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Friday night, end of another working week and I couldn’t wait to go out and
party with my friends Yasmine and Carla, in fact Yasmine was supposed to pick me
up in a couple of minutes and I was still not ready, I was just on my way to the
shower when I heard the door bell.

"Can you get that Dad" I yelled out, "it will be Yasmine, tell her I wont be

And I dashed into the shower.

About 15 minutes later, I’d showered and dressed and rushed into the lounge
room, full of apologies for being late, and found dad and Yasmine having quite a
laugh together. Couldn’t help noticing that Yasmine looked particularly stunning
in a short black number that was cut quite deep between her fairly lush breasts,
and she was making no attempt to hide them or cover them as she leaned forward
to talk to dad. He didn’t seem to mind though, and for a moment I felt a quick
pang of jealousy, god, wish I had breasts like that, breasts that drew men’s
eyes the way Yasmine was drawing dad’s. Then I grabbed my bag, gave dad a quick
peck on the cheek, said the usual, don’t wait up, and we were gone.

As soon as we got into Yasmine’s car she started in on me, demanding to know why
I hadn’t told her I had such a gorgeous dad, why I’d kept him hidden from them.
I was quite stunned, then I burst out laughing,

"But he’s just my dad", I spluttered.

"No he’s not, Aysha" she said, "He’s a gorgeous hunk of man, good looking and
incredible sexy, and he can put his shoes under my bed anytime!"

I almost choked with laughter, my dad? sexy? what a hoot. But if I thought that
was the end of it, I was mistaken, as soon as we met up with Carla, Yasmine was
singing the praises of this gorgeous hunk she’d met, and Carla was all ears,
also turning to me and asking why I’d hidden him away. I hadn’t, of course,
they’d just never come to my home before. Eventually, music and dancing took
over and a couple of young and not so young men tried to pick each of us up, but
none of us seemed particularly interested that night, Yasmine kept on comparing
them to my dad in most unflattering terms, and I found myself getting quite

My dad? goodness, he was nothing special, he was just there, know
what I mean.

Eventually we called it a night, although by this time it was 3 am, and Yasmine
dropped me home, calling out to me as she drove off

"Hey, give your dad a big kiss for me, OK"

I laughingly called out "OK", with absolutely no intention of carrying it
through, and went inside and started to undress for bed. Then I heard a noise in
the kitchen and went out to investigate, forgetting that I was only wearing a
shortie, see through nighty. It was dad, getting himself a hot Milo because he
couldn’t sl**p, and he asked me if I wanted one.

"Why not" I said and sat at the Kitchen table while he served up. He grinned at

"How did the night go?" he asked

"Ok, I guess" I said, then grinned, "But Yasmine irritated me a bit because all
she could talk about was you, you really impressed her"

He blushed, he actually blushed, and mumbled something about Yasmine being nice
too, and I almost giggled, and before I could stop it, I blurted out, "Yeah, she
has gorgeous breasts, doesn’t she?".

His face turned bright red, and he gulped,

"I guess so" he stammered.

I laughed, "Don’t pretend you didn’t look" I said, "cause I saw you"

"Well, she was kind of showing them off" he said with a slight grin, then looked
up and me, and flushed again, "But yours are just as beautiful" he stammered

This time it was me that flushed, but it was only part embarrassment, part of it
was pleasure, and that really surprised me. I’d dropped my eyes when he spoke,
and now I lifted them, and found him looking almost longingly at my breasts. As
I glanced down again I realized with a shock that they were clearly visible
through my nightie, my naked breasts and my surprisingly stiff and swollen
nipples! and suddenly heat was flowing uncontrollably through me, and my pussy
was starting to feel very wet. This was crazy, totally crazy.

I quickly gulped down my drink and mumbled something about must go to bed, have
to be up early, and stood up from the table and almost ran from the room, even
forgetting to give him the usual good night peck on the cheek. From the corner
of my eye I saw him turn his head slightly to watch me dash off down the
corridor, and I could almost feel his eyes burning into my naked ass, even
though the corridor itself was quite dark, so I knew he really couldn’t see me,
but I could sense his eyes, and that made me hotter still.

I threw myself into bed and curled up under the covers, but within minutes I was
frantically fingering my steaming pussy, and shocking myself all over again by
wondering what it would be like if dad was doing it. Just that thought made me
explode in as wild a way as I could ever remember, then I drifted off to sl**p.

The following day. being Saturday, I didn’t need to get up early, so I slept
almost until noon, then pottered about the house doing nothing much. Dad was in
and out a fair bit, but there didn’t seem to be any residual embarrassment
between us, although I still found myself acutely conscious of him in a totally
different way – as a man instead of as my dad – and I began to see why Yasmine
had raved so much, he was really still very good looking and kept himself trim,
even though he was now about 42 years old, and he had a gorgeous, engaging

But I tried not to think of him too much, and looked for things to busy
myself with, waiting for either Yasmine or Carla to call and chat.

Finally Yasmine called and immediately asked after dad, much to my annoyance,
"You can talk to him yourself, if you like" I said rather brusquely and slammed
the phone on the table and called out to dad. He came over and for the next 20
minutes carried on a laughing conversation with Yasmine before handing the phone
back to me with a cheeky grin. I was still put out when I got back on the phone,
so our phone conversation didn’t last very long, and when it was over I stormed
into my room and flung myself on the bed, I didn’t even know why I was angry!

