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Jet Lag

Last night at 3am i couldnt sl**p due to jet lag. As my gf V was fast asl**p i decided to slowly masturbate and see if i could relax and fall asl**p. I started feeling more sl**py as soon as had cum and started to have a very strange sexy lucid dream. I was on a space craft of some sort with 6 ladies. We were all naked. There was a large breasted brunette who has a lovely well trimmed hairy pussy. She loved to have sex doggy style and she reminded me of V. A small breasted blonde had lovely soft blonde pubic hair and loved to suck cock. A fully figured lady was shaved and loved to lick the other girls pussy. There was a dark skinned asian girl who had a very hairy pussy and loved anal sex. A big breasted red head who was shaved and was very submissive and finally a very athletic girl who loved to have sex in amazing positions. I was really enjoying this dream! It was great!

At 5am i woke from the dream and my cock felt like it could burst i was so hard. I so wanted to have sex, so i moved across the bed and started to cuddle V to see if she was even slightly awake. She didnt seem to be, but as i slowly rubbed my cock into the back of her knickers, she arched her back as if to presented herself to me for spoons sex. I quickly slipped down her knickers and she slightly cooded as i did so. I moisened her pussy lips with some saliva and slipped my cock inside her. She arched again and i got deeper into her. It didnt take long for and i soon put a lovely load of cum inside her. I almost istantly feel asl**p again and slowly my cock went soft and slipped out of her lovely pussy.

Later that morning V woke for a pee. She was very sl**py and i heard her wondering what was going on and her washing herself in the bathroom. A few minutes past and she returned to bed and punched me in the arm to wake me up. She asked slightly annoyed she she had woken up with her knickers pulled down and her pussy lips and thighs covered in cum. I gulped as i remember the proceeding and began to tell her about the dream and her offering herself in her sl**p. As i spoke she started to cuddle up and eventually started to grind her thighs together as she does when she is horny and getting wet. I slowly started to gently rub ber nipples and she was soon really moaning. Then she stopped and told me i had been a bad boy and needed to make it up to her. I said i would do anything and she pushed me head towards her pussy. I was soon tasting her lovely juices (she had washed when she woke) and was rock hard again. After a while she pulled my hair hard and i moved up her body and pushed my cock inside her. We fucked hard for a while until she pushed me off and rolled over. She raised by bum in the air and i mounted her doggy style, her favourite position. As we fucked she rubbed her clit and soon moaned loudly and collapsed as she came. That was too much for me and i almost immediately came inside her again. We lay there a while and i rolled off her. She looked at me and said that she hoped i was still jet lagged tomorrow and so do i! Well i hope you liked the story, its true and i can't wait for bed time tonight. luv Owen xxx

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