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Nice Sunday to worst sunday

Hello guys
Hope everyone doing great and enjoy my true story
Sorry again guys not very good English so grammar its not their

We all enjoy our Sunday especially now it’s NFL Playoff guys into games so am I
I just buy new big screen TV and love watching games at my on place.

As I woke up on Sunday late morning around 11:30 am still im in my sweet bouquet layered baby doll (nitie) making coffee and doing dishes get my coffee sit on couch watching TV my cell phone ring one of good all Spanish she male friend (Rosie) who was about to go out back to Mexico her grand ma was sick and she ask me if I can help her with some money as u know on ur worst day only friend you can count on agree to loan her some money and I told her I can bring her money to her place she agree and I jump in the shower quick get ready wearing tights and long tank top in white with lace bra under regular heels no panties as I drove to her apartment hand her money she have black boyfriend I know who stay with her but not business to ask why she not getting money from her bf but answer was found one day she told me once he don’t work and he lived on her pay check was just surprise to see men stay on gf pay check don’t want to work anyway she ask me to drop her at bus stop in downtown. As I take her to bus stop she start crying on her way I ask her what’s going on she told me how deep she under financial she lost her job do to being she male and her bf not helping her at all.
As she got on bus I left excited to watch football on big TV. As I got home surprise to see Rosie bf was in parking lot waiting for me. I came out of my SUV and he step out of his car telling me I been waiting for u I ask why he reply want to watch game I bring 6 pack beers you guys like for second I just want to slap him but I ignore him walk away to my door he follow me. I unlock my door have him come in and I got phone call from Rosie telling me thank you for money loan I really want to tell her bf here with six pack beers but felt she will get mad bf not helping her on bills so I told her make her feel better don’t worry when u get back I help her find you good job and she can move on from her life as I hang up on her Rosie bf (sorry forgot to mention his name Marcus)
Sitting on couch with beer in his hand turn TV on watch ESPN I sit on couch far from him watching sports news as I get up go to use restroom walk back to couch Marcus sitting on his shorts t-shirts on floor few beers cans empty calling doll u have nice jiggling ass I told Marcus he needs stop it what he does to Rosie and we start talking he start telling me story how his friends don’t like because of Rosie she is transsexual and I kind a feel bad soft heart and all that I got up sit close to him talking to him nice way explaining him how much Rosie mean to me and how she was crying in my car because of him and he start telling me story how he don’t get job his hands on my thighs rubbing gentle and out of no where he kiss me squeezing my boobs over my top and I push him but he start kissing me again putting his between my legs grab my crotch squeeze whispering I wont let him fuck me he tells Rosie I invited him and I stole her guy he will leave her for second I thought she wont believe him but I realize she will because I didn’t tell her Marcus here so I ask him what if I let him fuck me will he leave Rosie alone he reply when ever he wants to fuck me then he will its not one time deal I just sit their thinking helping Rosie so I told him once a week he reply three time a week final he agree twice a week and quickly pull down his shorts I just stare for second after view his big Marcus meat I look at him mad he say don’t back up on our deal now doll I close my eyes bend down start sucking his cock all I hear from him you much better then Rosie and slowly his on my lower back rubbing and going lower to my ass grab my butts squeeze very hard and I was having hard time sucking his cock when he got harder and more thicker few mins later he push me get up saying in very mad voice as I did and he pulls my tights down grab my hips try to turn me roughly as I turn he stare my butts let big noise out oooo dam doll that’s a nice piece of ass he gets up spank my left butts cheek very hard I let big ouch sound and he grab my hand pull me to walk with him to bedroom as we get their he push me face down spread my butts cheeks apart saying dam Marcus u r upgrade from that bitch to this I turn my head to look at him way his face smiling and I see this big hand come down hard on my right butt cheek slap I sure felt that slap harder then other one I reach to rub he grab my hand hold it in his hand strong grip saying to me don’t you touch that ass its Marcus ass now doll
I realize I got my self in to worst he spit on my asshole shoved his cock hard I let big scream out he pull out to edge shove back in harder I couldn’t stop scream for few mins Marcus continue to do that I felt I’m getting split in half and pulls out dam doll look at this ass I try not to look at him or his cock I reach felt big hole open and he reply don’t worry after Marcus done with you this hole stay open for few hours
He shoved in hard and start fucking very hard and rough im in bed screaming for my life lay on bed face down he pulls out grab my hairs pulls me to floor make me suck his cock for few mins hand full of my hairs pulling me up shoved me back on bed this time on my back grab me by ankle lifting my legs in air holding on ankle in his other grab his cock head shove back in my ass hard start pounding harder none stop im screaming oh god oh god he pulls out again sit on top of make me suck his cock again telling me very loud you Marcus bitch now Marcus bitch doll grab my hairs again pulling me off the bed get me on my hands and knees on floor fuck me more pounding harder in and out finally stop deep inside pull my hairs hard whispering in my ears now you know why Rosie like me bitch slap my butts let go my hairs start pounding none stop my knees getting weaker and pull out quick grab my hairs again pull me to his cock start cum all over my face make me suck his cum out more as I did and then he push me down on floor telling me pointing finger at me don’t u ever get on my business bitch deal its off Rosie have to feed me for rest of her life if you ever tell her leave Marcus I will come back with some homie we will fuck you until u past out I look at him see those hungry eyes scare me I told him in come down low voice leave my place he spit on my body left the room for mins I just stay on floor very nervous and scare didn’t know what to do and I hear door slam I got up slowly shaky and walk out of room limping see his not their quickly walk to door lock sit by door start crying for min I got up slowly walk to restroom took shower wash his cum on my face and hairs came out slowly I steel feel his cok was in my ass hurting and open little went to closet grab my sort sundress put it on walk to couch shaking scare hope he never come back again lay on couch fall sl**p when I woke up its was 9:05 pm dark outside feeling so much pain on my bottom from sore I call Rosie her phone goes to voicemail I guss her phone maybe die or she wasn’t getting service I walk to my restroom stand front of mirror pulling my dress up turn see my butts was blue red color and spread my butts cheeks and still see my asshole was little open I walk to kitchen slowly make me tuna sandwiches and try to sit on chair felt different kind of pain start crying grab my sandwiches and walk to bedroom lay face down eat grab painkiller from dresser took few pills and sl**p like baby

Mr. Marcus I hope someday some one will hurt u what u did to me on Sunday you deserve it asshole

Sorry guys few days was tough today I finally feel a lot better that y I got time to get online tells you guys what happen to me this past Sunday
Please be nice too all transsexual we do have feeling to and we do feel pain

Thank you hope everyone enjoy this one and please do leave comments and will try to reply back to everyone and please rate my stories too
Thank you
Love you all

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