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Milking Time B4 Chapter 12 The Main Event - Afterm

Chapter 12: The Main Event - Aftermath

Tiffany, Clyda, Dee Dee and Ebony slowly backed away from Jordan in exhaustion. Jordan was literally drenched in sperm from head to toe after the marathon ordeal she had just been put through. Only Barocca seemed to still be anxious and ready to keep on going.
"Well, I don't know about the rest of you," said Ebony, "but after almost five hours of non-stop sex from all five of us, I think Jordan's more than passed her final test with us. What do you say, girls?"
Jordan was still gasping for breath, and trying to swallow the last remnants of jism in her mouth, as Ebony's words registered on her.
"I'll second that!" said Tiffany.
"Welcome to the f****y, love," said Clyda.
"I wasn't sure if you were gonna make it or not, but welcome aboard, Jordan," said Dee Dee with a smile.
Dee Dee moved away a short distance to the control console, and lowered the mold to the floor. Jordan slowly climbed out of it, and lay panting on one of piles of the foam padding next to it. An awful pause hung in the air, as the four girls waited for a response from Barocca.
After a moment, she turned to face the other girls with a look of pure hatred on her face.
"No! I'm not finished!" she exclaimed.
Ebony stared at Barocca with a look of utter disbelief on her face. "What the fuck are you talking about, Barocca? You were the first one to fuck Jordan this afternoon, when we started this whole affair. And then we practically had to pull you out just now. Haven't you had enough today?"
"Ebony's right, Barocca," said Tiffany. "You were the first one inside Jordan. I lost track of how many other times you fucked her in other places, but I know it was many more times than any of the rest of us today."
"I'm not finished!" exclaimed Barocca.
"Get this through your thick head, Barocca," said Clyda angrily. "Jordan doesn't have to get a unanimous verdict to pass the Main Event. All five of us have fucked her for almost five hours. And if four of us say that she's passed, then she's passed. You're outvoted!"
"I'm not finished!" Barocca stated mechanically again.
"God, you've got a one-track mind," said Dee Dee with disgust. "Haven't you got any little sluts over in your own clique that can keep up with you over there?"
"I'm not finished!" Barocca stated mechanically again.
"Listen Barocca, this has gone on far enough, damn it," said Ebony. She was starting to become visibly angry with Barocca

"Wait just a fucking minute!" It was Jordan, after she'd finally caught her breath. "If Barocca wants to try me one more time, I'll giver her a shot. One on one. Just me and her."
"Jordan honey, be careful what you're saying," said Clyda. "You don't have to try and prove yourself to us anymore. We've already agreed that you've passed."
"Clyda, I'm really glad that everyone but Barocca is proud of me," said Jordan. "But right now, this is personal. I was brought up that when someone just won't leave you alone, you have to stand up to them, and have it out with them.
"I'm gonna give Barocca one last chance to have her way, and try and make me say 'uncle'. If she can't get the job done, she has to promise to leave me alone from now on."
"All right, Barocca," said Tiffany. "We're going to give you ten more minutes with Jordan all to yourself. Everyone's gonna stay in this room and watch. If you can't crack her in that amount of time, you have to agree to abide by our decision, and call off this persecution you've got for her."

