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Martin often spied on his mother.

He liked to watch her undress through the crack in her door. Sometimes he imagined she knew he was there. That thought made his dick even harder. Tonight was special though. She was going to a costume party at the Guderian’s.

He stood outside her bedroom, knowing she wouldn’t hear his ragged breathing. Sometimes when he came watching her, he moaned.

She never even heard that. This was because Kathleen played the Red Hot Chilli Peppers loud while she was getting ready.

Tonight was also special because she caught him.
By the time she opened the door, she was standing there staring. It was too late to hide it.
His dick was hard in his hand and it kept growing!

This might have had something to do with what Kathleen was wearing. The white satin nurse’s outfit clung to her. The house was warm so the outfit was sticking around her sweaty curves.

‘Oh God! I’m sorry!’ she said. She covered her mouth.

She couldn’t take her eyes off her son’s penis, hard and curved like a scimitar.
‘S’okay,’ muttered Martin, quickly covering himself up with his robe. He made an embarrassing tent pole with it.

He also had a problem with where to put his eyes. Kathleen was 42 but tonight seemed half her age. Her inky hair was teased out, making her look wind-blown and wild. Her bare arms were trim and supple. The nurse’s outfit stopped high on her thighs, ran slick up her body and swooped low at the impressive contours of her breasts.

It showed off her legs; they seemed to go on forever. He dreamed about getting her out of that dress. A red zip ran up the centre.

‘It’s am costume party,’ she explained. ‘How do I look?’
‘If you weren’t my mother…’ he began.

‘Steady!’ Kathleen sized her son up. It wasn’t difficult – he was still erect under his thin robe. ‘You don’t look so bad yourself.

We’ll talk about you spying on me, tomorrow! What would your father say if he was alive?’

She strode past him, down the stairs and out the house.
Martin collapsed on the landing carpet. She looked amazing. He spent some quality time with himself while his mother was away.

Martin was eighteen and had been with plenty of girls. But he had been spying on his mother since she had started bringing home other women. It tripped a switch in his adolescent brain.

His father, who had been eaten alive in a freak accident at the zoo, wouldn’t approve. Either with her behaviour or his.

The giggling woke him up.
‘Ouch! You bitch!’

Shut up and kiss me.’
Martin could hear the grappling and the soft feminine cries. A voice he didn’t know squealed and sobbed. A voice he knew was his mother’s wept and cursed. What the fuck were they doing to each other?

Martin got out of bed, his dick pushing at the cotton of his boxer shorts, and crept out onto the landing.
He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

On the stairs, his mother writhed. She still wore her naughty nurse outfit, but the blonde girl wriggling under her had her hands inside it.
The blonde was a goddess. Her long curls spun down the stairs framing her body in a halo.

One of her perfect breasts had been pulled out of the toga she wore. Her heart-stopping legs were tangled with Kathleen’s.

He had heard his mother fucking other women through the flimsy walls. But he had never seen her doing it. This was pure exhibitionism.
The two women merged in their dreamlike act so that Martin soon couldn’t tell whose hand was on whose thigh or who was on top, who was below. His mind had transferred to his balls. He stropped his throbbing penis, with his naked back against the wall.

He lurked in the shadows but was just above the two women, frantic in their osculation.

‘Oh Donna!’
Now he knew her name. He re-achieved clarity, noticing Donna’s head tilted back on one of the stairs. Her lips, the colour of Dionyssian wine, were wide open. Her eyes rolled with the waves of pleasure created by Kathleen’s tongue on her nipple. She was beautiful.

She stared directly up into the shadows. Martin stopped breathing, his eyes caught in her icy cerulean gaze.

But he was deep in the shadows, and she hadn’t seen his nearly naked body.

Donna slipped a hand beneath the tight hemline of his mother’s nurse’s outfit. He watched the shape of her hand under the satin, caressing the curve of her buttocks. Her other hand joined it, pulling up the hem over Kathleen’s last few inches of thighs and exposing her panties. They were tiny and tight; in white satin to match her dress. Donna squeezed the brunette’s ass, running her hands across the increasingly damp material.

