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Milking Time B2 Chapter 12 Clyda & Jordan Part

Chapter 12: Clyda & Jordan Part 6

Clyda opened her eyes in shock as she heard Jordan's latest request. "You have got to be fucking k**ding me!" exclaimed Clyda. "You aren't human girl."
"Didn't Dee Dee and Tiffany tell you that I was crazy about cock, Clyda?" asked Jordan.
"They didn't tell me that you had a bl**dy terminal case of it, love," retorted Clyda. "Well, I think I've got one last good load in me for you," continued Clyda. "You've got to realize that we're not all rampaging b**sts like Ebony, who can do it almost non-stop for hours at a time. Not that we haven't tried mind you...we just can't keep up with someone like that."
"Please, Clyda," pleaded Jordan. "One more time. I just cant get enough of your cum."
"All right, Jordan," said Clyda. "I've got one last idea that I've never tried before. You seem to be an 'anything goes' type of girl. Do you think you're ready for my last trick of the afternoon?"
"I was born ready for you, Clyda," said Jordan enthusiastically. "What have you got in mind?"
"Like I said, Jordan," said Clyda, "this last stunt of mine is something I've never tried before. But if it works, it should produce enough jism to satisfy even a cum junkie like you. What I'm going to do will be new to you, but I think you'll get a bang out of it anyway."
"To make this work, I'll need a couple of things from the dresser," continued Clyda. "I'll be right back."

Clyda strode over to the dresser, and rummaged through the drawers for a few moments. She returned to Jordan with several bottles and jars, and a small vinyl case, like a toilet case, in her hands. Clyda spread everything out on the bed next to Jordan.
"There. I think that ought to be enough to get things done," said Clyda.
"What are you planning to do, perform some kind of operation on me?" asked Jordan.
"Actually, that's not far from the truth, love," said Clyda. "But what remember what curiosity did to the cat. You were so insistent about having me do it to you one final time. Now you're going to get your wish."
"Now to begin with, you're going to prepare my cock for the grand finale today," continued Clyda. "But first, you've gotta get me hard and ready to play again."
Jordan's eyes lit up at Clyda's words. Jordan began eagerly fondling and stroking Clyda's shaft and balls with her hands. No matter how many times Jordan saw it, the sight of one of the shemale amazon's cocks coming to life and reaching its full size and hardness would always fill Jordan with a sense of awe and wonder.
Clyda's shaft filled with bl**d, and expanded and grew in front of her eyes like it had a life of its own. Her balls quickly swelled and filled with bl**d so it looked like two tennis balls were stuffed underneath her cock.
As Clyda's meat grew fully hard and erect, the urethra shaft on her cock swelled and protruded like a cable strapped to the shaft of her dick. Numerous veins became engorged and filled with fluid, and stood out proudly on the shaft of Clyda's cock. In no time, Clyda's cock quickly grew into the two-foot long tree limb that Jordan remembered being gleefully impaled upon this afternoon.
Clyda could see Jordan's eyes glowing with sexual energy and anticipation, as she stared at Clyda's powerful hunk of meat in front of her face.
"I want you to take this first bottle of lotion," Clyda pointed to the first bottle closest to Jordan, "and lube my cock up with it. But only apply that to the shaft and head of my cock. Don't get any of it on my balls."
As Jordan eagerly applied the thick liquid to Clyda's cock, the smell and texture of it seemed familiar to her.
"You may recognize this substance from your first day here, love," said Clyda. "It's the same solution we have applied to our cocks to get them ready for the Milking Ritual."
Jordan spread the liquid thoroughly over the shaft of Clyda's cock, and soon had it glistening from the base to the tip of the fist-sized cockhead with the protective lotion. Caught up in the heat of the moment from having such a massive rock-hard piece of meat so close to her, Jordan began to instinctively stroke and massage Clyda's cock. Clyda gently laid her hand on Jordan's shoulder, and shook her finger at her.
"No you don't, love," scolded Clyda. "As tempting as the offer is, I've got other plans for you and my cock today."
"I want you to take this second jar of cream," continued Clyda, "and work this into my balls. Be careful and don't get it anywhere else."
Jordan opened the second small jar that Clyda pointed to on the bed. Inside the jar was a dark red cream or jelly. Upon feeling it, the texture of it was similar to Vaseline. The stuff had a strong, hot scent to it, much like that of muscle relaxers and lineaments. This cream also had a very strong sexual smell to it, similar to incense. When Jordan stuck her fingers into it, the stuff was warm to the touch.
"What is this stuff?" asked Jordan.
"Well, as Dee Dee would say, its exact name and ingredients are 'trade secrets'," said Clyda. "This is something we use once in a while for some extra-added stimulation, here on the Island. You'll see how it works and what it does in a few minutes. For now, be a good girl and spread that all over my balls. Nowhere else though."
Jordan scooped out a liberal handful of the stuff, and applied it all over Clyda's balls. The effect was almost immediate. Clyda's balls instantly began to flush and turn a darker red in color. They were also growing bigger. So big in fact, that Clyda's scrotal sac couldn't contain the two new melons hanging below the cock.
Clyda's nuts now were larger than two softballs, and they hug down at least five inches from her cock. Jordan looked at the results of what she had done to Clyda, and clamped her hand over her mouth in astonishment.
"Oh my God, Clyda! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't know it was gonna do that to you," Jordan blurted out.
"That's all right, love. Don't worry about it," replied Clyda. "It's working just like I thought it would. I'll be this way for about an hour, and then I'll return to normal. More than enough time to do what I've got in mind."
"As you can tell," continued Clyda, "I've now got over double the nut size I usually do, without having to spend a lot of time working up to it. And as you've also doubtless noticed, I've got a lot of free room and play in my sac downstairs too."

