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Having fun with our school PE teacher

As a group of teenage boys at school we were always horny loving seeing the girls in their uniforms and in PE class as we all ran about doing different sports, but what we all really loved was the girls PE teacher miss wilson, she was around 25 and had an amazing body, the track suit she would wear just clung to her perfect curves showing just how perfect her bum was.

It was after one lesson that me and three of my friends had to stay behind after school and help to but away the sports equipment we had been using, joking around as we always did and saying how hot miss wilson looked, "god if would be amazing to have sex with here" one of my friends said and we all just smiled and nodded, it was then that one of them came back from the store room with a big smile on his face,"guess what guys I just saw miss wilson in the showers", we all just looked at each other and raced to the girls shower room.

True enough when we got there we could hear the water running and knew that it had to be miss wilson as it was after school and all the students had gone already, we peeked round the wall and there she was naked the warm water and soap sliding all over her body, we all seemed to let out a low moan at seeing her which made miss wilson turn to see the four of us staring at her.

"what have we here then" she said just looking at us not bothering to cover up, "do you want to wank while I shower" she said with a cheeky smile, none of us could believe what was happening and we looked at each other, "erm miss your not mad at us" I said "dont be silly your just teenages I would be surprised if you didn't want to see women naked" at hearing that we stepped into the shower still away from miss wilson and the water but know she could see us and we could see ever perfect part of her.

She looked down and it was clear we were all very turned on "I think if your going to wank you should take your clothes off and come closer so you have a better view" and with hearing that we wasted no time stripping off and going closer to her, we watched and wanked as she continued to rub soap all of her body caressing her tits and teasing her pussy softly moaning as she went, "its ok were in the shower so you can cum over me if you like" this sent me over the edge and I shot me load hitting miss wilson on the leg, my friends soon followed and slashed their cum on her too, she just smiled and rubbed it away "right first one to get hard again gets to fuck me first"

We just smiled at each other thinking what we were doing being in the shower with miss wilson and we were going to each fuck her, well being teenage boys and super horny it wasn't long before we were hard again, miss wilson turned off the shower and lay on the floor spread her legs and said "so who's first", I could wait and just trust my cock deep inside her and pounded away hard and fast till I exploded filling her with my hot spunk, she moaned as I slipped out and one of my friends took my place fucking her hard and fast, we each took are turn fucking miss wilson and cuming inside her while she moaned with pleasure, then getting are cocked sucked while we waited to go again sometimes just blowing are loads over her face if we couldn't wait and watching her smile and we used her like a sex doll.

We then turned her over and took turns spit roasting her filling her mouth and pussy with are cum over and over, we were so horny ever if we came fast the other guy would just go and we would be ready again when he would cum, she stopped cum dripping from her pussy and face she smiled "ok one last go and then thats it....for today at least" she said with a naughty smile and lay down and spread her bum cheeks, we were hard and ready each taking a turn to pound her tight little bum and fill it with our cum, miss wilson lay there are cum covering her smiling as she looked at each of us and the got up and turned on the shower and we started to clean ourselves giving her a little tease every now and then, each of us thinking we were going to be doing a lot more helping miss wilson clean up the sports equipment after school from now on.

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