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Milking Time B2 Chapter 1 The Inquisition

This story involves a group of shemales who live on an island that
exists in our world, but they chose to remain mostly isolated. That's part
of the reason I also call them amazons.
The shemales in my stories have genitalia that start at John
Holmes' size, and then get much, much bigger. (This is a work of fantasy after
all.) So if extreme size is not to your liking, I suggest you go elsewhere
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Milking Time Book Two: The Agony And The Ecstasy
Chapter 1: The Inquisition

Jordan returned to her quarters and spent the night dreaming and fantasizing about Tiffany, Barocca, and all of the other gorgeous shemale amazons on the Island.
The sight of Tiffany and Barocca's cocks were everything that Jordan had been led to believe, and then some. The sight of Tiffany's cock at full erection in the Milking device, and then filling the five-gallon container with her sperm was one that Jordan would remember for the rest of her life. The image of Barocca with her cock at full erection, waving it front of all the girls' faces as she demonstrated just how quickly and easily she could make herself cum was still in Jordan's mind also.
At that point, Jordan resolved to do whatever it took, no matter how outlandish it might sound or seem, in order to be accepted and adopted on the Island.
When Jordan awoke in the morning, an envelope had been shoved under her door. In it was a note from Tiffany saying that she had been excused from any chores or training for the morning. Instead, Jordan was to report to the Conference Room at 11AM. That was over two hours away, so Jordan used the time to shower and freshen up, and then to have something to eat from the kitchen.
Jordan settled on a dark blue bikini, which showed off her breasts, and displayed a lot of cleavage. She donned a Hawaiian flower print skirt over the bikini panties, and added a pair of sandals. This was how she had seen the majority of the girls dressed on the Island when she arrived yesterday.
As Jordan walked through the corridors, she couldn't help but notice other girls look at her, and then quickly avert their gaze. Many of the girls turned and talked to one another as Jordan passed. Jordan couldn't hear anything, but she was almost certain that they were talking about her.
"Good news travels fast," thought Jordan. "After what I did yesterday, I'm surprised that they haven't put my picture up at the Post Office."

As eleven o'clock rolled around, Jordan made sure to find her way to the Conference Room. Jordan rapped politely on the closed door.
"Come in," replied Tiffany's voice.
Jordan entered the Conference Room and closed the door behind her.
Tiffany, Barocca and three other amazons were sitting in business style chairs in a semi-circle. All of them were dressed very similarly to Jordan's style of dress. Tiffany and some of the others wore a little bit of jewelry on their arms or around their necks.
Tiffany pointed to an empty chair, and gestured to Jordan. "Have a seat, Jordan. I'm glad that you're here."
Jordan was now facing the five amazons, arranged around her in a half-circle.
"We've called this meeting," said Tiffany, "to try and decide just what to do with you, Jordan. But first, some introductions are in order. You already know Barocca and myself from yesterday."
"Next," continued Tiffany, "is Dee Dee." Dee Dee was an attractive blonde girl with bigger than average breasts, and nicely tanned, dark skin. Dee Dee's blonde hair was a unique shade of blonde that Jordan couldn't quite place, and it had a wavy-curly twist to it, as it flowed down her shoulders. Dee Dee had a cute face that might almost be mistaken for a schoolgirl's. She had a set of dynamic blue eyes that sparkled like two diamonds, and her face hinted at lots of mischief, as she smiled at Jordan.
"Nice to meet you, Jordan," said Dee Dee.
"Dee Dee is the 'brains' of the operation, so to speak," said Tiffany. "She's in charge of all the medical procedures here on the Island."
"Including the one that's probably on your mind the most, Jordan," added Dee Dee. "Dee Dee controls day to day medical activities here on the Island," said Tiffany.
"We're not invulnerable here. We occasionally get sick, or need other attention. Dee Dee was also a medical student after her modeling days. She's also in charge of refining the sperm we produce into the vitamin supplements and nutrients we need to maintain ourselves here."
"Moving along," said Tiffany, "is Clyda." Clyda was a stunning, dark-haired brunette with a very full set of breasts that threatened to overflow out of her bikini top. Clyda had a beautiful face that Jordan could have looked at, and lusted after, even if she wasn't on the Island with her and the rest of the amazons.