One of his mother’s hands went down to untie the white high-heel boots she wore. Donna pulled the hand back and placed it where it belonged on her breast.
‘Don’t take your boots off,’ she pleaded.

‘I want to fuck you in them.’

Kathleen grinned around Donna’s fat nipple and continued using her hands to squeeze. She was playing with the blonde girl’s right breast, making the part in her mouth bigger and rounder.

Martin was shell-shocked. Was she doing this right in front of him because she knew he’d been spying on her before?

‘How does that feel?’
‘Fiiiiiiiiiiii nnnneeeeeeeeeoooooo……’ Donna groaned. ‘Ohhh…. How do you feel?’
‘I don’t know,’ mumbled Kathleen. She kissed her way up Donna’s hot chest to the cusp of her neck.

‘How do I feel?’
She dragged the brunette across her. ‘You feel incredible. Soft. Uhhhnnnn…. ‘

Kathleen had pulled out Donna’s other breast and was teasing it gently with the tip of her tongue. Donna held her slim arms up in the air.

His mother slid the bikini part of her toga up over her head. Off her body.

Martin drank in this vision of Donna. A goddess with her arms raised and her beautiful breasts naked and unrestrained. They were the size and shape of castella melons; soft juicy flesh loaded with mouth-watering flavour. His mother seemed to think so too, because she was all over them with her long fingers and her seeking tongue. She was getting really worked up, her kisses connected by long strands of spittle to Donna’s huge aereolae.

Donna drew his mother to her mouth.

They kissed hard then came apart a little. Martin’s hand worked overtime as he watched them licking and lashing tongues. Kathleen climbed high up the stairs until her thighs were above Donna’s face. Donna’s hands tugged at her lover’s knickers, teasing them down her leggy body. She wriggled the damp panties over her high-heeled boots and away, balling the greasy satin material up and throwing them above her.

The satin negligee, sodden with his mother’s juices, landed on Martin’s penis. He fell to his knees, still jerking wildly.

He was out of the shadows now, in plain sight above them. But his mother’s forehead was on the carpet and Donna’s tongue was buried in Kathleen’s cunt. He finally came, watching his mother bucking, hard and horny, riding the blonde girl’s tongue.

He saw his semen fly through the air and fall, down from his floor to the girls in cunnilingus. He saw and heard the splattering of his cum, across the back of his mother’s satin dress.

She rolled off Donna’s tongue and stared up at her son. She didn’t even try to cover herself up.

He couldn’t help it. He came again, but this time it splashed across Donna’s bulging breasts.

She looked down at the mess.
“Who the fuck are you?” she wanted to know. She didn’t seem embarrassed by the fact that a stranger had just masturbated onto her tits.

‘He’s my son,’ Kathleen sighed.
‘You got any more left in you?’ Donna asked. ‘If you have, and you need it screwing out of you, your mom’s got me as ready as I’ll ever be.’
Martin’s mouth hung open. Donna clambered on top of Kathleen and smothered her face with her breasts. ‘Lick it off for me, lover.’
‘Oh God…!’ Kathleen’s voice was throaty and vital. ‘I don’t know…’

But one of Donna’s nipples was already in her mouth and it tasted like forbidden fruit.

Her son’s cum mixed with this pneumatic woman’s sweat and body. Kathleen felt d***k on the sex.

Donna groaned with each lick. Kathleen got every last drop.
Martin moved past them further down the stairs and climbed onto Donna from behind. He slipped his shaking hands up her slithery naked back. Under her hair. Her tresses were damp and clung to her body and his fingers.

‘That’s nice……’ she breathed.
‘Martin, go back to bed!’ exclaimed his mother.
Martin swept round Donna’s toned shoulders, stealing down to her oily bosoms.

He massaged them, fondling her smooth silky skin. Feeling their weight and their swell, stoking her nipples. Every now and then he felt his mother’s tongue on his fingers.


Donna unzipped Kathleen’s dress right down the front.
‘Get your hands off her tits,’ Kathleen moaned.

