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Milking Time B3 Chapter 10 Ebony Duz Clyda

Chapter 10: A Night To Remember - Ebony Duz Clyda

Ebony knew that she was ready to find another mate, and fuck someone senseless, and now Clyda was next on the list. Clyda reached out her arms, and eagerly embraced Ebony, as they began to explore each other's bodies.
"Hello, Ebony," said Clyda. "I haven't had you in the longest time. After seeing what you just did to Dee Dee, I hope there's enough energy left in your cock for me."
"Don't you worry about me, Clyda," replied Ebony. "Me and my cock are just getting started here. Speaking of which..." Ebony let her voice trail off, and pointed down to her prick.
Ebony's cock was already tumescent and starting to lengthen and thicken in front of both girls' eyes. Ebony's shaft was slowly rising to nearly a horizontal angle from her crotch, to hover just above the bedcovers, as it grew in size.
The two gorgeous girls remained locked in each other's arms, their huge tits mashed against each other, gazing in each other's eyes. Ebony moved her leg between Clyda's. Each had a thigh pressing against each other's cunt, and they could also feel the thick turgid shafts of their cocks rub against each other. They began grinding together slowly. Their mutual gaze dropped from eyes to lips. Slowly, Ebony began moving her face toward Clyda's. She smiled seductively. Slowly the distance closed. Ebony slid her tongue out and wetly licked her full, lips. Clyda was getting wetter and starting to lose control of her emotions. She could feel her cunt juice oozing out in reaction to the mutual grinding between them. She watched Ebony's lips and tongue getting closer until they were only an inch or two away.
As Clyda found one of her huge breasts and sucked Ebony's nipple deeply between her full, pliant lips, she placed the slick flat of her tongue on the hard teat and massaged it slowly. Ebony threw her head back in arousal, feeling this beautiful woman's teeth biting lightly down around her nipple. Goose bumps sprouted around her breast. Clyda pressed both globes together and began sucking on both, from one to the other, suctioning in the nipples until they were small rocks. As she suctioned one nipple, she could taste a small amount of fluid that leaked from Ebony's teat. She was amazed that Ebony could actually give her some tit milk. But she welcomed it into her mouth and swallowed hungrily.

Clyda knelt down next to the bed with her face on the bedcovers alongside Ebony's cock and watched the transformation of Ebony's cock with awe. It was like watching a slow-motion film of a plant growing to full bloom. The shaft of Ebony's massive prick quickly reached the spot where Clyda's head was, and soon progressed over a foot further, beyond her face, as it lunged and stiffened into its full, magnificent, three-foot length. To complete the effect, and add to the similarity of being compared to a tree limb, veins began to fill with bl**d, and come to life on the shaft of Ebony's cock. Clyda gasped in awe as she took in all of Ebony's beautiful cock.
"What's the matter, girl?" Ebony asked playfully. "Afraid you've bitten off more than you can chew?"
"Not a chance, Ebony," replied Clyda. "It's just been so long since I've seen you like this, as well as having the chance to really enjoy it with you."
"That's right, Clyda," said Ebony. "I'm gonna let you pick just how you want it done, and let you take only as much as you want of me inside of you. Of course, you do have a sort of tough act to follow, after Dee Dee there."
"She always was a showoff," retorted Clyda. "But I do intend to make the most of this golden opportunity here though. I've always favored the good old 'flagpole sitting' position, Ebony."
"Ooh! Going to work without a net on me, are you?" teased Ebony. "Well tonight, your wish is my command, Clyda. Just give me a minute to get situated for you, girl." Clyda moved out of the way, and let Ebony position herself, and lie on her back on the bed.
Clyda knew that Ebony was not exactly what one would call a petite lady; to her awe, Clyda had herself measured Ebony's height in the past, and knew that she stood just over seven feet tall in her stocking feet. No matter how many times she saw Ebony, it was always truly impressive.
Ebony's melon-sized breasts, her firm pair of buttocks, and a wonderful pussy under her flat tummy were easily enough to make any woman or man drool with delight. As she stared at Ebony's long thick thighs, and her gaze move upward towards her crotch, Clyda envied the very best piece of cock to be found on the Island.
Clyda's pussy was becoming wet, just looking at Ebony's monumental cock. But still, despite her incredible horniness, Clyda began to doubt her earlier words. Clyda found it difficult to imagine how she could take Ebony's length of meat into her body without getting her cunt ripped open in the process.
Clyda knew that Ebony's erection was measuring over thirty-six inches. That was over three feet of shemale cock! Even without trying to take in the whole shaft, could Clyda withstand such an awesome impalement? Clyda was soon going to find out.

