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Milking Time B4 Chapter 11 The Main Event - Interl

Chapter 11: The Main Event - Interlude

It was twelve thirty on the Sunday afternoon of the Main Event. After having a light lunch, Barocca and Jeanne gathered all that they would need, and headed off to Dee Dee's lab. Barocca gave Jeanne a mild sedative just before they left.
"What's this for, Barocca?"
"When I stick you in the cloning machine, you've gotta lay as still as possible for two hours. This'll help you relax when the time comes."
As they strolled through the corridors, the girls didn't meet a single sole in their path.
"Damn, Barocca," said Jeanne. "I thought you said there were over fifty girls on the Island. This place might as well be a ghost town."
"I told you, Jeanne. The whole fucking Island's geared up to watch Jordan in the Main Event. We've never done anything like this before. And if there's one thing that the girls here like to do when they're not having sex, it's to watch someone else fuck and suck."
"It's too bad that you couldn't figure out a way to broadcast this show. Think of the ratings that you'd pull in."
"It's like I said, Jeanne. If there was any way I could be there in person to jackhammer Jordan in the ass, I'd trade it all in, in an instant. But being able to fight back in my own way, and transform you into one of us, will have to do for the time being."

The girls arrived at Dee Dee's lab again. Barocca entered the same five-digit entry code into the door lock. The door opened quietly, and they were once again in Dee Dee's lab.
"Well, this place looks familiar, doesn't it Jeanne? Let's get to work, girlfriend."
Barocca settled down in front of Dee Dee's computer. "Okay, Jeanne. Go ahead and power up the cloning machine, just like you did last night. I'll get things ready on the software program."
Barocca began entering all of Jeanne's statistics and measurements into the machine. In a few moments, all of Jeanne's physiological data had been inputted. Barocca paused as she came to the portion of the program that would create Jeanne's cock. Dee Dee had created a template that put the same cock onto every girl. As they earned rewards and recognition, the girls were fed special vitamins and nutrients that increased the size and strength of their cock.
"Dee Dee's so damned thorough, she's put everything in the world onto her computer files," thought Barocca. "Including all the information on the special vitamins and other fancy ingredients that make the cocks bigger. Well, I wrote a little batch file that'll dump over a year's worth of vitamins into Jeanne's schlong, while it's being created, in a couple of hours. There's no time to waste on this, so I'm gonna turn Jeanne into a fucking elephant between her legs in record time."
In addition to this, Barocca also took liberties with the specifications on the template for the cocks that Dee Dee had designed. She tweaked and increased every size and specification by at least twenty percent.
"Jeanne's either gonna love me or hate me for this," thought Barocca.
"Okay, Barocca. The machine's warmed up and ready over here," called Jeanne.
"Great. Okay, peel off your bikini, and settle down on the mat."
The bed of the machine was cut in a form roughly outlining the shape of a human figure. It was slightly recessed, and well padded so that a girl could lie almost completely still for the long periods of time necessary for the machine to do its work.
Jeanne discarded her bikini, and settled onto the padding.
"How come this is gonna take so long for me? You weren't in that long last night."
"Because last night, it was only copying my form the first time. But I still had to lie still while it did it. And the second time, it was creating a clone from scratch. It didn't have to have someone lying still then.
"This time, it's not only gonna create the cock for you. It has to connect it, and make all sorts of biological and physical changes to you, so your cock, pussy, and all your insides will work together again. I don't pretend to understand it. I just know that it works."
"Okay, Barocca. See you in a couple of hours." Barocca closed the Plexiglas lid, and fastened it in all the places. Then she moved back to Dee Dee's computer, and started the program. The machine gave its familiar humming noises, as well as the flashing patterns of light that she'd watched the previous night.