Barocca said nothing, but began stroking her cock, which was still rock hard from a few moments ago, before the other girls had called a halt to the sexual marathon.
Jordan braced herself by placing her arms to the sides, and slightly behind her on the padding, so that she was partially lying and partially sitting. She had her legs spread wide open, with her crotch near the edge. Because of the ordeal earlier, her pussy and asshole were red and swollen. Each offered a tender, almost vulnerable target to Barocca's a****l instincts.
"Okay, Barocca. Take your best shot at me girl!"
Barocca strode to Jordan with her cock wavering in the air in front of her hips. Nearly two feet of rock hard meat, glistening with sweat and body oils.
Without warning, without hesitation, Barocca spun to face Jordan's crotch. She paused for only an instant to aim her cock like a missile. Like a piledriver smashing deep into a hole, Barocca launched her cock into Jordan. In one brutal stroke, Barocca rammed over a foot of her cock up Jordan's ass without any announcement. The girls grimaced as they saw Barocca's meat penetrate Jordan. This was something that not even the amazons did to each other, if they could avoid it.
To everyone's surprise Jordan remained perfectly calm. A momentary flinch passed over her face, as she absorbed Barocca's meat inside of her anus. If the other girls didn't know Barocca was inside Jordan, it would've been nearly impossible to tell. There was almost no registering on Jordan's expression, at what had just happened to her.
"Well? Is it in yet?" Jordan stated matter of factly.
Barocca stared at Jordan in surprise, with a look of shock on her face.
When the other four girls had been with Barocca, there simply wasn't enough room for everyone to be inside of Jordan at the same time. They'd even had to take turns as one or more of them would have to wait for the others to finish.
Now, with no one to obstruct her, Barocca began humping Jordan with a savage passion that went beyond anything the other four girls had seen.
Barocca grabbed Jordan's ankles for support, and a moment later, rammed the rest of her cock up into Jordan's ass, up to her balls in one vicious stroke.
Again, Jordan barely registered the impact of Barocca's cock inside of her butt. Barocca was violently shoving Jordan across the mat, with the f***e of her thrusts, and then yanking her back again.

"My god, Tiffany," whispered Clyda. "She's trying to split Jordan in two."
"I know. Don't ask me how she's doing it, but Jordan's taking everything she can dish out at her, and hasn't backed down yet."
After five minutes of brutal humping, Barocca paused briefly to catch her breath. To everyone's surprise, Jordan was actually taunting Barocca.
"C'mon girl, is that the best you can do? I've been fucked harder in High School!"
Pure a****l rage overtook Barocca's features as she redoubled her efforts. What the girls were watching now was not sex. It was hard to even consider it ****. It was one person trying to mutilate another person.
Barocca began shoving her cock so hard into Barocca, her balls were slapping loudly against the mat, and Jordan's rump on the forward strokes. Jordan was now being flailed like a rag doll, and she used her arms to cushion the impact, as she flopped on the padded mat.
Jordan's blonde hair flew in all directions, as she struggled to fight back against the f***e of Barocca's assault on her.
Although Jordan was grunting and panting from the f***e of Barocca's efforts, the other girls could tell that this was from being tossed about on the mat without warning. No one could figure out how she was doing it, but Jordan seemed to not be affected at all, by Barocca's huge cock in her ass.
Finally, the last five minutes were up. Barocca showed no signs of slowing down. The other girls quickly confirmed among themselves that the time period had passed, and began to move towards Barocca.
"All right, Barocca! Time's up!" exclaimed Tiffany. "You had your last chance, and you couldn't finish the job."
"I'm not finished!" screamed Barocca.
The other four girls stopped momentarily in shock, as they heard Barocca's words.
"That's the last straw!" yelled Jordan. "I've taken all that I'm gonna take from this fucking bitch!" With that, Jordan wrenched her ankles free from Barocca's grip, with a surprising show of strength.
Jordan still had Barocca's cock buried in her ass, as she dropped her legs, and quickly wrapped them around Barocca's waist in a scissors hold. Barocca stopped her frantic humping of Jordan in shock, as Jordan's move took her by surprise.
Using her legs as leverage, Jordan drew on an inner well of strength and determination that she didn't know she had, and clamped her thigh and buttocks muscles onto Barocca's cock with every ounce of energy she could muster.
Barocca's face paled, and her eyes shot wide open, as if she'd been electrified.
Barocca suddenly felt like her cock was in a vise. It was as if some massive f***e were squeezing the life out of it. Barocca's face registered extreme shock, and then anger, and then fear, as the f***e that Jordan was exerting on her cock hit home.
Suddenly the roles were shifted from Barocca dominating and being in control, to where it was now Jordan who held the upper hand. Pain and fear began to contort Barocca's face as she realized what Jordan was capable of doing to her.
"Let me go!" screamed Barocca.
"You're not so tough against someone who can fight back, are you, bitch?" said Jordan.
Barocca threw her hands up in the air, and clutched her head, as the pain was beginning to make her reel. Suddenly, Barocca began swinging her fists wildly at Jordan. Because Jordan was in more of a lying position, and Barocca was standing, Barocca couldn't effectively hit her for a moment. The other girls could tell that it would only be a moment before Barocca had the superior position, and inflict a lot of damage to Jordan.
Jordan clenched her own fists, and brought her arms up in front of her face in a defensive posture, determined to make Barocca pay the price if she got close enough.
Before Barocca could inflict any serious damage to Jordan, Ebony's huge hand reached out and swallowed Barocca's fist, bringing it to a screeching halt. Barocca cried out in pain as the awkward, wrenching motion on her wrist and arm f***ed her to a stop.
"Let me go!" squealed Barocca.
"Shut the fuck up!" cried Ebony. Ebony had a look of hate and loathing on her face that no one had ever seen before. "It'd serve you right if I let her squash your nuts to a pulp. You just blew it big time, girl!"
Once she knew she had Barocca sufficiently restrained, Ebony turned to Jordan. "All right, Jordan. Let go of her."
"But she started all of this!" wailed Jordan.
"I said do it now!" roared Ebony. Jordan suddenly realized the precarious position that she was in, and she quickly released her legs from around Barocca's waist, and then unclamped the pressure on her cock.
Ebony grabbed Barocca bodily by the shoulders, and pulled her out of Jordan in one smooth motion. The other girls knew Ebony was stronger than anyone, thanks to her enormous size, but no one had really seen her great strength in action until now.
Ebony half pushed, half threw Barocca across the room. Barocca landed almost a dozen feet away, landing awkwardly against the wall, and managing to cushion her fall with her arms.
Everyone in the room was shocked by the display of anger and emotion from Ebony.
"Barocca, have you lost your mind, acting like that?" cried Tiffany. "What the hell's gotten in to you?"
Barocca was cowering on the side of the room, shaking in fear. Tiffany rubbed her forehead, as if hoping that this would prevent the migraine headache that she knew was surely coming. Tiffany knew that the entire Island had just seen Barocca's outlandish display as it had happened.
"Dee Dee, adjust the partition so I can see the girls in the auditorium," said Tiffany.
Dee Dee made a few adjustments, and the glass shimmered, and the amazons in the auditorium cam into view. Most of the girls had expressions of shock on their faces. Some were outraged. No one had been unaffected by what they had just seen.
"All right everyone," said Tiffany, as she faced the audience. "I know I'm not exactly dressed for a speech right now. So I'll make this short and sweet. You've all just witnessed one of the most loathsome, disgusting acts, that one amazon can commit just now. An act like this deserves to be dealt with swiftly and decisively; and it will be.
"Ebony, you and Dee Dee take Barocca, and lock her in one of the unused quarters for the night," said Tiffany. "She can sit there, and think about what she's done, until tomorrow. After we've all had a chance to clean up, eat, and get a good night's sl**p, we'll decide just what we're going to do with Barocca. I'm calling an emergency meeting in this chamber for everyone, to decide Barocca's fate at nine o'clock tomorrow morning."
Dee Dee pressed a few more buttons on the control console, and the partition became a mirror again.
"Geez, what a fucking mess!" muttered Tiffany.

