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Milking Time B3 Chapter 2 Barocca Confronts Ebony

Chapter 2: Barocca Confronts Ebony

Barocca and Ebony sat together in Barocca's quarters, watching a delayed video broadcast of the final moments of Jordan finishing her afternoon of sex with Clyda. As the final scene came to an end, Barocca pressed the button on the remote control and turned off the monitor. She let the remote land loudly on the end table next to her.
"I don't believe it. I simply can't fucking believe it!" exclaimed Barocca. "Neither you or Clyda could manage to put that little slut away, and get her ass carted off the Island."
"What is your problem, girl?" asked Ebony. Ebony was shocked at the amount of emotion and hatred in Barocca's voice.
"My problem?" said Barocca. "Excuse me, but I think we ought to be talking about your problem, Ebony. And for that matter, Clyda's too. You used to eat little tramps like that alive, and then send them home screaming. You had her all to yourself for over five hours, and you couldn't finish her off. What the fuck did you think I was talking about?"
"Now wait just a damn minute, girlfriend," said Ebony. "It's true I fucked Jordan hard and heavy yesterday. And if you'd bother to watch the fucking tape, you'll see there are plenty of times when she was crying out loud and she came awfully damn close to giving it up completely and calling things off.
"But the fact is, she didn't," continued Ebony. "Jordan sucked it in, she took whatever I dished out to her, and didn't snap. I respect that from anyone I have sex with, because I know I'm not the easiest damn partner in the world to please. I also give Jordan credit for having enough smarts and determination to actually seek us out and find the Island and get invited here in the first place."
"Oh I see," retorted Barocca. "What you're trying to tell me is you prefer Jordan over some of the amazons here on the Island."
"What gave you that idea?" exclaimed Ebony. "Yes, I like Jordan, because I think she's cute, she's determined, and she'll probably fit in well here. I never said I put her ahead of anyone else here on the Island."
"Now you're already admitting you'd like to see that little blonde slut here on the Island as one of us," said Barocca. "Admit it, Ebony. You couldn't get the job done. You're getting soft!"

Ebony froze in her seat on the sofa, and simply glared at Barocca, as her words hit home. After a moment, Ebony's emotions reached the boiling point, and then shot past.
"Soft?! Who the fuck do you think you're calling soft, girl?" shouted Ebony. Ebony stood up from her seat on the sofa, and glared down on Barocca from her full height. Barocca shrank back and recoiled at the f***e of Ebony's emotions. She had obviously pressed the wrong button on Ebony. She'd started something inside Ebony she couldn't control.
Barocca had been working to instill a dominant, aggressive personality in Ebony, so that she could oversee and keep the new girls under her control. Now her own devious planning was coming back to haunt her. Ebony stood up in front of Barocca, and ripped open her skirt which was held together by a Velcro patch. Ebony glared at Barocca, in only her bikini now.
"For your information Barocca, Jordan took plenty of my cock inside her. She took it more times than I can remember, and she gave a damn fine accounting of herself with me the other day. As a matter of fact, Jordan took me deeper and more often than just about any other girl on the Island, including yourself, honey. And you had the advantage or warming up, and breaking in with some of the other girls, before they turned you over to me, I might add."
"I think it's time I showed you just how 'soft' I really am Barocca," said Ebony. Ebony leaned directly over Barocca, as she squirmed in the sofa. Ebony stuck one muscular arm out to brace herself against the wall.
Ebony knitted her brows, and released the mental control over her cock. In a matter of seconds, it looked as though someone had shoved a softball inside her bikini panties; then a second, and finally a third, as Ebony's cock and balls swelled to life inside her panties. Inside Ebony's bra, her breasts swelled slightly at the sexual excitement mounting in her. Her nipples rose and stiffened, becoming starkly visible under the fabric straining to contain her twin mountains. With her other hand, Ebony reached down to her bikini panties. With one quick flex of her wrist, Ebony snapped the knot holding her panties on, and tossed them to the side.
Ebony's cock was usually almost a foot long, and not quite several inches thick in its limp state. In the heat of the moment, Ebony's cock sprung to its full size and hardness in near record time. Three feet of rock-hard shemale cock hovered in the air before Barocca's face.
Ebony shifted her hips, swung her weight, and the head of her cock and several inches of the shaft slapped loudly against Barocca's cheek.
"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?" squealed Barocca.
Ebony's response was to lean back, and twist her hips farther back than before, and lean and twist into Barocca like a baseball batter. The last third of Ebony's cock slammed into the side of Barocca's head and face, twisting her head to one side with the impact. Barocca's head snapped back into place with a look of utter fear and shock. Ebony turned her hips so that her cock was just inches away from Barocca's face, hovering in the air like a warhead.
"Shut the fuck up!" Ebony clearly spaced and enunciated each word for Barocca's benefit. Ebony leaned forward so her face was only inches away from Barocca's. "It's probably crossed your mind that I could rearrange your face without even having to use my hands, if I wanted to, girl. But that would be too fucking obvious, and too many questions would be asked. So I'm gonna teach you a lesson in another way."
"Be serious Ebony," said Barocca, glancing nervously about her. "Everyone knows that they film practically everything on the Island to begin with; including inside our quarters." Barocca gestured to the tiny video camera in the upper corner, with its red light flickering, indicating it was filming away.
"And with all the shit going on with Jordan here on the Island, they made it crystal clear that now they're watching everyone like a hawk. Especially the monitors in our quarters. So just what are you gonna do to me, now that you know you've got an audience?"

