms, legs as we chatted, then out of the blue I just suggested we go up to my room for more drinks. She agreed and said “What took you so long? There are too many people here.”

We got to my room and relaxed having more drinks. She was far more nervous now than she was in the bar. She actually got kind of shy which didn’t match the person downstairs. It was cute and she was still very sexy. I could see pulse racing in her neck. She had said she was on her feet all day and her legs were tired. I told her I gave amazing massages if she wanted one. She paused pretty long to cause a silence in the rooms then agreed. I told her to lay on the bed and that I needed to get something from the bathroom. Earlier in the day I stopped in at the pharmacy attached to building and picked up small bottle of massage oil. When I came out she was laying on the bed in her bra and thong face down. She told me she was kind of nervous and I told her not to be. “It’s just a massage!”. She looked over at me and said “Yeah right!” and smiled.

I started with warming the oil in my hands then slowly massaging her shoulders and neck. The touch of her skin instantly shot waves through my body. I was wondering what she was feeling at this moment. She bagan to relax as my hands moved down her back stopping just above her ass. I used more oil covering her back and shoulders and took turns on each side. Finally I just unclipped her bra and slid it off her shoulders. I ran my warm hands up the back of her neck then down each arm to the palms of her hands then placing each arm abover her head. Her breathing changed and became deeper as I applied oil to the back of her legs. Just below her ass massaging her hamstring and moving down the back of her knees, claves and her feet. I repeated the same for each slowly moving my hands up and down each leg. The oil was warm from my hands and each time I slide up her leg I moved my hand inside her thigh and moved higher each time.

Finally I took more oil on my hands applied it to her sexy ass, it was round, beautiful and totally proportional to her body. She flinched at first and the seemed to let out little moans as time went on. I reached up the sides of her thong and started to pull them down. At first she didn’t move but then lifted up just enough for me to glide them down her body. She looked over at me and said “Just a massage eh?” and put her head back down. I smiled and applied more oil and kept sliding my hand between her cheeks. I slowly moved my finger down and could feel the heat. She was swollen and wet. I teased her with my finger, getting so close to her wet pussy then pulling away. I kept doing this until she started to arch up towards my fingers. I slowly slide a finger insider her, penetrating her. I held it there and she let out a soft moan. Then she started to move up and down on it. She was very wet and hot. I used my other hand to keep massage her back then sliding up under her hair at the base of her head and holding her hair tightly.

I moved my lips up to her ear and told her to turn over. She did, slowly wondering what was going to happen next. As she did, I kissed and felt her tongue slide immediately into my mouth. As she just finished turning over I slid my finger back insde with a second one this time. I started to finger her slowly but picking up the rhythm a bit faster from before. With my fingers inside her we kissed for a bit longer then the I started to lick down her neck. Kissing, nibbling across her breasts. Then using my warm tongue and lips on her nipples taking turns on each one. I kept licking lower, over her belly button, both her hands were on my head and my fingers deep inside her began to move faster. I drew a warm wet line with my tongue and stopped just abover clit to tease her. I felt her pushing my head down. I resisted to tease her then finally I reached out with my warm wet tongue and licked her clit while I continued to finger her. Her mons were louder and louder. She said if I kept doing that she was not going to be able to stop from cumming. Just as she finished saying that I wrapped my warm lips around her clit and massaged her clit inside my mouth with my tongue. Now fingering her as well with a nice hot steady rhythm. I kept licking her clit in my mouth and moaning against it sending vibrations. She grabbed my head with both hands very tight and was grinding against my tongue. She let out a loud moan with a pause and body began to tremble as I fingered her. She reached down and grabbed my fingers stopping them in place and kept trembling. When she finally stopped she pulled me up and kissed me sliding her tongue into my mouth again, tasting her on me. She whispered to me “I am going to do to you what you just did me”…

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