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Mother-in-law a true story.

When I started courting my wife, after a few weeks she took me to meet her mum.
She was a buxom woman, nice looking and friendly, I’m not good with ages but she was probably in her late 40’s then, as time went on we eventually got married and I rarely saw her mum much but when I did she was always friendly and I had no problems with her like the Mother-in-law stories we often read and hear about.
After a few years had passed my Mother-in-law separated from her husband and she met another man whom I didn’t like by the way, but she started to lose weight and changed her appearance, she changed her hair style and her clothes, she started to look very nice, I started to look at her more, she looked very sexy.
Moving on she moved in with this guy and my wife and I would sometimes go for dinner or they would come to us, he used to drive me mad with his constant chatter and corny jokes, I was always glad when they went or if we were at their house to get away.
Moving on again, this guy got ill and died of Cancer so course my wife’s mum was on her own, she would come to us for dinner sometimes after that but the only times we went to her house was on short visits or to take her something and see how she was.
By this time I might add, time had moved on so she was now in her early 60’s or so but she still looked good for her age.
During one of our visits my wife volunteered me to decorate her mum’s hall and stairs, I hate decorating but it was hard to say know in front of her mum, I went mad at my wife later but I still had to do it.
So we arranged a time for me to go round and make a start, I was working shifts so sometimes I got time off during the week instead of weekends, any way I went to her house which was the other side of town so it was a car journey of around 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.
I made a start on the job and she would be making me cups of coffee and she made me lunch, she would be talking to me as she went about the house, sometimes I wished she would go out as I wanted to get on and get away.
Then a change came about, as I said she was attractive and she looked good for her age, I was going in the kitchen as she was coming out so we kind of met in the doorway, I had a paint brush in one hand and a tin of paint in the other, I lifted my arms up to let her pass, she stopped as she was passing me and gave me a kiss, not a passionate one just a peck then she went through in to the next room.
I liked it but put it down to her being my wife’s mum and she was being nice, perhaps a kind of thank you for what I was doing.
Any way things started to change like I said, she started to touch me, not it a sexual way just arm strokes and patting me, then she would give me little pecks on the cheek, it made me start to look at her in a different way, I started looking at her legs, her bust and letting my mind wonder.
I had done a fair amount of work by now as I had been going for a couple of weeks in between my work, my wife came a couple of times to see how things were progressing but soon left.
It was after one of her visits it happened, I had stopped to get my lunch when my Mother-in-law stood behind me as I sat eating, she put her arms around me from behind and leaned over and kissed my cheek, I turned and said, “What was that for?” She said it was nice having me there and our faces were still very close and we just kissed, this time it was on the lips and not just a peck.
She didn’t resist and I turned round a bit further and put my arms around her and we kissed more, I stood up and held her tight still kissing, I had an erection, I put one hand very close to her breast but a bit scared to touch in case it spoilt what was happening.
I said something a bit corny but it was all I could think of at the time, I said, “I’m feeling a bit naughty,” she smiled and said, “Are you?” I said, “Let’s go in the living room.” We went in and she sat on the couch and we carried on kissing, I knew then it was safe for me to go further, I felt her breast and she made no resistance.
After a few minutes I lifted her jumper up and she just raised her arms for me to remove it, I’m not good with breast sizes but they were a good size, not massive but not small, she was wearing a bra which I removed and I began to fondle and then suck on het boobs, she put her head back and I kissed her neck her lips then back to her boobs again.
My erection was rock hard by then, I stood up and started to undo my jeans, she part helped me, as I stood there with my erection she stroked it and then without hesitation she began to remove her skirt, she was sat there in just her panties, she still had nice legs and I then removed my t-shirt, I took my socks off and I there naked, I bent down and removed he panties and went down with my head between her legs.
I licked her pussy and gave her oral sex, she was by then lay down on the couch and moaning, after a while I couldn’t wait any longer I climbed on top of her and we had intercourse, all the time she was moaning, she must have sensed I was about to come, she said, “Leave it in, it’s OK.” I came inside her and kept going till I couldn’t go any longer.
We got up off the couch and she made no effort to put her clothes on, I put my underpants on and my jeans but she stayed naked, she seemed to like it.
She went in to the kitchen to make coffee, I followed her in, as she was by the sink I put my arms around her waist then felt her boobs again, she leaned back on me and said, “That was nice, it’s a long time since I felt like that.”
I put the rest of my clothes on she just put a robe on but was still naked underneath, I made an attempt to start working again, I did a little bit but with her walking from room to room and flashing I found it hard to concentrate on painting.
She made me another drink and took it in the living room, I went in to get it and she sat there with her legs crossed showing part of her boobs and one leg out of the robe, I went over to her and started to kiss her again, I just opened her robe and my hands were all over her, she made no resistance and then she was rubbing my cock, it was getting hard again.
The next thing was we were both naked again and this time we were on the floor on a 69 position, she was loving every minute as I was too, this went on all afternoon till it was time for me to leave, we were kissing at the front door as I was leaving, it was like she was my girlfriend not my Mother-in-law, I drove home with my mind in a whirl, I had to pretend when I got home I hated being there doing the decorating to my wife.

I had made arrangements to go back a few days later to carry on the decorating, after I got through the door she closed it and gave me a kiss, she made me a coffee as I got started on the work.
As I sat drinking it she said, “I know what we are doing is wrong but it seems right somehow, I like this kind of sex, it’s exciting, I know we must keep it between us but I don’t want it to stop.”
I said, “I like it too but it was on my mind all the way home, I found it hard to act normal when I got home,” she said, “Do you want to stop?” I said, “No, I like it but it is the first time I’ve been unfaithful,” she went on to talk about her partner that had died, she told me he was impotent and sex with him was a no go, sex with her husband wasn’t good either and this is the best sex she has ever had. She asked me what I liked women to wear; I told her I like stockings and suspenders, she said she hadn’t wore stockings for ages but she promised to get some for me. I did a bit more painting then course you know what happened next, it was lovemaking all afternoon.
Then when I was at work there was a works party for the old retired workers, I told my wife I was going, so what I did was phone my Mother-in-law and arranged to go there the same evening, I planned to leave the works party by saying I didn’t feel well.
So the night of the party, I did leave and went to the Mother-in-law’s, when she opened the door she was in a nice dress and she kissed me passionately in the hall way, we went in to the living room, she had got me some beer to drink and she had a glass of wine. She stood there and raised her dress and said, “Is this what you like?” She was in dark stocking’s a suspenders and black panties, she looked fantastic.
We went up stairs to her bedroom, she had it all planned, I could tell, she turned on the table lamps to make the room dimly lit, she removed her dress and climbed on the bed wearing just her underwear, it was a like a movie, I practically ripped my clothes off and we made love, she removed her panties and bra but kept her stockings on for me, after a while I knew I had to go so not to arouse any suspicion at home, when I got in I had to pretend the works party was OK, I made up a few stories about nice to see some of the old hands again.
I eventually finished the work at the Mother-in-laws so going to see her was out of the question unless I was with my wife, when we did ever meet it was just sly smiles and glances.
I got one more chance, I had to call round to pick something up and my wife said she wants you to take her to some shop.
When I got there the Mother-in-law said she had already been to the shop and she just said that to give us a bit of time together.
We had to be fairly quick, it couldn’t be an all afternoon session, so it was more or less a quickie, after it was over she said, “I thought I wasn’t going to get another chance so this has been unexpected, it may be our last for a while.”
In fact it was our last, the chance never happened again, she started to get ill and moved in with her s****r and sadly she got so ill she eventually died, I often think of those times we had together, wrong as it was we made each other happy.

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