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Step s*s teases once too many times #2

I had a couple of requests for this story to continue, and honestly, I wanted it too as well!! But damn, as I just finished it, I had not anticipated it getting this hot!!. Comments and votes motivated this part two. If you like it and want more, well hell, why should you be different…. Vote and Beg for it!!!

I reached to grab Kay’s ankle, but she laughed and rolled over and scampered around the kitchen island. As she moved I watched how her breasts bounced and then as her ass jiggled. She truly was an incredibly hot woman, even if she had been a huge pain in my ass over the last two weeks!

My mind drifted back to when I was 19 and I came home for summer break. The bratty 12 year-old daughter of my Dad’s girlfriend seemed to be bouncing everywhere even then. The first night I was home, she had had a swim / slumber party with a bunch of her little friends. I got in late from closing the movie theater where I was an assistant manager for the summer. I started to just go to bed when I heard something out back, so I went to look.

By the light of the moon, I saw the naked bodies of 6 girls running all around the pool, naked as the day they were born. I knew Dad had not agreed to this!! I started to go out and bust the brats, but… That was the first time that I ever noticed that Kay was female and even at that young age, she was something to look at.

I watched and then I found my hand stroking my cock. The moonlight was playing over their glimmering, giggling bodies and I knew it was wrong…… But there was just something so alluring to watch. I did not stand there, long. And as I felt the cum starting to boil up through my late teenage cock, I grabbed for a kitchen towel. My head was spinning and my eyes were closed until the moment I heard the gasp. I looked toward the sound as my eyes flew open and there was Kay, two steps into the house through the open sliding glass door!! I had quickly turned and tucked my cock back in my pants as she ducked back out the door and gathered all her friends to her.

I remember taking the towel upstairs and diving into bed and just praying nothing ever came of any of that! And nothing ever did. Except from that moment on, Kay never missed a chance to put on her most skimpy clothing when I was about. Or she would walk in on me while I was showering. I cornered her one day while our parents were off planning their wedding and I asked her what the hell she thought shewas doing. She had just looked at me and said, “I am just playing, after all, you seemed to like it well enough the night of my thirteenth birthday!” I gulped and never said another word either that summer or in the years since.

My cock stirred and I smiled. It had been a while since I blew a couple of loads in a single morning. I got up off of the floor and walked to the doorway to the master bedroom suite. Looking at the bed brought back new memories, these a little more challenging.

Five years ago, I brought my fiancé to meet my Dad and Step-mom. No one had been home when we got there, something about a make-up soccer game of Kay’s. Anyway, Clarissa had been teasing me all of last 300 miles we had driven and so….

I thought Clarissa had gone into my parents’ room to pee while I grabbed a beer from the fridge. Then she had called to me. When I had stood in the doorway, just like I was now, she had been lying on their bedcover, with not a stitch on her long slim body. Her tits almost disappeared as she gracefully extended her arms above her head and spread her legs showing me her sparsely covered blonde muff. Then she had crooked her finger, calling me to her and I needed no other encouragement.

There is just something inherently wicked about fucking on your parents bed!! I barely took the time to kick my shorts off as I climbed between those thin thighs and felt her grab my cock. I was in her and pounding away within a minute as she clawed at my back and bit on my neck and nipples! Maybe it ws because of all of the nasty things she was saying and maybe it was just because I needed to fuck her so badly, but within five minutes I felt her pussy clamp down and shudder and that was all she wrote. I shot my full load deep into her hot as hell core and growled like a bear awakened from its hibernation!! I was just beginning to pull out and lie down when I heard her. Kay was standing in the doorway, dressed in her blue and white soccer gear. “They’re in here!” she called over her shoulder, as I whipped around, slinging cum and pussy juice all over. “But I think they are going to need a minute,” she said as she stared at Clarissa and me.

I had grabbed my shorts and nearly fallen over trying to pull them on as Clarissa picked up her clothes and ducked into the Master bath. She tossed a hand towel to me and I did my best to wipe up the evidence of our coupling but to little avail.

To say that the initial introductions and that first weekend were strained would be quite an understatement. My Dad and Step Mom thought I was marrying a slut. Kay had no problem voicing her opinion that any woman with as little moral fiber as Clarissa had did not belong to her side of the f****y.. Clarissa was embarrassed and when it was obvious that my parent’s initial impression was going to be a lasting one, she decided to be hateful right back. Needless to say, the marriage started poorly and ended the same way….

Standing there now, my “second wind” erection faded quickly as the memories jumped from thing to thing, none of which did I hold onto happily. I walked over to the door to the on suite bath and slipped on Dad’s white robe. It fit well, and smelled of him, even with him having been gone nearly two weeks. I was just thinking about whether to run water in the garden spa tub or go start the heater on the hot tub when I heard something back in the kitchen. I turned just in time to see Kay walk in through the door.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I think I have been bad. I made your big thing get all hard lots of times over the last few years and never once let you do anything with it.” She was using a little girl voice that reminded me of when I first laid eyes on her. Her body was so much better now. The white button down shirt that she had on only buttoned with two buttons and then tied at the waist moved with her every turn in a way that barely hid the sway of her large, full boobs. The plaid skirt may not have hidden her pubic hair, had it not all been shaved. As it was, her tanned legs emerged and ran a beautiful course all the way down to her black patent leather shoes. She had pulled her hair into two pig tails and was licking on a large lollipop in a way that no little girl EVER would!

