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Milking Time B4 Chapter 3 Barocca's Master Pl

Chapter 3: Barocca's Master Plan

After Barocca pulled out of Jeanne for the last time, both girls quickly collapsed and fell asl**p. The next morning, Barocca was up early, and poring over Dee Dee's notes and programs in her computer files. Later on, Barocca could hear Jeanne stirring in the bedroom, as she cleaned up and took a shower.
"Morning, Barocca. How long have you been up?"
"I'm afraid I beat you out of the sack by a couple of hours."
"Damn. How do you do it? I mean we were up late talking to begin with, and then fucking and sucking after that. I don't see how you do it."
"Well Jeanne, the vitamins and stimulants we take here help some for a start. Plus we also preach regular exercise or conditioning to everyone here. There's nothing worse than trying to perform and have sex with a tired, out of shape body. Plus after a while, we're used to staying up half the night having sex, and still being fresh the next morning. We can't do it every single night, but we're all in pretty sound condition here. That's something that'll come to you in time, as you spend more time here."
"Okay, Barocca. 'Good things come to she who waits,' and all that stuff. So tell me again about your master plan for me."
"It goes like this, Jeanne. After the way Tiffany and company have treated Jordan, I still think that I'd be within my rights to demand that I be given the opportunity to give someone else special treatment and advancement here on the Island too.
"But the reality of it is that my little sector or 'clique' is in the minority here on the Island. My gut feeling says that Tiffany and her group would find some way to block things or stop it from happening, if I went about it through the proper channels. So, I'm taking matters into my own hands. And the first step was contacting you, and bringing you here to the Island in secrecy.
"I told you last night that Dee Dee has everything computerized on the Island. Including how she performs the surgical techniques. It's just a matter of inputting everything into the computers, and being there to monitor them while the process takes place. You've seen me, and enough photos and videos of others girls that she's worked on to trust that Dee Dee's got things down to a smooth running science here. The real problem is getting enough time, alone and undisturbed in Dee Dee's lab, to get the job done."
"Well, the way I see it Barocca, is that you've either got to do some type of takeover, or figure out a way to be in more than one place at once, so they wouldn't suspect you."
"Exactly what I've been thinking, Jeanne! Trying any kind of takeover would be absolute foolishness. My little clique is outnumbered almost four to one here. But your other suggestion is right along the lines of what I've been thinking of. And I think I've finally hit on the answer.
"While you were sl**ping in, I've been burrowing though Dee Dee's files in more depth. I've come across a test program that she wrote called 'doppel'. That's short for doppelganger, Jeanne. Are you familiar with what that is?"
"That's some kind of clone or duplicate, right Barocca? Only it's kind of creepy or not quite the same as the original?"
"Very good, Jeanne. It's mainly found in ghost and suspense stories. It's the popular term for someone's ghost or spirit, that's seen roaming about in those old Gothic mansions, that's come back from the dead, or isn't resting in peace.
"Dee Dee's been working on a way to try and produce temporary clones of us, to use in our videos. The reason for that is lots of people have written us with requests to see multiples of the same girl in action at once."
"You mean like three of you fucking Ebony, Barocca?"
"Exactly, Jeanne. Or three Tiffany's doing it to two Clyda's. The possibilities are endless. Some guys have such strong fixations on certain girls, that they'd pay plenty to see two of the same identical girl, rather than several other different girls in action."
"Hey, it takes all kinds to make the world go around," said Jeanne. "I guess as long as their money's green, and you could find a way to do it, then everything's cool."
"That's the way that I feel too, Jeanne. Of course, Dee Dee's good with computers, and she knows a lot about medicine and surgery. But she's not that good. There's no way to make 'temporary clones' on a practical basis."
"I've seen enough news on TV to know that they can clone a****ls nowadays," said Jeanne. "But that's a long way from doing it to a human. And the cost involved, and the medical facilities you'd need would be staggering. Not to mention the time involved."
"Medically speaking, it just isn't possible, or even feasible for us to consider it," agreed Barocca. "We also toyed with the idea of trying to do it with computers. I mean if they can make computerized dinosaurs that everyone swore were real in those 'Jurassic Park' films, I thought it wouldn't be that big a stretch to do it with women or shemales. But a lot of the people in the special effect business won't do porn. And the few that were willing to talk to us quoted us such outrageous figures, and the results weren't something we thought would fly, and would really convince the customers.
"So for obvious reasons, the 'temporary clone' idea has never really gotten off the back burner stages. But I've got one trump card left to play, and I think now is the right time to use it."
"Just what have you got in mind, Barocca?"