Martin did, slowly. He skimmed along the wet plane of Donna’s midriff down to the skirt of her toga. He undid the belt and dragged it off her. It wasn’t simple; the skirt hugged her voluptuous body, but he eventually persuaded it down her long athletic legs.

She wore no panties. Had someone removed them earlier or did she just go out like that, inviting lovers?

‘Uhhhhhunnnhhhh ohhhh fuuuck!’ grunted Donna. Martin was slipping the head of his cock around the opening of her juicy vulva.
‘He’s not going anywhere, honey,’ Donna gasped. ‘He’s staying right here, inside me.’

Martin pushed forward, sinking his rock-hard penis into her. He gasped at the way her vagina lovingly sucked at his dick. It was warm and ravenous.

He slid in and out, feeding it with his throbbing organ. Donna lifted her hips with the movement.

Kathleen couldn’t bear it any longer. She struggled out of her dress. Wearing only a white satin bra, she lay under Donna. She clasped Donna’s hips fast between her knees and pumped her up and down on her son’s penis.

Martin gazed at Kathleen’s pretty face. Her brow was furrowed in concentration.

Her dark eyes were wide and savage. Her lips were open. She was making little guttural noises below her breath. He looked deep into her eyes.

It was as if he was fucking his mother. But they had wet wild whooping Donna between them.
And she was coming! Donna was grabbing hold of Kathleen’s messy raven hair and screaming.

Kathleen kissed Donna hard on the lips, cutting off the scream but getting all that explosive pleasure through her shuddering body and darting tongue. They all felt her orgasm.

She almost shook her lovers off.

Martin came inside the blonde goddess.
He rolled off her, exhausted. Donna rolled the other way. The three of them lay side by side on the staircase. For a while they said nothing, just catching their breath. Martin watched their breasts rise and fall.

‘I’d love to see one of you on top of the other,’ Donna said.
‘I bet you would,’ laughed Kathleen. ‘It’s not going to happen.’
Martin could feel his dick hardening again.

‘I’d love to see you suck him off.’

‘You do it,’ Martin’s mother snapped. She didn’t want Martin there anyway. But then… ‘I’ll watch.’
Donna grinned over at Martin and crawled down his aching body. She enveloped him, slapping his sweaty flesh against her sweaty flesh. When she took his stiff dick into the kiss of her lips, he was ready.

On a hair trigger. It took seconds. There was less this time. His balls could harvest only so much.

Donna smiled at him with her mouth shut and then she crept all the way up Kathleen. Her tits dragged over Kathleen’s satin bra, her nipples brushing the thrusting shape of Kathleen’s nipples. She kissed Kathleen full on the mouth.

Martin saw his mother’s eyes go wide.

She tried to pull her lips away but Donna held onto the back of her head. Soon she stopped fighting and moved comfortably into the tongue wrestling. Martin realised what Donna had done.

She had carried a mouthful of his sticky cum and smuggled it by a kiss into his mother’s mouth. They broke their embrace.
‘Did you swallow?’ Donna panted.
‘So Martin, I want to see you on top of her. What would be the difference?’

Kathleen looked at her son. She involuntarily licked her lips.

She didn’t mean him to but he took the message. He bent his head and sucked at one of his mother’s nipples through her bra. Donna took his lead. She suckled the other one.

Kathleen lay back and accepted it. She was trapped in the ecstacy of the moment. She had never felt this aroused.

She had never felt so sensual.
Martin slipped her bra down, off the swell of his mother’s breasts. They were a little larger than Donna’s. Ripe and proud.
‘Suck them, please!’
That voice had been his mother’s, harsh and urgent.
Donna had her tongue back between his mother’s legs.

He played with her stunning globes, feeling each wave of pleasure as she squirmed in his mouth. His tongue was furtive and guilty at first, not believing what he was doing. Sucking his mother’s tits. Not as a c***d feeding, but as an adult, sexually gratifying her.

Making her cum. He climbed on top of her and straddled her stomach.

With his knees on either side of her, he pushed her breasts together. He lunged forward and f***ed his penis between her slippery melons. He pushed his dick in and out of the carnal valley between them, lubricated by a delicious sheen of sweat on her. The fast pummelling of her bust had its own toe-curling effect on her. She shrieked with delight.