Dinner that evening was a very quiet affair, dad seemed amused by my fit of
pique and that made me even more quiet, so afterwards I went into my room and
read for a couple of hours before turning the light off and climbing in to bed.
It was one of those very muggy nights, so I didn’t bother with a nightie, just
lay there completely naked and drifted off to sl**p.

I don’t know how long I was asl**p, but I must have had some kind of nightmare
because I woke up crying out very loudly and sitting up in bed.

immediately the bedroom door opened and dad stood there, "Are you all right,
Aysha, I heard you scream"

"Oh daddy, I’m scared" I half sobbed, not sure at all what it was I was scared
of. Dad came straight over to the bed and wrapped his arms around me and held me

"It’s ok baby, daddy’s here, no need to be afraid any more" and he rocked me
back and forth. Mmmm, it felt so safe and comfortable in his arms, and I
squirmed in deeper, realising suddenly that he wasn’t wearing a top and my naked
breasts were pressing and rubbing against his naked chest, and my nipples were
becoming incredibly hard and sensitive. I guess he realised at almost the same
time that I wasn’t wearing a top, and he pulled away, and even in the half light
that streamed in from the hallway, I could see the flush rushing on to his face.

But pulling away did something else too, it meant I was now fully in the light
from the hall and he was seeing my naked breasts even more clearly than he had
the night before, and he couldn’t help himself, his eyes automatically dropped
to them, and I heard the slight intake of breath. Perhaps I was still half in my
dream, or half scared or something, but I shocked myself and him by reaching up
and brushing my fingers over his cheeks and saying "Do you still think they’re
beautiful, daddy?"

"What?" he half squawked

"My breasts, daddy, do you still think they’re beautiful?"

"Oh god, yes" he almost moaned, "Beautiful, exciting and incredibly sexy", then
blushed again as he realised what he’d said.

His words sent fire racing through me again, I was incredibly turned on and yet
I felt incredibly in control, so I glanced at him coyly from beneath lowered
eyelids, "And the rest of me, daddy, is that beautiful and sexy and exciting

This time his groan was loud, "Oh don’t ask me that, not that"

"But I want to know, daddy, am I really sexy, do I have a sexy ass and sexy legs
and a sexy pussy too?" I said, in a low, but hot voice.

I saw the shudder run right through him, his eyebrows lifted and his jaw
dropped, "Aysha" he gasped, "I can’t, I mustn’t, it’s not right"

"Please, daddy, please" I whispered and took one of his hands and clasped it to
my naked breast, holding it there, moving it lightly over my breast so he could
feel my hard nipples, and this time I felt as well as saw the shudder rush
through him, and I grinned, then just happened to glance slightly sideways and
gasped myself, very loudly. Daddy’s pajama bottoms were like a huge tent! I
don’t think I could have stopped myself if I’d tried, it was a purely reflex
action, my hand reached out and brushed across the top of his bulge, and he
nearly jumped off the bed! "Oh, daddy, daddy, you do think I’m sexy" I gasped
and slipped my hand in through the vent on his pajama’s and encircled his
swollen cock with my fingers.

This time the shudder and the groan were both huge, and his own hand
automatically grasped my breast more firmly, and I groaned right along with him.
Then my fondling hand on his cock loosened the pajamas even more and his cock
popped right out into the open, clearly visible in the light from the hall, and
I gasped anew, he was MASSIVE. Well, that’s how it looked to me! I’d played with
a few boy’s cocks and had even had sex a couple of times, but I’d never seen
anything this big and thick, and I let my hand stroke slowly from it’s base to
it’s tip, totally fascinated.

"Aysha, no, we mustn’t, we mustn’t" he croaked, but it was far too late for
that, I was completely on fire, but I played the game a little more, teasing and
flirting with him.

"OK, daddy, I’ll let go if you can look me in the eyes and tell me truthfully
that you don’t want to make love to me, that you don’t want to slide this
beautiful, hard cock deep into my pussy, can you tell me that, daddy? can you?"

He didn’t answer, couldn’t answer and I knew that, I could see it in his eyes
and on his face, he wanted me, wanted me very much, and the crazy thing was that
I realized that I wanted him very much too.

"Stand up, daddy, stand up" I said, and he did, and I let go of his rampant cock
for a moment. His pajamas slid to the floor and he was totally naked, so I
pushed the quilt away from my body and showed him that I was totally naked too,
and I held out my hands to him in invitation. For just a fleeting moment I
thought I’d gone too far, I thought he was going to turn and run, then another
shiver ran through his body, and he slowly moved forward to kneel on the bed
beside me and his lips came down and brushed lightly against mine, his hand
briefly cupped and caressed my breasts, then slid down over my belly and brushed
over my pussy lips, and it was my turn to almost jump off the bed.

Then he pulled back slightly and there was the horniest smile on his face, "If
you really want to know, Aysha, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long, long time.

I’ve dreamed and fantasized about you more times than I care to remember, but I
never thought it would happen, but now it will, because I’m going to fuck my
hot, horny daughter until she begs me to stop!" and with that he began to run
his lips and his tongue over my neck and over my breasts and over my belly and
over my pussy, all the way down to my toes, which he sucked individually, gosh,
I didn’t realize what a turn on having your toe sucked was!

He drove me wild with his lips and his tongue, especially when he concentrated
on my pussy, licking, sucking and lashing my clit over and over again, and
bringing me to multiple orgasms, then he moved up to my breasts and really
started to lick and suck my nipples, sending shivers of pleasure and passion all
through my body, and I felt his hard cock brush and press against my pussy, "Oh
yes, daddy, put it in me, fill me with your hot cock, fill me up, fuck me, fuck
me daddy, fuck me!"