"Hallo, love," said Clyda with a smile. "I've heard a lot about you already."
"As you can guess by her accent," said Tiffany, "Clyda's from Britain, or 'across the pond' as she likes to call it. Clyda is actually part of the Royal f****y. A distant relation granted, but part of it none the less. Clyda's connections in Parliament, and the various jet-set families in Europe were instrumental in pulling the necessary strings so that we could get the Island donated to us by one of the Caribbean nations in the first place."
"And next," said Tiffany, "is Ebony." Ebony was a stunning, well-muscled black girl. Even though Ebony was sitting down, Jordan could tell that Ebony was considerably taller than anyone else in the room was. Ebony had to be well over six foot six inches in height. Ebony had a gorgeous set of full breasts that Jordan only now realized just how huge they truly were. Without the other girls in the room to compare to, Ebony's figure was so symmetrical and naturally developed, it was difficult to realize how large she was.
"Ebony is in charge of our security needs here on the Island," said Tiffany. "As well as physical conditioning and training for everyone. That includes various sexual techniques and other methods of using and maintaining your cock too."
"Stand up, Jordan," said Ebony. Jordan did as she was told.
"Now take off your skirt," continued Ebony. Jordan removed her skirt and laid it on the arm of the chair.
"Now turn around slowly, Jordan," said Ebony. Jordan felt as though she was a slave being put up for inspection, but she knew better than to complain, and did as Ebony asked. Jordan could feel Ebony's eyes moving up and down, and all over her figure, sizing her up like a piece of meat. Jordan made a complete circle, and turned to face Ebony again.
"All right," said Ebony. "Now put your hands behind your back, and bend forward towards me."
Jordan bent forward, knowing her full breasts were almost completely on display for Ebony's close inspection. Ebony gazed lustfully at Jordan, making no pretenses at hiding her feelings, and licking her lips in undisclosed lust.

"Okay, that's enough," said Ebony. Ebony turned to Tiffany and Barocca and said, "All right, she'll do."
"Okay, Jordan," said Tiffany, "you can put your skirt back on, and have a seat again."
Jordan did as she was told, and settled back into the chair to face the group again.
"Well Jordan," said Tiffany, "I have to admit, you certainly stirred up a hornet's nest of activity on your first day here at the Island. What you did yesterday is common knowledge by now amongst everyone here."
"I have to say," continued Tiffany, "that everyone here on the Island certainly has an opinion about your actions yesterday, Jordan. Roughly half of the amazons on the Island actually commended your actions, and defended you. They said it was time for change in the way we did things."
"The other half," interrupted Barocca, "feel you should be booted out of here with no questions asked."
"Be that as it may," said Tiffany, "we do run things in a somewhat democratic fashion here on the Island. While we don't have any formally elected officials, we held a late meeting yesterday evening, and the five of us were selected to convene and try to determine your fate."
"Barocca and I have been among the ones here the longest," continued Tiffany. "Our 'tenure' plus the fact that we each had extensive video careers was what most of the other girls felt qualified us to judge you. Dee Dee is in charge of medical matters. Clyda's connections with royalty and the jet set are what got her in. And of course, Ebony is in charge of security and physical training and conditioning."
"We've actually been here for over an hour, debating about what to do with you," said Barocca. "And I think we've finally come up with a solution."
"I mentioned yesterday that you'd be doing 'special duty' for your earlier actions, Jordan," said Tiffany. "Well, here's what we've come up with. You're going to have to pass several very rigorous 'tests' or ordeals here. We all think that each of them is nothing that you can't do, but we are going to push you to your very limits."
"First," said Tiffany, "we're going to turn you over to Ebony. You seem to like cock so much Jordan, we're giving you up to the undisputed 'size queen' on the Island."
"If you thought Tiffany and Barocca were big," said Ebony, with a wicked smile, "you ain't seen nothing yet, girl."
"You'll get to experience Ebony firsthand later," said Tiffany. "I'll be quite frank with you Jordan. Your session with Ebony is going to be a very severe challenge for you. Turning a new girl loose with Ebony is something that we ordinarily don't do, for reasons that you can probably imagine. But because of your indiscretion yesterday, we all felt that you're getting exactly what you deserve."
