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Wife was Away!

I hadn't been out for over a month and it was starting to bother me. Since I started dressing four years ago most of my excursions in public have been from fall till spring. Its easier to hide my shaved body in the cooler months, which makes me feel much more feminine. When I'm smooth all over I get to wear more revealing clothes and I can let the guys I meet run their hand anywere they like without them getting turned off by unwanted body hair.

My wife was about to leave town for ten days at a convention she attends every year and as soon as I dropped her off at the airport I rushed home. After removing the last hair from my body I slid on a pair of sheer white thighhigh stockings and garter. I tucked myself back between my cheeks and slid on the red satin g-string to tightly hold my seceret in place. I picked out a white demi bra and inserted my breastforms making sure to pull my own breast to the center, creating as much cleavage as possible. I wanted to wear somthing really hot so I chose my red mini dress with splashes of silver and slid it on. Most times I dress I end up putting my makeup on in the car, but now I had the whole house and the bathroom mirror to apply the foundation and blush. I applied my long lash mascara and finished with a blue eye shadow, lipstick had to wait till I was out of the neighborhood. I slid a pair of sweats over my fem clothing and walked to my car. It was only noon and I had the whole sunday to spend as Missy.

I really wanted to just walk around and hear my heels clicking on the sidewalk so I drove into Brooklyn and found a quiet spot to park my car. As on most days several working girls were out on the avenue so I figured I wouldn't draw too much attention. I set my camera to timer and figured I'd get a few good shots of me working the streets. After a few pics close to my car I decided to walk up Patapasco Ave and see what kind of reactions I could get. In no time several guys honked their horns and even a few whistles encoraged me to really swing my hips and become more of a tease. About 3 blocks up the street I saw several people hanging at the corner and decided to turn around and head back. When I crossed the street and walked down past the library I noticed one of the girls headed right towards me. As we got closer together she said hi and I stoppped to talk to her. She said as she was walking towards me she didn't reconize me as a regular and didn't realize I was a TV till we got close. Then she told me how hot I looked and asked if I was looking for a date. I thanked her and spent a few minutes talking about my big week of fun. Of course she then asked if I dated men and I told her yes and girls too. Soon I was back at my car and headed downtown. The block in Baltimore is right downtown next to city hall and central police station, but its also the redlight district. With show bars and ABS's on a two block area it draws quite a few girls and horny guys and even some TV's and TS's. I parked and got out of my car walking into a xvideo and lingerie store. I picked up a new pair of thighhighs and browsed the magazines bending over to flash some of the guys. They don't let you in the back dressed so I decided to head for a spot with a little action. Walking the block and a half back to my car I got several cat calls and past quite a few dancers headed to work, a few of them commented on how good I looked. Boy that will make a TV feel good.

I headed to a local park that a lot of guys go to hookup and parked off to the side where I could slip into the wooded path fairly unnoticed. Down at one end of the overgrown path are some old civil war bunkers that are a hot spot for the action. I walked towards one and noticed some noise comming from it. Walking closer I saw two guys, one kneeling in front and sucking for all he was worth. I stepped into the doorway and he only stopped lone enough to glance at me and wave me over. My hand reached out to play with the fully erect cock he was sucking and soon I felt his hand on reach under my dress. It wasn't long before his fingers found their way up my ass and he had me humping his hand. My lips and the other guys met as we exchanged a long wet kiss. I knew he wanted to screw me and I wanted to get his hard 6 inches between my cheeks. In no time the slapping of his crotch on my ass had us both working to climaxe. I motioned for the other guy to let me suck him while I was being fucked from behind. As I bent over and took his cock into my mouth I could feel the hot cock push even farther inside me. Within 20 minutes we had finished and I straightened myself up to take another stroll. I found a spot next to the water and sat on the bulkhead to calm down until another guy, about 50 asked If he could join me. I said sure and we talked for about 10 minutes before I reached into his shorts and found his already hard penis. I leaned over and sucked him slowly between my lips. Working my hands on his balls and bobbing up and down his cock in no time my mouth was filled with his warm sticky cum. After a walking around a little longer I decided to try my luck somewhere else so I walked back to my car. With my dress riding high on my thighs I caught a couple of guys staring as I moved my hips seductivly back and forth when I passed a few feet by them.