And he pressed forward sliding his big, thick cock deeper and deeper in to my
writhing pussy, until I felt his balls bounce against my ass cheeks and knew he
was in me to the hilt, and I loved the filled up feeling it gave me, better than
anything before. Then he slowly withdrew until only the tip was inside and I
almost groaned with disappointment, but then he slammed it back in to the hilt
and I jumped and screamed with absolute pleasure. Twice more, three times more,
the slow withdrawal and the hard thrust and my body arched into an incredible
orgasm, "Oh daddy, that’s so good, don’t stop, fuck me daddy, fuck me"

And he did, slowly increasing the speed and hardness of his thrusts until he was
pounding me down into the bed and I was a blubbering mess as orgasm after orgasm
ripped through me, then I felt his cock start to swell, getting bigger and
bigger, then it exploded, shooting gallons of hot cum juice deep into my
steaming pussy, "BABY" he screamed, "I’M CUMMING, I’M CUUUUMMMMIIIING!" and we
both bucked and heaved as orgasms ripped through both of us and his cum juice
kept pouring into me. I was just holding on for dear life as waves and waves of
incredibly hot, lustful feelings threatened to drown me completely, and I knew
without a shadow of a doubt that I’d finally been FUCKED, well, and truly

As the shakes and the shudders finally started to diminish and I felt his cock
softening within me, he slid sideways, so as not to crush me, and I moved with
him, determined not to let his cock escape, even for a moment, and we lay like
that for what seemed an age, just holding each other and enjoying the afterglow
of that sensational fuck.

Finally he pushed back slightly and looked at me with a warm grin on his face,
and shook his head, "And how the heck did that all start?" he asked,

I giggled, "You’d better blame your friend Yasmine" I said

He looked puzzled, "Why, because she spoke to me tonight?"

"No, because last night she wouldn’t stop talking about how handsome you were
and how sexy and how she’d love to put her shoes under your bed, and I suddenly
saw you in a different light" I said

"Mmmm, guess I owe Yasmine one" He said, with a grin

"Well she’d certainly take you up on that" I said

He blushed again, "Oh, I didn’t mean like that" he said

"NO?" I asked with a wicked grin on my face, "Are you telling me you wouldn’t
fuck Yasmine if you had the chance?"

There was a moment’s silence, then he grinned hotly, and I felt his cock jump to
attention inside my pussy "Well, if the truth be known, I’ve fantasized about
Yasmine , and your friend Carla too, and with only half a chance I’d love to be
inside their pussies!"

I laughed, and squeezed down on his now hard cock, "Yeah, I can tell" I said,
"And maybe I can arrange that, but only if you keep me well satisfied first"

He rolled over on to his back, taking me with him, "You on top this time, so I
can really pay homage to your gorgeous tits, and then anyway you want, cause I’m
sure going to enjoy seeing if I can keep you satisfied"

I grinned, "And Yasmine and Carla?"

"Yeah, as soon as possible! now shut up and lets fuck!"

So we did! the rest of that night and all of Sunday, and there’s plenty more to
come now the ice is broken, and as for Yasmine and Carla, can’t wait to see
dad’s big cock ramming into them too, but maybe in a few days – maybe! right now
I want his gorgeous cock all to myself.

I guess I took my home life pretty much for granted as most teenagers do, when
mom had died 10 years ago dad just seemed to take on both rolls, mother and
father, as well as a few things like chauffeur for sports and to and from School
etc. So I had really not looked at him as a man at all, never thought much about
the fact that he rarely seemed to go out or that he hadn’t seemed to have a
close lady friend in a long while. Now, after the incredible events of the last
weekend I was definitely looking at him as a man, and when I thought of what he
might have sacrificed I was secretly pleased, because it had made him what he
now was – an incredibly hungry, horny man!

He couldn’t seem to get enough of touching me, stroking me, licking me and
sucking me, and best of all he couldn’t seem to get enough of fucking me – which
suited me perfectly, as I couldn’t seem to get enough of his big, thick cock
either! With a few other males I’d sucked them off, but more as a quick way of
defusing them, and had never really thought about enjoying it, but with dad, it
was different, I loved licking and sucking his glorious tool and sucking his
heavy balls, and learned quickly how to bring him to a pitch of excitement and
hold him there, hovering between ecstasy and agony. But I wasn’t always
successful, but I didn’t mind, I found I loved the taste of his cum juice and
enjoyed feeling it shooting down my throat.

He also showed himself to be an inventive and caring lover, always trying
different ways to arouse and excite me with his hands, his lips and his tongue.
But most of all he was eager and horny, so I got lots and lots of wild fucking
over the following two weeks, so much so, that I found myself putting off
introducing either Yasmine or Carla to the fun, even though the thought of it
turned me on like crazy.

When it did happen, it was more my accident than by
design, the three of us were scheduled to go out for our usual Friday night of
dancing and man hunting, but Carla rang up in the morning to say she had the flu
and wouldn’t be able to come. Neither Yasmine or I were keen to go off without
her, so I suggested we might just get a few videos for a change and meet at my
place. Not unexpectedly, Yasmine jumped at the suggestion and her first question

"Will your gorgeous dad be there?"

