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Milking Time B2 Chapter 3 Ebony & Jordan Part

Chapter 3: Ebony & Jordan Part 2

"Okay," said Ebony. "See that pile of mats over there? Get on top, and stretch out on your back. I'm gonna feed that little blonde pussy of yours its first dose of real cock that it's ever had on the Island."
Jordan moved over to a large pile of floor mats that Ebony indicated, and climbed on top as she instructed. Now Jordan was lying in a horizontal position, but she was elevated several feet off the floor.
"That's perfect girl," said Ebony, as she lined up her massive cockhead with Jordan's pussy. "Any last words?"
"I'm going to shove this black monster of mine inside you," said Ebony. "I'm going to fill you up with more cockmeat than you've probably ever had before in your life, and then you're going to beg me for more of it. Do you understand?"
"Yes, mistress," replied Jordan.
"I'm going to fuck you hard and heavy, like you haven't had it done to you since before you came to the Island. And probably not even then."
"Keep in mind that I'm only going to put some of my cock inside you this time, girl," Ebony continued. "Right now you can only take so much, no matter how horny you might think you are. That'll change when it's time for the main event. But that's later on." Ebony moved closer to Jordan and positioned her cockhead directly against her pussy.
"Holy shit, that thing is huge!" cried Jordan. "Please go easy on me with it."
"I'm going to have a little fun, and I'm also going to fuck the living daylights out of you," said Ebony. "Relax and enjoy the ride, girl."

Ebony rubbed her fist-sized cockhead back and forth between Jordan's tight pink pussy lips till they parted and the tip of her cockhead popped inside. Ebony squeezed her hands into Jordan's rump and hips, and moved her back and forth, until her entire cockhead pushed its way inside Jordan's pussy.
"Damn, your pussy is tight!" Ebony squealed as she pushed her stiff pole into Jordan, forcing the giant black shaft to stretch her pussy wider and wider. "You're going to crank open that tight little blonde pussy and take my big black cock inside of you."
Ebony released her grip on Jordan without warning, gave a powerful surge forward, forcing her fuckpole heavily into Jordan. Several inches of black cock rammed its way inside Jordan without mercy.
"Holy fucking shit!" yelled Jordan. Jordan had no experience to describe the feelings that were happening to her now. Part of her was simply awed by the sensation of Ebony's cock inside her. Another part of her was actually frightened by the power of Ebony's cock.
"Do you like my big, black cock, slut?" asked Ebony.
"Yes, mistress," gasped Jordan. Tears were running down Jordan's cheeks from the shock of Ebony's cock inside her for the first time.
"Would you like some more of my cock inside you, girl?" asked Ebony.
"Yes, please, mistress," said Jordan. "Your cock feels absolutely exquisite inside of me."
Jordan's mind was swirling with the mix of pleasure and pain that she was feeling from Ebony's cock inside of her. But Jordan knew that the more she pleased Ebony and the other shemale amazons, the better her chances were at being adopted into their society.
Ebony placed her hands again on Jordan's waist, and flexed her muscles, and f***ed Jordan onto her cock again. Five more inches of steel-hard black cock rammed and f***ed its way inside Jordan's pussy.
Jordan felt as if her ribs were being pushed up into her throat to accommodate Ebony's enormous black shaft, but she held on tight, her sphincter muscles clutching and relaxing in uncontrollable cycles. Jordan gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and held her breath, as she spasmed while being impaled by the massive girth of Ebony's cock inside her.
For a few moments Ebony just held her. Jordan's body was jerking and reeling in reaction to Ebony's battering ram cock stretching her pussy to undiscovered limits. A thin trickle of creamy white cum rolled down along Ebony's shaft and onto her black balls as she now slowly began to move her hips, forcing her giant black shaft to squirm and wiggle inside of Jordan. Jordan whimpered and squirmed on Ebony's big pole.
Ebony's noticed the jism collecting on her shaft as it oozed out of Jordan's cunt, and scooped a dollop of it on her finger.

"Are you enjoying yourself, girl?" asked Ebony. "You must be, 'cause this is way too early to be any of mine." Ebony lifted her finger to her mouth and tasted Jordan's cum. "Oh yeah," said Ebony. "You're really getting off on this, now matter how much you want to squirm and whimper. But we're just getting started here."
Without warning, Ebony shifted forward again. Ebony's motion caused several more inches of black cock to f***e its way inside Jordan's tight cunt. Jordan squealed in a mixture of surprise and pain, as she thought her pussy was going to be split wide open.
Jordan's feet twitched feebly, as Ebony placed her hands on her hips.
"How do you like my cock inside of you, slut?" asked Ebony. Ebony turned so that she faced one of the full-length mirrors in the workout room.
"I like it...very much...mistress," replied Jordan. Jordan was struggling to maintain her control over her body, as she felt Ebony's fuckpole pulsing inside of her like a dynamo.
"You can stop the act, Jordan," replied Ebony. "I've already spoken to both Tiffany and Barocca. They told me all about how you nearly lost control when you saw them during the milking ritual. Isn't that right, slut?"
"Yes, that's true," answered Jordan. She lifted her eyes to meet Ebony's gaze directly.

