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The Making of a Gloryhole Gurl Part 2

Making of a Gloryhole Gurl! Part 2
By Kristy

I wasn’t sure where she went, but I lost contact with her after a couple months. All the bars and all the prostitutes never seem to get me off the way Christina did. I would cruise the streets for hours hoping to find her and go home without doing anything. My life without this very special gurl was depressing and went on like this for years.
Then a few years ago I heard about a local park where guys would cruise for sex. Wait a minute I’m not gay! But it had me thinking maybe I did want to suck her cock! And after too many nights thinking about it, I drove down to the park. I had on black spandex bike pants and a white tank top and my tennis shoes. After getting up my nerve I walked down the path and around to the caves. Several guys were in one of the openings and you could almost see one of them kneeling in front of the other two. Next thing I know he waves me over!
I walked up as the other two had their pants unzipped and down around their knees, and he was holding one cock and sucking on the other cock. When I got close he reached for my already hardening cock, rubbing thru my spandex bike shorts. I couldn’t help notice how good he was at giving the other guy a blowjob, Wow I used to do that. Suddenly I leaned over and took the other guys cock in my mouth, I just about dropped to my knees in front of him. His cock was not smooth like Christina’s and it tasted different, but still it was a human who me in my way could give pure pleasure too.
It wasn’t long before one of my trips to the park changed me again. I was cruising the caves and found a green Victoria Secrets Teddy; it was made of satin and emerald green. I picked it up and quietly walked back pretty far into one of the caves. I had my bike shorts on and t-shirt, but simply had to slip the satiny teddy on. I removed my shirt and slid it on, it felt sooo sexy. I was standing in the teddy and didn’t like the look of the bike shorts on my legs so I took them off.
I didn’t even notice till the last minute that someone was close by, and by the time I heard the click a flashlight makes. Caught! Instead of grabbing my clothes and running I froze. He kept walking closer, shining the light away from my face to the ground but still looking me over. Soon I heard the sound of a zipper and saw him pulling down his pants, as he fumbled with his light. He wanted me to blow him, ok I thought. Soon I was in front of him licking and sucking his cock. He started talk to me saying, hey little missy suck that cock. I kept thinking why he called me missy but I kinda liked it.
Then he started calling me a little slut, telling me I ought to put some lipstick on. I immediately started thinking of her again. I wasn’t long before I was trimming my body hair and shaving my beard and moustache off. I began to look for lingerie stores to secretly buy thighs like Christina wore. I found fishnets in the summer could cover a little leg hair, and finally I went to the d**g store and bought makeup. When it got close to Halloween I bought a cheep wig. This whole process took me through a whole year.
I started going to the park and parking in a secluded spot and when someone cruised me, I would get out of my car and walk to the caves to give him a blowjob. Well that was about to change. One day one guys I had serviced before followed me to the caves. I really liked sucking his cock, as it was the only other cock that I had seen shaved since Christina. I was just beginning to feel his cock growing hard in my mouth when he began to talk so sexy to me. “Oh missy I want to fuck you, your so hot you slut don’t you want me to fuck you! I was hard and sucking his very nice cock. Without thinking I said yes. I told him I’d never been fucked before and he said he’d take care. Soon I was bending over a small opening and he was kneeling behind me licking at my ass. It was incredible; I wanted his cock to fill me. I was so turned on and when the first of his fingers slid into me I knew what I needed.
He was gentle and had me lubricated well, but it actually it took three times before I could relax enough to let him enter. The whole time he talked to me saying what a sexy little slut I was, and slowly entering me deeper. It wasn’t long before his cock was buried deep inside. He was slowly sliding back and forth till we found a steady rhythm. I began to feel his hips, and was happy to know that I had all of him inside me. He kept on talking to me, Oh baby I love your puss its so tight you little slut. Come on slut tell me how you like getting your puss fucked! Soon I was telling him to fuck me harder, pushing my ass back to meet his his thrust. You could hear the smack as he drove into my ass, and I guess someone must of heard us. I never even saw the other guy come up with his hard cock and put it right in my face. I eagerly took his cock into my mouth and began licking and sucking him to the tempo of the fucking I was getting. Soon I felt my backdoor lover grab my hips and grind hard and deep, just holding me as the warm donation entered deep inside. I didn’t want him to stop and kept grinding my hips into him as my mouth continued to slide along the length of his cock, pausing to suck on the head and back down. I knew he was about ready, but didn’t expect him to pull out and spray my face and breast with his cum.
It felt so wonderful to be used like that, total submission to another person. And at the same time I was growing to like the femme side of me. I would go to a dollar store and get cheep clothing, always something my wife wouldn’t wear. Oh yes I was still married and had to keep this a secret. I had my bag, and found it to be growing some. Soon I got the nerve to buy shoes in my size, love the way they looked with my thigh highs and new black spandex dress. I was working on my look and cause I always had to get out of my house to dress I had to do it in public.
On one of my trips to a different lingerie store I noticed booths in the back and saw guy standing around. I wasn’t dressed but still got some tokens and went into the back. The rooms had the glass that clears if you touch the button and then I noticed the hole. I put a couple tokens in and found a trans video to watch. Then thru the hole I saw a finger. Not sure and not doing anything he finally leaned down and said he wanted to suck my cock! I liked this place instantly, and soon I would wear my dress and thigh highs on under my sweats, put on just a light foundation and carry the wig, heels and last bit of makeup in a small backpack. I was turning into a cock slut and really liking it!

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