I laughed and said that I thought he’d be out, but wasn’t too sure, and anyway,
if we got some hot videos, maybe it would be embarrassing to have him around.

"Wow, with hot videos, that would be the best time" she exclaimed, then laughed.

I laughed with her and said I’d see her that evening. As soon as I got home I
told dad that Yasmine was coming over, and that we planned to get some hot
videos to watch, and asked if he was going out.

"I had thought about it" he said, with a grin "But if you two are going to get
turned on with hot videos, it would be a pity to waste the mood, so maybe I’ll
stay – if you want me, of course!"

I slid my arms around his neck and pulled his head down and mashed my lips
against his, darting my tongue into his mouth and grinding my body against his,
and quickly felt his cock start to respond, to grow and thicken and press
against my pussy mound.

Then I pulled back and grinned hotly at him, "What would
you like me to wear – or not wear – to arouse and excite you tonight? I guess
Yasmine could be wearing her black number that shows her tits so well, or she
could just come casual as we aren’t going out, but I’m sure she’ll dress to
attract your attention, just in case you’re in, and I’d hate you to be looking
at her all the time" I said, pretending to pout.

He groaned slightly and lifted his hands between us to cup my breasts,
"Absolutely no chance of me ignoring you" he said "I’m on fire every time you
come close, but if you really want me to suggest something, why not one of your
half tops with no bra, so I can reach up under them and play with your breasts
as we watch the videos, and perhaps a short skirt to go with it – and no

"Mmmm daddy, that sounds so saucy, perhaps I should wear my hockey skirt, that’s
real short"

"Oh, wow, I had to stop coming to the hockey matches because seeing you in that
turned me on too much, yeah, wear that, so hot!, but you’d better not put it on
until the last moment or we may not get to answer the door when Yasmine arrives"
He said.

"Oh daddy, why?" I asked in pretend innocence.

"Because I’d be too busy fucking you already" he growled, and then we both burst
out laughing.

I went out and got a couple of videos while daddy made dinner, I didn’t go for
the heavy porno stuff, just some light sexy frolic films that involved a bit of
partner sharing and in one a bit of lesbianism, just a perfect stage setter, I

And that’s how it proved.

Yasmine did turn up casual, in tight denim shorts and
a loose, thin T Shirt, and from the look of the nipples pressing against the
cloth, no bra! Dad noticed at once, and grinned like a Cheshire cat! Yasmine was
equally delighted when she found out dad was staying in, and expressed the hope
that he was going to join us for the videos.

"No chance in the world that I’d miss it" he said with a grin, "Why don’t you
get them started while I mix up some drinks"

Yasmine and I put on the first video and both sat on the couch to watch, making
sure we left room between us for dad to sit down, but when he returned with the
drinks, he handed them over the back of the couch, then stayed there, leaning on
the back of the couch, looking at the video screen. Already the action there was
hotting up with a couple naked in bed exploring each other’s body’s very slowly
and very sensually, and I was already beginning to squirm, reminded of the way
daddy liked to stroke and lick me very slowly to start with. I glanced across at
Yasmine and saw her staring wide eyed at the screen, her mouth slightly open and
her tongue brushing over her lips. In sitting down she had pulled the T Shirt
tight against her body and it was even clearer now that she wasn’t wearing a
bra, the shirt material hugged her gorgeous breasts and sculpted their shape,
and her nipples were big and hard.

I was surprised and disappointed that dad had chosen to stay behind the couch
instead of sitting between us, but I soon saw the method in his madness.

Somehow, when I was busy looking at the screen and getting turned on by the
action, he had discarded his drink, and now he moved slightly in Yasmine’s
direction and slipped his hands down over her shoulders to brush briefly over
her breasts and nipples. Yasmine’s whole body jumped and I saw her glance
quickly in my direction, to see if I’d noticed. I kept my eyes firmly on the
screen, pretending not to have seen anything, and instead of brushing his hands
away, or saying anything, Yasmine seemed to fold back into the couch and close
her eyes with a slight sigh.

Then Daddy was leaning over her, brushing his lips along her neck and cheeks,
and Yasmine tilted and turned her head slightly so he could also brush over her
lips. His hands were now cupping and stroking her breasts quite firmly, and her
nipples were almost bursting from her top, and I was getting wetter and wetter
from watching it from the corner of my eyes. Then I wasn’t looking from the
corner of my eyes anymore, I was turned and staring directly, because daddy had
lifted Yasmine’s loose T Shirt right up and revealed her breasts in all their
naked glory, and they were mouthwateringly beautiful!

Although we’d been friends a number of years, I’d never seen her naked or even
partially naked, and I was surprised at the hotness that was rising in me as I
stared at her breasts and at Daddy fondling them.

They were firm and high, with
delicious large red nipples, and it was clear that she didn’t really need a bra
at all. I found my hand coming up to cup my own breasts, almost comparing their
size, and I knew I was smaller, but not by much. And then to my own astonishment
- and to Yasmine’s too – I shifted my hand and reached out and cupped it around
the breast that daddy had just released.

Yasmine’s eyes shot wide open and her head jerked over to look at me, and for a
moment I thought she was going to grab my hand and push it away, instead, a
slight shiver ran through her body and her tongue again came out and brushed
across her lips. Daddy was watching all this, one hand holding up Yasmine’s top
and one fondling her other breast, and he smiled hotly at me. Then he leaned
down and whispered something quietly in Yasmine’s ear, and I saw her swallow the
dryness in her throat and nod slightly.