"That's more like it, girl," said Ebony. "There's no sin in being horny. It's why we set things up the way we did on the Island here in the first place. But there is such a thing as showing respect and following instructions. That's one thing you've got to learn if you're going to make it here."
Without warning, Ebony bucked and gyrated her hips. Jordan was lifted into the air, a few inches off the surface of the mats she was lying on, sending waves of both pleasure and pain throughout her body. Ebony placed her hands on her hips, flexed her muscles slightly, so that Jordan was sure to notice them.
"Take a good look in the mirror, slut," said Ebony. "Have you ever, in even your wildest dreams, seen a cock this huge, this hard, this magnificent?"
Jordan looked at the reflection of herself and Ebony in the mirror. Ebony's balls were swollen so large that they were larger than tennis balls. The shaft of Ebony's cock was like a tree limb as it thrust outward from her crotch. Over a foot of cockmeat was visible to Jordan before it buried itself inside her pussy. Jordan was completely impaled on her back, filled with Ebony's cock, and totally at Ebony's mercy. Jordan shook her head meekly in reply.
"That's right, girl, you haven't," said Ebony. Ebony slapped Jordan on the ass, bringing her to attention, and looked directly into Jordan's eyes. "I'm through taking it easy on you girl," said Ebony. "You're gonna get fucked hard now."

Jordan gasped as she felt Ebony's thick black shaft stuffed deep in her dripping pussy. Ebony's black balls were now streaked in a sticky white cream that flowed out of Jordan's stretched cunt.
Jordan's tanned breasts flopped heavily to each side from the f***e of Ebony's thrusts into her pussy. Ebony gripped her enormous pole and shoved it further between Jordan's legs again.
"Oh fuck!" Jordan screamed as Ebony stuffed her full of nineteen inches of her black shaft. "Oh god, fuck me!"
Ebony howled, and powered herself into Jordan's tight young cunt. Another four inches of the massive black missile slammed into Jordan. Jordan's screeching continued.
Ebony tightened her hold on Jordan's hips, and again smashed her rock hard cock into her box. Jordan's cunt continued to part under Ebony's relentless pounding. Four vicious thrusts later, and Ebony had pounded almost two feet of her massive cock deep within Jordan's pussy. Jordan screamed until her lungs were raw. Her pussy felt like it was about to explode.
Ebony grunted violently as she slammed into Jordan. So thick was Ebony's intruding cock, that it rippled the surface of Jordan's abdomen in time with its penetrations. Jordan placed a hand just below her navel, and felt the thrusting bulge forge deeper.
The tightness of Jordan's cunt on Ebony's battering ram cock produced a wet sliding sound with each in and out stroke. Jordan's head shook wildly from side to side, her mouth open in a silent scream. Smash fucking into Jordan, Ebony increased her fuck pace.
Ebony's cock head rammed the width of Jordan's cunt, punching into its deepest recesses and far beyond. Ebony moved with nearly blurring speed, fiercely pumping in and out of Jordan's cunt.
Jordan prayed that she would pass out, but she continued to wriggle on the end of Ebony's monster cock. Jordan gritted her teeth, trying in vain to black out the rising waves of pain that burned through her body.
Jordan was impaled on Ebony's massive pillar inside her. Ebony was growling gutturally, the rabid humping continuing without mercy. More cock than Jordan had ever seen in her life was smashing in and out of her pussy like a runaway train.
Then the dam burst. Jordan thought she could even hear the hot sperm from Ebony splash the insides of her womb. The sperm began flooding, and pouring from Jordan's crotch.
Jordan groaned in pain. It felt like her stomach was expanding and her insides were rearranging themselves to house the relentless flow of jism from Ebony. Jordan felt like she was being torn apart, as her insides continued to expand. Just when Jordan was sure she couldn't take anymore from Ebony, the pounding mercifully stopped.
Ebony slowly pulled her massive shaft out of Jordan's aching cunt. Ebony's cock was completely coated in both girls' juices, and throbbing like it had a life of its own. Ebony gripped her cock with a grip of iron, to temporarily stop her rampaging orgasm.