Ebony reached over and grabbed a large handful of lubricant jelly from a nearby jar. Ebony started at the head of her cock, and began massaging it all up and down the length of her cock. As she gripped her cock, Ebony's hands made loud slicking and slapping sounds as she oiled her shaft up. Ebony looked over and winked at Clyda. "What are you waiting for honey? 'John Henry' here is ready and raring to go."
"Dee Dee was right," said Clyda with awe. "You are even bigger than I remember, Ebony."
"Well maybe I have added a little extra size, from all the stuff Barocca's given me," said Ebony. "But like I told Dee Dee, I'm the Ebony that you knew from the beginning. You know you can trust me not to hurt you, honey."
Deep in her heart, Clyda knew Ebony was being honest and truthful with her. The old Ebony of a few weeks ago would've already had her impaled on her cock instead of asking her nicely, and waiting for her to climb on board. And she would've shoved her cock as far in as she felt like it, with no concern for anyone's pleasure but her own.
By now, Ebony's sexual energy was so intense, just being next to her was causing Clyda to absorb it, and become caught up in the moment. The sight of the Ebony's mighty weapon sent a little tingle through Clyda's body, and her vaginal and ass muscles contracted and relaxed a few times in quick succession, and a warm glow permeated her whole being.
Clyda slowly but surely moved towards Ebony's magnificently beautiful, shiny brown penis, now fully erect and poised for action. It never ceased to amaze Clyda how Ebony's cock had that enormous head at the end of the shaft that was thicker than the rest of the shaft. It would feel exquisite to soon be feeling a high-pressure shot of hot, silky smooth sperm rocket into body from Ebony later on. Another tremor of anticipation tingled through Clyda's body as she prepared to mount Ebony.
Clyda climbed onto the bed, and gingerly positioned herself with her crotch and pussy poised just above Ebony's cockhead. By the time Clyda put the huge cockhead against the swollen lips of her pussy, Ebony's horse-sized cock was trembling with anticipation. Clyda applied a healthy amount of oil to her waiting pussy, which Ebony's cock would soon invade.
Tiffany's bl**d pressure slowly rose, and her heartbeat quickened as she and Dee Dee watched Clyda begin to mount Ebony.
A transformation seemed to overtake Ebony when Clyda made the first contact with her cock. There was the unmistakable feeling of Clyda's soft and pliable, warm and welcoming cunt nestling on top of her cock.
Clyda had the huge tip inside her almost immediately and pumped the shaft with her hands to ease a little of the massive member between her already stretched cunt lips. There was an intense look of concentration on Clyda's face and she had made up her mind she was going to make this work, somehow.
Ebony was trembling in agitation as she lay on the bed, and obviously wanted to get on with the business at hand. Clyda gave a nervous fidget, as she tried to position herself atop Ebony's cock. Ebony's frustration began to show at only being able to penetrate a few inches into Clyda.
"Hey! No fair starting when I wasn't ready," protested Clyda.
"Just k**ding, Clyda," said Ebony. "I said I'd do you the way you wanted, and I meant it. But you're so fucking gorgeous looking up at you from down here, that I just couldn't help myself there for a minute."

Clyda instantly took the only suitable action that would matter. At first Ebony's plunges met some resistance in Clyda. After an amazingly short time however, the resistance lessened, as Clyda's body adjusted to the size of Ebony's cock, and her pussy juices were flowing freely.
Clyda reached down and grasped Ebony's hands with her own for balance. Slowly the entire cockhead penetrated Clyda's pussy, followed quickly by several inches of her shaft, as Clyda's pussy accepted and adapted to the huge invader.
Clyda f***ed herself to hold herself relatively still as she sat atop Ebony's agonizingly splendid thrusts, and by skillfully riding with them most of the way, she allowed Ebony's magnificent cock to sink deeper into her moist white flesh. Clyda poured her whole being into each monstrous stab, and Dee Dee could see her rump quiver with each thrust. Clyda slowly, juicily and with obvious relish, absorbed more and more of Ebony's incredible sausage.
Both Tiffany and Dee Dee echoed Clyda's muffled cry of pleasure when Ebony's immense cock penetrated deep inside Clyda's pussy. It was the final lunge at the end of a superb foot-long stroke from Ebony that did the trick. Now that she was becoming more used to Ebony, Clyda grinned at her, and reached down petted and stroked her cock as best she could and she slowly worked more of her cock into her cunt.
By this time, the lower portion of Clyda's belly was already beginning to bulge out slightly from the mass of firm cockflesh within and Tiffany and Dee Dee could see her progress directly as the bulge moved ever so slowly up her stomach. Clyda took in about twelve inches before she groaned out in pleasure, and had to stop and catch her breath before going any further.