Then she lifted both arms, careful not
to dislodge the hand I had on her breast, and daddy lifted the T Shirt up and
away from her body.

Instead of simply discarding the T Shirt, daddy carried it around the front of
the couch and placed it carefully on a chair, then turned and moved over in
front of Yasmine and raised his hands to take his own top off and place it with
hers. Video forgotten now, we both watched as he undid his belt, unzipped his
trousers and eased them to the floor, taking his pants with them, so that when
he stepped out of them and straightened up he was completely naked and totally

There was a loud gasp from Yasmine as she saw his massive cock for the first
time, then she quickly looked at me to see how I was reacting. I grinned at her
hotly, and as she looked I reached down and took the hem of my half top and
lifted it over my head to let my hard swollen breasts out in the open, and her
eyes widened in surprise, then darted to daddy to see how he was reacting.

Daddy was looking at me and grinning equally hotly, and his massive cock was
throbbing and bobbing wildly "Yes Baby" he said with a certain degree of hot
passion in his voice, "Take off your clothes, be naked for daddy" then he turned
and smiled hotly at her too, "And you Yasmine, please take off those shorts, I
want to see you totally naked, I want to enjoy your sexy body, or perhaps you’d
rather I did it?"

And he dropped to his knees in front of Yasmine and began to unhook and unzip
her shorts and ease them off. Yasmine seemed frozen in place, unable to move,
except for her eyes which were darting backwards and forwards between me and
daddy, watching me strip my skirt off and daddy strip her shorts off.

And her
lush breasts, they were moving too, heaving up and down as her breathing became
faster and more ragged. Mmmm they looked sensational!

Quickly, Yasmine was totally naked and daddy eased her ass cheeks forward
slightly on the couch and parted her legs, then leaned forward and pressed his
lips to her sopping wet Pussy, and a cry came from her as her body jerked and
jumped. Then his tongue slid into her, lashing, lightly her swollen clit and her
body began to respond. Her eyes half closed and little gasps came from her as
her ass cheeks writhed and lifted to press her pussy harder into daddy’s face,
and he licked and sucked at her juicy pussy.

All this was really turning me on, and I knew I just had to get involved, so I
knelt on the couch beside Yasmine and leaned down to suck one of her hard
nipples into my mouth, and she arched and screamed, and her hand came up to
clutch my hair, but not to push me away, to press my face even more firmly into
her breasts. God, I’d never sucked a woman’s tits before, it was an amazingly
erotic experience, feeling the throb and pulse of her nipples, and my own body
started to throb in unison.

I ran my lips and tongue all around her firm breasts
and she continued to moan, and I could hear the slurping as daddy really sucked
on her pussy and clitoris, lapping up the juices that were pouring from her as
small orgasms spun through her body.

Then her hand left my head and I felt it brush against my breast, then cup and
fondle it, and a spasm of pleasure raced through me. She was moaning loudly now,
"Mmm, yes Aysha, suck my hot tits, Oh God, Daniel, suck my hot pussy, so good,
so good" and both of us sucked harder, and her body jumped and jerked. Then I
felt the light touch of daddy’s hand and I knew he was ready to take things
further, so I lifted my lips up from her breasts and replaced them with my
stroking hand as daddy lifted to his knees and leaned forward to rub the head of
his massive cock against her pussy, her eyes flew wide and she glanced down, "Oh
yes Daniel, fill me up, fill me with your hot cock, fuck me, fuck me, please"
and her body was wracked with a series of shudders and shivers.

Slowly, ever so slowly, daddy slid his cock into her writhing pussy, and I
watched with fascination and excitement as the whole length of it disappeared
into her welcoming pussy, her ass lifting to greet him, her hips twisting and
turning as he thrust deeper and deeper, "Oh yes, oh god yes, fuck me Daniel,
fuck me" she almost screamed out, and I could feel the fire raging inside my own
pussy, it was as if I was being fucked too, and my hand dropped and my fingers
slid into my own pussy, keeping time with the thrusting of daddy’s cock.

Now he was increasing the tempo, thrusting harder and deeper, and Yasmine was
going wild, and I found myself urging him on, "Yes, daddy, yes, fuck Yasmine
good, fuck Yasmine hard, fuck her", suddenly one of his hands reached out and
darted between my legs, displacing my fingers, and he was finger fucking me
frantically as he cock fucked Yasmine, and my body was bouncing and writhing on
the couch too.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips to Yasmine’s and rammed my
tongue between her lips, kissing her deeply and passionately, and she was
responding wildly. My hands were clutching her breasts, squeezing hard and she
was bucking and heaving, and daddy was ramming his big cock deep and hard into
her steaming pussy.

Then I heard daddy cry out, "Cum with me Yasmine, cum with me, I’m gonna shoot
my load into your hot, tight pussy, I’m gonna fuck you good, shoot my juices up
your cunt, I’m Cumming Yasmine, I’m CUUUUUMMMMMIIIING!"

I pulled my lips from Yasmine and watched daddy ram his cock deep then hold it
there as shudder after shudder ran through him and I knew he was spewing his cum
juice deep inside her, and my pussy exploded in sympathy as his fingers
frantically worked my swollen clit. Yasmine herself had arched and momentarily
frozen in that position as his juices shot into her pussy, then collapsed into a
shuddering, juddering heap as a massive orgasm threatened to send her into
oblivion. Daddy kept ramming his cock into Yasmine and I could see some of his
cock juice seeping from her pussy as she arched upwards again and again,
screaming wildly and incoherently, and I was feeling excitement like never
before, god it was everything I thought it would be and more watching them fuck,
and I wondered briefly if it would be as exciting being fucked while Yasmine
watched me, Mmmm, I couldn’t wait to find out.