"Well, Jeanne. I told you ninety-nine percent of everything last night. I kept one dirty little secret out. I'm going to tell you part of it, but not everything. I made a lot of seedy contacts while I was doing porn. Most of them, I'd rather forget all about. But a couple of them did eventually lead me to me some real power players. You wouldn't believe some of the famous people that are some of our best customers here. These are people who can make anything, and I mean anything, happen.
"You've probably wondered why Ebony is so much different than everyone else, right? Dee Dee's rechecked all her figures a thousand times, and she can't figure out what went wrong. She's at a loss to explain why Ebony's a foot bigger, upstairs and downstairs, than everyone else here on the Island.
"The truth is, there's nothing wrong with Dee Dee's calculations. I give her credit for being good at her craft. Ebony turning out the way she did was the result of a little intervention by yours truly. In the chat rooms and in e-mails, I asked the guys what their wildest fantasies with me and some of the other shemales would be. One of them said he wanted to see us girls even bigger, stronger and more outrageously hung between our legs than we already were.”
“You’ve gotta be k**ding me,” said Jeanne incredulously.
“Hey, nobody thought there’d be a market for girls with boobs the size of basketballs, and then they got even bigger,” replied Barocca. “Look at the porn market nowadays. Anyway, one of my ‘fans’ said he was some kind of medical technician in the Washington DC area. And not only did he want to see a black shemale who dwarfed me in size, he said he knew a way to actually make it happen. He said since Ebony was already changed into a shemale, he had a program that would simply enlarge her from head to toe.
“Part of me thought it was complete bullshit, and that I’d just be letting him con me out of a few photo sets and custom videos. But since Dee Dee had actually made us what we were, I thought there might be a possibility of him actually being right.
"He sent me a CD, and also showed me how to hack into and map a drive into Dee Dee’s computers with a password cracking program, so I wouldn’t even have to get into the lab. I just had to be sure and run it on Dee Dee's PC the night before one of Ebony's routine physicals. Along with the standard scans and tests, it bathed and transformed Ebony with sometime of bizarre radiation, and turned her into what she is now shortly afterward. For a long time, Ebony and I really ran things the way that we wanted to on our side of the Island.
"And it also automatically removed and deleted all references and traces of itself from her PC afterwards. Since then Dee Dee upped the security measures on her computers, so that nothing can be done on them from a remote connection; we’ll have to do it in person. I've gone into the CD and looked at some of the files that are on it. I'm not into computers the way that Dee Dee is. But I could tell that what's on there is light years ahead of anything that medical science is even close to putting out now."
"Sounds like whoever you got this from must be pretty high up in some government circles, Barocca," said Jeanne.
"That'd be my guess too, Jeanne," replied Barocca. "I tried making some polite inquiries about the CD and those files, and I ran into more cover-ups and closed doors than an X-Files episode. But that was several years ago. I'm gonna make a few more phone calls and see if these folks have got anything up their sleeve that might be an answer for the cloning problem."
"Isn't that kind of activity going to draw unwanted attention to you here, Barocca?"
"Ordinarily, yes. But I've got a secure phone line here. As well as other security precautions that let me do just about anything that I want. That was how I managed to contact you, and get you here to the Island without anyone else knowing about it.
"So, I'm gonna burn up the phone lines for a bit, Jeanne. The less you know about the people I'm in contact with, the better. You can watch some TV, and grab something from the refrigerator for breakfast. I should be done in about an hour."

