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Granny Annie

Annie wrapped her legs tighter around the young body that was fucking her so well, her mind was in a whirl feelings of total pleasure coupled with panic and guilt swept through her brain but her body was in control and the enjoyment was just too much. She cried out as she exploded into an orgasm better than anything she had felt in years, then she reached up and pulled Danny’s head closer and kissed him, tears of pleasure and guilt ran down her face as her grandson continued to slide his young hard cock in and out of her wet cunt. Annie thought to herself really it isn’t wrong after all he is my step grand son so it is alright and god it feels wonderful!

Annie’s husband was away for a week on business and Danny, who was one of three step grand sons they had, their own son had married a girl who had three boys from a previous relationship, had phoned on the Monday to say he was going to be in town for a couple of nights on a training course and Annie, like the loving granny she was said he must come and stay with her and as Robert was away she would be glad of the company.

Danny was the middle of the three boys and was now twenty coming near to his twenty first birthday, he was not very tall but good looking and with a smile that could melt any heart. He had always been her favourite of the boys though she always told herself that she shouldn’t have favourites. It was a very hot afternoon and Annie wasn’t certain what time Danny would arrive but she carried on doing things in the garden she was wearing a bikini top and a pair of shorts to make sure her body got the best of the sun. She heard the door bell and went through to answer it to her grandson, Danny looked at her as she opened the door and said ‘oh wow don’t you look good Granny’, she replied ‘thank you very much but less of the Granny please I’ve told you before call me Annie’, and she lent forward and kissed him on the cheek. They went inside and Annie asked if he would like a drink he said a coke would be good so they went into the kitchen and Annie bent down to get a can from the fridge her shorts felt very tight around her bum and she was aware of Danny looking at her as she stood up he slipped his arms around her and said, ‘Annie I’ve always wanted to be alone with you’ Annie shuddered at the feel of his young arms around her and was surprised to feel the hardness of his young man hood pressing against her bum, she said ‘Danny this wrong’ and turned round to face him but instead of moving away he kept his arms around her and kissed her this time though it wasn’t a kiss on the cheek it was a full blown kiss on the mouth and she felt his tongue working against her lips. Annie tried to stop herself but she couldn’t and she responded her mouth opening eagerly to his her tongue flicking against his and playing into his mouth. Danny’s hand were roaming all over her body and she sighed as she felt his fingers playing with the clasp on her bikini top, suddenly it was undone and her breasts were freed from the top Danny pulled it away from her and broke from the kiss to look at her he stroked her tits before leaning forward and kissing them he took each nipple in turn and kissed it and sucked it. Annie put her hands on the back of his head meaning to pull him away and stop him but it was to late for that and she pushed him onto her tits moaning and saying ‘oh god Danny no no you mustn’t’ but he didn’t stop and she didn’t try to make him. Then he started to stroke the front of her shorts Annie nearly came as he touched her through the material and she realised she was loosing what control she thought she had, her legs felt as though they were about to give way and she realised she was opening them for him. Then the zip on her shorts opened and Danny’s fingers were inside her shorts and then inside her tiny thong panties she his head back up from her tits and said in a trembling voice ‘no Danny no we mustn’t do this it’s wrong its so wrong’ Danny kissed her gently and replied ‘no it isn’t I’ve dreamt about fucking you for so long and you want it as much as I do don’t you?’ Annie said ‘no no oh god no but yes Danny yes yes yes’ as his fingers worked inside her knickers. Her hand stroked the front of his jeans and she felt his young cock so hard against the rough denim material, quickly she found the zip and slid it down he fingers quickly inside his boxers to release his cock, now it was Danny’s turn to sigh and as his cock sprang free Annie took it in her hand but was surprised at not only the length of it but also at the thickness, the tip of his cock was already wet from precum and Annie felt it sticky on her fingers she pulled them away and put them to her mouth and licked his salty taste from her fingers then she felt Danny’s hands pressing down on her shoulders as he whispered ‘go on be a dirty bitch and suck me Annie’ she tried to say no but she could no longer control herself and suddenly she was on her knees eagerly gobbling on his hard thick cock, her mouth felt full and stretched and as Danny started to move she gagged as he hit the back of her throat but she put her arms round be hind him and pulled him harder into her, it wasn’t long before Danny went rigid and she felt him explode into her mouth as she heard him saying ‘swallow that you dirty bitch Annie’ she felt really dirty with her young grandson talking to her like that but she did as she was told before pulling his cock out of her mouth and rubbing it lovingly round her face, she looked up at him smiling and said ‘you dirty boy take me up stairs and fuck me please!’ Danny pulled her to her feet and lead Annie upstairs to her bedroom her bikini top and shorts left behind in the kitchen he pulled her tiny thongs off as they got in the bedroom and made her get on the bed on all fours, Annie gasped as she realised he was hard and ready again suddenly his cock was rubbing against her cunt lips and then it was inside her thicker longer and harder than anything she could remember ‘Oh God Oh God Danny fuck me fuck me’ she cried as he plunged inside her he was so good for a young boy he had some experience she thought be cause he knew just what he was doing Danny reached round and cupped her swinging tits in his hands and squeezed them and pulled them as he fucked her ‘ you are such a good fucking bitch Granny Annie’ he called out as he slammed into her, Annie moved with him meeting his long hard strokes wanting him deeper and deeper inside her she felt herself coming on his cock it was like a flood she hadn’t been this wet in years Danny kept on ramming his cock into her and then eventually her pulled out she thought he was going to stop and she was desperate for more but no he just turned her over onto her back and spread her legs wide and climbed on top of her his cock soon back inside her she gasped as it hit her so deep it was fantastic she wrapped her legs around him and moved herself with his movements suddenly another orgasm hit her she locked her ankles behind his back and through her tears she kissed him licked his face and told him he was a fantastic fuck machine, he looked down at her and smiled and said ‘Oh granny Annie you are an even better fuck than I dreamed possible and I have had so many wet dreams about you, you have always been the GILF!’ Annie gasped as his cock rammed into her again ‘what’s a GILF?’ she gasped and Danny laughed and said ‘It means Granny I’d like to fuck!’ Annie said ‘well you have now is that it?’ Danny smiled down at her and said ‘Oh no my dirty Granny I’m her for a few days and nights there was no course but I knew Robert was away so I thought I would come and see if I could make my dreams come true and it is even better than I thought possible and I am going to spend all my time fucking you every way possible! As he said that Annie felt his sperm explode inside her cunt and she cried out ‘Yes Danny Yes any way you want! She wrapped her legs around him tightly and though it’s wrong it’s so wonderfully wrong!

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