It was about 4 pm when I got to the Earle theater and the parking lot was almost full. I walked down the street and entered the theater, giving the clerk the eight dollars I felt so trashy and very horny still. Its very dark and it took about 5 minutes to get my eyes used to it so I stood in the back for a bit. Soon it became clear that something hot was going on in the front next to the screen. As I got closer I could see a girl sitting on a step next to the stage with 5 or 6 guys all aroused stroking their cocks and waiting their turn. I strolled around the theater and decided to head to the bathroom where I removed my g-string. I figured it would just get in the way, if I was lucky enough. Back down at the front the girl had taken a seat in the front row with a guy, her boyfriend I found out, and was taking a break. I walked up close and she said hi so I stopped to talk. He was straight and just liked to watch her screw around with other guys. I started asking if she would like to see me blow him and she started pleading with him to let me. She was really getting off on the fact her guy was with a TV and he must of liked the way I was sucking him cause he unloaded in my mouth after a couple minutes. Thats when she wanted to share a cummy kiss with me sucking his juice from my mouth. When I looked around I noticed we had drawn a crowd and she asked if I wanted to help her put on a show. After sucking me to an erection she wanted me to screw her from behind. I do like women too and in no time I slid into her wet hole and began to pump her pussy. While leaning over she took another guy into her mouth and soon I had hands sliding all over my body. Then a black guy with about 8 inches started rubbing his cock on my ass and working it slowly inside. It took a few tries to get the rythm right but soon he was pumping me as I was doing her and she was sucking another. When he came his hot cum was running from my ass and down my thigh, but not 10 seconds after he pulled out another guy was licking at it. When I shot my load I really wanted to suck my cum from her pussy so I leaned down also giving him better access to me and got to lick the sticky juices from her cunt. I stayed for about 3 hours and got filled twice more while sucking 5 or 6 more guys.

When I left it was dark and during the walk I tried to think of where to go next. I still wanted to be outside and walk around as Missy. I decided to head to Charles St. and cruise the gay neighborhoods dressed. There are several clubs that are open to the gay community and I wanted to see if maybe I could get the courage to go in one alone. I walk around the block looking in the shop windows taking my time and checking to see if I was going to get hasseled but it seemed like no one was paying attention so I entered a bar right on Charles St. It was fairly crowded and I found a seat at the end of the bar and ordered a gin n tonic. The dance floor was crowded and had quite a few guys dancing with guys and girls with girls. Halfway thru my drink a girl asked me to dance, but after a closer look it was another TV. We danced to a couple faster song then a slow song started playing. When she put her hands on my hips and pulled me close I layed my head on her shoulder and slowly and seductivly pushed my hips to hers, grinding together we both got aroused. Her warm breath on my neck and the growing feeling pressing into my tummy had us talking about going back to his apartment. It was only a block to the building he lived in and we walked with our arms around each others waist. By the time we got upstairs and in his room my hands were inside his panties. I knelt down and took his hard cock in my mouth and sucked him deep running my tongue around his shaft and back up working down to his balls. Slowly I worked him till he cum shot down my throat. Then it was his turn, he layed me on the couch and raised my ass with a pillow, giving him access to my ass where his tongue started. He was driving me wild sliding a finger in and licking all around my thighs and working up to my rock hard cock. His lips felt like soft velvet sliding down my cock and no matter how much I wanted it to last he had me cumming in just a few minutes. We both sat on his couch sipping a glass of wine and cuddling til finally I had to call it a day. Heading home still dressed I decided that at midnight noone would be awake near my house on a sunday so I drove right into my driveway and entered my house fully dressed for the first time. Even that seem pretty exciting at the time.
Love to all, Kristy

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