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Fucked a slut at a Daytona Beach strip club

I I have been working out of town for the last 2 weeks. I have been staying at a hotel at New Smyrna Beach. 30 minutes up the road is Daytona. Last week I went to a club the name I will not mention. I sat down and ordered a crown and coke. This blonde girl about 27 sat next me and we chatted for about an hour. She after I wanted to go into the champagne room. I ask how much and she replied 100 dollars. I said sure and we went to the back room. Now these clibs are no nudity but in the bag they take everything off. She undressed and started to grind me. I was rubbing on her tits and pussy. She was getting excited and I thought for sure I was going to get some. In the champagne room it is a 4 song dance for the 100 dollars. Well she was really starting to get into and grinding the fuck out of my cock through my jeans. She was sweating and by the end of the third song the bitch came on my jeans!! She gets off me and lights a cigarette and just stood there through the fourth song telling me how much she needed that. I was like what the fuck this is supposed to be. She laughted and said you're right I should be paying you. Well needless to say she did not pay me catch my money. I was thinking to myself these are not like some of the other clubs I've been to. I ended up leaving and went back to my hotel.
The next night I decided to try a different club. I went to a club closer to the beach. When I sat down I ordered a crown coke. A slut wasted no time sitting next to me. She had a gorgeous face and we talked for about 15 minutes and shewas called up to the stage. I watched her dance and was sipping my drink and realize my drink sucked. I ask the cocktail waitress about it she told me they poured out of a button. I was pissed about it and took my loss and left. I decided to go back to the club I went to the night before. When I sat down this black girl sat next to me. She was gorgeous 6 foot 1 C cups and one hell of a ass. Her panties have the initials OMG. She ask if I wanted to go to champagne room. I was Leary because of the night before. I ended up giving in and told her I would. she asked if I wanted to keep it simple.... I reply do I look like a simple person. She laughed and we proceeded to the champagne room. When we got back there she asked if I wanted a handjob. I replied hell yeah and she said it would cost in additional 40 dollars. I told her let's do it. She whipped out my cock and wraps her black and around it. I instantly got hard and was playing with her titties and told her how much I would love to feel my cock between them. Ahe said she can do that and wrap them chocolate titties around my cock. Damn I loved seeing my white meet slide between them natural breasts. I was caught up in the moment enjoying her manipulating my cock that I lost track of time. before I knew it the door man yells 1 song left. I was make it to myself I I need to bust a nut now are it will cost me another 100 dollars. I told her to straddle me and start stroking. She placed her pussy on my balls and started stroking my cock up and down. The warmth of her pussy set my balls tingling and before no time I was squirting my white cum all over her hand! We cleaned up and kiss each other on the cheek and I left a much happier man tonight before.
Last night I decided to go back up to the club hoping to see my chocolate delight. 1 of the girls told me I missed her by an hour. I must say I was disappointed. There with another girl that was there to tonight's I was there and when I say she was fine that is a understatement. I remember several time she walked by I would tell her that I thought she was very fine. she approached me and asked what I going to get a dance from her. She look too good to be a dirty slut so I told her I would think about it. she came back a little later and and whispered in my ear, when are you going to do a No Limit dance with me.... I was sitting with a girl already and I laugh and whispered back into her ear, so are you saying I can go to my truck and get my condom. She paused and replied yes. You should have seen up as I got up and ran out to my truck. I came back in and paid her 100 dollars and we went to the back room. She stripped and pulled out my cock and started massaging it. When I got hard shw said it looks like somebody is ready. I slid on my rubber and she started to give me a blowjob. Fuck it fwlt good. Her warm mouth slide up and down on my cock I thought I was going to bust a nut right there. She pulled her head off my cock and and faced her ass to me me and worked her pussy right down on my cock. Damn that young tight pussy felt amazing wrapped around my dick. If you watch a stripper shake her ass you always imagine what it would feel like on your dick. is awesome!! This slut started working her ass on my cock and I was in heaven. She was rocking my cock.deep in her pussy and I could feel all her walls rubbing my shaft. I felt her pussy getting wetter and she started moaning and that was it for me. I grabbed her hips and pushed deep into her and started squirting my hot cum into the rubber and I was imagining that I was filling that's sweet pussy up!! She said she could feel my cock pulsate with every squirt. She jumped off my cock and started to get dress. I left the rubber on untill I went back out to the main room to go to the bathroom to throw it away. This Club has just went on my top 5 list and if you're ever in Daytona you have to check out the club.

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