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Milking Time B2 Chapter 11 Clyda & Jordan Part

Chapter 11: Clyda & Jordan Part 5

Jordan awoke a few minutes later, to find that she'd been turned back over onto her stomach, and was lying on the pile of pillows again. The first thing Jordan noticed was a probing, almost burning sensation in her ass.
"What happened?" muttered Jordan, as she regained consciousness. "And what happened to my rear? It feels funny."
"I see you're awake," replied Clyda. "That's good, because I certainly don't intend on letting you sl**p through what's going to happen next."
"What are you talking about?" asked Jordan.
"Don't play cute with me you little snit," retorted Clyda. "The first time you did it, I was caught by surprise, and didn't pay attention to what was happening. The second time, it dawned on me what you were doing, but I couldn't pull out of you in time."
"I still don't have any idea what you're talking about," said Jordan.
"I'm talking about you trying to take control of things during sex, and thinking that I wouldn't notice," said Clyda. "When you sucked me off earlier, you slurped almost all of my jism down your gullet for yourself. I gave you the benefit of the doubt there, because it was one of the first times you'd ever sucked me off."
"I was just trying to show you how much I like your cock, and the taste of your jism," said Jordan.
"Well, you've certainly acquired a taste for it, I'll say that much," replied Clyda. "And then when I was fucking you just a few moments ago, you clamped down on my cock so hard between your legs, it felt like someone slammed a door on it. Then you drained me inside of you again."

"There are a few things that you don't really understand about life here on the Island," continued Clyda. "Bear with me as I run them down for you. Number one. We amazons treasure our cum shots, when we have sex. Whether it's jerking off, or with one partner, or in the middle of an orgy, it's the most important thing to us.
"Yes, there are times when we suck each other off, or shoot off inside a partner. But only when it's been mutually agreed upon by the participants.
"The other thing is discipline. I hadn't given you my permission to take all of my jism inside of you. I was considering being lenient, since you're still new here, but you pressed your luck, and did it not once, but twice in the same afternoon. Tiffany and Barocca had told me about how you'd behaved during the Milking Ritual, and that you might try something similar with me."
Jordan just lay there on the bed, not knowing quite what to say to Clyda.
"Nothing to say for yourself?" asked Clyda. "Well that's all right, because I've got something to tell you Jordan. You've earned yourself a punishment and a reward at the same time." Jordan tried to think of Clyda could possibly mean by this.

"I knew that once you woke up, you'd still be horny and asking for more," said Clyda. "And since you've been a naughty girl, not only am I going to fuck you once more, but we're going to cover the only part of you that hasn't been used so far."
Jordan felt a knot in the middle of her stomach as she realized the position she was in, and the meaning of Clyda's words hit home.
"That's right love," said Clyda. "I'm going to put my cock inside your asshole next. And you'd better ask Tiffany to assign you to some type of duty that you can do standing up for the next few days. Because I don't think you're going to be able to sit down for a while."
"The first thing I'm going to do," continued Clyda, "is get your ass ready for my cock. And I can't think of a better way to do that, than with my fist. Don't you agree?"
"Uh, yes, Mistress," replied Jordan, realizing the situation she was in.
Jordan twisted her head to one side, and in one of the mirrors, she could see Clyda applying a thick coating of the lubricant to her fist again.
"I've already applied a small coating of the lubricant to your butt while you were dozing off," said Clyda. "That's why you felt your ass tingling when you woke up." Clyda knelt next to Jordan, and rubbed her fist against Jordan's asshole. "And because you've been a naughty girl this afternoon, I'm not going to be as gentle with you as I was earlier. That's all the warning you're going to get, slut." With that, Clyda pushed her entire fist into Jordan's asshole in one motion.
"Holy shit!" cried Jordan.
"That's right, slut," said Clyda. "Feel my fist inside of you. Stop your sniveling and start working your ass on my fist. Do it now!"
Jordan f***ed herself to concentrate, and began gyrating her rump, and clenching her buttocks as best she could in the position that she was in.
"That's better, you little trollop," taunted Clyda. "Work that sexy little ass of yours around my fist, until I tell you to stop."
Clyda began pulling her fist from Jordan's asshole and then plunging it back in. All Jordan could do was let out loud groaning sounds as Clyda pistoned her fist in and out of her tight asshole. Jordan's anal hole opened and closed repeatedly to accommodate Clyda's fist. A couple times Clyda pulled her fist out leaving a giant gaping hole where her fist had been.

