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`He made me do it your honour...`

I opened my company email account on Monday morning as normal. There was the normal junk, and a few leads that looked quite promising. One stood out though, probably because it was from my area director, whom, i had had no contact with, ever before. My line manager was the only person i dealt with, and apart from 2 monthly meetings i rarely saw anyone else. I work from home, and travel to meet clients if and when necessary.

The email was from a guy called John who was based in Sunderland, a neighboring town to Newcastle, where i live. I don't know much about him, only that he is a bit of a sleaze by all accounts. Girls at head office say he is allways trying to grope them on the sly.

He requested to see me an hour before a planned meeting in London the following day. Something was wrong, i could feel it. There had been talk of two sales staff being paid off because of the recession, and this meeting had people worried. My husbands work had already been cut to 4 days a week, so times were bad enough as it was. We couldn't lose a full income. Now I really was worried.

I caught my train as normal that afternoon getting to the hotel at 3pm. I tried to ring a work colleague, Jim, who was a similar level to me, and was also the guy i had been having an affair with for the past couple of months. His phone rang for a awhile and then went to voicemail. I left a short message.

Jim is a good looking 35 year old guy (same age as me),he and i had got together after a sales-meeting a while ago, and had been fucking ever since. Hes also married, so i was reasonably confident he would keep his mouth shut, as the company are death about relationships in the work place. We had had 5 nights together and the sex had been mind blowing, that good in fact that i was looking for more!!!. I also wanted to know if he had heard any gossip on this meeting, and more so, why i had to go in earlier. The call was not returned.

Next morning i spent a long time getting ready for the mornings events. I allways take pride in what i wear anyway, but today i took extra care. I ran a bath, took a long time making sure i was really smooth all over. Ive been a `baldy` for a long time, but still skimmed over just to be sure, the thought of a fuck with Jim later, lingering at the back of my mind. I would probably have had a diddle while in the bath, i usually do, but today my mind was preoccupied and i wasn't in the mood. I dressed in a dark blue suit, the skirt a couple of inches above the knee, white blouse, stockings, (Jim loves them), some nice cream matching lingerie, (my 34D breasts pushed high for more emphasis,) and 3" heels. I looked pretty good as i checked myself in the hotel mirror. My blond curly hair was pulled and tied back off my face. I looked every bit the business woman i strive to be. I set off to meet slimy John the pervert.....

The meeting was at the hotel where John was staying, and i met him in a room just off the conference centre. He was sitting at a desk when i entered, and he got up, came round and shook my hand. He offered to take my jacket, which i foolishly accepted, being that it was warm outside, and i hadn't realised the air conditioning was down so low in the room. John was probably about 43/44, 6` tall, a little overweight but not much, brown hair, quite a good looking guy, but his eyes were all over me. I could see where his reputation came from. He asked me to sit down on a chair that was strategically placed about 5 " back from his desk. I sat and held his gaze as he looked at me, then dropped them down to some papers on his desk. I could feel my nipples harden as the cold air made nature take its course. When his eyes raised, a smirk appeared round his mouth as he realised the desired effect. He didn't even try to hide it. He was mentally undressing me and he didn't seem to care that i knew. He stood.