Jordan watched, as now Clyda could freely grab each nut, and pull and twist them to her heart's content. Clyda could stretch them, and place one on top of the other, and do all sorts of odd things with her balls now.
"Kind of makes me feel like I'm that Plastic Man fellow from the comic books," laughed Clyda. "But what I'll do to you with these nuts in a little bit is one hundred percent real, love."
Jordan had a look of excitement and bewilderment on her face. "I'm ready for anything, Clyda. I just wish I knew what you were getting at," said Jordan.
"You wanted a grand finale, love. And you're going to get it," said Clyda. "Just how you're going to get it is up to me, and you're going to get a surprise."
"Now for the next stage of the trick, we're going to need something else," continued Clyda. "I want you to go in to the other room, and in the closet, there's a large clear plastic container in it. I want you to fetch that, and bring it back here. While you're doing that. I'll be getting myself ready for the next stage."

Jordan walked over to the adjoining room of Clyda's quarters, and went to the closet. At the bottom of the closet, was a large plastic container, as Clyda had said. Jordan guessed that it was about two gallons in size. As Jordan returned to the first room with the container, she saw that Clyda had been busy while she was away.
Clyda was applying the protective lotion to one of the large plastic type sheaths that Jordan had seen used on Tiffany during the Milking Ritual.
"Glad you're back, love," said Clyda. "I just need a little help here, and then we're almost ready to get started. While I get the sheath fitted onto my cock, I'd like for you to put some of the lotion onto the headpiece, and get that ready for me. You do remember how to do that from the Milking Ritual, don't you?"
Jordan flushed with embarrassment for a moment. "You bet I do," said Jordan. "But are you going to milk yourself or fuck me? I don't see how this all fits together."
"Silly girl," teased Clyda. "If you already knew all of the details, then it wouldn't be much of a surprise, now would it? Don't worry. You'll get what's coming to you."
Clyda slowly slid the sheath down onto the shaft of her cock. Life Tiffany's the other day, Clyda's sheath covered all of her cock except for an inch or two below her cockhead, and the same amount just above the base of her cock.
"Starting to look familiar, Jordan?" asked Clyda. "Now be a dear and hand me the headpiece, now that you've got it all lubed up."
Clyda fitted the headpiece onto her humongous cockhead. She was now the spitting image of Tiffany during the Milking Ritual the other day. Clyda's balls were swollen roughly as large as Tiffany's had been at her peak. But Clyda had hers at this size in minutes, and they now hung considerably lower than Jordan had seen on any other girl on the Island.
"Okay love," said Clyda. "We're almost ready here. I want you to put the container on the edge of the bed, against the wall for me." Jordan placed the container in the appropriate position.
"That's good," said Clyda. "Now I'm going to put one end of the connecting tubing on my cockhead, like so." Clyda walked over so that she was standing directly against the edge of the bed.
"Now I want you to assume the position, love," said Clyda. "I want you lying on top of the pile of pillows again, with that pretty little ass of yours sticking straight up into the air."