Ebony grabbed both of Barocca's wrists in one of her hands, almost like a pair of handcuffs. Together, she and Dee Dee e****ted Barocca out of the room, and down the corridor.
"Good idea of sending Dee Dee with Ebony, Tiffany," said Clyda. "I was afraid Ebony was going to tear Barocca limb from limb for a minute."
"I figure spending a night alone, and without supper will knock a little sense into her," said Tiffany. "She deserves that much for starters."
Tiffany turned to face Jordan. "And as for you, Jordan. Listen and listen good! I know Barocca started this. But you're not exactly innocent here either. Instead of letting us reason things out, you poured gasoline on the fire by challenging her. I don't ever want to hear of you doing anything like this to anyone else on the Island."
"We know that there will be times when tempers flare," said Clyda. "But escalating the v******e like that is never the answer!"
"I don't want to sound like we're reading you the riot act here, Jordan," said Tiffany, "but I want to reinf***e a few things. We went to the trouble of inviting you to the Island, after the initial contact with you, because a number of us were familiar with you, from your modeling and video career. When you expressed an interest in how we did things on the Island, we thought it was even better. So many girls don't want to try different things like this, or even give them a chance, but we've learned to respect other people's wishes, and not f***e things on them.
"I know that you haven't seen that much of it in your short time here, but we really did set out to make things one big, happy f****y on the Island in the beginning. Things were a lot different in the past, as other girls will tell you.
"I'll also be the first one to admit that we probably shouldn't have done things differently with you, in making you one of us. After your incident with me and Barocca in the Milking Ritual, we probably should've just given you a warning, and then some kind of extra duties, to make you work harder for things.
"But the fact is we did bend the rules quite a bit, and that can't be changed. As you can tell from everything that's happened in the last week, not only did we have to put you through the wringer because of that, but Barocca's also gone off the deep end.
"I'll be frank with you, Jordan. Almost no one has cared for the way Barocca does things on her side of the Island. Even some of the girls in her own little clique have been grumbling. We wanted to f***e her hand, so she'd do something blatant and overt, which would give us an easy way to boot her out of here. I don't think any of us could have expected this to happen, but now we've got more proof on video this afternoon than we'll ever need to get that done."

