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Milking Time B4 Chapter 8 The Main Event - Prelude

Chapter 8: The Main Event - Prelude

On Sunday morning, just before noon, Jordan reported to the main chamber, where it was indicated that the Main Event would be held. As she entered the room, Tiffany, Dee Dee, Clyda, Ebony and Barocca were all waiting for her. One side of the room was an enormous mirror that stretched from wall to wall.
"Well love, it looks as though you're at the point of no return," said Clyda.
"That's right. This is the big test for me," said Jordan. "The 'final exam'. But I thought you said that everyone was going to be watching me today. I don't see anyone but us here."
"Oh you've got an audience, Jordan," said Tiffany. "Don't worry about that. While we are intent on letting everyone see what happens to you today, we're also giving you some measure of privacy. That mirror you see is really a special one-way glass."
Off to the side, Dee Dee was making some final preparations at the control console. "I know that you've only met a handful of us on the Island so far, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "But I thought you ought to get a quick preview of the rest of the girls. We've got everyone on the Island gathered here to watch this today."
Dee Dee clicked a few buttons on the console, and the mirror gave a shimmering effect. After a moment, Jordan could see the small auditorium filled with the other amazons in their seats. Some of them smiled and waved at Jordan, as they recognized her. Others looked at her with no expression, as some of them hadn't met her yet, or formed an opinion on her.
Somewhat embarrassed, Jordan smiled nervously and waved to the assembled crowd.
"I never liked crowds either," said Dee Dee, as she flipped a switch, and the room appeared to be cut in half again, as the mirror reformed where the glass had been. Dee Dee flicked another switch, and a panel opened in the ceiling. An odd looking shape that looked like a large bowl floated down, and then hung suspended in mid air. Behind the mold, there were some large piles of mats and foam padding, which Jordan imagined might be used in more conventional sex scenes.

"Take a good look at the mold, Jordan," said Tiffany. "That's where you'll be spending a lot of your time this afternoon."
"How come it's just floating there like that?" asked Jordan.
"That's some special technology that Dee Dee has developed," said Tiffany.
"The mold itself is has some micro-circuitry built into it that produces a limited anti-gravity effect," said Dee Dee. "It's only good for five or six feet off the ground. The weight limit is about two hundred pounds, and it can't last for more than twelve hours at the most. But that's more than enough for our purposes here today."
"Once you sit in the mold, it will conform itself to your shape, Jordan," said Tiffany. "It will shape itself to your contours from your neck to about the middle of your buttocks. This will keep you suspended at a reasonable level without any strain on your body. This will allow us easy access to you from the top and bottom. As well as any other angles; say if we wanted to turn you on your tummy, for example."
"Sorry love," said Clyda. "But you aren't getting off so easy, thinking it might be an old fashioned gang-bang, done assembly line style. You're going to be wide open to us from all angles at all times this afternoon."
"I'm going to reinf***e and restate a few rules and conditions, Jordan," said Tiffany, "so that there won't be any surprises today. You're expected to service all five of us, until we tell you to stop. With the way Dee Dee has the suspended mold worked, usually only two of us can get at your pussy and your butt at one time. Most of the time, we'll keep a steady stream of double-penetration action going on you. There will be times when we'll expect you to do a double-anal or a double-pussy insertion too.
"We know for a fact that with the pill Dee Dee has given you, that you'll be able to survive that kind of penetration from us for a limited time. We won't expect you to do that indefinitely, but sucking it in, and giving it your ultimate effort a few times will be a big part of your passing the test.
"While two of us are fucking you downstairs, you'll be doing constant oral sex on one of us who isn't inside you. The other two will be at close range, and you'll be expected to use your hands on our shafts and balls while this is going on. If we decide we want to shoot off onto each other during the course of events, we'll tell you. Otherwise, be prepared to suck three of us off in rapid succession, while you're getting fucked. Not only are we expecting stamina from you, but you'll also have to stay alert and active too."
"The pill I gave you last night will work the same as the others have," said Dee Dee. "Once it begins to sense large quantities of sperm anywhere in your body, it'll kick in, and begin burning that away. I've allowed for the higher volumes that you're going to experience, so you shouldn't see your tummy become bulging this afternoon."
"The other thing you want to realize Jordan, is that we'll be 'feeding' off of each other from all the excitement, as we fuck you," said Clyda. "We're horny a great deal of the time here on the Island anyway. When each of us sees the other four shemales in action, as well as you getting fucked, we're going to have hard-ons nearly all afternoon long, without missing a beat. That means you're not going to have very much of a 'rest period' when one girl is finished with you."
"Okay, Jordan," said Tiffany. "Any questions?"
"I guess not," replied Jordan. "I know this is the biggest test that I'll face on the Island, so let's get down to it."
"Take your bikini and your skirt off then, Jordan," said Tiffany. "And now get settled in the mold. Relax for a minute, and let it form to the contours of your backside."

Jordan eased herself into the mold, and after a few moments, it felt surprisingly nice. It was like lying on a large foam rubber mattress, which was shaped to her form. Jordan also noticed that her arms and legs were sticking out parallel to her body, but there wasn't any weight pulling them down.
"The anti-gravity field extends a few feet in all directions, Jordan," said Dee Dee, as she noticed her confused expression. "It wouldn't be fair to have to support your limbs over the edges like that all afternoon, so I built that feature into the machine. The mold will keep you at a low enough level so that one us can get at your back door from the bottom. And it'll vary slightly in height, depending on who's fucking you from the front."
"All right, Jordan," said Tiffany. "You've got one last chance to call things off, if you're having second thoughts yet. What do you say?"
"I say bring it on, Tiffany," said Jordan. "I've come too far, and been through too much to turn back now!"
"All right, let's get started girls," said Tiffany. Tiffany, Clyda, Dee Dee and Ebony began peeling off their skirts and bikinis. Barocca simply grabbed her bikini and ripped it off, tearing the bra holding her breasts up, and afterwards snapping the knot around her crotch.
All of the girls were horny, and were quickly becoming erect. Barocca seemed to think she was at a track meet, and her cock was almost instantly at its full length of just under two feet.
"You're in a fucking hurry, aren't you?" asked Tiffany. "What's the matter? Things getting lonely on your side of the Island?"
Barocca simply glared at the other girls, and strode over to Jordan.
Dee Dee turned to Clyda. "Is it that time of the month for her?"
"Must be," replied Clyda with a snicker.
As Barocca strode over to her, Jordan noticed the variety, as well as the similarities among the five amazons' cocks. Tiffany and Clyda were almost identical, being a light flesh color, and just under two feet long. Barocca's cock was nearly the same as Tiffany and Clyda's, the only real difference being it was a dark brown in color.
Dee Dee's cock was the runt of the litter, topping out at about sixteen inches. But Dee Dee's pole was almost as thick as Clyda and Tiffany's combined, and her balls were the biggest of any of the five girls.
Ebony was clearly the most massively hung of any of the girls. Ebony's dark, mammoth rod was a full three feet long, and even thicker than Dee Dee's. Ebony sported a huge pair of swollen testicles that were almost as big as Dee Dee's, but were much more in proportion to the rest of her cock.
Although Barocca was obviously in a great hurry to be the first to have Jordan, it didn't take long at all, before the other four girls were rock hard and ready for action too. As Barocca walked over to her, Jordan noticed that she was the only one who hadn't said anything yet this afternoon.

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