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Milking Time B4 Chapter 6 Barocca & Jeanne

Chapter 6: The Girls' Night Out - Barocca & Jeanne's Adventure

It was nearly midnight on Saturday, the day before the Main Event was scheduled. Barocca and Jeanne each double-checked their bags to make certain that they had not forgotten anything, and then stealthily left Barocca's quarters, and made their way through the corridors to Dee Dee's lab on the other side of the Island.
"Are you sure we're going to be able to pull this off, Barocca?" asked Jeanne. "What if we're caught?"
"I've told you Jeanne. I've got a program in place that'll mask any video camera footage of us in the corridors, that might be taken. It'll also cover up any door locks or mechanisms we have to trip or bypass to get into Dee Dee's lab. The only thing that could possibly happen is if some night owl actually bumps into us in person. And I think that's highly unlikely, because everyone wants to get a good night's sl**p, so they're fresh and ready to watch, or participate in the Main Event tomorrow."
The girls walked through several more corridors before they were actually in front of the door to Dee Dee's lab. Barocca pressed the entry code, and tried the handle. The door stayed firmly locked.
"Shit. Dee Dee's gotten more paranoid than I thought," muttered Barocca. "She's changed the entry code again. All right. This will take a little longer than I thought, but it's not going to stop us."

Barocca reached into her totebag, and brought out a small screwdriver. She pried the bottom cover of the door lock mechanism up about a quarter inch. Enough to expose part of the inner workings, but not enough to damage it.
Next, Barocca produced a small handheld device about the size of a calculator. It had two wire leads extending from it, with small toggle clips at the end. Barocca inserted each lead into the exposed door lock, and clipped them on a specific point inside. Then she flicked a switch on the side of the device, and powered it on. She entered a few keystrokes, and immediately, a series of five digit numbers began flashing on the display screen.
"Standard decryption device," Barocca explained to Jeanne. "One advantage to being in such a small society here, is that it's no secret what types of hardware, computers and other mechanical devices we have here on the Island. Including electronic door locks. Once I found out earlier what we used on the Island, it wasn't too hard for some of my friends and contacts to find a way to crack it off the Internet.
"This particular model only accepts up to five digit entry codes. This little device will go through and enter all umpteen-thousand possibilities in under two minutes, until it finds the right one."
After a moment, the device gave three soft beeps, and displayed the entry code. Barocca entered the digits, and unlocked the door to the lab. She carefully removed the wire leads, and pressed the lock cover back to its normal position.

"Okay. We're through the front door," said Barocca, as she closed the door after Jeanne. "If everything goes smoothly, we shouldn't be here more than about three hours. That'll still leave plenty of time for us to be back in my quarters, before anyone would even think of coming in here.
"Step number one, Jeanne, is for you to go over to the scanning chamber, and power up all of these switches, in the order I've laid out for you on this index card. It needs about fifteen minutes to cycle up, and be ready for use. Call me if you've got any questions, or if anything is different than what I've got laid out for you. I'll be over here installing the program on the main computer."
While Jeanne began to prepare the scanning chamber, Barocca went to work on Dee Dee's PC with the alien software. After the massive download she'd received, Barocca had copied all the data onto several CD's. The first one was a bootable CD, and it quickly began copying massive amounts of data onto Dee Dee's hard disk.
Once the first program was installed, Barocca began filling in the data with her vital statistics. All of her body measurements, her bl**d type, as well as numerous medical readings and specifications went into the program. Barocca had even had to read up in some on-line medical journals earlier, to be certain just what some of them were. Eventually, the program knew just about every physiological detail that there was to know about her.
"According to your instructions, this device is ready to go, Barocca," called Jeanne.
"Okay, great. I've just finished things up at my end, Jeanne," replied Barocca, as she ran a quick check on the machine's status.
"Okay, we're at the point of no return now, Jeanne. I'm going to settle into the machine now, and let it work its magic on me." Barocca had stripped naked, and was lying on her back on the cushioned table of the machine.
"Are you sure you know what you're doing, Barocca?" asked Jeanne. There was a look of genuine concern and care on her face.
"I'm as ready as I'll ever be, Jeanne. The software these folks sent me has worked once before, so I have no doubt it'll do the job this time too."
"I know that you tried to explain it to me once before, but I still don't understand how this is supposed to work."
"In a nutshell it's like this, Jeanne. Dee Dee's machine works on the computer principle of 'cut and paste'. That's oversimplifying it, I know. But we don't have time for a full-blown explanation. See all the miniature circuitry and wiring on the inside of the plastic dome or cover?"
The machine had a large cover of material that looked similar to Plexiglas. It was also cut in the same shape of the old style plastic covers that were used on helicopters to cover the outside stretchers used for transporting medical patients.
"When Dee Dee's ready to give a girl a cock, she uses a template, and lets the machine graft, or surgically attach it to her. It does all the work, including doing all the physical and biological changes necessary to the body. She uses the same template for everyone. That's why all the girls who first receive their cock look exactly the same there, for about two weeks. Then the body accepts the new addition, and the skin tone changes, and other very subtle differences in size and shape become apparent over time. Once we're fully developed, the girls all have cocks that are slightly varied and different looking.
"For tonight, I've set the machine to 'copy' or capture my entire body, from head to toe using the new software. After it's done with that, I get out of the machine. Then we set it to 'paste' or create a new me, from all the data that it's absorbed or captured from me."
"So what we've done is turn this thing into the world's largest 'Xerox' machine," said Jeanne.
"For lack of a better term, yes," giggled Barocca. "Only this 'copy' of me is only good for twenty four hours. Okay, Jeanne. It's gonna take almost half an hour to scan everything on me.
I can't talk, and I have to be as still as possible while it does this. So just relax and read a magazine or something, and just wait for me to finish. Above all, don't touch any computer in the room for any reason. Once I'm done here, we can talk more about what happens in the future.
"Lower the cover down on me, Jeanne, and make sure it snaps into place. Then go to Dee Dee's computer, and just click on the START button, on the program that I've got open."