"I'm sorry if I lost my temper, and made things worse just now," said Jordan. "But even though I did piss Barocca off without realizing it when I first got here, I just couldn't take it any more."
"Well, between you and me, Barocca's had something like that coming to her for a long time," said Clyda. "The one thing that I want to stress to you above all else, is that we are going to turn our Island community back into what we started out as: a peaceful, pleasure loving society, where everyone gets along. There may still be a few ugly incidents as we finish getting Barocca and some of her cohorts out of here. But we're going to make that happen, or else we aren't going to be around here anymore."
"The key thing for you to remember Jordan," said Tiffany, "is that you are not to flaunt, brag or tease any of the other girls about your cock, or how quickly it happened for you. You are most certainly not to dominate or intimidate anyone on the Island with your new gifts either. All of the girls will be told not to take any treatment like this from you, and to report you promptly if you do. We're also going to tell them not to taunt you, because you're on a sort of 'probation'. There will be plenty of time for you to have almost unlimited sex, with all kinds of partners who can easily accommodate you, in your leisure time. But everyone on the Island will watch you very closely, and how you behave and conduct yourself, will be vital to letting you stay here with us.
"Okay," said Tiffany. "I'm sorry if that was a lengthy lecture, Jordan. Are you clear on exactly what we expect of you, and how you should behave?"
"Yes, Tiffany. I'm sorry again for the trouble that I've caused here. I really just wanted to fit in here, and be 'one of the girls' so to speak. I won't let you down in the future."
"All right. That's good to hear, Jordan. We're going to wait until tomorrow morning, but we're definitely going to move fast on dealing with Barocca, and getting her ass out of here. Once she's gone, any kind of resistance will crumble. And we'll give an 'open door' to anyone who was loyal to her, who wants to leave also, no questions asked. That'll weed out ninety-nine percent of the rotten apples around here."

As Tiffany and Clyda were lecturing Jordan, Dee Dee and Ebony e****ted Barocca to one of the vacant quarters, a few doors down the hall. Ebony's powerful hands gripped Barocca's wrists like manacles. Every few feet, Barocca squealed out "Let me go!" like a robot.
"Put a sock in it, Barocca," muttered Ebony. "You've fucked things up around here for the last time, girl. And if you're gonna bitch, at least say something intelligent."
"Ebony's right, Barocca," said Dee Dee. "You've been talking like a grade school girl all day. When Jordan put the squeeze on your dick, she must've cut off the flow of bl**d to your brain."
The trio stopped in front of a doorway. "Just give me a minute to program the lock code, so that it'll only open from the outside, Ebony." Dee Dee ran her fingers over the keypad for a few moments. Dee Dee pressed a series of keys, and the door slid open. "Okay, it's fixed. Show our 'guest' her new quarters for the night, Ebony."
"I'd be delighted, Dee Dee," said Ebony. With that, Ebony shoved Barocca headlong into the room. Dee Dee pressed another keystroke, and verified that the door was securely locked.
As they walked away, the girls could hear Barocca's muffled shouting. "Let me go! Let me out!"
"I think that just about wraps things up for today, Dee Dee," said Ebony.
"You can say that again, Ebony. By this time tomorrow, Barocca will be out of here like a bad habit."