Jordan climbed onto the bed, and placed herself with her crotch on the very top of the pile of cushions. This position had Jordan's asshole pointing almost directly up in the air. It also had Jordan's face on the mattress, right next to the large plastic container.
"Very good, girl," said Clyda. "You're gonna have a bird's eye view of the finale. Now I'd like for you to take the other end of the connecting tubing, and attach it to the little stem on the top of the container for me."
Jordan did as Clyda requested. Now the tubing ran from the tip of Clyda's cock to the plastic container.
"The tubing might brush against your head or shoulders while we're having fun," said Clyda, "so expect that from time to time."
"But if you've got your cock connected to the container with the tube," asked Jordan, "how are you going to fuck me?"
"Of course I'm going to fuck you Jordan," said Clyda. "But this time, I'm going to use my balls, instead of my cock to fuck you."
"You can't be serious," exclaimed Jordan. "They'll never fit!"
"Are you, or are you not," asked Clyda, "the same little cum-crazed blonde slut who swallowed two feet of my cock up your ass, and then begged me for more? Not to mention going one on one with Ebony in the same hole, who happens to be substantially bigger than I am?"
"Well, yes..." Jordan admitted with embarrassment.
"And you're making a fuss over something the size of my balls going in there too," demanded Clyda. "Have a little faith girl. I wouldn't be trying this on you, if I didn't think you couldn't do it. That pill that Dee Dee gave you hasn't worn off yet."
"It's not that I don't want you to do it, I've just never heard of something like this before," said Jordan.
"All right," said Clyda. "It's time for another brief lecture about cocks. I'll make this quick, because I'm getting horny as hell here."