`Jill, you have been with the company for a few years now and we have been very pleased with your performance. You have good sales figures, and your handling of customers has been exemplary`. I was waiting for the BUT. `It has come to my attention that you have been involved in a sexual relationship with a fellow colleague. As you know this is not tolerated in the company, and i am here to discuss the `situation` with you now. The `meeting` planned for later this morning has now been rescheduled until tomorrow. However, i understand that the agenda of the meeting is now known to you all, and yes there are going to be job losses.` I was stunned. How the fuck did he know i had been fucking Jim. And why was this happening now.??? He went on. `Your line manager Paul, has been dealing with MR Jim Strachan, and he has admitted to both you and him staying at his hotel, which the company has paid for.` He was sitting on his desk, staring at my legs, then my nipples, then my face. `unfortunately, i am going to have to ask you for your resignation in lieu of these allegations, unless you can convince me otherwise. We are looking for two people to go, and it looks like you two have just saved us some redundancy money` he sniggered. My mind was in turmoil. My f****y would find out about my affair, no money, house gone, divorce, humiliation, all these things screamed through my brain. He was standing there enjoying every moment. `OK` i said, `its true. I have had an affair, but it cant be that big a deal, surely.` `You charged things to the room, expenses have been claimed. Think about it`. I realised the main thing was our families finding out, and that was his trump card. `there is a way round this of course`, he said. `What can i do, i need this job? I really need this job` I was starting to babble. `Just how desperate?` he replied. I now realised where this was going. I kept going. ` Very` i said. My heart was sinking. He walked toward me and undid the bow tying my hair back. `That's better, you look more sexy now. You are very sexy Jill, you know that don't you. Jim`s a very lucky guy to have been in your bed isn't he Jill?` I said nothing. `ISNT HE JILL?` he growled back. `I don't know` i timidly responded. `Well i think hes very lucky. I would love to get my mouth on those` as he pointed at my protruding nipples. `Are you going to be a good girl for your kind boss, so he can overlook these... ahem...problems, and continue your employment.` He was loving every moment of this. I wasn't. `Will we both keep our jobs?` i asked. `Maybe` the bastard replied. `what do i have to do?` i stupidly asked. He sat back down with a huge smile on his face. `First of all lets get one thing clear. You do what i say, no question, no arguement. If you do, you keep your job. Ok. Maybe Jim to. Depends how good you are.` I nodded, beaten.

`Ok. Stand up. Drop the skirt and lose the blouse. Lets see what Jim was getting. Ive been wanting to see those tits for a long time, and that time is now here.` I stood, and nervously unbuttoned my blouse, letting it slide off my shoulders and landing on the floor. My skirt was next as i stepped out of it and laid it on the chair. I stood with my arms by my side, as he took in the sight of me in suspenders underwear and heels. I had to make this good to save Jim's job too. I knew i was going to have to play the part of a whore to make this work. He let out a low whistle, and said `I think i am going to enjoy this Jill`, he laughed. `Take ya bra off, let me see your cold nipples. Good trick that, been using it for ages with the girls in the office. Haha.` What a fucking pervert, i thought. I unhooked my bra letting my breasts spill out, and yes, my nipples were enormous. He walked towards me, reaching out and tweaking a nipple roughly in each hand. I winced. `There lovely, Jill, aren't they?` I played his game. `Yes, they are lovely.` i said. He rolled my nipples for a while, then sucked on one of them, biting quite hard and making me jump.`You like that don't you?` `Yes` i replied. `good, mmm now its time to see that little `cunt` of yours, the `cunt` that old Jim liked to get his cock into eh. You liked Jim's cock in your cunt didn't you? tell me!!` I looked him in the eye and said `Jim's cock in me was the best ever` `NO... IN YOUR CUNT. SAY IT.` he shouted. `I loved Jim's cock in my cunt, ok`. It was all part of the humiliation, and i had to do it. I hooked my fingers into my cream panties and let them fall to my ankles. I was naked except for my stockings and heels. He then pushed me back into the chair, telling me to hook my legs over the arms, and start to play with my nipples.

