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so my s****r in law is getting divorced cause her husband cheats all the time
dude is a prick, teri my s****r in law is 48 long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
amazing 44DD tits nice curvy ass, just a banging body she wears glasses too
so fucking hot, but she is born again and sex with her would be out of the
question, or so i thought

the bbq is awesome having a blast drinking it up getting horny as hell but im always so, so on this day my s*s is wearing tight little blue jeans shorts
and a tight black boatneck top and those titties are huge in that motherfucker
and little slip on white shoes, and she was wearing a nice big black belt the
ones all the chicks wear. i was so horny i had to go inside and jerk off it was too much, i talked to her on and off and brushed up on her all day every chance
i got,she didnt say nothing im thinking at the time she liked it.

later at night im inside watching some football people are leaving party is calming down. teri told me to stay cause with me drinking and blah blah blah
so i kicked off my shoes and relaxed. everybody was gone she went to change and came back down in boy shorts and a tank top, my cock twitched at the beautiful sight. we talked and laughed it was fun, i asked her when the last time she has sex, i was trying to make a move, i wanted that pussy so bad.she walked into the kitchen for another drink i followed her in and wrapped my arms around her
and softy kissed her neck and ear, i could feel her breath heavy and let out a sigh.

she told me tommy this wrong but it feels so fucking right. she turned around and kissed me hard and deep i grabbed handfuls of her sweet ass rubbing and grabbing, we must move this upsatairs to my bedroom tommy now. with that up we went and nakked we got. my cock was throbbing and she engulfed it in one big gulp she deep throated me in one shot. i could hear she trying to breath and suck god she felt awesome, i fucked her face as hard and fast as i could, she sucked me like a vacuum, i slammed my cock in between those huge tits of her.

tommy i want that cock in my pussy, i smacked her clit with the head of my cock and slide in her in one big thrust, christ she was tight and wet, i started to pound her hard and fast non stop, oh god tommy fuck me hard, fuck me with your big cock ooohhh yeah fuck my bad pussy. she talked like a street whore when getting fucked it was hot, she is rubbing her clit, im pounding her cunt. she begins to squiet all over me the bed. it was so hot. i pulled out and she told me to lay down she climbed on top and slide my cock back in.

she leaned all the back and opened her legs as i watched my cock go in and out of her tight shaved cunt, teri was moaning and screaming how she loved it.
tommy your cock is so big i love riding your big fat cock, she turned around
and kept on riding man she could fuck, smacking her ass all bright red now
i flipped back on her back and kept slamming her pussy, i could feel i was going to cum,i pulled my cock out and shot my thick creamy load all over her tits and belly, she rubbed in all over her, i got down and began to eat her
pussy, i sucked and licked on her clit, and ate that cunt right up. i started to jerk my cock with her pussy juice, i was now hard again.

i told her bend over the bed my cock went in her easy and fast her pussy soaked
from the fucking befor and still tight, i fucked her hard, pulling her hair and holding on her shoulders, oh my god fuck me tom, fuck me baby dont stop, dont fucking stop, fuck my cunt, fuck it good and hard oh yeah yeah, man what a fucking turn on, jesus teri im gonna cum i yelled out, i wanna eat your cum and taste my pussy tom, i wanna tatse my pussy so bad, i wanna eat someone pussy!!!
she took my cock in her mouth untill i let loose my white creamy load all in her mouth. she fell back on the bed and me next to her, that was so good tom
i fell so fucking good, next lets try a 3 way huh? hell yeah ill find the girl
good teri said. so hopefully my next story with be of a 3 way and im hoping the right girl and teri are in for it, so thats all for now, so stay horny my friends

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