"In addition to intercourse and good old-fashioned jerking off," Clyda continued, "a cock can be made to cum in a number of ways. One of them is the sheath I'm wearing. It simulates a woman's pussy, and applies tremendous pressure. Another way is by the proper squeezing and fondling of the testicles themselves. You can't just pound and smash on them. There's an art to it. That's another advantage that Dee Dee included when she ironed out the details in giving us our cocks, here on the Island. Dee Dee has a number of other surprises about our cocks and balls, but you'll find out all about that from her later on."
"Now, I'm going to put my nuts inside of you," said Clyda, "and then I'll instruct you on how I want you to work your ass." Clyda reached over to the side of the bed, and picked up a third small jar.
"This is the same jelly that I used a little while ago, to get your ass ready for my cock," said Clyda. "Anyone as sex-crazed as you are shouldn't really need this, but I'll lube your butt up again to prepare you, just to be on the safe side." Clyda applied a liberal coating of the jelly onto her right hand and wrist, coating it fully.
Clyda made a fist, and slowly plunged it into Jordan's ass. After the reaming Jordan had received just recently, Clyda's fist went easily in and out of Jordan's butt. Clyda quickly was working her arm in and out, halfway up to the elbow. Jordan began to moan and pant, and her buttocks began to tremble slightly.
"There. I told you there wasn't anything to worry about," said Clyda. "Now just keep that pretty little tush of yours in one place, love. If you start squirming later on, and cause either of us to fall off and injure something, we'll have one hell of a time explaining ourselves."
Jordan began to laugh anyway despite Clyda's warning. "All right, all right! Give me a minute to catch my breath, and then you can get started."
After a moment, Clyda climbed on top of the mattress with Jordan. Clyda was now standing on the edge of the bed, and her crotch was directly on top of Jordan's buttocks.
"All right love, here we go," said Clyda. "I'm going to pry your ass open one more time, and then I'll put my balls inside you." Clyda took three fingers from each hand, and placed them on the edge of Jordan's sphincter. With a little pressure, Jordan's anus quickly opened to a gaping hole.
"That's beautiful love," said Clyda. "Now I want you to exercise a little control over your own body for me. If you concentrate, I know you can keep your hole open like it is now for a moment, so I can use both my hands for the next step."
"Okay. I'll try," said Jordan. Jordan focused her mind on the task at hand.
"Here comes the first one, Jordan," said Clyda.
Clyda grabbed her left testicle in one hand, and placed it at the opening of Jordan's anus. Clyda applied some pressure, and part of the testicle oozed into Jordan's ass. Clyda's nuts were now each hanging down five inches from the shaft of her cock, so there was plenty of play and room in the scrotal sac for her to do this.
Clyda exerted more of her strength and half of her testicle disappeared into Jordan's butt. To Clyda, it felt somewhat like pushing a Nerf ball through an opening that was too small for it. It could be done, but the process was slow and tedious. After more pushing and prodding, Clyda's entire left nut was inside Jordan's ass.
"There. We're halfway home. How does that feel, love?" asked Clyda.
"Do you really want me to answer that?" muttered Jordan.
"Sorry. I wasn't thinking," said Clyda. "Trust me. After a few minutes, the pills and the jelly will take affect and, you'll feel completely different."
Clyda then took her right testicle in her hands, and placed it at the opening of Jordan's ass. After another few minutes of very careful pushing and prodding, Clyda soon had both of her nuts buried in Jordan's ass.
“All right, Jordan," said Clyda. "How does it feel now?"
"Well, it feels different," said Jordan. "Now it doesn't feel like I have to go to the bathroom anymore. Your balls feel really warm. Even hotter than a cock inside there."
"That's the jelly on my balls mixing with the lotion inside your ass," said Clyda. "I told you that you'd like the sensation."
"The sensation is also different," said Jordan. "It's not a long pole or shaft, like a cock feel like in there. I can actually feel both of your nuts inside of me."
"That's right, girl," said Clyda. "Now just a few final instructions, before we shift into high gear. The pill, the jelly and the lotion are helping your ass to be able to take my nuts inside of you."
"The jelly on my balls made them larger, and also made them a bit more soft and pliable, so I could squeeze and f***e them inside of you," continued Clyda. "For a limited time, it's also made them slightly tougher and stronger than they usually are. I'll be able to accept your squeezing and churning on my balls with your ass muscles, but I'm not invulnerable down there. You do exactly as I tell you, and back off or stop when I tell you, and we'll be fine. If you get out of hand and squeeze me too hard, there may be hell to pay later on."

"I understand, Clyda," said Jordan. "I may k** around once in a while, but I'd never do anything on purpose to really hurt you."
"I trust you too, Jordan," said Clyda. Clyda reached down and picked up a small remote control with her hand. "And now we're ready to start. I'm going to use this on very slow, very gradual settings. Just enough to keep me hard and ready. You're going to do the majority of the work here, love."
"Just tell me when, Clyda," answered Jordan.
"For starters," said Clyda, "move your ass back and forth, and then up and down."
Jordan responded to Clyda's commands, and began slowly gyrating her ass.
"Now while you're doing that," said Clyda, "clench and unclench your butt cheeks."
"I can feel it already, Clyda," said Jordan. "Your nuts are getting hotter inside me."
"By the time I'm finished with you, your ass'll feel like it it's on fire," said Clyda.
While Jordan worked her ass cheeks on Clyda's balls, Clyda used the remote control to slowly bring her cock just to the brink of orgasm, and then hold off, letting the feelings die down and subside. Then Clyda would repeat the process again and again to her cock.
Jordan slowly began to get a vague type of control over her ass muscles, and what she could do to Clyda's balls, without using her hands. Jordan assumed the pill and the lotions must have granted her more control than she would normally have, but she didn't care at the moment.
Jordan found that she could exert gentle pressure over one or both of Clyda's nuts at the same time. She could pull them forward to the deepest recesses of her anal passage, or she could f***e them backwards until she felt the last testicle nudging up against her anal opening.
"Oh yes, girl," exclaimed Clyda. "You're a born slut, Jordan. You're driving me fucking crazy. Keep doing what you're doing. Now squeeze me just a little harder and faster." Jordan concentrated and exerted as much control as she could, so she could increase the speed and pressure on Clyda's balls, without injuring them.
Jordan's efforts on Clyda's balls were having a compound effect on Clyda's cock. The f***e on her balls from Jordan caused the pressure in Clyda's cock to swell and throb faster and higher each time that she began using the control to stimulate the shaft of her cock.
Even though Clyda was one of the senior amazons on the Island, she was hard pressed to keep her control over her cock in this situation. The longer and harder that Clyda let Jordan squeeze her balls, the hotter they became inside of Jordan's ass. Although the shape and feeling were far different from any cock that Jordan had ever had inside her butt, Jordan began to revel in the new sensations that this brought her.
For half an hour, Jordan and Clyda fed off of each other's efforts. Clyda would instruct Jordan to squeeze harder and faster on her nuts. Jordan would become more and more aroused from the feelings inside her ass. And the pressure and intensity inside Clyda's cock kept building inexorably towards the breaking point.