It was now just before five o'clock as Barocca cleared away the dishes, and she and Jeanne settled down on the sofa in her quarters. Once the girls were safely back in Barocca's quarters, they had eaten a light supper, as they relaxed and let the tensions in them subside.
"Okay, I can't take it anymore," said Barocca. "I've gotta know what's going on with Jordan in the Main Event."
"But how, Barocca? I thought the only way to see it today was to go down to the chamber where they're holding it, and see it live."
"For the ordinary girls, yes, Jeanne. But I'm one of the senior amazons, and rank does have its privileges here. I can see what's going on in any of the monitors thanks to the security program that Dee Dee and Ebony use. I 'borrowed' it without their knowing it, some time ago.
We'll just tune in the channel where the action is, and see what's happening."
As Barocca selected the proper channel, and turned the sound up, the chamber with Jordan being ravaged by the five amazons came into view, and the picture sharpened. "I'll give Jordan credit for one thing," said Barocca. "She doesn't give up easy. I would've bet money that she wouldn't last this long."
Barocca's clone was beginning her tirade against Jordan, after the other four amazons had apparently called a halt to things.
"What the fuck is going on there...." asked Barocca, as her voice trailed off.
As Barocca's clone continued her ranting, and tempers flared in the chamber, Barocca's face grew ashen and pale.
Barocca and Jeanne watched in stunned silence, with their mouths open, as the clone of Barocca went off the deep end in the chamber. Finally, when Ebony reached out and physically restrained the clone, Barocca was able to reach for the remote control, and turn the picture off.
"Oh my god..." Barocca gasped. "I suspected that my clone might not be able to pull off a convincing performance if she had to do more than just fuck. But I never dreamed that this could happen."
"What are we gonna do now, Barocca?"
"We're gonna get the fuck out of here, Jeanne. That's what we're gonna do. Right now the girls think they've got me under lock and key somewhere else. But they're already pretty suspicious thanks to the way my clone acted today.
"The original plan was for the clone to fuck Jordan, and then head back here after things were finished, and she'd disappear without any questions. I didn't count on her blowing a gasket like that. Once that doppelganger of me decomposes in a few hours, right here is the first place they're gonna look for me."
Barocca got up and moved to the bedroom, with Jeanne close behind her. "Okay. Change in plans. Big time. Jeanne, I want you to fill my tote bags under the bed with all the clothes that you can find in my closet. How long did you book yourself into that hotel on the mainland?"
"I paid up for almost a week with the money you wired me, Barocca."
"All right. We've got a place to crash that the girls won't know where to look for a little bit. You get things packed in here. I've gotta make some phone calls, and get our ride out of here."
Barocca went to the telephone, and rapidly punched in a number.
"Hello, Ramirez? Yes, it's Barocca. Look I really need for you to make a run with your boat for me tonight." Jeanne quickly began piling and placing clothes in the two tote bags.
"Look Ramirez, I know it's short notice. Yes, you can name your own damn price. I'll have it for you in cash when you pick us up this evening. All right. Six o'clock at the same place as last time. And this time there'll be two passengers."
Barocca slammed the phone down after the call was finished. "Fucking bl**dsucker. He knows there aren't exactly a lot of boats that are at my disposal just now." Barocca also called the numbers of several other girls in her clique, and left short, terse messages detailing the situation. Knowing she was seriously short of time, Barocca left short but explicit instructions
reminding them to check their e-mails as soon as they could.

"Okay, Barocca. I think that this is just about all the clothes that'll fit in these two bags."
"Thanks a lot, Jeanne. We're gonna hit the road now, and just wait for Ramirez on the beach, where he dropped you off. We damn sure can't be found here. It's unlikely, but they might even decide to do a quick search here tonight.
"You saw what my clone tried to do today. After that performance, the other girls are gonna shoot first and ask questions later. I'm really not sure what they'd do if they found you, Jeanne. You haven't done anything yet, but it wouldn't take them long to put the facts together, and figure out how you got here, if they found you.
"And I really don't know how they'd react when they see you're a shemale. Dee Dee's certainly not gonna appreciate the fact that I've used her lab and her technology."
The girls headed out of Barocca's quarters, and began making their way for the perimeter doors, which lead to the beach. In a few moments, they were waiting at the same spot Barocca had stood a few nights ago, when Jeanne had arrived on the Island.
Captain Ramirez's boat pulled up about thirty yards off shore, and a small launch was lowered from it, and made its way to shore. Barocca handed him the money for the emergency trip, and then she and Jeanne settled in the launch. Moments later, they were all back in the main boat.
"Take us back to the mainland, to the Hotel Hilton, please," said Barocca.