"Just this," replied Ebony. Ebony got up from Barocca, reached over into her small handbag, and brought out a small device, about the size of a calculator. Ebony flicked it on, removed the stylus from the side, entered a few swift commands, and then returned the unit to her handbag.
"What the hell was that?" asked Barocca.
"That was a Palm Pilot," retorted Ebony. "And that was a batch file I just ran on it. That batch file runs a program on the security computer which will make certain that no matter what happens in these rooms for the next two hours, the only thing anybody will see will be the two of us having a little 'girl talk' on the sofa and watching TV for the evening. That actually happened Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, but they'll see it with tonight's date and time."
"But, but how?" Barocca stammered.
"How did I learn about computers?" Ebony completed the sentence for her. "You really ought to pay more attention to people, and not judge them on the surface Barocca. You and almost everybody else thinks that because I'm big and black, and in charge of physical conditioning, that I've got more dick than brains."
"You forgot that I'm also in charge of security too," continued Ebony. "If you had ever taken the time to read my file, or really get to know me, you'd find that I went to college before I came to the Island. And that when I came here, I spent a lot of time with Dee Dee, and I picked up a lot of tips and knowledge on computers." Barocca swallowed hard, and glanced nervously about the room. She was completely at Ebony's mercy.
"As I was saying, Barocca," said Ebony, "now I'm going to show you the 'hard' way, just how 'soft' I really am."

Ebony picked Barocca up bodily, lifting her like a c***d, so that her midsection d****d over her shoulders. Ebony carried Barocca into the bedroom, and then let her flop onto the bed on her back. Ebony reached down and ripped off Barocca's bikini panties.
"When was the last time you had your backdoor banged, Barocca?" asked Ebony.
Barocca stared at Ebony in stunned silence, with her eyes wide open.
"Can't remember?" retorted Ebony. "That's good. Because I'm gonna make damn sure you don't forget this for a long time, girl." Barocca began to sweat and tremble on the bed.
"Oh, and don't even think about getting a hard-on, and joining in, and maybe relieving yourself along the way," added Ebony. "I know damn well we can all control whenever we do or do not get a hard-on here on the Island. If I see your dick so much as even hint at getting any bigger, I'll shove my cock so far inside you, that I'll be able to shove my balls in too." Ebony began stroking the shaft of her cock, getting it ready. "It's way past due that somebody taught you some fucking manners, and brought you down a peg, girl."

At that point Barocca knew she had no choice but to try and fight; and fight hard.
"No!" she yelled, and began to struggle. Barocca flexed every muscle in an attempt to get away; her abs, her arms, and her legs. She twisted her torso and struggled like mad. Ebony just held her down, and laughed at Barocca's struggles. Ebony grabbed Barocca's legs so that she was spread-eagled on the bed underneath her. Then, Ebony lined her cockhead up against the rim of Barocca's ass.
Ebony's red-hot, rock-hard massive cockhead slammed its way past Barocca's sphincter and buried itself in her rectum. An expression of agony shot over Barocca's face, as she tried to ignore the pain, and not give Ebony the satisfaction of yelling out.
"Trying to play the tough act, huh?" said Ebony. "Well, I've got a newsflash for you girl. That was only head of my cock that you just took inside your ass now. We haven't even started to have fun yet. Let me give you a taste of what you're gonna get."
Ebony took a deep breath and readied herself to deliver the forward thrust. Ebony's thick hands gripped Barocca's legs so she was virtually immobile beneath her. With one long, powerful thrust, Ebony buried a full twelve inches of her cock into Barocca, into the very depths of her rectum. And Barocca truly did scream then.
"C'mon girl. Suck it in and take it!" shouted Ebony, as she paused for a moment. "Don't feed me any bullshit about how I'm hurting you. Each of us takes enough pills here on the Island so I know that you're damn near invulnerable down there. You'll hurt like hell for a day or two, but after that, you'll be as good as new, and we both know it."
Ebony slowly slid her cock so that it was almost all the way out of Barocca's ass, and then slammed it back in, and then rested. Barocca could feel Ebony's cock stretch her open wider and deeper than she had felt in years. She could feel it throbbing, giving off incredible heat. Then a slow and long slide from Ebony, and then slam!
Ebony wanted Barocca's ass. With a crash, Ebony's exploding cock head was between Barocca's hard buttocks again, finding and smashing home into her ass. With the fist-sized cockhead imbedded, it was already unleashing and oozing precum into Barocca's rump. The agonized scream of the vicious breaking of Barocca's ass accompanied the liquid sensation filling her bowels.
Six, and then seven inches of penetration. Ebony fucked her pole deeper into Barocca's tight ass. Nine inches, then eleven inches, each orgasmic thrust deeper, so that more and more of Ebony's weapon enjoyed the caress of Barocca's ass. The grumble of internal displacement as fifteen mammoth inches found a home. Each fuck thrust from Ebony producing a high-pitched wail and epileptic reaction as Barocca's body nearly went into shock.
"Ah! Such a nice hot, tight ass, Barocca! So fucking good!" Ebony moaned.