Finally, Clyda could hold herself back no longer. Clyda set the control to pump and stimulate the shaft of her cock at maximum speed and intensity. Clyda gripped Jordan's hips with her hands.
"All right love, now's the time!" exclaimed Clyda. "Squeeze me long and hard and deep. And don't you dare stop until I tell you to stop!"
Jordan let loose with all of the strength she could muster in her position. As Clyda's orgasm began to hit her body, it felt like an earthquake was trying to rip her ass apart. Clyda's balls had been gradually increasing in heat, as the sex progressed. Now it felt to Jordan like two balls of molten lava were rolling about in her anus. Clyda felt the insurmountable pressure build up in her cock, and knew that she was only seconds away from shooting off.
"Good fucking grief!" exclaimed Clyda. "You wanted cum, girl. You've got it!"
Clyda's cock shot off the first torrential stream of cum. The f***e of the jism passing through the tubing was so great, it caused the tubing to snap taut for a moment, almost like cracking a whip. This startled Jordan, and caused her to snap her eyes wide open.
An instant later, the first stream of jism landed in the plastic container. It made a long, loud, streaming sound, like someone pouring a glass of water onto the floor. The entire bottom of the container was quickly filled with Clyda's jism.
The succeeding bursts of cum from Clyda's cock hit the container with such f***e, that Jordan had to hold it steady with both of her hands, to keep it from toppling over. As Clyda's cum filled the container, it grew warmer and warmer to the touch.
For several minutes, Clyda shrieked like a banshee, as she emptied her nuts into the container. Jordan watched in awe as Clyda filled it past the halfway mark, before she even began to show signs of slowing down.
Each splurt of incoming jism hit the pool below it with surprising f***e, causing it to splash and slosh all about the container.
Both girls had managed to remain remarkably still in the delicate position they were in, without causing themselves to trip or fall, and spoil the moment. Eventually, Clyda decided that her balls had been inside of Jordan long enough.

"All right love," gasped Clyda. "You can release your deathgrip on my nuts now."
Jordan relaxed her muscle control, and Clyda tenderly pulled her swollen balls out of Jordan's anus. Clyda's balls were throbbing and swollen, but Clyda still managed to milk and squeeze them for just a moment with her hands, and produced several more lengthy splurts of jism into the container. By now, the two gallon container was over three-fourths filled to capacity.
Clyda's neck and face were flushed, and she was sweating from head to toe from the exertion she had just put forth. Jordan's body was streaked with sweat. Despite the aching she felt from having Clyda poised on top of her for so long in such an awkward position, Jordan couldn't stop staring at the container filled with Clyda's jism in front of her. Jordan had a glazed look in her face, as if she'd just experienced nirvana, or found the Holy Grail.
Clyda released the tubing from the tip of her cock, and then gently slid the piece covering her cockhead off. Clyda found a small plastic device, similar to a thimble, and placed it on the end of the tubing, so none of the cum would leak out.
Then Clyda picked herself up off of Jordan's backside, and promptly sprawled out on the bed next to Jordan on her back.
"Well love, I hope you're fucking satisfied," panted Clyda. "You've drained my tank; you've broken the bank. Hell, I'm too damn tired to even think up any more witty remarks."
Clyda lay there panting on the mattress, catching her breath.
"And now for the moment you've been waiting for love," said Clyda. "I reckon that there's enough cum in this container to satisfy even you. I want you to take a couple of pillows, lie down and get comfortable on the floor, with your head close against the bed."
Jordan did as Clyda instructed, her body trembling with anticipation.