As daddy’s cock gradually softened he pulled back from Yasmine and slid from her
pussy, his cock coated with a mixture of his own juices and Yasmine’s, and I
slid off the couch and took his cock into my mouth and quickly licked and lapped
those juices off him, Mmm they tasted so good, then as he slumped back somewhat
exhausted, I saw Yasmine’s wide open pussy just a few inches away, still oozing
juices, so I leaned forward and began to lick her clean too, wow, I was tasting
my first pussy – and loving it!

Yasmine seemed to love it too, as her body went into another series of small
shudders, and her hand came down to my head once again and pressed me closer,
and I heard her murmur softly, "Oh yes Aysha, don’t stop, I’ve wanted this so
long, wanted your lips on my pussy" I was surprised and incredibly excited by
her words and slid my tongue deeper into her pussy, touching and teasing her
clit as I scooped out the mountain of cum that daddy had deposited, and she
suddenly cried out again and exploded, and I felt her hot juices splash onto my
face, and incredibly, I came too, my body shaking and shuddering uncontrollably.

The rest of the night was absolutely incredible, as soon as we’d all recovered
from that first bout of lovemaking, daddy and Yasmine combined to make love to
me, and it was even better than I’d imagined.

The momentary look of shock as
Yasmine realized that I was going to take daddy’s big cock into my pussy, then
the hot, hot look in her eyes as she joined in lifted me right up to a new level
of ecstasy, and their lips, tongues, hands, and of course daddy’s gorgeous cock
combined to keep me up there as I exploded into orgasm after orgasm after

Then daddy fucked Yasmine some more, and me some more, and Yasmine and I made a
meal of each other’s tits and pussies, and the whole night became a blur of
fantastic sex, quite the best I’d ever known, and even daddy admitted he hadn’t
known better. Then all three of us sat around the breakfast table and plotted
the seduction of Carla, Mmmm was she in for a surprise! One hungry, horny man
and two hungry horny women were all determined to give her a night she would
never forget either. Just thinking and talking about it excited all three of us
again, so Yasmine’s departure was delayed a further half day as we did the only
thing possible – each other!

My mind was in turmoil after the Friday night and Saturday morning with Daddy
and Yasmine. I couldn’t quite believe how I’d felt or how I’d acted, it was so
totally out of character – at least, I thought so. Admittedly since I’d started
fucking with my dad, I’d kind of opened up to the sexual feelings that had long
been repressed, but it was still a shock to look back on what had happened.

I had anticipated that I might feel some pleasure in watching daddy fuck
Yasmine, as just thinking about it had turned me on immensely, but I wasn’t
prepared for the red hot lust that took over as soon as I saw his big cock start
to thrust into her pussy. Nor was I prepared for the even greater red hot lust
that had overtaken me when his cock was plunging into my pussy and Yasmine was
watching, it was almost overwhelming, I felt like a total slut – and I loved it!
But it was the third aspect that really had my mind buzzing, my reaction to the
sight, the feel, the taste and the aroma of Yasmine’s incredibly beautiful and
sexy body, just blew my mind away.

The logical part of my mind was putting it all down to the special circumstances
of the night, the sexy films that involved some female to female loving, the
intimacy of the threesome itself, with everyone reaching out and touching
everybody else, the whole amazingly lustful scenario. But there was a part of my
mind that was reminding me of the almost overwhelming feelings of desire I’d
felt the very first moment I’d seen Yasmine’s horny tits, the incredible turn on
I’d felt at the first taste of her pussy juices, the almost cosmic feelings of
pleasure I’d felt when her tongue first touched my pussy, how I didn’t want it
to stop. Did I really enjoy making love to a female as much as to a man? It was
total confusion in my mind, confusion that I knew I needed to deal with, and
there was only one way I could see to do that, I would have to revisit the
situation without the extraneous aspects of that night, without the films and
without daddy, just me and Yasmine.

Then I panicked anew, what if she didn’t have similar feelings, what if she
didn’t want to know, what if I made a total fool of myself.

For days this
confusion of thoughts raged through my mind, then daddy mentioned that he was
going out to a meeting the following evening and wouldn’t be back until very
late, and I realised I probably wouldn’t get a better opportunity, so taking my
courage in both hands, I rang Yasmine and invited her out.

Her first question was the one I anticipated, "Will Daniel be there?"

I took a deep breath, feeling my heart beating at a million miles an hour, "No
Yasmine, he’ll be at a meeting all evening, there’ll just be you and me" I said.

"Oh" she responded, then there was a long silence, "Just the two of us?"

"Yes" I replied, already feeling my confidence oozing away.

"We don’t normally see each other outside of Friday" she said, quietly, "It must
be very special for you to invite me over"

"I think it’s very special" I said, "At least for me it is, but if you don’t
want to come" I added, feeling my stomach start to feel empty and hollow.

"Oh no!" she exclaimed, "it’s not that at all, – she hesitated a moment – I just
wanted to know if it was special, because I think it would be for me"

And I thought I heard a slight gulp down the phone. Whether I did, or didn’t, my
spirits suddenly skyrocketed and I found myself grinning wildly. "Ok, let’s make
it about 7.30, and no need to put on anything special, I intend to be totally
casual" I said.