An hour later, Barocca emerged from the bedroom after engaging in another marathon series of long-distance telephone calls.
"You wouldn't believe some of the red tape that I had to cut through to get things done, Jeanne. At the beginning, nobody would even talk to me, or acknowledge that the CD they gave me even existed. So then I mentioned a few key filenames, and also hinted that their 'non-existent' CD might just find itself posted on the Internet. After that, they were falling all over themselves to give me whatever I wanted."
"That's my girlfriend. How to win friends and influence people."
"You got that right, Jeanne. They'll be sending me a major download onto my computer all this afternoon, and it'll probably take part of tomorrow too. After it's done, all we do is fill in all of my vital statistics. And then we burn a CD and take it to Dee Dee's lab, and it'll do the rest."
"And just exactly what are we gonna get out of this, Barocca?"
"We get a temporary clone or 'doppelganger' of me, Jeanne. Physically, she'll be an exact duplicate of me, including all the sexual organs. They've told me that she'll have my winning face and smile too; she won't look like some kind of out spaced-out ghost or goblin.
"The one down side is that she'll have a vocabulary that's about the size of my bust measurement. However, since she'll be taking my place in the 'Main Event', the other girls won't be expecting her to say a lot."
"Whoa! Slow down, Barocca. Start over from the beginning. I'm missing a few steps in your 'master plan'," exclaimed Jeanne.
"Okay, Jeanne. Sorry if I confused you a bit. Here's how it goes. After everything downloads from my 'friends in high places', we input my statistics into the program, and then burn a CD, so that we can install that program on Dee Dee's computers in her lab, and use it.
"We're gonna have to sneak into Dee Dee's lab the night before the main event, and we use that CD to make a clone or doppelganger of me. The clone will have a life span of twenty-four hours. She'll take my place in the main event, as everybody reams Jordan within an inch of her life. The only thing that's missing is I won't be there to personally butt-fuck Jordan, but I'm sure there'll be other opportunities for that."
"Last time I checked Barocca, sneaking into someone's lab in the middle of the night is probably called 'breaking and entering'. Don't they frown on that here?"
"Probably. But crime is practically unheard of here on the Island. So I doubt we'll be facing any type of serious security systems from Dee Dee.
"The very next morning, the clone takes my place in the main event. The whole Island is geared up to watch this in the first place. So not only will we have nearly the entire day to ourselves undisturbed; I'll have an ironclad alibi because everyone will be watching 'me' in the main event the whole time.
"And then we use the 'quality time' in Dee Dee's lab the next day, to let the machine work its magic on you, Jeanne. By the end of the day, you'll emerge as a fully-developed shemale, with enough meat between her legs to give anybody short of Ebony, a run for their money in a size contest."
"Damn, Barocca! You sure don't do anything halfway, do you?"
"Hey, drastic times call for drastic measures," Barocca replied with a laugh. "And my folks always told me that if you're gonna do something, never do it halfway. Go for broke, or don't do it at all.
"Well, I think that's enough 'action and intrigue' for one morning, don't you, Jeanne? We've got a few hours to kill, while everything downloads onto my PC. I'm sure you're more than anxious to get another taste of my cock, and try your luck with me again, aren't you?"
"Barocca, you read my mind, girl! Get that hunk of meat ready and whip it out!"
The next several hours passed by quickly, as Barocca let Jeanne suck and fuck to her heart's content.

At roughly the same time as Barocca and Jeanne were settling down for an afternoon of fun and games, another figure was planning his own course of action.
Almost a thousand miles to the North, somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagon, in an office of a Government Agency that only a handful of people even knew existed, a figure folded his hands together, and mulled over his thoughts in quiet contemplation.
He chuckled to himself as he went over recent events in his mind. Mulder and Scully were still as befuddled as they had ever been when it came to uncovering any of the schemes and various conspiracies that he'd brought to fruition. He paused to light a cigarette, and take a long, leisurely puff. The conversation he'd just had with Barocca had been unsettling to say the least.
"Just who the hell does that little cunt think she is," he muttered to himself. "Trying to blackmail and intimidate me, of all people. And as for her claims of having a 'secure line', and me not being able to trace a phone call to her; well, she's got another thing coming.
"After all, we're the ones who invented the word sneaky. We've got a system that can trace a phone call anywhere in the world, as it happens, when people call the White House. So it shouldn't be too much trouble to find out just what I want to know about my nosy little friend, Barocca."
He opened a certain application on his computer, and tapped a number of keys, as he entered in a request for a trace on a recent phone call. A few moments later, Barocca's original phone number was displayed on his screen.
"I knew that little snot wasn't as smart as she thought she was," as he scanned the information. "Son of a bitch. I don't see any street address or other location data. The only thing we can pinpoint for certain, is that from the area code, and the prefix, she called from somewhere in the Bahamas.
"But if she thinks she's heard the last of this, she's sadly mistaken. I don't know what kind of software she's received from us or someone else in the past. But unless she's completely incompetent, she ought to realize that software is many years advanced beyond anything that any lab on Earth can turn out nowadays. I think it's high time that Barocca met the owners of that software.
"When we retrieved that technology from the crashed saucer back in the 60's, we never dreamed that the aliens would actually come back to salvage their craft. That was a major fucking mess, convincing the aliens we didn't know what happened to the technology on their craft. But we still wound up holding onto a full copy of everything for ourselves. They were so mad, they were ready to shoot first and ask questions later back then.
"I think that the Vectrans would be extremely interested to find out that someone else has been using their technology without their consent."
He pressed a button on the side of the desk, and a panel slid open to reveal an extremely advanced modem/scrambler device. He connected a cable from his PC to the modem device, and then quickly typed up a message that was short and to the point.
If the Vectrans wanted to track down their missing technology, all they'd have to do was to look on a certain island in the Bahamas. He didn't have Barocca's address, but from the trace he had run earlier, and the prefix of the telephone number, he was able to list the approximate location of the Island.
He took another puff on his cigarette, and slowly exhaled the smoke as the data transferred from the computer to the modem. The message was transferred to the modem from the PC. With a series of blinking lights and whirring noises, it was scrambled and coded into a language that they could easily understand. From there it was sent to one of the transmitting satellites, and then out to its final destination.
"Now Miss Barocca will find what happens when you don't let sl**ping dogs lie, and fuck with people that you shouldn't fuck with."

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