"Now while you're doing that," said Clyda, "I'll get things ready upstairs."
Clyda placed two pillows close together on the edge of the bed. Clyda slid the jar containing her cum close to the pillows, and held it carefully in her hands. Clyda slowly tipped the container over, so that it rested on its rounded side on the two pillows. The nozzle that the tubing attached to was in the bottom, or six o'clock position on the container now. So gravity would do most of the work for releasing the cum from the container. Clyda brought her hand down and gave Jordan the end of the tubing.
"Here you go love," said Clyda. "All you do is place your thumb on the button on the side here to release the cum. Take it off to stop it. You've earned this. Bon appetite."
Jordan had an expression on her face like a young girl who had just gotten everything she could possibly want for Christmas, and then some.
"Oh my god, Clyda," said Jordan. "You don't know how long I've been wanting to do something like this, and be able to take my time and enjoy it."
"Oh, I've got a really good idea about how much you'd like it, after Tiffany and Barocca told me how you'd acted during the Milking Ritual," said Clyda.
Jordan promptly placed the tubing in her mouth, and trembling with anticipation, placed her thumb on the release button. Savoring the energy and satisfaction of the moment for a few seconds, Jordan depressed the release button.
Jordan shuddered with pleasure as the first wave of jism entered her mouth. It was hot, sweet, and delicious tasting. Jordan let her mouth fill to almost overflowing with the cum, and then stopped the flow. She let the first massive dose go down her throat in one huge gulp. Jordan could feel it sliding down her throat, and collecting in the pit of her stomach. Then Jordan would experiment with taking a slow steady stream of jism down her throat for moments at a time, seeing how long her throat muscles could keep up with the flow.
Jordan began fondling and squeezing her breasts as she drank the cum, and Clyda watched her nipples grow hard and erect, as she continued her swallowing. After several minutes, Clyda began to feel incredibly horny, as well as slightly jealous of just how much cum Jordan was pouring down her gullet. Clyda was kneeling next to Jordan with her hands on her hips.

"You are going to save some of that cum for me, aren't you?" asked Clyda, with a trace of sarcasm in her voice. Jordan appeared to be oblivious to Clyda, and kept on steadily draining the container.
"You know, I did have a little part in producing that load of jism you're being so selfish with," said Clyda with a bit of resentment. Still Jordan appeared to be lost in a world of her own sexual bliss and enjoyment.
"I can see that this situation calls for drastic measures," muttered Clyda to herself.
Without warning, Clyda gave Jordan a sharp slap on the tummy with her palm. Not enough to hurt Jordan, but enough to get her attention, and cause the tip of the tubing to fly out, as Jordan made an assortment of coughing and choking noises. Clyda deftly grabbed the loose end of tubing, and flicked the button to stop it from releasing any more jism.
"My, my," said Clyda. "Aren't we the greedy little thing today?" Jordan's face flushed with embarrassment again.
"I'm really sorry, Clyda," said Jordan. "I've just never been in a situation like that where I could gorge myself, and I just lost control."
"You can say that again," retorted Clyda. "You've drained almost half of this thing! If that little slap hadn't got your attention, I was seriously thinking about tipping the container over, and letting it bonk you on the noggin."
"What this situation calls for," continued Clyda, "is a little sharing between us. And I've got just the thing for it."
Clyda reached up to her bag on the bed, and rummaged through it for a moment. Clyda produced a similar piece of tubing, which split off into two separate pieces at one end of it.
"Stay where you are, love," said Clyda. "I'll make the switch upstairs. Then we can both enjoy the fruits of our labors."
Clyda quickly tipped the container to its upright position, and then switched the tubing. She lowered it back onto the pillows, and then settled down next to Jordan in a sitting position against the bed. By now, Clyda's balls had shrunken down to their normal size, and her cock had returned to about six inches in length. Clyda handed Jordan one of the ends of the tubing. "One for you, and one for me, Jordan."
The two girls embraced as they slowly drained the jism in the container. Few words were spoken, since their mouths were obviously quite busy at the time. Clyda did hug and fondle Jordan, and Jordan responded in turn, as both girls rubbed their breasts and nipples together as much as the situation would allow.
As they swallowed the incredible amount of Clyda's cum between them, Clyda held Jordan very close and gazed into her eyes. No words needed to be spoken at a moment like this, as Jordan and Clyda bonded together in the throes of rapture as two soulmates who had finally found each other.
Finally the last of the cum was drained from the container. Clyda gently plucked the tubing out of her mouth and Jordan's. Jordan turned over and looked at Clyda with a look of utter loving and contentment in her eyes.
"Could I have..." Jordan began to ask.
"Don't you even think about it!" exclaimed Clyda. Clyda fought back an urge to laugh and be angry at the same time. "I don't know how to tell you this girl, but six times in one afternoon is my limit!"
"Okay, I'm sorry," said Jordan. "I also just wanted to say thank you for the best sex I've had since coming to the Island. And for probably the best experience that I've ever had in my life."
"Well you're welcome love," said Clyda. "I enjoyed it too, if I do say so myself." Both girls giggled and embraced again.
"I'll give Tiffany and the others a very glowing review about your performance here this afternoon, Jordan," said Clyda. "After that, we'll set up a time for the final test. You know what that means don't you?"
"That I've gotta find a way to satisfy all five of you at once," replied Jordan. "Part of me is scared to death just thinking about it. And part of me can't wait to get started."
"Believe me, Jordan," said Clyda, "if you can survive an afternoon with Ebony, and then keep up with me, and still ask for more, you've got nothing to worry about."
"Head back to your quarters and clean up, love," continued Clyda. "I'll get in touch with Tiffany and let her know what a show-stopper you were today."