She threw back her head. Her mouth made a pleasurable O.

He ejaculated copiously, spilling his seed all over her naked heaving tits. Drops flew from his steaming head onto her chin and neck. Finally she grappled hold of the thick length of her son’s penis and tugged at it.

This was the moment when she forgot who Martin was. She was d***k on a double hedonism of wine and physical sexual pleasure.
She moved her head forward and she caught a gloop of his erotic juice in her mouth. She swallowed and went immediately down on him.

Donna joined her.

The two women French kissed over the pulsating purple head of his cock. Donna licked the shaft. His mother circled his helmet with her tongue.
Martin had been pushed onto his back by his mother’s insistent blow-job. Both women approached him from the lower stairs. They lay, side-by-side, lapping at his crotch.

The two women still couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Both of them jerked at his dick with their dumb hand – it gave him a weird sensation of being fought over, dragged from one mouth to the other.

That left them each their smart hand. Donna tickled Kathleen’s clitoris, drawing choking noises from her. Kathleen had two of her fingers deep in Donna’s cunt, delving into her, then circling that sensitive spot just inside.

They half-turned, facing one another. Kathleen swept one of her tanned legs across Donna’s paler ones. She crushed her chest against Donna’s. Their breasts heaved against each other as though they were piglets fighting for space.

‘Oh yuk!’ said Kathleen.
Martin hadn’t cum.

He didn’t have anything left. But his dick was sticky and it had splashed cock-spittle all over his mother’s pretty face. She laughed and licked at it. Donna lapped it up off the other woman’s lips.

It was easy for Martin to shuffle down a few stairs around his mother’s back. The two women were licking at each other’s faces like they tasted of chocolate. He groped his mother’s crotch, finding the little organ.

With his other hand he fondled Donna’s ass. They kissed all the while. Their kissing got heavier when he stuffed his penis up inside his mother.

It went in sweetly, as though it belonged there. The fit was like a luxuriant velvet sheath, perfect for his size and shape. She moaned against Donna’s lips.
For the first half hour he made love to his mother smoothly and slowly. It was like pumping water, except that every time he moved inside her she cried with pleasure.

Her flowing juices coated his cock, making his passage into her greasy and effortless. Donna let him control the pace and fed her tongue into Kathleen’s mouth to accentuate her purrs and fuck-words.

Then, Martin became fiercer. He picked up speed. He ground himself into her back, clambering onto her bopping ass. He wanted to fuck her like an a****l. A beautiful mythical b**st, but still an a****l.

Kathleen responded with the right attitude.

She got herself up on all fours, her fingers digging into the carpet. She swung her hips down then back up, squealing when he entered her again and again.

Donna was startled at the precision Martin showed. He was thrusting from so far away that his penis left her body each time. It slurped out of Kathleen’s wet cunt, streaming a trail of juices, then he’d plunge it back in again. His aim was impressive. Right out, then right back in.

Kathleen was going bat-shit under his onslaught. She was screaming.
‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck meeeeee!’

Donna disentangled herself and sat on the stairs watching. She was a stunning woman. But she wasn’t going to get fucked by either of these two right now. They were a long way into each other’s twisting pulsing desires. All she could do was watch.

And get herself off…

Mother and son both came together. Martin felt himself dry-shooting while he was deep inside her. She felt it too and pushed her ass up into his crotch. He grasped a tit in each hand and anchored himself inside her. He shuddered, his belly sticking to the small of her back. She orgasmed, shaking like an earthquake.

Her knees gave way and they collapsed. Her beneath him.

He gave a few more feeble thrusts but it was all he had.
After a while, Donna pulled Martin off her. It was like finding survivors after a major disaster.
“I came too,” Donna said. “And I was just watching.”
‘Why don’t we all go to bed?’ invited Kathleen.

Donna became a firm f****y friend after that. The three of them would go to the movies together or meet up for a quick drink after work. And every so often, Martin would wait in his room for Donna and Kathleen to dress up.

And they would play on the stairs.

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