"Clyda, your pussy is just as sweet, and just as fine as I remember it," said Ebony.
"Your cock is still everything I remember and more too," said Clyda. "But I've only just begun here. I want to feel this b**st of yours really fill me up, Ebony."
"Those are the words I've been waiting to hear girl," said Ebony enthusiastically.
As Clyda settled herself down onto Ebony's cock, the determined humping of Ebony's powerful hips began. In the air as Clyda balanced atop Ebony, her downward thrusts onto Ebony's cock began as just a few inches long. But as Clyda gathered courage and confidence in estimating the motions of Ebony, her stabs grew longer, and longer. As she reached down and gripped Ebony's massive shaft Clyda noticed that both hands together barely fit around her fuckpole.
Tiffany could faintly see the length of Ebony's cock outlined on Clyda's belly as she released her grip and let herself fall farther down on Ebony's cock at her own pace. Dee Dee and Tiffany couldn't believe what they were seeing. This beautiful brunette was being fucked completely senseless by Ebony and loving every inch of it. Clyda's head thrashed from side to side as she repeatedly flicked her hips and strained to take even more of Ebony's cock in her, waiting for Ebony to release her seed deep into her hungry pussy.
Clyda quickly made the twelve inches inside her cunt that she had paused at seem almost insignificant. Clyda swallowed more and more of Ebony's cock, forcing inch after inch inside her even faster than when she had begun. This time, Clyda took Ebony by surprise. Within a few moments, Clyda had engulfed a full two feet of Ebony's cock in her pussy.
It was an amazing and extraordinary spectacle: a lovely, flawlessly beautiful brunette, impaled upon the most magnificent shemale cock on the Island. With two feet of Ebony's shiny brown pulsing penis trying with growing effectiveness to find a safe haven in Clyda's womb.

Clyda could stand no more. During one hump she reached down and caught hold of Ebony's balls with her outstretched hand. Being anchored firmly now, the flailing thrusts of Ebony were greeted with a delicious, lubricated sliding of her now rock hard brown penis in and out of Clyda's creamy pink vagina.
"Damn, Clyda," said Ebony. "You weren't k**ding when you said you wanted me deep inside of you. Are you trying to set a record or something?"
"As far as records go," panted Clyda, "I think I've reached mine. I don't think I could take too much more of you, and still see straight tonight."
"Okay, Clyda," replied Ebony. "You don't have to f***e yourself and take any more of me tonight. You just enjoy what I've got inside you so far. But I do have a surprise for you, just like I did for Dee Dee."
Slowly, Ebony released Clyda's hands, letting her dictate the pace and tempo. Then Ebony reached her long arms out, and found Clyda's cock and balls. Clyda was already well aroused from riding on Ebony's cock to begin with. Her cock quickly sprang to life under Ebony's skilled hands, and reached its full size. Clyda sported not quite two feet of cockmeat, and her balls swelled up to the size of two tennis balls beneath her shaft. Ebony's strong hands gripped Clyda's cock like a vise, and she gripped both of Clyda's nuts in the other.
"Oh my god..." gasped Clyda. "Ebony, that's fucking incredible!"
"That's right girl," said Ebony. "You just ride up and down to your heart's content on me, while I take care of business down here. We're covering all the bases tonight."

Clyda rode Ebony's cock in a slow and steady rhythm, like a horse on a merry-go-round. The wonderful pressure and squeezing of Ebony's hands on her cock and balls spurred Clyda to taking even more of Ebony's shaft inside her pussy. Towards the peak of her performance, Clyda was taking well over two feet of Ebony into the very core of her being.
Ebony worked Clyda's cock like a master with her hands. On her forward strokes, Ebony brought Clyda's foreskin all the way over the head of her cock, temporarily covering her fat cockhead. Ebony applied gentle pressure to Clyda's nuts, feeling them squirm and shift in her huge hand, like two billiard balls.
Lying nearly flat on her back, the sight of seeing Clyda's luscious cock so close to her face drove Ebony crazy. Ebony knew that any sudden shifting of her body could result in drastic consequences for Clyda, who was perched so delicately on her cock above her though. As tempting as it was, Ebony resisted the urge to lean forward and swallow up Clyda's cockhead.

Tiffany and Dee Dee, seeing Ebony obviously restrain herself, were both moved and impressed at how much she had changed. The 'old' Ebony would not have had a second thought about gorging herself in such a position, without a second thought for her partner.
As Clyda's pleasure and pressure steadily mounted in her cock under Ebony's attentions, Ebony expertly knew when to back off and let it briefly subside, to prolong the joy. At times, Ebony would give a firm squeeze on Clyda's cockhead, forcing the building fluids back down her shaft, and allowing the escalation of pleasure to begin again.
Although she couldn't suck Clyda's cock, Ebony enjoyed herself by rubbing Clyda's fat cockhead against her heavy tits. The red-hot cockhead brushing against her tender breasts worked to drive both girls to more intense sensations.
For almost half an hour, Ebony and Clyda worked each other to greater heights of pleasure. Both girls' bodies were covered in a fine film of sweat, and both were panting heavily from their exertions, as well as the joy they were feeling. Eventually Ebony's thrusts into Clyda increased to a more frantic pace.
Tiffany could tell by the ever-increasing inward wrinkles of Ebony's rump that her climax was not far off. The pre-orgasmic ripples had been passing in waves through both Ebony and Clyda's body for some time now, and Tiffany knew they would both soon erupt. The eruptions that would soon be coming from the two shemale amazons would definitely be impressive, and Tiffany wanted a front row seat for it.