Tiffany and Dee Dee sat together in one of the offices, watching Jordan and Clyda through the monitor, as they concluded their session together, as the girls drained the cum from the container.
"Didn't I tell you that Jordan was a real trooper?" asked Tiffany. "I knew that she could do anything, if she put her mind to it."
"She certainly gave Clyda all that she could handle," agreed Dee Dee.
"How long were Jordan and Clyda together this afternoon?" asked Tiffany.
"Well, we sent her over there at one o'clock," said Dee Dee. "And it's now four thirty."
"She's been a busy girl all right," said Tiffany. "I just had a gut feeling about her, when I first saw her, that she'd fit right in, if she ever made it here."
"Tiffany," asked Dee Dee. "You do realize that the only reason Jordan's session ended now is because she practically wore Clyda out, don't you?" Tiffany stopped for a moment as Dee Dee's words sank in.
"That's literally un-fucking-heard of around here," exclaimed Dee Dee. "The only one who's ever pushed Clyda that far before was Ebony."
"My god, you're right," said Tiffany. "And since we've filmed everything Jordan's done to make an example out of her, for her actions, it won't be long before the whole Island knows about it."
"If Jordan makes it through the main event," said Dee Dee, "and quite frankly, after what I've seen of her in action the last two days, I can't see any reason why she won't; we'll be between a rock and a hard place."
"You're not k**ding," said Tiffany. "We could put a telephone pole inside that girl, or try to drown her in cum, and I still don't think either one would stop her. She wouldn't quit unless she croaked."
"So if, or should I say when Jordan clears the final hurdle," said Dee Dee, "we won't have any choice and we'll have to make her one of us. Can you just imagine what she'll turn into when she has a cock between her legs?"
"She'll be uncontrollable, to say the least," said Tiffany. "Jordan will turn into a miniature version of Ebony. A little bundle of blonde dynamite right in our midst."
"Not only that, Tiffany," said Dee Dee. "But Barocca and Ebony may try and sway Jordan, so that she sees things their way, and sides with them. If Jordan turns out the way I think she might, and joins their faction, they could wind up making life miserable for us."
"Shit. I hadn't even thought of that," said Tiffany. "All right. Here's what we'll do. I'll call Clyda and some of the other senior amazons that we know are still loyal to the way that you and I see things. We'll have an emergency skull session, and see if anyone has any ideas on what to do with Jordan."

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