"Look at this fucking asshole." Then Clyda would plow her fist back in before Jordan's asshole closed up. "And just think, Jordan. You've only felt a fraction of what you're going to feel, once I put my cock inside your ass."
Then Clyda closed her hand making a fist inside Jordan giving her a little more room to make an even deeper entry. Again Clyda pushed and another three inches of arm entered Jordan's ass. It almost looked like Clyda had her whole arm inside Jordan. Jordan's asshole had to be stretched almost four inches across to accommodate the thick fleshy part of Clyda's arm that approached her elbow. Then with her other hand Clyda flicked Jordan's clit a couple times and Jordan shuddered from the sensations.
Jordan screamed at Clyda to fuck her asshole harder while her body twitched and rocked while impaled on her arm.
"I'll be damned," said Clyda with amazement. "It's just like Tiffany and Barocca said. No matter what happens to you, you just come back and holler for more."
Clyda pulled her arm back out of Jordan's ass a little and rammed it home up her anal chute until she hit bottom again. Then again Clyda pumped her arm up Jordan's butt, bottoming out deep in her ass. Clyda repeated her anal fist fuck into Jordan's ass over and over slamming her fist as far as it would go, forcing it until she hit the soft flesh in the deepest part of Jordan's rectum.
Reaming Jordan's asshole like this was so arousing Clyda was in a frenzy too, and felt nearly ready to cum. "Tilt your head and take a look in the mirror, Jordan. Get a good look at my cock."
Clyda hadn't even touched her cock, while she'd been busy fisting Jordan. Clyda's cock was at its massive size of almost two feet long, and delicate veins ran up and down the shaft.
Clyda ripped her arm out of Jordan's ass. Jordan screamed from the instant surge of pain as Clyda's fist passed through her sphincter so abruptly.
"Did that get your attention, girl?" Clyda teased. "I hope so because here comes the moment of truth. I'm ready to shove my cock inside your tender little asshole now."

"All right, girl," said Clyda. "Relax that butthole of yours. You were able to swallow up half my arm a few minutes ago. So you're almost ready to take my cock inside of you. Now open wide."
Jordan concentrated and tried to make her body follow Clyda's instructions. Jordan could feel Clyda prying open her asshole with her fingertips. After being reamed for more than ten minutes by Clyda's fist and arm, the lubricant and the pill had done their work, and Jordan found she could relax her muscle control, and Clyda was able to pry apart her anal opening considerably.
"Nice going, love," said Clyda. "Your bunghole's almost three inches wide, as I look down on it from up here. It's just begging me to shove my cock inside it. Are you ready?"
"Yes, mistress," murmured Jordan.
"What's that?" asked Clyda. "I didn't hear you."
"Yes, I'm ready!" squealed Jordan. "I want you to shove that fucking monster of yours inside me, until it splits me apart!"
"Well, that's more like it," said Clyda. "Here it comes, love. Don't say I didn't warn you. But this is the only warning you'll get."
With that, Clyda grabbed the shaft of her cock, and took careful aim at Jordan's gaping asshole. In one swift motion, Clyda rammed her entire cockhead and several inches of her shaft into Jordan's waiting asshole.
"Oh my gawd!" yelled Jordan. Jordan's fingers dug into the sheets and pillows, and she struggled to maintain her position, so she wouldn't fall off of the pile of cushions.
"Tight fit, isn't it?" quipped Clyda. "You know, Jordan, you really should've taken some of those video producers up, when they offered you some anal scenes, back in your video career. It might've helped prepare you for what's coming next."
"Gee, thanks," grumbled Jordan. "Now is a great fucking time to tell me that!"
"Always with the wisecracks, I see," replied Clyda. "Well, just lay back and enjoy the ride, love. You've earned this, in more ways than one."

Clyda began slowly forcing more and more of her huge cock into Jordan's ass. Clyda shifted her position so that she was directly above Jordan, and could use her full body weight to press her cock into Jordan.
Six inches, seven inches, then eight inches of Clyda's cockmeat f***ed their way into Jordan's asshole. The only difference between Clyda's fist and her cock was that now Clyda couldn't flex and move her fingers inside Jordan's ass. It felt as though a red-hot baseball bat was being slowly, inexorably shoved inside Jordan's rectum.
Now Clyda began to pull back and begin stroking her cock in and out of Jordan's ass.