"If you can satisfy Ebony, you'll move on to phase two," continued Tiffany. "From there, you'll be turned over to Clyda. I know that you've only been here a couple of days, but if you ask any of the girls here about Clyda, you'll hear nothing but good things. Clyda will also put you through the wringer, but she'll show you just how good sex on the Island can be. As I said, some of the amazons stuck up for you, so we felt that in addition to your being severely tested, you should get a reward too."
"After that," said Tiffany, "you'll have one more test to complete. You'll have to satisfy all five of us at once, in a full-fledged, no holds barred gangbang. If you can take care of all five of us at once, then you'll be officially adopted and accepted here on the Island. And then, we'll turn you over to Dee Dee."
"I'll perform a surgical process on you that will graft a cock to you," said Dee Dee. "And assuming you make it that far, the five of us decided that you should be rewarded for that too."
"When we adopt new girls to the Island," said Tiffany, "we do things to them in a very gradual process. The girls are taught how to perform and service the other girls, as well as taking care of themselves. As the girls gain experience, and they can satisfy the older amazons, they're rewarded with more size, more control and more power over their cocks."
"When Tiffany and I went through the process," said Barocca, "it was over a year before we finally 'maxed out' at our current sizes. All the rest of the girls went through similar rites of passage themselves too."
"But because we're putting you through such an ordeal in such a short period of time," said Tiffany, "we're going to reward you if you make it through successfully. I've asked Dee Dee to put in a little overtime, and she'll explain what she's come up with."
"As you've no doubt gathered," said Dee Dee, "the girls are fed a variety of the special vitamins and nutrients that control the growth and development of their cocks. Ordinarily, this is done in gradual stages as they merit it."
"Since yours is a special case," continued Dee Dee, "we all agreed that you deserve special consideration, if you make it through all three ordeals. To that end, I've developed a one-time treatment for you, and you alone, Jordan. You'll go through the same operation as any other girl, but after that, I'll make a few special alterations to the program, and you'll wind up getting a 'big' surprise."
"In other words Jordan," said Tiffany, "you'll receive your full-fledged, fully developed cock almost overnight; whereas everyone else has had to earn theirs over time."
"Well Jordan," continued Tiffany. "We've done all the talking for a while. How do you feel about what we've just laid out for you?"

"I realize that what I did yesterday was inexcusable, and that I deserve to be punished for it," said Jordan. "I'm also extremely grateful you've all decided to give me a chance to prove I can make it, and the opportunity to stay here on the Island and become one of you. I promise that I'm going to do whatever it takes, no matter what you put me through, no matter how many times I have to satisfy any or all of you in the next few days. You've given me a chance which I'm grateful for, and I'm going to make the most of it, and not let you down."
"That's the spirit, Jordan," said Tiffany. "You'll finish out the day doing some of the tasks that you'll be expected to do as part of your normal duties here anyway. You'll have until tomorrow morning to let everything sink in, and make a final decision. If you decide to go through with it, you'll report to Ebony tomorrow afternoon."
"We aren't completely without mercy or without feelings here," said Barocca. "If you're fully committed, you'll go to see Dee Dee for some treatment, before you go to Ebony. Dee Dee and Tiffany will explain in more detail what they'll do to you, to prepare you to survive the ordeals to come."
"All right," said Tiffany. "I think that we're finished here for now. Jordan, you'll report to the kitchen for the rest of the day, and begin your duties there. The rest of us all have things to do, and places to be."

Jordan returned to her quarters after her duties in the kitchen were completed. When she arrived, she found another envelope waiting for her, which had been slid under the door.
Opening the envelope, Jordan found that it was a hand written note from Tiffany.
Jordan: I knew what your response to our decision regarding you would be, even before you made your speech today. Since you're so determined to become one of us, report to my quarters promptly at 9AM, tomorrow morning. What I have to tell you will be of vital importance, so that you can successfully pass all three of the tests we have lined up for you. Tiffany
"Well," thought Jordan, "it looks as though I've got at least one friend here on the Island." Jordan spent the night filled with dreams of anticipation of the tests and challenges ahead of her in the next few days.