“Where are your stockings?” I asked. “You should be wearing your white stockings whenever you are going to school to be taught. “ I said, as I turned and walked across the room and stood in front of her and looked down into her brown eyes.

“I’m sorry Daddy. I am afraid that I …. I am afraid that they are ... dirty.” She said as she dropped her chin and looked down at the floor. I could see her heart pounding beneath the taut tan skin between her breasts. I waited there silently, watching her flesh turn red. “I wonder if it is from embarrassment or excitement, that she is blushing so,” ran through my mind. Finally she said, “I’m sorry. Daddy, do you want me to go and get them and put them on anyway?” She lifted her chin just enough to roll her eyes up and look into my face. It was the most erotic look I have ever seen in person or in print!!

“You filthy little slut.” I whispered hoarsely. “You probably have been playing with your woman parts again despite how many times I have told you not to, haven’t you?!?” I barked at her. She dropped her head and looked at the floor and then nodded just a little. I grabbed her chin in my right hand and lifted her face to look straight up into mine. “You look at me when I am being merciful enough to you to talk to you! Do you realize how bad a little slut you are? Do you realize how bad you are to tease your Daddy into such a state? Do you?!?” I nearly yelled at her.

I let go of her jaw and with my left hand caught her wrist as she started blubbering apologies for being such a slut. I d**g her over to the bed and sat down on it and stood her right in front of me. “Look at you!! Such a little whore!! And those friends of yours are nothing but cunts and pricks!!! You need to grow up and maybe today is just the day for you to have to do it!! And maybe I’m the one you need to teach you?! What do you think of that?!!”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she was slightly taller than me, so her bowed head left her face visible to me. She began to say something a couple of different times and then stopped. Her breasts were heaving now, barely a foot from my face. I spread my legs and pulled her closer to me. My cock and balls fell into view and I smiled as I saw her look at them and bite her lower lip in anticipation. I reached for the knotted cloth at the bottom of her shirt and with a couple of tugs, pulled her shirt open and her full breasts spilled into view.

Her nipples are perhaps Kay’s best features. Many women, with breasts as large as hers, have tits that point at their big toes. Hers sit proudly, high up on the breast. Their areolas are dark and when she gets excited, like at that moment, you can even see a small bl**d vessel coursing its way just beneath the skin. Her nipples hard at the thought of sex and at full extension probably rise to a full inch above the hardened flesh of the front of her breasts. They look as if they were made to be sucked on and to pour out a faucet of goodly milk!!!

I cupped one breast and then slapped it with the other hand. Before she could do much more than draw in a sharp, surprised breath, my hands exchanged places and I slapped the other breast as well. I saw her eyes close tightly and she extended her long, graceful neck up and back, but she proudly thrust her breast forward. So I quickly began alternating my slaps to her breasts while I watched her move her hands behind her and clasp her opposite elbow behind her back!! She was thrusting her chest out for me and I took full advantage. I knew not to smack the tender flesh of her nipples more than a couple times, but I carefully covered the reddening flesh of each of her breasts with slaps that left red, warm skin. Then, with the last couple of strokes, I hear her start to moan with pleasure at the attention her perfect breasts endured!

My voice was so choked with lust that I almost did not recognize it as I said, “You need a good spanking, you naughty slut….” I turned her hips and laid the bare flesh of her soft, warm belly over the top of my thigh. I pulled her short skirt up with my left hand to reveal her tanned ass and rested my forearm across her shoulder blades and back to hold her down. I rubbed the flat of my right hand across the velvety smooth contours of her perfect ass. She relaxed and I could see just a shadow leading to the darker passage of her puckered sphincter. “So soft. So smooth.” I crooned as my hand moved slowly across her ass, from cheek to cheek, sometimes spreading them apart for a second. Giving me just a moment to glimpse the puckered rose bud of her back passage. “So nice and round and…. So Tanned!!”

I hardened my voice and began to roughly grab her ass cheeks and pull at them roughly and rudely. “You little whore!! You have no shame!! You have exposed these perfect, meaty private handfuls to be tanned!! You wicked, wicked little whore.” I said. Now I was grabbing and pulling at first one cheek globe and then the other. She began to squirm under my arm, but I held her firm.
And then I started. The slaps were not hard, but just enough to sting. I began by working my way up from the bottom of an ass cheek to the top, then doing it all over again, starting with the other side. Then I began alternating the slaps. “Please Daddy, I’m sorry Daddy. Don’t hurt me, Daddy.” She continued to quietly call to me, but soon the calls began to come less frequently, more softly and filled with more lust. “Please Daddy. Bad little whore… Oh, Daddy…”

My cock was now at full attention as her thigh rubbed against the underside of it and an occasional streamer of pre-cum found its way onto her warm flesh. Then I stopped and made as if to just run my hand across her ass flatly again as before. But this time, as I rubbed the hot flesh of her ass check that was closest to my cock, I relaxed my fingers and allowed them to follow the contours of the seam where her legs and ass flowed down between her legs.