The speed and f***e Clyda had used when she fucked Jordan's pussy were almost nothing compared to her efforts now. The positioning of Jordan's body allowed Clyda to use all of her amazon strength and power, as she brutally fucked Jordan's asshole.
Jordan twisted her head to one side, so that she could see Clyda's reflection in one of the full-length mirrors. What Jordan saw caused her to gasp in astonishment. Jordan's butt was pointing almost straight up in the air, as she lay on the pile of pillows. Clyda was standing directly above her butt, with her cock pointing straight down, and inserted into her asshole.
Clyda was moving up and down, almost as though she was riding a pogo stick. It reminded Jordan of seeing cartoon pictures of the old pile driving and well drilling machines from earlier years. Jordan shivered as she felt the thick veins that bulged along the shaft of Clyda's cock rub and brush against the lips of her asshole, as Clyda pumped herself into her.
Ten inches, eleven inches, then a full foot of Clyda's meat found its way into Jordan's rump. The first few moments of Clyda's cock inside Jordan's ass had almost brought her to tears. But by now, the lubricant and the jelly had done their work. Although the sensation of Clyda's monster cock inside her ass was completely new to Jordan, she was now able to revel in the feelings and enjoy the ride.

"You're awfully quiet down there, love," said Clyda. "Having second thoughts yet?"
"Could I have more please, mistress?" asked Jordan.
"You really must be part nymphomaniac, after all," said Clyda. "Well, you've made it to the halfway part of me. Let's take things to the next level, and see if you're still so greedy."
Until now, Clyda had been doing a series of squatting movements, forcing herself in and out of Jordan, and occasionally using her hands to balance herself on Jordan's hips or buttocks.
Clyda stopped momentarily on her next downward thrust and gripped her hands firmly on the sides of Jordan's waist. Clyda gritted her teeth and exerted her strength, and thrust her powerful hips forward. Six more inches of Clyda's cock f***ed their way into Jordan's asshole in one savage stroke.
The sudden impact of so much of Clyda's cock inside her asshole made Jordan almost pass out. For a moment the stabbing pain was so great, Jordan didn't know if she could take any more. Jordan flailed her fists at the pillows, and stuffed the pillow into her mouth as she squealed in pain.
"Not so cocky and confident are you now, love?" asked Clyda. "That's all right, because I'm just getting started up here."
Clyda had slowed her thrusting down to a more normal level. Jordan felt each inward thrust with all of her body. The huge pole of Clyda's cock f***ed and rammed its way into Jordan, deeper than she had ever been penetrated before. Each stroke of Clyda's cock seemed to probe deeper, and burn hotter than the one before.
For a few moments, Jordan simply gritted her teeth, and f***ed herself to accept and endure Clyda's cock inside her asshole. Ever so slowly, the burning pain slowly subsided, as Jordan's body reacted to the pill and jelly, and let her accommodate Clyda's meat inside of her ass. Determined not to give in and ask Clyda to stop, Jordan reached down into her spirit and willpower, and summoned all her courage together.
"!" shouted Jordan.
Clyda stopped in mid-stroke into Jordan, and shook her head, as if she couldn't believe what she'd just heard. "I must be hearing things," Clyda muttered. "For a minute there, I thought I heard you ask me to go harder on you."
"I said I wanted you to fuck me harder," said Jordan, emphasizing the last word. "And deeper."
"My god, I think we've created a monster here," replied Clyda, with a surprised tone. "All right, love. You asked for it."