Jeanne did as Barocca had instructed her, and moved to the computer. She clicked the mouse on the button indicated on Dee Dee's PC. A very quiet hum began to emanate from the machine, as it powered up and came to life. A series of multi-colored lights began flashing and moving across Barocca's body in up and down, and back and forth patterns. The thickness of the Plexiglas shield obscured Barocca's body to begin with, and the lights made it even more difficult to tell what was going on inside the small chamber.
"The effect from all those lights is like a cross between a large copier machine, and the old 'transporter effect' on the Star Trek series," thought Jeanne. Half an hour later, Dee Dee's PC beeped quietly, and a window flashed on the screen.
"Process Complete. Operation Successful," Jeanne read to herself. "Well, so far, so good. Now to see just how Barocca's doing." Jeanne waited for the machine to completely quiet down, and for all the lights and any other sign of activity to abate. She gently unlocked the cover mechanism, and opened it. Barocca was still for a moment, and then opened her eyes and smiled at Jeanne.
"How do you feel, Barocca?"
"Well, I'm a little stiff from having to remain perfectly still for so long. And it might take my eyes a bit to adjust from all the flashing lights in there. But otherwise, I feel fine, Jeanne.
"On to the next step, girlfriend. I'll run a quick check on the results of the program on Dee Dee's PC, and then if everything looks okay, I'll set it to do a 'paste' and create a clone of me."
Barocca quickly examined all the data that the machine had gathered from her body, and compared it to a list of the readings she had entered before they started. "Beautiful! Physically, there's no variations or differences whatsoever. I'll just set things up to do the final procedure."
Barocca entered a few more commands and keystrokes on the PC, to set up the final program. From there, she walked to the cloning machine, and closed the cover again, and made several small adjustments. Then she started the main program from Dee Dee's PC again. The machine came quietly to life again, and the pattern of glittering and flashing lights appeared again.
"And now we simply bake at three hundred degrees for one hour until it's a golden brown color, and voila! An instant shemale clone of yours truly," chuckled Barocca.
As they waited for the machine to perform it's magic, and create a clone of Barocca, the girls had an hour to wait.
"Do you really think that this will fool the other girls tomorrow, Barocca?" asked Jeanne.
"Well physically, she'll be an exact duplicate of me, including my cock. The only problem with the software these people supplied me with, is her intelligence. She's not gonna be much smarter than some of the trollops they portrayed you and me as, when we were modeling.
"But for tomorrow, she's not going to be expected to do much more than fuck Jordan hot and heavy. And I have no doubt she'll be able to do that without any problems. Like I said before, I only wish I could be there in person to do it to Jordan myself.
"I've been able to give her a really limited vocabulary and education for tomorrow's activities. She knows who the five other girls in the room in the Main Event are. And I've given her a burning desire to fuck Jordan senseless, in any way that she can. Her natural desires ought to kick in, once she sees Jordan's cunt, and sees the other gals begin humping her.
"Everyone knows that I'm pissed off at Jordan to begin with. So for the time it takes the Main Event to play itself out, I'm banking that she can get by with a minimum of conversation, and a lot of grunts and groans, and fool the others. That'll give us time to do what we need to do in this very room tomorrow."
"Only everyone will think you're in the Main Event, fucking Jordan. And they won't even know about me, until it's too late," said Jeanne.
"Exactly, girlfriend! I'll have an ironclad alibi for where I was, even if someone should somehow suspect that we might have been in here."
The girls passed the rest of the time that Barocca's clone was being created with some idle chatter. Just over an hour later, Dee Dee's computer beeped softly again. The familiar windows "Process Complete" and "Operation Successful" were flashed on the screen.
"Okay, Jeanne. Now's the time for the grand unveiling," said Barocca.
"Unveil what, Barocca? The entire window's all fogged up. I can't see a thing in there."
"That's because the machine did a tremendous amount of creating more new matter and new life, than it ever has before. It produced an entirely new human body this time, instead of just a cock like it usually does. Give me a hand with all of the locks and switches on this thing, Jeanne."
After letting the machine completely cycle down and power off, the girls unfastened the locking mechanisms on the Plexiglas cover. Steam and mist were released into the air. When it had cleared, both Jeanne and Barocca stared in awe and wonder at what they had just created. A perfect duplicate of Barocca was lying on the surface of the chamber of the machine.