Jordan awoke early, and after showering and preparing herself, arrived promptly at Tiffany's chambers after an early breakfast, at 9AM.
Tiffany greeted Jordan at the door, and invited her in, and to sit down.
"Well," said Tiffany, "all ready for the big day, Jordan?"
"You bet I am," said Jordan. "I'm so excited, I hardly got any sl**p last night."
"You're going to need all of your strength for what's ahead of you, Jordan," said Tiffany. "I want to clear the air, and tell you a few things, set your mind at ease about some of them, and warn you about others."
"First, is that I've grown kind of fond of you, Jordan," continued Tiffany. "As I mentioned to you the other day with Barocca, we're more aware of things here on the Island than you might think. Clyda and I were very much aware of you from your time in the porn business, and we both thought that it was too good to be true when your name turned up on our screening lists.
"I know you've only been here a few days, but I did take a liking to you during the Milking Ritual. I want you to understand that I couldn't just disrupt everything to respond to you one on one right then. I also had to take a bit of a snotty attitude at the end with Barocca, when we grilled you. If I didn't, Barocca would've spread the word about me getting soft, and it would've just made things worse."
"Well, I'm glad to hear that not everyone dislikes me, or turns away from me," said Jordan. "All of the other girls are either afraid to talk to me, or won't have anything to do with me right now."
"That's because you're a bit of a cult celebrity right now, Jordan," said Tiffany. "We've never had anyone in your situation before, so a lot of people aren't quite sure what to do with you. I'll tell you right now that a lot of how long you stay here on the Island is directly related to how well you can work with and relate to the various amazons here. I'm going to give you some pointers, tips and inside information that'll help you make it through the tests to come."
"Bear with me," said Tiffany, "because I'll be doing a lot of the talking, and I just want you to soak up as much of what I say as you can, like a sponge.
"Later today, you'll be turned over to Ebony. When you're with Ebony, do exactly as she tells you to do, and above all, don't get sassy, and try to get uppity with her. Like we mentioned yesterday, Ebony is the size queen on the Island. You'll find out just what she's like on your own, but I can assure you, she makes myself and Barocca look underdeveloped.
"When you're actually having sex with Ebony, let her be in command, and don't try to thwart her in any way. I guarantee you'll regret it if you do.
"When you're with Ebony, or any other amazon on the Island for that matter, do not try to swallow anyone's cum unless you're specifically instructed to do so. Now that we girls have cocks of our own here on the Island, we can see what all the fuss over them is about. We really enjoy shooting off our loads, and then doing imaginative things with it afterwards. So keep that in mind, no matter whom you're with while you're here.
"You'll also find that when you're with Ebony, she has a sort of 'Jekyll & Hyde' type of personality. One minute she'll be the sweetest thing you can imagine. The next, she'll be a monster with no concern for anything but her own sexual release. That includes you, or anyone else she happens to be fucking. So be prepared for some mood swings from Ebony, particularly when she may be in the middle of humping you.
"One small consolation is that when Ebony loses control and starts acting really violent, she usually loses control over her cock. Most of the time, within a moment or two, she'll shoot off her load. That's not a guarantee, just a hopeful fact. She's so huge and powerful though, it'll only be a few minutes before she's hard again, and ready to fuck again.
"Another thing you should know is that our cocks can sometimes be different sizes. Since our cocks are artificially developed, we can sometimes gain a few extra inches when we're really in the heat of the moment during sex. It doesn't happen that often, and the change isn't that drastic. We're back to normal after we shoot off. But you may see this occur during your time with Ebony or Clyda, or sometime down the road here. I thought you ought to know about it, so you'd understand better.
"Have I scared you away completely, or do you still want to go through with this?" asked Tiffany.
"It sounds like I'll get the fucking of a lifetime from Ebony," said Jordan. "But there's no way that I'm about to turn back now."
"You can say that again," replied Tiffany. "All right. Since you're committed, I'll call Dee Dee and have her come over, so she can help you prepare physically for what's about to happen next." Tiffany reached over to the telephone, and pressed several numbers for Dee Dee's extension.
"Hi, Dee Dee, it's Tiffany. Yes, Jordan still wants to go through with it. Please come over to my quarters, and we'll prepare Jordan to get her ready to face Ebony."