Ebony began to pick up the pace and power of her thrusts, no longer resting. With each slam into Barocca's ass, Barocca let out a small scream. Faster and faster Ebony pounded her ass, every stroke just as painful as the first. Then Ebony began jerking into Barocca, her strokes no longer rhythmic.
Ebony suddenly grabbed Barocca's hair and her head was jerked to the side and up, so that her eyes looked into the face of Ebony, as black as the ace of spades.
"Don't tell me you were you a virgin in the ass, girl?"
Barocca didn't answer. "Please," she protested. "Please let me go..."
Ebony grinned. "You and I both know that's too good to be true. But you've done it so seldom, you might as well be. I love fuckin' a virgin ass! We've only just started girl, and you sure won't ever forget it!"
Barocca closed her eyes in despair. What was happening was her own fault. She hadn't meant to do it, but she had asked for this, by pushing Ebony over the limit.

Suddenly, Barocca was grabbed again and lifted off the bed. Ebony's massive arms held Barocca's body completely off the bed, with her cock sticking inside her like a telephone pole.
Ebony rammed even more of her cock inside Barocca, letting it ream and stretch her ass to unbelievable limits. Ebony had Barocca completely skewered on her cock like a piece of meat on a roasting spit. Ebony placed her hands on her hips and just glared at Barocca, with a look that told her the worst was still to come.
"Hey, guess what, Barocca?" asked Ebony. "By my guess, you've taken right about twenty inches of me inside of your butt so far. That's almost, repeat almost as much as Jordan took inside her the other day from me."
The realization of Ebony's words hit Barocca, as she became aware of how badly her anus had been ravaged. Without warning, Ebony reached down to Barocca's hips, and flexed her powerful arms. Five more inches of Ebony's steel-hard cock smashed and impaled itself into Barocca's ass. Barocca's eyes rolled back in their sockets, and she screamed like a banshee.
Ebony reached down and gripped Barocca just below her shoulders with her hands. Ebony gave a light lifting thrust, to propel Barocca's weight forward and upward. This generated an almost vertigo-like feeling in Barocca, as she was lifted through the air without warning.
This brought Barocca to a near perpendicular angle, and almost level with Ebony's face. Barocca was still plungered on Ebony's massive cock like a hot dog on a stick. Ebony was completely supporting Barocca's weight, using only her cock like a tree limb.
Ebony brought her face close to Barocca's and let her gaze deeply into her eyes, so she could see the fire burning in their depths.
"Since you've obviously got it in for Jordan, and you've never come up with one simple fucking reason why," said Ebony, "I figure I'll treat you the same way, and show you the same amount of mercy that you'd show her, if you had your way with Jordan. Which is little, if any."
Barocca was then dumped again on the bed, her ass quivering and vibrating on Ebony's humongous cock. Barocca's ass lips were spread apart by Ebony's fingers as she was impaled deeper onto that horribly thick cock. Because Barocca was already well lubricated from Ebony's earlier fucking, it easily, if painfully, slid even further into her wet and stretched tunnel.