Clyda increased the speed and power of her strokes into Jordan again. Three more inches of Clyda's cock slid into Jordan's asshole. There were now over twenty inches of rock hard shemale cock buried inside of Jordan's butt.
Clyda reamed and fucked Jordan for over twenty minutes in this position. Clyda varied the speed and tempo of her strokes. By now, Jordan's body had allowed her to accept almost the entire length of Clyda's fuckpole into her rectum. Clyda pulled out so that the length of her strokes into Jordan were over a foot long, and let the full weight and power of her body propel her downward and into Jordan's ass. This only caused Jordan to intensify her efforts, and to scream to Clyda to redouble her thrusting into her. Finally, Clyda reached her limits again with Jordan.
"Well, love," panted Clyda, as she kept thrusting into Jordan. "I don't know how you've done it, but you did it. You've swallowed damn near my entire cock inside your butt, and you're still screaming for more."
"I haven't fucked anyone like you before," continued Clyda. "You're so crazy about my cum, get ready, love. Because I'm going to shoot my load inside your ass in a minute." Clyda intensified her thrusting into Jordan, and humped her like a jackhammer for a few more minutes.
"Here it comes!" yelled Clyda. Clyda's cum erupted into Jordan's ass like a firehose.
"Oh, fuck, yes!" squealed Jordan. It felt like her ass was being filled with molten lava. Spurt after spurt of Clyda's cum gushered into Jordan's but. After a few moments, the combin-ation of Clyda's massive cock, and the torrent of cum she was unleashing was too much for Jordan's ass to contain.
The sensation of Clyda's cock smashing into her anal walls, surrounded by a torrent of her hot jism, was something Jordan had never felt before, and it was driving her crazy with delight. Clyda's cum began to spill out the edges of Jordan's asshole. As Clyda increased her thrusting, more and more jism squirted out, and began to run down the sides of Jordan's butt and hips. Each stroke by Clyda's cock now made a squishy, slopping sound, as the massive pole of her cock f***ed out the excess jism in Jordan's ass.
The f***e of Clyda's thrusts into Jordan's ass caused the jism to be expelled out with greater f***e. Soon Clyda's waist, tummy and her breasts were splattered with her own jism.
Jordan's backside looked as though someone had tried to paint her skin with the jism.
Clyda finally emptied her last shot of cum into Jordan, and slowly pulled herself out of Jordan's rump. Clyda's cock made an audible 'popping' sound as she pulled the head out of Jordan's ass. Clyda let her cum-soaked cock land on Jordan's ass and backside. A small dribble of jism rolled out of the head of Clyda's cock, and down Jordan's back.

"That was in-fucking-credible, Clyda," panted Jordan. "That felt almost as good as the other ways that you fucked me. It was an incredibly wonderful new sensation for me."
"Well, I'm certainly glad you enjoyed it, love," said Clyda. "I'm glad to be a part of it too, you know. I haven't fucked anyone who's responded like you did in ages."
"My god," continued Clyda. "It looks like Mount Vesuvius went off back here. We'll just have to clean up this mess, now won't we?"
Clyda began massaging and rubbing in the jism into Jordan's back with her hands. Clyda also reached down and massaged some of it into Jordan's breasts, as far as she could reach in her present position.
"Hey. Don't waste all of that lovely cum," protested Jordan. "The least you could do is save a little of it for me."
"Why you're right," responded Clyda. "Where are my manners?" Clyda scooped up a handful of her jism from Jordan's backside, and brought it down to Jordan's mouth. Jordan opened her mouth and extended her tongue, and greedily lapped up as much of Clyda's jism as she could. Jordan slowly sucked each of Clyda's fingers and savored every drop of it.
In this manner, Clyda soon had Jordan's backside cleaned again, and Jordan had swallowed almost every remaining drop of jism.
"Now roll over, love," said Clyda. "You didn't think I was going to forget about all the cum that got splashed on me did you?"
As Jordan changed to a sitting position in front of the pile of cushions, she saw what Clyda was referring to. It looked as though several cocks had shot their loads onto Clyda's waist, tummy and breasts.
"What are you waiting for?" asked Clyda. "Get to work."
With a delicious smile, Jordan began slowly lapping up all of the excess jism that had gathered on Clyda's body. Jordan paid extra attention to Clyda's breasts, spending extra time on her large nipples. Jordan teethed and sucked on Clyda's nipples until they stuck out from the surface of her breasts. Clyda's nipples were so swollen, it looked as though Clyda's big toe had been mounted onto her nipples.
Finally, Jordan worked her way up to Clyda's face, and she and Clyda embraced in a long sensuous hug. The two girls kissed, and Jordan's tongue found its way into Clyda's mouth, where it was met by Clyda's own slithering tongue.
Eventually, Jordan with drew her tongue, and her eyes met Clyda's with uncontrolled lust.
Almost shamefully, Jordan looked at Clyda, and slowly, brought the phrase to her lips that she hoped Clyda would want to hear.
"Could I have more please, mistress?"

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