An hour later, the girls were sitting in Jeanne's hotel room.
"All right. I'm glad that's over with," said Barocca. "I've got my credit cards, so we don't have to worry about money for about a month."
"So what's the game plan, Barocca?"
"Well I was going to wait until Tiffany and the girls introduced Jordan to the Island, and announced that they were making her a shemale. Then I was going to burst in and introduce you whenever they did it. I was counting on the fact that if they sprang Jordan on everyone, that I could make a power play of some sort, or a confrontation and add you to the mix.
"I wasn't sure at all how that was going to play out, and how many girls would accept you or Jordan or both of you. But at the time, that was the best plan I could come up with."
"But how do you know if Jordan actually made it or not, Barocca?"
"You're right. I don't know for a fact, but if she was still getting fucked almost five hours later, I think everyone but my clone would've voted that she'd passed the final test. It would've only been a matter of time before they made her a shemale too."
"Couldn't we just take off and start over somewhere else, Barocca? I mean, we've got each other, plus there's bound to be other girls we can recruit later."
"Two things are wrong with that Jeanne. First is I'm a fighter, not a runner. I know it didn't look like that just now. But we had to retreat so we could plan our strategy.
"Secondly, without all the pills and vitamins that Dee Dee manufactures on the Island, I figure we'd last a month or two before we couldn't get a hard-on any more. We'd start looking like 'Long Dong Silver'. A sausage hanging down to our knees, that we couldn't do anything with. We'd be laughingstocks trying to get work in the porn industry in no time like that."
"So what kind of hopes do you have of ever getting us back to the Island, and of ever getting back in power?"
"Tiffany and her girls back at the Island are gonna be out for bl**d, Jeanne. Especially once they find me gone. I'll make some phone calls to some of my girls at the Island. I'll have them issue a statement to Tiffany and her girls.
"We'll return, if they call a truce long enough for us to have a vote or some kind of fair contest to see if can't still salvage this fiasco with you and Jordan. If they don't agree to that, then I'll go ahead with some drastic measures that I've got planned.
"I'm gonna sit down and write a little exposé here. It'll go into explicit details about the fact that the mail order houses we run on the Island don't pay taxes on ninety percent of their transactions. That the Island itself was 'donated' by various important people to us, without any kind of official deeds or records. I just know the medical authorities will love to get a look at Dee Dee’s lab and all the surgeries she’s performed. And lastly, that our list of special customers contains the names of many movers and shakers that would be quite upset if that list were made public.
"We'll make copies of that exposé. We'll address them to major newspapers and news channels in the United States. We put them in a storage box at one of these 'mailbox' stores they have on the Island. We give them a deposit, and leave explicit instructions that these are to all be mailed out at some future date, say in three or four weeks, unless they hear from us personally.
"Our Island society survives the way it does because it's fairly isolated, and because a lot of people don't know about it, and don't go looking for it. But if this many newspapers and agencies get wind of it at the same time, they'll be swarmed over with dozens of journalists and investigative reporters in no time at all.
"That'll give us a bargaining lever, so that we have some options. We'll be kind of at their discretion for whatever kind of voting or contest they come up with. But in the meantime, after you've completely healed up Jeanne, I'll be teaching you every trick I know about how to use your cock, and getting the most bang for your buck out of it."
"So you think that Tiffany and her girls would come up with some kind of sexual challenge?"
"I don't see what else it could be, Jeanne. Our whole little society revolves around fucking and sucking. I don't know what they'd come up with, but this shouldn't be any different."

Barocca sat down and began making phone calls. Although she had been quick thinking in getting herself and Jeanne off the Island in near record time, she had forgotten one important detail. Barocca had left all of the data that she had downloaded from her contact in Washington on her computer. She had also left the alien software that was generated on the CD's from that data neatly stacked next to her computer in her quarters.

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