Ebony held Barocca as her asshole was impaled by the amazon's massive cock. Now the pain Barocca thought couldn't possibly increase tripled and shot through her whole body. It was beyond any pain Barocca had ever thought existed. Barocca screamed so hard, she thought her throat would tear.
Barocca felt as if she was being ripped apart while Ebony's cock thrust deeply, pounding and pushing and punishing her stretched asshole. Pain continued to flood Barocca's being, as she wondered when she was going to pass out. But as Ebony's thrusts in her ass continued, and grew more and more painful, she realized that she was to be denied that small mercy.
Ebony's strong hands gripped Barocca's waist and she gasped as what felt like hot steel rammed its way into her damp and abused ass. Barocca felt Ebony's hot breath on her skin, and shivered as Ebony drove her massive cock brutally in and out of her poor ass, each thrust slamming against her ass cheeks, making them shudder and quiver.
"I think I want you looking at me," Ebony said grinning. She grabbed Barocca's head, and f***ed her to look at her, as she brutalized her ass. Ebony again rammed her hard three-foot tool into Barocca's ass again.

Ebony seemed to slow a tiny bit, but the power of her thrusts did not lessen. Barocca grunted in time with the thrusts of Ebony's punishing, pounding blows. Ebony's rock-hard cock stuffing Barocca full, her stomach heaving in time with her massive cock battering her insides.
Ebony was cursing Barocca now, calling her "special bitch", "sweet slut", "whore," and other names as she slammed her cock into Barocca.
Amidst Barocca's spastic flailing, and ceaseless tearful screaming, Ebony felt the satisfying slap of her groin slapping Barocca's ass. Ebony continued to violently fuck Barocca with her full three-foot length for over half an hour.
Barocca felt something break deep inside her soul, her whole body heaving and jerking as a fire of pain and humiliation raced through her nerves. Barocca's body betrayed her as the explosive orgasm of Ebony rocked her body. As Ebony continued slamming into her ass, making her wail and jerk on the end of her throbbing cock as she neared her orgasm, Barocca's skin feeling like it was burning.
Then Ebony came, suddenly ramming into Barocca with brutally hard strokes, as she flooded her ass with her lava-like cum. A torrent gushed into Barocca's ripe ass, and still more was coming. Barocca felt like her ass was filled with liquid fire. Between the merciless pounding of the shaft of Ebony's cock, and the white hot cum it was spewing out, Barocca felt like she was being ripped apart.
Barocca didn't know if she could contain the full amount of the massive load that Ebony had stored in her balls or not. One small consolation was that Ebony had other plans, besides filling Barocca's ass with her jism.

Suddenly, Ebony released her grip on Barocca's hips, and pulled her massive shaft out in one long stroke. As Ebony pulled her engorged cockhead out, the swollen ridges of the head brushed against the walls of her anal chamber brutally. A loud, satisfying 'pop' was heard, as Ebony pulled her cock completely out of Barocca's ass. Ebony clamped on the shaft of her cock with hands briefly, letting the rampaging orgasm build to even greater pressure.
"Here's the rest of the load, slut!" yelled Ebony. "And keep your fucking mouth shut. You haven't earned the taste of my cum today."
With that, Ebony began stroking the shaft of her cock with her right hand, and squeezing her loaded balls with the other. Long thick strands of shemale cum launched out at Barocca. The loads traveled several feet easily, before landing loudly on Barocca's face and the rest of her body. To Barocca, it almost felt like someone was assaulting her with a garden hose. Ebony's jism was landing with enough f***e to actually be painful in some areas.
For over a minute, Ebony continued to spray and shower Barocca with cum. By the time she'd finished, it looked as though someone had dumped a gallon of white paint over Barocca's face and body.
Finally, Ebony's orgasm spent itself, and the spray of cum slowed to a trickle. Ebony brought her tremendous cockhead to her lips, and greedily sucked and slurped the last remnants of her cum into her mouth. Ebony could easily engulf all of her cockhead in her own mouth. "That's the only part of my cum that I want to taste today," said Ebony. "Anything that landed on you is tainted today."
Ebony let her cock relax and return to a more normal state, of about nine inches long, and a couple of inches thick. She stood towering over Barocca, with her hands on her hips, and glared at her.
"All right girl, get up and take a bath or shower, and clean yourself off," said Ebony. "While you're doing that, I can find the door on my own. I don't know what the fuck happened to you, to make you act the way you've been lately. But I am sick and fucking tired of it."
Barocca trembled and looked at Ebony, with fear in her eyes.
"What I did just now, I did because you ran your mouth off, one time too many without thinking," said Ebony. "The next step is up to you. If you want to turn back into the old Barocca that first came here, and everybody liked, then we'll see about patching things up."
"But if you insist on being some kind of power-hungry, control-freak, bitch-goddess," continued Ebony, "then we're through, girl. And if you ever cross me, or piss me off again, I'll fuck you so hard, I'll make what happened to you tonight seem like a walk in the fucking park."

Ebony turned and walked out of the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. She paused to stuff her bikini bottom into her handbag, and donned her skirt again. With her cock at a more or less normal size, she could get away with no underwear for the short walk to her own quarters.

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