From her soft curly hair, to her beautifully defined face and cheekbones, it was an exact duplicate of Barocca. Every detail of her body, including her cock and balls, her full breasts, and her pussy had been flawlessly reproduced.
"Holy shit, Barocca..." Jeanne softly exclaimed. "Not even your own mother could tell the two of you apart. But what about how she'll talk, and how she'll act?"
"There's no time like the present, to find out, Jeanne. Help me get her out of the machine and into one of the chairs. We'll let her rest there for a few minutes, while I run the uninstall program, that'll remove any traces of our activities tonight from Dee Dee's computer."
Both girls helped the clone of Barocca into one of Dee Dee's swivel chairs. Jeanne held her hands, while Barocca put the finishing touches on Dee Dee's PC.
"What's your name, honey?" asked Jeanne.
"I'm Barocca," the clone replied, as if she were just awakening from a deep sl**p.
"And do you know where you are?"
"I'm on the Island. But I don't recognize this room."
Barocca turned from the PC, as she finished the uninstalling process, and smiled at her clone. "That's because you're in the doctor's area of the Island. You just had your checkup with her. This is your cousin, Jeanne. And I'm your twin s****r, Barocca. Mom was never very imaginative with names, and since we look so similar, we decided to just keep the same name, when we came to the Island."
The clone smiled, and nodded in seeming acceptance at what Barocca had just said.
Barocca gave Jeanne a deliberate wink when her gaze was turned from the clone. It wasn't the most believable story ever invented, granted. But it would do for the spur of the moment, and satisfy the clone's limited intelligence, for her purposes.
"You've had a long day, honey," Barocca told her clone. "The doctor had to put you under, and run some tests, but you're fine. We'll just get you home, and let you sl**p for a while.
"Jeanne, get her robe out of your bag, and we'll get her covered up for the trip home."
Barocca made a final inspection of Dee Dee's lab, and was satisfied that there were no traces of any of the activities that had taken place in the last few hours. The girls helped the clone into the bathrobe, and then giving her partial support between them, they walked carefully back along the deserted corridors to Barocca's quarters.
Once they were safely back in her quarters, Barocca turned to Jeanne. "There's just one thing I want to check, before we tuck her in for the night." Barocca faced her clone. "Do you know who Jordan is, honey?"
For a moment, the clone seemed puzzled. Then a light went on in her eyes as she recalled Barocca's thoughts that had been programmed into her. "Jordan.... Jordan. Little blonde girl. Don't like her for some reason." The clone began to fondle her cock and balls. "Want to fuck Jordan. Want to fuck her real bad."
"That's right, honey. That's right," said Barocca. "You and some of your friends are going to fuck Jordan tomorrow. Long and hard. Hot and deep. You just get some rest, and don't get too excited just yet. Just save yourself for tomorrow."
After the girls had seen the clone safely to bed, Jeanne and Barocca settled down on the sofa, and the recliner chair. "I guess we'll have to 'rough it' for one night, Jeanne. But it's not too big a sacrifice to make."
"So what've you got planned for the clone tomorrow, Barocca?"
"Well, we let her get a good sl**p. We were done in the lab quicker than I thought. It's only just past 3:00AM now. We'll wake her around 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning. She doesn't have to be at the Main Event until just after Noon. We'll give her a good breakfast, and also give her a few vitamins so she's really raring and ready to go. Then we send her off, and let her hump her brains out, with the others, as they put Jordan through the wringer.
"I know she's only got a lifespan of twenty four hours, but it'll be long enough to do what I need her to do. The Main Event should last anywhere from a few hours, to maybe five or six hours, if Jordan somehow manages to pull off an upset. That's still plenty of time for her. Once she's back here after the Main Event, I'll just put something in her drink to make her sl**p, and that'll be the last thing that she remembers.
"Once the clone leaves here tomorrow morning, we'll wait about an hour, until we know everyone's watching the Main Event. Then we'll be free to sneak into Dee Dee's lab again. And then I'll have enough free time so that I can give you the treatment. After that, you'll be one of the f****y here."
"You mean I finally get to have my own cock?" asked Jeanne gleefully.
"That's right girlfriend. I'm gonna put so much meat between your legs, that you'll make a Brahma bull blush, when he gets a look at you."
"I can hardly wait, Barocca ."
"I've been waiting for someone like you for a long time too, Jeanne. Let's get some sl**p tonight, because we've got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow too."

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