I heard her muffled giggle quite plainly, "Oh, like Friday" she said.

"Mmm. Something like that" I replied, "Something, cool and frothy perhaps" and

She joined in the laughter, then said "goodnight, see you tomorrow" and hung up.

When I put the phone down I was surprised to find my breasts and nipples swollen
and sensitive, and my pussy totally wet. And Daddy was surprised too when I
walked into the kitchen and demanded that he fuck me on the kitchen table! but
not so surprised that he wasn’t able to fulfill my demands! wow, that was quite
something, lying spread out on my back on the table with my legs right up in the
air and daddy pounding his big, hard cock into me. Mmmmm I especially like it
when he pulled out of my pussy at the last moment and splattered his hot cum
juices all over my tits and my face, then rubbed it in with his hands, so I was
sticky and yukky and totally sluttish.

Then he told me to clean his cock off, so
I slid from the table on to my knees and sucked and licked his cock totally
clean. The only problem was, the licking and sucking made him all hard again, so
I took him deep into my throat and sucked his cock real hard and deep while
fondling and stroking his heavy balls until he started to explode yet again.

Of course I only took the first spurt down my throat, the rest I allowed to
spurt all over my face and breasts again, oh God, that felt so good, soo horny
and soo slutty, that I exploded in a massive orgasm too! Daddy tried to get me
to tell him what had turned me on so incredibly, but I decided to keep Yasmine’s
visit a total secret – for the time being, anyway.

The evening arrived and daddy went dashing off to his meeting about 6.30, and I
cleaned up the kitchen and rushed into the bathroom for a shower. After that I
spent a little time trying to decide what to wear, laughing as I realised I was
taking as much care – if not more – as I did on a Friday night when I was
dressing to attract the males at the clubs. Eventually I decided on a similar
outfit to the previous Friday, one of my half tops with no bra and a tight pair
of denim shorts with no panties.

As I looked in the mirror I realised it showed
off my long legs and tight butt to absolute perfection, and the half top was
clingy enough that it revealed the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra, just right!

Then the front door bell rang and I felt the heat start to rise in me, along
with the fear and the nervousness, but I hurried to open it. Yasmine was
standing there looking a bit uncertain, but also quite stunning. I grinned when
I noted that she had gone for a similar outfit, with a half top and tight
shorts, and with her lush breasts there was absolutely no doubt that she wasn’t
wearing a bra, and I felt the heat start to rise even more.

I asked her in and led the way into the lounge and offered her a cool drink,
which she accepted. She didn’t take a seat, she sort of moved around the room
glancing at one thing and then another, clearly very nervous. "Has Daniel gone
to his meeting?" she asked

"Yeah, he left about half six" I replied

"Oh, when will he be back?" she asked

I grinned, handing her the cool drink, "Not until very late" I said.

She took a sip then placed it on the table and moved around again, "You said it
was special for me to come tonight" she said, not looking directly at me, "Why
is that?"

This was the moment I had been dreading, and I felt the flush start in my toes
and run all the way to the top of my head, but I took a deep breath and went for
broke, "Because of Friday" I said a little hoarsely, "Because of the way I felt
when I saw you naked, because of the way I felt when I touched you and when you
touched me, and because of the way I felt when we were making love together. I
needed to know if it was real or if it was only a part of the threesome
activities of the night, a kind of bi-product if you like"

There was a heavy silence, and I kept my head lowered, looking at the floor,
then I worked up the courage to look up and found Yasmine staring at me, her
face almost bright red. Then her tongue came out and brushed across her lips and
she said "And what have you decided?"

I gulped, "I’m sorry, I can’t help it, from the moment you walked in the door
I’ve wanted you, wanted to kiss you, wanted to touch you, wanted everything!"

There was just a momentary silence, then a broad grin came over her face and she
let out a huge sigh, "Oh, thank God, I thought it was only me" she exclaimed.

And then she was in my arms and our lips were glued together and our tongues
were doing a magic dance, and our hands were everywhere.

I still have no idea how we got from the kiss to being completely naked on the
lounge room floor, but moments later, that’s where we were, and I was feasting
my eyes once again on Yasmine’s lush tits with their rock hard nipples, her
beautiful hairy pussy and her tight sexy ass. Then I was feasting my hands on
them, and then I was feasting my lips and my tongue on them, and she was doing
the same to me, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Then came the glorious moment when we found ourselves in the 69 position and my
face mashed into her dripping wet pussy and her face mashed into mine.

And we
licked and lapped and sucked like there was no tomorrow, lifting each other to
heights of arousal and pleasure that defied description. Mmmmm I absolutely
loved taking her clit in my mouth and sucking hard, and feeling her body jump
and jerk, and loved it when she did the same to me. God she seemed to know
exactly where to put her tongue to give me the greatest pleasure, and at one
point even slid down and was flicking her tongue against my puckered asshole,
Wow, that sent me into a mind boggling orgasm!

I lost count after a while of how many times I exploded in orgasm or of how many
she did, our tongues and lips and fingers seemed capable of keeping us in a
permanent state of high octane pleasure, and I knew for sure now that I loved
having sex with Yasmine, having sex with another woman, and when we finally took
a break and got round to consuming the drinks that had once been ice cool, she
told me that she felt exactly the same way. Then she grinned, "But of course,
I’d still like a big hard cock every now and again! or maybe a bit more often
than that!" she said, and we both collapsed laughing.

