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Milking Time B3 Chapter 6 Clyda's Suspicions

Chapter 6: Clyda's Suspicions

Later that evening, Clyda went to Dee Dee's quarters.
"I don't know about you," said Clyda, "but I've noticed some things going on around here that just don't seem to add up."
"I've spotted some things that aren't exactly kosher either," said Dee Dee. "What have you noticed?"
"Well, for openers, Barocca seems to have developed a 'Jekyll & Hyde' personality lately," said Clyda. "While I was having lunch today, I overheard girls talking about her. If she isn't flying off the handle for the littlest things with some girls, then she's buttering up others, asking for special favors from them.”
"And I’ve noticed some funny things about the phone system we use," said Dee Dee.
"Between myself and Ebony, we monitor and spot check all the security and information systems activity here on the Island, including the telephones." She went over to her computer terminal, and opened a spreadsheet program. "This is a chart of the telephone usage here on the Island."
"We keep a running tally of the usage over a one year period," continued Dee Dee. "See the major spike here in the last two weeks?"
"Maybe that's just taking into account that we're bringing new girls on board," said Clyda.
"I don't think so," said Dee Dee. "First off, new girls are only allowed a limited number of phone calls, except for around the major holidays. Here's what I found out when I did a detailed search and breakdown on phone usage." Dee Dee pressed a few more keystrokes, and a new chart came into view on the screen.
"Notice that for almost every other phone number, the usage is almost identical," Dee Dee continued. "Very little variation. Now look at all the usage on this one line here."
"Somebody's really got a case of the jabbers," said Clyda. "I mean everyone knows that girls like to talk, but this one's running a regular telethon out of her room."
"It gets better," said Dee Dee. "First, this line wasn't there last month. I double-checked the number. Secondly, it's a secure line that can't be traced or tapped into. Only a handful of the senior amazons are allowed to have those. Requests for those are supposed to go through Ebony and me. Neither she or myself got any kind of paperwork or a request for a secure line anytime recently."
"Someone really is trying to be a regular 'James Bond' in our midst here," said Clyda. "Is there any way to find out what they're doing with that line?"
"Well like I said, we can't tap into it to hear conversations," said Dee Dee. "But since we operate on such a small network and phone system, I can call up a list of the numbers that they've been calling. We probably couldn't do this in the real world on a full-scale network. But there are a few advantages to running on a smaller scale, and having designed and installed things ourselves here. Let me run a query here, and we'll find out a little more in a few minutes."
In a few moments, a display of all the numbers that had been dialed from the new line, as well as times and the length of the calls was displayed.
"For the first few days, they were calling everyone, everywhere," observed Dee Dee. "None of the calls is very long. It's almost as if they were searching for something, or doing research."
"Then by the third day, they seem to have zeroed in on this number," said Clyda, pointing to the 818 area code. "Over three hours a night, and at almost the same time each night, too. We could call that number ourselves and try to confront whoever answers," said Clyda. "But that might not be the wisest course of action. Do you have any ideas?"
"That would only alert whoever we call," agreed Dee Dee. "And then they'd relay that back to the Island to their contact here. There is another way we might find out what we need to know. See that alphanumeric number in the left-hand column? That's the port identification number. Each wall jack in every room has one labeled on it, so we can track them and troubleshoot them, when we need to."
"Okay, so what's your point Dee Dee?" asked Clyda.
"My gut feeling says that Barocca, or one of her group is behind all of this," said Dee Dee. "Right now, I don't have any proof, or any way to tie any of this together. But logically, who else has any kind of reason to operate behind everyone's back in secret, and try to stir things up like this?"
"You're right," admitted Clyda. "I think that the deeper we dig into this, the less we're going to like it. So what's the next step?"
"I want to go with my gut feeling, and get a look at the port number in Barocca's quarters," said Dee Dee. "That'll tell us whether or not she may actually be behind this."
"Easier said than done, girl," laughed Clyda. "All of us are strictly 'persona non grata' over there. And if we tried to f***e our way in there, it would set off an ugly scene, with all sorts of accusations flying back and forth."
"Precisely, Clyda," said Dee Dee. "You, me or Tiffany, or anyone from our 'clique' could never make it without tipping everyone off. But I think I know a way we can still find out what we need to know. I've noticed that Ebony has been acting a little differently lately."
"Different? What do you mean, Dee Dee?" asked Clyda.
"This is going to sound funny, but Ebony's been acting, well...nice," said Dee Dee. "Do you remember how sweet and friendly she was when she first came to the Island, before she grew so large, so unexpectedly on us?"
"That's right," said Clyda. "It wasn't until after her growth spurt, and she started hanging around with Barocca, that she began to act so differently, and started displaying her split personality to everyone."
"Just recently, it's like Ebony's got something on her mind that she doesn't want to talk about," said Dee Dee. "I'm going to ask Ebony to run a check on the phones on that side of the Island. I'll come up with some type of task or excuse so she'll need to verify all the ports and the extensions for the records. She'll be able to get into any room over there without arousing any suspicion. Then we wait to she what she finds, we compare records, and we see if my hunch was right."
"And suppose it turns out that this is coming from Barocca's quarters?" asked Clyda.
"Then we'll go to Tiffany with our findings, and we'll have to make a command decision," replied Dee Dee.

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