"Oh we're not finished yet, baby," replied Ebony. "I'm just getting started. Sit back and enjoy the show, and watch what I can do next." Ebony pulled back until she was standing back between Jordan's legs again. Ebony's massive member was still rock-hard and glistening with sweat and saliva from Jordan.
"Look at this girl," said Ebony. Ebony grabbed the shaft of her cock with her right hand, and gripped both of her enormous balls in her left hand. Ebony's cock was now pointing straight up. Jordan was awestruck at the sheer size of it.
"Let me show you how to really suck a cock, girl," purred Ebony. With that, Ebony lowered her head slightly, and bent her back forward just a bit, and went to work on her own cock.
The first thing that surprised Jordan was Ebony's tongue. Ebony's luscious pink tongue oozed out of her mouth at least several inches. Ebony slurped and licked the head of her cock with her tongue until it positively glistened. Then Ebony stuck the tip of her tongue inside the hole at the head of her cock, at least half an inch deep.
When Ebony removed her tongue, she had a large whitish droplet of jism balanced on the tip of her tongue. Ebony leered sexily at Jordan, and then brought her tongue back in her mouth, and swallowed it with glee. Jordan could see Ebony slathering it in her mouth, and watched her throat contract as Ebony finally swallowed it.
"There. That's got me good and warmed up, girl. Now for the finishing touch. Watch closely, honey," said Ebony. Ebony now set aside any pretenses at foreplay, or teasing herself or Jordan. Ebony lowered her head, and easily engulfed the entire head of her own cock.
Jordan gasped. Where she had had to work herself up to getting all of Ebony's cockhead into her mouth, Ebony engulfed all of it as though it were second nature.
Ebony now began to furiously stroke the shaft of her cock with her right hand, squeeze both of her balls with her left hand, and suck on her cock with her mouth all at once.
Jordan watched with awe as Ebony's muscles flexed and bulged, as Ebony pleasured herself, at an almost impossible pace. Ebony worked on her cock and balls for almost five minutes in this manner, without letup.
Jordan began fingering her pussy, and squeezing her boobs as she got more and more turned on watching Ebony. Ebony in turn looked directly at Jordan from time to time with an expression of uncontrolled lust, as she heard the moans of pleasure from Jordan.
Finally, Ebony released her cockhead from her mouth, and began stroking her cock even faster than before. It didn't seem possible to Jordan, but Ebony's cock looked even huger and more powerful than when she'd just had her pussy reamed with it shortly before.

It was difficult to gauge any true size difference on something so huge, but Jordan could see multiple veins rippling up and down the shaft of Ebony's cock. And the main shaft that carried the jism from her balls throughout Ebony's prick looked as though someone had taped a garden hose to the shaft of Ebony's cock.
"Get ready, girl. Here it comes!" cried Ebony. Ebony had pulled slightly back, so that the head of her cock was just about directly over Jordan's pussy now.
Low, guttural moans came from Ebony that Jordan could barely recognize as the voice she had just heard from her. Ebony's cock was now pointing directly at Jordan. Without warning, the first load of jism shot directly at Jordan. It was almost a single continuous stream that stretched the several feet between Jordan and Ebony. It landed with an audible sound, directly on Jordan's neck, between her breasts. Jordan was shocked at the impact, and could feel it sliding down onto other parts of her body from the f***e of the impact.
Jordan jerked slightly as she felt the heat of Ebony's jism on her skin. It wasn't scalding hot, but it was definitely much warmer than she had ever experienced before.
Jordan inadvertently opened her mouth in an expression of surprise, as she felt the hot jism. Thanks to this Jordan caught almost all of the next splurt from Ebony directly in her mouth. It was hot, sweet and the most delicious thing Jordan had ever tasted.
Seeing Jordan enjoy the taste of her cum in her mouth drove Ebony to a higher effort. Ebony continued stroking her shaft as fast as she could, as her orgasm over-powered her. Ebony was caught in the throes of ecstasy for almost another minute, as her massive hardon pumped out over a dozen more thick streams of jism all over Jordan.
By the time Ebony's cock had finally exhausted itself, Jordan was thoroughly coated in the thick white jism from her waist to her face. Jordan eagerly massaged the jism all over herself, making it look as though she'd just emptied a can of shaving cream onto herself.
Ebony came closer to her and embraced Jordan, enjoying the hot sticky feel of her own cum, as she and Jordan smeared it liberally all over each other. Slowly the girls began to scoop the jism up on their hands and fingers, and serve it to each other, as they greedily lapped as much of it as they could up.
Several times Ebony would let a large load of her jism slide into her mouth, and savor the taste. Then she would hold Jordan close, and kiss her, and transfer the delicious load in to Jordan's mouth, which she greedily swallowed. Jordan would also repeat this ritual with Ebony, until the girls had swallowed almost Ebony's entire massive load between them. Jordan swallowed the last handful of jism from Ebony's fingers, and smiled at Ebony.