Ebony hadn't forgotten though. The pressure was building in her shaft and balls to a degree she had never experienced before. Clyda was rubbing her nipples with ecstatic vigor. The incredible stimulation to her own oversized cock from Ebony's hands was becoming almost unbearable. When Ebony started to come, the pressure was too much for Clyda's insides and Ebony's cum began to pour out and splatter all over her crotch and tummy. At the same time, Clyda felt all her breath rush out as her own orgasm began to overpower her.
Clyda began to moan in ecstasy, and shouted out to Ebony, "Watch your hands, Ebony! I want all the squeezing f***e I can get on my cock."
"What are you talking about?" wondered Ebony.
Clyda quickly moved her own hands down to the shaft of her cock, and shoved them between Ebony's. Now there was a black-white, black-white pattern of flesh gripping the shaft of her cock from just above the balls, to just below the head.
"Oh fuck, yes!" screamed Clyda, as her orgasm rocked her body. "Watch out for your eyes, Ebony!"
Together the four hands produced a sight seldom seen on the Island. The first spurt of cum from Clyda's cock was like someone had set off a fire hydrant. Like Dee Dee's orgasm earlier, it was a huge fountain-like stream of jism.
Clyda's cum rocketed out from her cock and plastered the pillows, bedcovers and headboard of Tiffany's bed over four feet away. Five more massive eruptions from Clyda's cock continued to soar past Ebony's face and head, and drench the end of the bed and headboard.
As Tiffany and Dee Dee watched Clyda erupt like a volcano, Tiffany grew more and more distressed. "Oh shit, not again," muttered Tiffany, as she curled with Dee Dee. "First you. And now her. Where the hell am I supposed to sl**p tonight after the mess you two have made?"
"Well..." replied Dee Dee, with a devilish look. "My bed is always open for you, Tiffany."
"I just may take you up on that offer," said Tiffany. "But only after I've had my turn with Ebony in a little bit."

The sensuous groans of Clyda and deep-throated roar of Ebony blended into a loud crescendo when Ebony climaxed in ecstasy. The final drive by Ebony was not fully anticipated by Clyda, but she did nothing to discourage it. A long groan gurgled from somewhere down where Ebony's penis was pushing her breath out. More sperm from that cum stroke trickled out between Clyda's legs. On the next stroke a veritable fountain of sperm shot out from all around Ebony's slippery member, spraying onto the bed.
Towards the end, as her orgasm finally began to abate, Clyda let her hands slip off the shaft of her cock. At one point, Clyda moved farther up than she intended, and when Ebony drew back for another thrust, her cock sprang free of Clyda's vaginal grip and began spewing semen all along the length of her body. Clyda was soon covered from her crotch to the hair at the front of her head and she opened her mouth wide to catch what she could of Ebony's cum, as her hands went to her pussy to complete her own monumental orgasm. Clyda squeezed her boobs, and began to sensuously massage some of Ebony's cum into her skin.
Now that Clyda was no longer impaled on her cock, Ebony leaned up and reached one hand behind her back to steady her. With her other hand, Ebony gripped the shaft of Clyda's cock, and greedily engulfed her head in her mouth.
Ebony's mouth and throat were able to milk out several long splurts of cum from Clyda's cock, although the vast majority of her orgasm had been spent on Tiffany's bedroom furniture.
Ebony finally let Clyda's cock slide from her lips after a few moments.
"Well I must say, I am impressed Clyda," panted Ebony. "You've been practicing to shoot off a load like that, even with my help, girl."
"Ebony, you always did bring out the best in us," replied Clyda, "and I love you for it."
As Ebony's final thrusting slowed, and the flow of juices from Clyda's legs ebbed to a trickle, Clyda looked to see Dee Dee and Tiffany gawking at them with open eyes.
"Well now," said Ebony. "That's two down, and one to go. And I want you to know Tiffany, that I've been saving the best for last."
Tiffany stood up and smiled at Ebony. "I've always felt very strongly about you too, Ebony."
"You were the very first one that contacted me, and eventually convinced me to come to the Island," said Ebony. "So I'm gonna make your having to be the last in line especially worth the wait, Tiffany."
"Don't mind me, you two," said Clyda. "I've got to take a breather, or I think I'll collapse right here and now. Ebony, Tiffany's all yours." Clyda dismounted Ebony, and gingerly made her way to the sofa to sit next to Dee Dee.

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