He stepped back, gazing at the sight of my exposed pussy and ass, as i continued rolling my nipples with my fingers. `your a little slut arent you? your my little big titted slut, and John here is going to fuck you, and you are going to drink his cum and do what ever he says ok...hehe. Now let me feel that `cunt`, i do like a shaved `cunt` He emphasised the word `cunt` every time he used it. `Mmmmmmmm, oh you dirty little slut. Your `cunt`, its soaking. Did you want old John here to finger ya pussy all along. Eh?hahahaha` I couldnt believe it, but he was right, my body had started to respond as soon as i started taking my clothes off. I love sex, and i love to be dominated. Not normally like this mind, but i couldnt argue with him could i, not when my pussy had given the game away. He slid first one, then two fingers into my sopping wet hole, his thumb rasping over my clit. I continued rolling my nipples. He sank to his knees, forcing my legs further in the air until my ass was off the chair. His tongue assaulted my clit, sliding down through the folds of my dripping sex, then to my ass, probing in stabbing motions, trying to get into my puckered hole. I couldnt help it and i came on his tongue. I didnt know if he wanted this, as i didnt think me enjoying this was part of his plan. I had cum anyway, and didnt think it would be the last. A finger probed into my ass, and when i looked he was using some lube to grease me up to get his finger in.. `You are now going to lick Johns ass and suck his cock ok`. I nodded and got on my knees as he dropped his trousers and boxers and sat on the edge of the table. He lifted his feet up, totally exposing a 7" cock standing erect. I had to admit it was a lovely specimen and i took it too the back of my throat before letting my tongue run down the shaft and over his sac and into his ass. This isn't my favourite sex game, as men aren't normally as clean as women, but thankfully he was, and i licked around and probed his entrance before returning my attention to his cock. All the time i was salivating on his cock he continually called me his `cum drinking slut, cunt, whore, how he was going to fuck me in the ass and then make me suck his cock till he came in my slut mouth.` The deluded pervert didn't realise that i was `ACTUALLY ENJOYONG IT`.

I continued licking and masturbating his cock, i gagged on him as he tried to f***e it further into my throat, i am not proficcient at this technique, but John f***ed it down my throat anyway. I coughed and spluttered when he pulled it out, before he f***ed it back in again. He ravaged my throat for 10 minutes, and i was happy when he stopped and started mauling my breasts again.

He stood me up, turned me round, leaned me over the desk, roughly found my entrance with his fingers, before slamming his cock into me. It knocked the breath out of me for a second, but i got the rhythm, and matched his thrusts as he pounded me. I knew he wouldn't last long, and after a few minutes he f***ed me down on to my knees and his cock back in my mouth, it spurted big globules of cum onto my tongue. `Keep sucking you slut, keep sucking, keep it hard.` I continued licking and sucking. It softened a little, but with continued pressure and teasing, it gained rigidity again.

For the next hour, he used plenty of stamina and continued to fuck me `upside` down, just as he said he would. He had lubed up my bum, loosening my anus with two then three fingers, before forcing his cock into my ass. I made on i loved it, even though i am not a lover of anal sex. He continually carried on with the character assassination. ``Did Jim's cock feel as good in your arse hole as this eh. you slut.!!!` `No` i replied. I didn't tell him that Jim hadn't fucked me anally..!!! He then made me play with my own clit as his cock slammed into my cervix..that really got him going and he pulled out and shot over my face. It was in my hair and dripping onto my chest. `use your fingers and eat it. ` he ordered...I obliged, not missing a drop. I had probably cum 4 or 5 times before he decided it was time to go and have a shower in his suite. When we got there he made me wash him, then ordered me to suck him off while fingering his ass. My blond head bobbed up and down on his cock as i pushed a finger in and out of his ass. This was new to me but he loved it, calling me his `own personal slut`. He stood me up and entered me again, lifting me up and pinning me against the shower wall, my legs wrapped around his waist. ` I shouted in his ear, driving him on, forcing him on deeper into my body, untill me clenched and shot another load of his cum deep into my body. We both colappsed and let the water rain over us. A few minutes later i towelleled him dry. He then told me to go have a shower, he made a phone call too make. I let the jets of water rejuvenate my battered body. I then started thinking a little more clearly. Yes, John is a grade `A` pervert. But, `I AM CERTAINLY NO SAINT EITHER`. By the letter of the law be had at best blackmailed me, and at worse it was possibly ****. There again, John would probably know all about the law, and would be able to talk his way out of it anyway. Me, i adore sex, and being dominated, so i made the decision that, as long as our jobs were protected, i would chalk it down to experience, and not take it any further.

I could hear laughter as i climbed out of the shower. I dried myself off, tied the towel above my breasts and entered the bedroom. There stood John, Paul, and Jim, all drinking champagne and in a state of undress.

`What the fuck is going on.....????` I shouted, just as John yanked the towel away from my body.

`Jill`, John said `You know Paul, and,...... my half b*****r, Jim?`!!!!!!!!!

Oh no.........

Hope you enjoy, John! My mackem

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