"All right, girl," said Ebony. "Break time's over. Gent over on your hands and knees. You're gonna get your ass fucked now."
Stepping stiffly with her massive schlong bobbing rock-hard before her, Ebony moved around to the back of Jordan. Quickly, Ebony positioned herself between Jordan's legs and pressed her cockhead hard against her anal entrance. Beads of sweat from Ebony's still pulsing cock served to lubricate the entrance to Jordan's butt as Ebony leaned forward, beginning to f***e her giant cock into Jordan.
Jordan stiffened and let out a gasp as her ass was spread open by the biggest piece of meat she'd ever felt. Her high-pitched intake of air gradually lowered to a moaning groan.
Deeper and deeper Ebony fucked Jordan's ass. Pounding painfully into her body. Smashing inwards inch after inch. Ebony's anal plunging seemed to know no limits, seeking ever further recesses of Jordan's ass to stretch wide and deep. Jordan's ass was f***ed wider and wider open as Ebony's massive cock seemed to plunge inches deeper into her with each thrust. Jordan shook, vibrating her entire body in the throes of agony.
Ebony only smiled and kept pressing her throbbing erection deeper and deeper into Jordan. Amazed at Jordan's fortitude, Ebony pushed further and further. Jordan felt the thick, hot meat of Ebony stretching her ass wider and wider. The pill she'd taken allowed her to take more and more of Ebony's cock. But it did nothing for the pain Jordan still felt. It felt to Jordan like someone was trying to pry her ass apart with a crowbar.
Moaning loudly, Jordan shifted her weight and tried forcing more of Ebony into her. Deep within, Jordan felt a wrenching inside her, as her innards seemed to twist and slide themselves around Ebony's intruding organ. Jordan could feel every rock hard inch of Ebony as her body stretched and threaded itself around the freakishly large cock.
Ebony merely grunted loudly and began her long, heavy thrusts into Jordan's widely stretched ass. The f***e of Ebony's strokes caused her balls to begin slapping back and forth against her own thighs, with a steady rhythm as she f***ed well over a foot of her cock into Jordan's ass.
Shocks and tingles of pleasure began to rock the two lovers as Ebony pumped harder and harder into Jordan. Another tingle soon began surging through Ebony's flexing muscles and clenched teeth. It seemed almost as if Jordan's ass was resisting her, as if it had gotten tighter.

"Putting up a fight are we?" teased Ebony. "That's good, girl. I love a challenge.”
"Just because you may think you've got a prayer of stopping me, here's a little reminder of who's in charge here," continued Ebony. Jordan felt Ebony push further into her and her body slowly stretch to accommodate her. It hurt so much, Jordan almost didn't notice that Ebony's cock was getting thicker. Jordan grimaced but could do little but moan and claw her hands at the floor mats as she felt her ass getting slowly lifted off the ground, embedded on Ebony's cock. Jordan's body writhed as Ebony's cock quickly grew in size.
Jordan gasped, as deep within her, she could feel Ebony's shaft getting bigger and bigger. Moaning, she felt Ebony's cock stretching her buttocks apart and shredding her guts, trying to push into her stomach. More and more, Jordan felt her ass widen and stretch. Ebony's cock was truly bigger than any of the other shemale's on the Island.
Ebony struggled, some of her cock still jutting out of Jordan, but most of it still deeply embedded deep in her ass. The agony of the situation blotted out most of Jordan's rational thought as Ebony moaned and felt her climax building. Ebony fucked Jordan's ass in this position in a series of long powerful strokes for over five minutes.
Eventually the pressure within Ebony's balls flooded past the point of no return. Her legs stiff, Ebony bellowed out loud as her orgasm ripped out of her engorged shaft and flooded deep within Jordan. Her giant balls bounced repeatedly, swinging wildly as she jetted her thick, creamy cum into Jordan's ass, as she was stuck on her massive cock.
Jordan grimaced as she felt Ebony begin to fill her with her jism. Gush after gush of thick cum pumped into her ass, and then her bowels.
Finally, Ebony shuddered as her climax began to abate. Huge, shuddering sighs wracked her body as she felt her intercourse with Jordan fade. Her muscles and lungs heaving, Ebony looked down at Jordan. On the floor beneath her, Ebony could faintly see some creamy, white cum that must've come from Jordan in her throes.
Jordan panted weakly and turned her head halfway to glance up at her monstrous lover. Jordan's bowels felt like they were trying to contain a gallon of boiling liquid. After a moment the pill kicked in, and Jordan breathed a small sigh of relief as she felt the incredible pressure in her guts begin to abate.
Jordan gasped and thought to herself: "I can only hope it's gonna be tough for Ebony to top that one."

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