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Girlfriend, her mom and me

I was dating a girl that I had met in college and some nights after studying I would sl**p on their living room floor. Wendy usually came out and cuddled with me. Usually we would end up having sex in their living room on the floor. One night after Wendy had been sucking my cock, she asked me to cum on her face. While I was moving to shoot my load on her face I caught a glimpse of her mother in the hallway watching. At first I was startled, and was going to grab a blanket when I saw that her mom had her nightgown pulled up and was rubbing her pussy. I shot a huge load all over Wendys face, while watching her mother masturbate. She came right after I did and disappeared down the hall back to her bedroom.

The next day I picked up Wendy and dropped her off at work and went back to her house. I knew her mother was alone. When she saw me she asked if I had forgotten something as she knew I had just taken Wendy to work. I told her yes. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She was shocked. She pulled back and asked me what I was doing. I told her it wasn't fair that she had seen me naked and I hadn't seen her. I reached over and squeezed her right tit as I put my arm around her waist and pulled her to me. She tried to pull away. I pulled Judy into the living room and sat on the couch and told her I saw her last night in the hallway and if she didn't do what I told her that I would have to tell Wendy. She called me a bastard. As my hand slid up her leg under her skirt I felt her very wet panties. I knew she was turned on like she had never been before. As I rubbed her slit thru her panties she asked me to please not make her suck my cock. I told her to undress. I wanted her naked. She took off her blouse, skirt and bra and stood there in her panties and wanted to know what I intended to do. I pulled her down over my lap with her ass in the air and gave her a swat. She was surprised and yelped. I pulled her panties down and gave her another. Her juices were dripping onto my leg. I told her I wanted her naked and she was getting paddled for leaving her panties on and questioning me. After 5 hard swats leaving her ass a crimson red from my hand, I told her to lay down on the couch. I got undressed. She couldn't take her eyes off my cock. Now it isn't all that big only 8 1/2" but it is almost as thick as a soda can. I moved forward and put my cock near her face. She turned away saying she couldn't suck it. She said she never sucked one before. I pulled her head back and rubbed the head of my cock on her lips. I told her to just kiss it and lick it. She started licking my cock and kissing the head of it. I rubbed her pussy. She was really wet. I kept talking dirty to her and the dirtier I talked the wetter she got. I slid all 4 fingers into her and she came all over my hand. I told her to lick her juices off my hand. She didn't want to. I rubbed her face wiping off the juices all over her. I slid her off the couch so her knees were on the floor and she was leaning over the couch I moved behind her and slid my cock into her sopping pussy. She came again. She said it had been so long. Her husband she said had been impotent for the past 6 years. She thought she would never get laid again. She also told me that when they did have sex it was straight missionary style.

After a couple months of fucking Judy during the day and Wendy at night. I knew Judy was watching as I fucked he daughter. I decided that Judy and I would meet at a motel. I told her where to go and that I would leave the room number on my dashboard so she knew the room.

That evening I took Wendy to the motel and fucked her a couple times. I knew that Wendy was into some light bondage and handcuffed her to the bed and tied her legs open spread eagle. As she laid there totally exposed and I tickled her mercilessly. I heard a soft knock on the door. I opened the door and there was Judy. I pulled her into the room and kissed her. As I was kissing her Wendy asked what was going on. Judy then realized that Wendy was there. She wanted to go. I wouldn't let her and started taking her clothes off of her. I told Wendy that I had seen her mother spying on us as we had fucked and that I had been fucking her for the last couple months. Judy was red from embarrassment and I ended up having to gag Wendy. I pushed Judy onto the bed next to Wendy and as I moved on top of her my cock slid into her juicy pussy. After I had fucked Judy to a couple orgasms, I pulled out and moved up so I could shoot my load all over Wendys face. I then reminded Wendy how she had told me that she wanted to be with another woman. I told Judy that she should lick my cum off of her daughters face. She did. I told her to share it with Wendy. Took the gag out and Judy kissed her daughter sharing my cum with her. As they were kissing I was rubbing Wendys pussy and she was wetter than she was earlier when I had fucked her.

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