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Who's watching Me?

It's cold out now and now my favorite time of year. Warmer weather means I get to wear short skirts and midriff length tshirts or halters. I love to wear thigh high stockings and garters along with a thong and go to my local park where
guy cruise for sex on the downlow. Yea I'm a transvestite and I look pretty hot sometimes, but also have clothes for all occations.
This afternoon after getting off work around 2:30 I quickly pulled into a quite spot a few miles from the park and got out my bag. I had as normal worn my thong and size 6 lowrise stretch jeans to work, I love the looks I get when someone realizes I wearing girls jeans! It didn't take long to change into my bra and pink sweater, incert my forms and do my makeup. I had shaved every hair off my body before work and my face was still baby smooth. Putting on my wig and brushing it out, I drove to the park.
I pulled up alongside a car that seemed empty in one of the spots close to a path that led to the old Fort. After lighting a cigerette I noticed movement in the car. Peeking over I realized the windows were fogged up and couldn't
really tell who was in the car. I kept glancing over, hopeing to see some hot guy when I caught a glance of a bare leg in the air. The seats were layed back and I'm sure I saw someones bare thighs, but through the fogged up windows I couldn't tell. I kept looking now, not really careing if they saw me, when I realized it was two people in the car. Soon I could make up that it was a couple, girl and a guy and she was almost naked. He had been eating her and they had just changed positions so she was sitting on his lap. The car began to rock as she rode his cock and then I saw her face. She smiled at me and
spun around to take his cock in her mouth. I'm not sure if she did it on purpose but her ass brushed against the window and wiped the fog off the window. I was getting aroused to say the least!
Yes, I love sex with guys but I love sex with women too and this sight was turning me on. Well their public display, and everyone in the area knows what goes on at this park, had to be planned. As they sat the seats back up I decided
I'd let them know I enjoyed the show. I pushed my erect cock straight down my tight pants leg and opened my door. As I made my way around my car I walked right past the front of there car turned and smiled at them. The look on their faces was worth a million dollars when they realised I wasn't a girl by the buldge in my pants!
I was so turned on I decided to head into the fort and see if anybody was there. Walking down one of the paths I saw a guy looking at me from one of the higher paths and soon headed into one of the caves under the fort. I barely waited for
him to say anything before I let my hand brush across his cock. And just as quickly had his pants around his knees sucking for all I was worth. He was rubbing my ass, which I love and I was pushing my ass against his hand as I sucked
him deeper into my mouth. His nice 7" uncut cock was hard and slightly bent upward. Just the kind I love to ride.
I reached down to unbuckle my pants and slid them down exposing my thong and smooth cheeks. His hand feeling me up till one of his fingers found my opening under my thong. I started
pushing my ass onto his hand and he slipped one of his fingers into me. I really wanted to get fucked bad I was so horny from watching that couple! I moaned as I looked into his eyes
that I wanted him to fuck me. Well being a good little slut I reached into my pocket and produced a condom which I slid over his cock. Then I leaned over a ledge and guided him to my hot ass and slowly eased him into me.
He started slowly, pumping me long and deep then pulling almost all the way out. But soon
he was getting caught up in his emotions and started moving fasted and faster. There was no pain, just wild lusty sex. In the caves all I could notice was the echoing sounds of his hips smacking into my ass. My own cock was hard as a rock and he just kept telling me to take it baby. Ohh my little slut loves getting fucked. I knew he was getting close and I wanted to cum too so I pulled one of his hands around to my clitty and he knew what I wanted.
As the first of my sticky cum squirted across his palm I felt him ram into me and pull me back hard onto his cock. I tightened my ass around his cock as he pumped his cum into the condom. My own cum running down the ledge in front of me I stood there shaking as he slowly began rocking his now softing cock in me a little more. Neither one of us noticed the couple standing feet away that had been watching us for who knows how long!
Pulling up my thong and pants I smiled at them and laughed as she said "you go girl" then headed back to my car. I'm such a slut!
This is a true story! Ft. Armstead is in southern Baltimore City. I hope you liked it!

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