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My first fantasy

I pop the bonnet and wiggle the spark plug lead until it is barely holding on, leave the bonnet up and wait.

It’s not long before a guy pulls up in a van and asks if I’m ok. I look at him a bit forlornly and tell him my car has conked out. He asks if I want him to take a look and I tell him how grateful I would be – a very loaded statement, which he smiles at, a very loaded smile!

I introduce myself looking him up and down, telling him how much I appreciate him coming to my aid. As he looks at the engine I lean on the wing of the car, ensuring I stick my ass out and squeeze my tits together – I know I have a killer cleavage and men appreciate my ass.

He turns to tell me what’s ok on the car and gets an eyeful of my assets and I smile as he licks his lips. I feel my pussy tingle. I woke up horny as hell this morning and decided I would scratch the horny itch.

I dressed in a cross over dress, a very tits out and thigh exposing outfit. I put on stockings; heels but oooops forgot any undies! I know what I want and I intend to get it.

Greg – his name – is in his 40s, stocky, close cropped hair and is wearing tradesman’s garb. He is unconventionally handsome, has huge hands and talks like a bit of a geezer! I can see he is checking out my curves and so I ramp up the flirting.

Eventually he finds the lead and places it firmly back in its place, he asks me for the keys to try and start the car. I climb in to the passenger seat, ensuring my dress opens a little showing him my stocking tops and opening at the top to expose my tits, something the tell tale twitch in his trousers shows he appreciates.

I mockingly make to cover myself but he tells me not to worry on his account, to which I giggle and pull my dress further apart, showing him a flash of thigh and suspender, commenting that he must think me a bit of a slut!

He laughs and says he thinks I’m classy but he hopes I’m a slut too. I mock being taken aback and tell him I can’t hold him up – a calculated risk but I think he will stay and not just move on. He replies it’s ok and so I ask what I can do to thank him as the car springs in to life.

He grins and says a kiss would be nice and I lean forward and kiss him square on the lips. He responds and I pull away, whispering I think we can do better than that.

I reach down and untie my dress, exposing myself to him. I am a curvy BBW and he clearly likes curves as he gasps and starts to run his hands over my tits and belly. I sit back, the feel of his big hands, rough on my skin makes my pussy begin to drip and I feel that horny tingle I get when I need a cock in me. I rub my hand over his groin, feeling his hard cock pointing upward to his chest. I unzip his fly and unleash his thick cock, around 7 inches at a quick glance, certainly a handful.

I lick my hand and begin wanking him feeling him grow a little more in my hand, precum dripping from his glans and making my hand more lubed as I slide up and down his hard length.

He reciprocates by rubbing his finger tips over my pussy slit, pushing my legs apart and appreciating how wet I am as his fingers slide easily between my lips, finding my clit and gently teasing it. I gasp hard, god I need to cum and it’s not long before I am on the edge of a screaming orgasm – I am noisy when I’m horny!

I move to allow him to finger my hole, at the same time bending to take his cock into my mouth and sucking him deep into my throat, gagging a little on his girth. He slides all his fingers into my wet pussy hole and rubs my clit until I can bear it no longer and begin fucking his fingers, taking them deeper into me and exploding to a juicy orgasm all over his hand.

I kiss him again, sharing the taste of his salty precum telling him I want him to fuck me. I open the car door and tell him to follow me. I purposely parked near a thicket of trees, somewhere where unless you were looking you wouldn’t see anyone. I bend over against a tree and he slides his length straight in to me, fucking me hard from behind.

‘Harder’ I tell him and he ramps up his efforts banging into me and making my tits bounce. He grunts like an a****l behind me, his balls slapping my thighs as he fucks me harder, grabbing my fleshy ass to steady himself. I feel my juices running down my thighs, getting more pleasure as he calls a dirty bitch and asking if I love it.

I can only say yes quietly between gasps as I push myself back on to his rigid cock. I feel him twitch in me and I know he is going to fill me with his hot cream at any second. I squeeze hard on his cock and he groans and I feel his hot injection deep in my pussy.

He carries on fucking me, sliding around in me until his cock softens, pulling out of me and allowing his juice to drip from my hole onto the ground below. I turn around and he kisses me, once again sliding his fingers into my hole and then using his cum to rub my clit and make me orgasm once more.

He walks me back to my car and asks me ‘did you set this up with the car?’ I smile ‘what sort of a girl do you think I am?’ I reply as I get back in to the car.

‘ One I hope to meet again’ he says as he slips me a business card!

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