The next two hours were awkward ones for Barocca. Although she trusted Dee Dee's software and technology, it was bound to be unsettling when she was doing it on her own for the first time. There was also the added tension of possibly being caught. Although Barocca felt that the majority, if not all the Island, would be watching the Main Event, there was no guarantee that someone wouldn't stumble upon them by accident, no matter how unlikely it seemed. It was also with the greatest reluctance that Barocca f***ed herself not to watch the Main Event on one of the monitors.
"If I start watching that," thought Barocca, "there's almost no way I'll be able to control myself. When Dee Dee gave us our cocks, she also succeeded in making almost all of us horny a great deal of the time. If I have to watch that kind of sex, I'll wind up jacking off in here as much as they are in the chamber.
"I know damn good and well that they're taping everything for posterity. As well as using it to make an example of what Jordan's had to go through. It won't be quite the same, but I'll have to be content with probably catching a rerun later on. Or else I can get a blow by blow recap from my clone when she gets back.
"No. On second thought, she won't be smart enough to give a detailed description. All she'll remember is that she fucked a blonde girl." Barocca occupied her time reading a magazine, and surfing on the Internet for the remainder of the time that Jeanne was in the machine.
“But there is one other thing I can do in the meantime,” thought Barocca. “Call me paranoid, but it won’t hurt to give some of my girls who’re really loyal to me an edge, just in case….”
Barocca sent Domonique, Veronica and Persia e-mails with the override code so that they could get in and out of any doors if they had to in an emergency.
“This may only give them the chance to get a running start, but I owe them that much at least.”

Two hours later, Dee Dee's computer beeped softly several times. Barocca put down the magazine she was reading. "Process Complete. Operation Successful," Barocca read the windows on the screen. She shut down all of the programs that had been running, and turned Dee Dee's computer off. "Okay, now for the acid test. Now to see if it really worked on Jeanne."
Barocca walked over to the cloning machine, and unfastened the locks on the Plexiglas cover. As it was with the clone the night before, the surface of the cover had become fogged up, so that all Barocca could see was a dim outline of Jeanne's body inside of it.
As Barocca raised the cover, Jeanne appeared to be sl**ping. Barocca glanced at her crotch to see if the machine had done its work, and held her breath at what she saw.
Jeanne's pussy and crotch had been shaved completely bare by the process. Nestled between her legs like a sl**ping giant, was one of the most gorgeous cocks Barocca had ever seen on the Island. It was at least ten inches long, and as thick as several of her fingers were. The huge slab of meat reached halfway down Jeanne's thighs. Even limp, the head was almost three inches across. Beneath the huge, dark colored shaft were two smooth testicles the size of ripe tomatoes.
Barocca f***ed her mind from Jeanne's newly created jewels, and back to the task at hand. Jeanne was beginning to stir and awaken now.
"Hi Barocca. How did it go? Was it a success?"
"Oh I think we've succeeded all right, Jeanne. Take a look for yourself." Barocca held up a small mirror so Jeanne could see a reflection of herself, while still lying down.
"Holy fucking shit..." The words were barely a whisper from Jeanne's mouth. Slowly a smile of indescribable glee and delight came over Jeanne's face, as she realized just what she had between her legs.
"Take it from me Jeanne, when that b**st gets hard, it's gonna be a monster. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you've got even more meat than me."
"This is absolutely incredible, Barocca. I don't know how to begin to thank you."
"Don't you worry girl. Once the rest of the Island gets a good look at you, there'll be plenty of ways for you to show your gratitude. We're gonna be real busy in the future. For the time being though, we need to get out of here, and back to my quarters."
Barocca helped Jeanne out of the cloning machine, and steadied her, as she quickly shook off the effects of the mild sedative. Barocca handed Jeanne a robe, to cover herself.
"Those bikini panties don't stand a chance of holding the package you've got between your legs now, Jeanne."
As Jeanne donned the robe, her hands instinctively went towards her crotch to fondle her newfound treasures. Barocca's hands quickly reached out, and gently stopped Jeanne.
"No you don't, girlfriend. No way!" scolded Barocca. "This is one time I'm gonna heed Dee Dee's instructions to the letter. It's vitally important that we leave your cock and balls alone for forty eight hours, to let the surgery completely heal, and let your body adapt to the new addition it just received."
"Aw, c'mon Barocca, you can trust me," pleaded Jeanne.
"If I had a dime every time a girl has said that here on the Island," retorted Barocca. "We started out putting the girls on the honor system, when they received their cocks. But after Dee Dee had to redo the third surgery, because girls couldn't keep their hands off themselves, we said enough is enough.
"Now we keep them in the infirmary for a few days, with a plastic shield over the vital parts. They can look all they want, but they can't touch. Ordinarily, I'd do that with you too, but the circumstances just don't permit it right now. Let's just get back to my quarters, pronto."
Barocca made a quick scan of lab, making certain that they had not left anything behind that might betray their presence here this afternoon. Once she was satisfied that everything was as they had found it, the girls walked back through the empty corridors to Barocca's quarters on the other side of the Island. It was just past four o'clock when they arrived home again.

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