Her legs spread willingly and wantonly as my fingers easily found the source of molten lava flowing out of her shaved slit. My thumb pushed flatly against the now exposed asshole and she groaned and involuntarily pushed back into the pressure. I chuckled, “What do you want my little slut? Two in the pink and one in the stink?” Her only response was a whimper as my fingers slid over her wet pussy lips. I teased her steaming pussy by alternately squeezing and opening her juicy labia lips with two fingers, which I knew would also apply and release pressure to her aching little clit, which was just beyond the easy range of my fingers. She wiggled against my thigh, and I laughed, “Oh, you are such a horny little slut, aren’t you , Kay? Beg for me to fuck you! Beg for your big b*****r to fuck your brains out, you little bitch!”

“Oh yes!! I am such a bitch!! I want to hump your fingers, your face. God I want your fat cock in me!! I am such a slut!! Please make me cum. Fuck your bitch!! Make me cum all over your lovely cock!! I want to fuck my b*****r!! She panted.

With that I lifted her off of my leg and she stood with wobbly, sex starved legs. I stood up behind her and bent her over. She moved her legs apart and her sloppy wet cunt suddenly thrust back into my vision. I pointed the tip of my cock down at the slippery gash and as I ran the tip of it up and down the length of her gash I heard her moan and watched as she shook. “Such a fucking slut. My s****r is a fucking slut.” I murmured and then wedged the head of my cock into her quacking pussy’s entrance.

With my hands now on her hips, I pushed slowly in. The walls of her pussy quivered and clinched and clamped down as she rode the orgasm. My cock slowly opened the steaming flesh back up as I pulled myself deeper and deeper into her. She was moaning now and the sight of her pulling fist full’s of the bedding as she struggled to remain sane caused a wicked smile to cross my lips as my rod opened the final inches into her and I felt my balls come into contact with her soft pussy lips.

I held her there and felt her shudders begin to ease and then I pulled slowly back until just the head of my cock was still in her. Without warning I then slammed the whole length of my pulsing cock all the way back into her, pulling her ass back into my belly. She gasped and before she could recover I slid back and slammed her again and again.

I had no intention of being gentle. For that matter, I had no intention of being rough either. I only wanted to fuck this slut and send my now boiling cum deep inside of her. Over and over our bodies collided. She began to lose her footing so I shoved her up onto the bed and followed her without pulling out.

Now it became easier for me to throw one leg over her and her ass and I began pounding into her from almost directly above, as she tilted her hips back as far as she could to let me own her. I spit on her ass and watched the bubbles pool at the pink puckered flesh. My right thumb began massaging the spittle into her with gradually increasing pressure. She was mumbling things that my mind could barely spare the bl**d and oxygen to comprehend. “Oh God yes!!. Rub my ass!! I am such a fucking whore. I want my b*****r to fuck my little cunt!! Fill me! Fill my ass! Oh, I am such a slut! Make me cum, make me take your cum in me!”

Then I felt her buck and she ripped a guttural, low throated roar that was accompanied by the involuntary clenching of every muscle in her body!! My cock was wedged deeply in her pussy when it felt like a hydraulic ram grabbed the root of it and threatened to pull me into her, cock first!!

My thumb moved so the tip of it was poised at the center of her delicious asshole and as I watched with detached fascination, it slid into Kay’s dark passage!! She arched her back and her head threw back as if some unseen god of pleasure and pain had taken a handful of her hair and pulled it back in an effort to snap her neck!! “Oh my God!!!’ She prayed and cursed in the same moment!

It was at that moment, I could no longer hold back the orgasmic waves of pressure that had built within my scrotum and I felt the molten core of my being pass through the pressurized bag of my nuts and fire jet after jet of my soul deep within my step-s****r’s resonating cunt. The idea that after all this time, all of the shit she had put me through and now, I finally had her, caused my mind to evaporate as my eyes saw without seeing the knuckle of my thumb disappear inside her and the waves of pleasure vibrated back and forth between us!

She pitched forward onto the bed crying and panting. I fell across her leg and collapsed onto my side and rolled onto my back. Unable to see, unable to breathe, I was to the point of bliss where I hoped to never live more, because I could never be more alive or closer to death than I was at that moment. It may have been a minute it may have been 15. I have no idea, before a thought actually passed through my brain.

I felt Kay roll to the edge of the bed and stumble toward the bathroom. I tried to look at her but could only see a blurry representation of movement. “Damn you little slut. I think you killed me.” I mumbled. She stopped and looked back at me. And from somewhere beyond the edges of reality I thought I heard her say, “You bastard. You will pay for this. As soon as I can stand upright and think, you will fucking pay for this.” Then as she turned to make her way into the bath I heard her say, “I am going to fuck you to death, dear b*****r.”

I prayed to whatever gods there might be that she would, as I drifted into an u*********s sl**p.

I already have some ideas for a part 3….. But just like Kay can be a bitch and a fucking mean tease, I am learning as well!!! If you want more… YOU GOTTA VOTE and YOU GOTTA BEG!!!!
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