We were still laughing and embracing each other’s naked bodies when we heard the
loud gasp, and our heads jerked up, to find daddy standing there, a slightly
shocked expression on his face. Perhaps not because of what we were doing, but
because standing right alongside him was his younger b*****r John, and John was
gaping at us as if he’d never seen a naked woman before.

Of course, admittedly he was seeing two naked women at the same time and both
were beautiful and sexy and one was his own niece, and they had been involved in
a fairly heavy sexual embrace at the time, so perhaps it wasn’t too much of a
surprise that he had a slightly shocked expression on his face, and equally it
wasn’t a surprise that he was rapidly developing a massive bulge in his

Then the shock of discovery was gone from me and in it’s place came that intense
horny feeling that I’d had the first time with dad, and I knew that I wanted –
and was definitely going to have – my uncle John! So without a word I got to my
hands and knees and crawled across the carpet and began to undo the zipper on
uncle John’s trousers.

Yasmine, seeing or sensing what was in the wind, was equally quick off the mark
and made a beeline for dad, and within seconds had his trousers around his ankle
and his rampant cock in her mouth.

I also had uncle John’s stiff cock in my hand and was admiring it, almost the
same size as dad’s but a totally different shape, as uncle John was
uncircumcised. Then I took it in my mouth briefly, licking and lapping around
it’s head, and feeling the dip of his knees as a huge shudder ran through him.
Then I took it from my mouth and looked up at him, "Mmmmm uncle John, such a
beautiful, big, hard cock, bet you’d love to shove it deep in Aysha’s pussy,
wouldn’t you? Mmm? Love to fuck your horny niece, wouldn’t you?’

He was looking down at me bug eyed, but there was no doubting what message they
were transmitting, so I lay back on the floor and opened my legs wide and
beckoned to him, "Take off the rest of your clothes uncle John, I want you
naked, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fill me with your horny cock, cum
on, uncle John, cum on!"

Shocked or not, he was out of those clothes in a flash and on his knees between
my legs, but hesitated a moment as he looked over to see how dad was reacting.
Well dad was reacting the way Yasmine intended, he was on his knees behind her
feeding his big, hard cock deep into her pussy as his hands fondled her lush

God what a hot sight, such a turn on watching them fuck, then I wasn’t
watching anymore as with an almost fatalistic groan, uncle John buried his big
hard cock deep into my pussy, and started to lash my breasts with his lips and
tongue, and I was responding, lifting to meet every thrust, twisting a little
from the hips as he plunged into me, giving him that special corkscrew effect
that I knew blew daddy’s mind when I did it to him.

It had the same effect on uncle John and I began to milk his cock slowly and
teasingly, driving him wilder and wilder, "Yes uncle John, fuck me hard, fuck
your big cock into me, fill me with your hot juices, fuck me, fuck me, fuck

And he was pounding and pounding his cock into me, driving me higher and higher,
through a series of small and medium orgasms, then he was crying out, "Oh god,
Aysha, I can’t hold on, you’re driving me wild, I’m coming baby, I’m cumming,
God, I’m CUUUUUUUMMMMMMING" and his cock swelled and then exploded, shooting a
thick spurt of his hot cock juice deep into my pussy, and that sent me over the
top too, into a magnificent driving orgasm, and I kept on cumming and cumming as
he kept on thrusting and thrusting and spurting his juices into me.

Alongside me I could hear Yasmine wailing loudly too, and dad almost screaming
out, and I knew that they were both cumming along with us.

Finally we all collapsed into an untidy heap, with arms and legs everywhere, and
stayed that way until dad finally staggered up and got everyone a drink. Uncle
John was looking a little bemused, yet pleased with himself, although he blushed
very self consciously when I asked him how he’d enjoyed fucking his niece! then
I reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips and told him there was more to
come, much, much more to come. Since they’d come home so early and interrupted
our fun, the least they could do was make up for it, so I moved over to daddy
and Yasmine moved over to uncle John and we set about getting them aroused all
over again.

It didn’t take long to make them both rock hard again, and I enjoyed the look of
shock that flew over uncle John’s face as daddy slowly started to shove his big,
hard cock into my pussy, yeah, I got a real thrill out of that look, out of
doing daddy in front of him, and I think I was even wilder than the time before,
crying out very, very loudly, "Oh yes daddy, fuck me, fuck your horny daughter,
fuck me hard, fill me up, shoot you cum juice right up my steaming pussy, oh
god, I want you so bad, want daddy’s cock so much"

My words were certainly turning daddy on a lot, and when I glanced over at uncle
John, I could see that he was watching us as he was fucking Yasmine, watching us
and getting off on the sight of daddy fucking me, so I fucked even harder, and
this time my orgasm when it came almost blew me completely away.

Unfortunately shortly after that uncle John had to leave, but not before he’d
promised to come again real soon. When daddy came back from seeing him out he
grinned at us and said "That was completely unexpected, but I loved it, but now
I’m off to bed so that you two can take up where you were interrupted earlier"
and with a quick kiss on both our cheeks, he left.

Yasmine and I looked at each other and grinned, and without a word fell into
each other’s arms and kissed deeply, before I lifted her to her feet and walked
her into my bedroom, "You can leave for work from here tomorrow" I said "Some of
my clothes will fit you" Her answer was a deep and passionate kiss that seemed
to last for the rest of the night – it just moved around to various parts of our
bodies! MMMMMMMMMMMM, oh what a night!

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