Dee Dee arrived a few moments later at Tiffany's chambers with a small medical case, and greeted both of the girls.
"So you're still serious about going through with this, Jordan?" asked Dee Dee, after she settled in one of the chairs in the room.
"That's right. I guess I'm past the point of no return now," replied Jordan.
"Okay then. Here's how things work on the Island," said Dee Dee. "The sperm that Tiffany and the others generate during the Milking Rituals is much more high-quality, because so much time is spent building up to and then prolonging the actual ejaculation. You've seen the actual results for yourself."
"From that sperm," continued Dee Dee, "I've developed a process that refines and extracts the most important vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for developing and maintaining the growth of our cocks here on the Island. These are processed into pills and tablets, which are given to the girls once a week. They're given instructions on which pills to take, and they simply wash them down with water several times a week."
"You'll eventually get something that looks like this," said Tiffany. Tiffany reached over and showed Jordan a small plastic container, with small compartments in it, labeled for each day of the week. An assortment of pills of different sizes, shapes and colors filled almost all of the sections. "Some of these are directly related to maintaining my cock. Some of them help supply vitamins to the bl**d, and others are different sorts of health supplements. They're optional, but I recommend that you find a fitness routine and stick to it, so that you can stay in good health while you're here."
"I'm going to stress one other thing while you're here, Jordan," continued Tiffany. "If you succeed and pass all of the tests, you're going to get something that many other girls have had to work a long time for, or are still hoping that they'll even make the cut and be accepted here for. In the future, if we find out that you're boasting or bragging about how much you got, and how soon you got it, we'll cut you off from the pills, and within a month, you'll still have a cock, but you won't even have what a junior high school boy has. On top of that, you'll be sent packing back to the mainland."
"I don't mean to sound like I'm reading you the riot act, Jordan," said Tiffany. "But it's important that you realize the situation that you're in, and above all, not to abuse it. We've explained to the new girls what's happening to you, and that you're being treated specially, but that's all. We live in a delicate balance here on the Island, and it's important that we're all able to get along with one another."
Tiffany paused for a few moments. "Okay. Enough doom and gloom for one day. I've already explained some of the mental tricks you'll need to make it through a session with Ebony. Dee Dee will now explain some of the physical things we'll do for you."
"As Tiffany has already explained," said Dee Dee, "Ebony is literally a b**st when it comes to having sex. And an unpredictable b**st at that, because of her personality. We've all been exposed to her, and we've all had to learn to live with her. We can't do anything about the size factor that you'll face with Ebony. So in response, I've come up with this."
Dee Dee reached into the case, and produced tiny prescription bottle, with a small, dark gray pill in it. Dee Dee handed the pill to Jordan. "Wash this down with a glass of water, Jordan."
Jordan did as she was told, and made a face as the pill turned out to be bitter tasting, as she swallowed it. "Yuck! Tastes like rubber."
"Very observant, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "Although it's not completely rubber, that pill does have a number of its properties in it, and it's those properties that are going to help you make it through a session with Ebony."
"What's making me sick to my stomach got to do with having sex with Ebony?" asked Jordan.
"The nausea you're feeling will pass in a few moments," said Dee Dee. "The 'rubber' properties of the pill are going to have a somewhat similar effect on certain parts of your body. I'll let Tiffany explain the details of that."
"That pill you just took," said Tiffany, "is going to allow your mouth, your pussy and your asshole to assume some of the properties of rubber for the next forty-eight hours, Jordan. It's going to allow your body orifices to accept Ebony's cock, and other body parts, to be inserted in them, without doing serious, permanent injury to you. The pill will also allow your stomach and your bowels to contain the tremendous amounts of sperm that Ebony will pump into you, when she doesn't feel like pulling out and shooting off. Your tummy will actually expand, and you'll look like you're a few months pregnant. But only for a little bit. When your body recognizes that a huge load of sperm has been dumped into it, it will produce powerful enzymes that will go to work almost instantly, and you'll be normal looking again in no time. We've been able to do a number of things to help you out. But we didn't have any choice but to have Dee Dee whip up an emergency pill like this on short notice for you."
"What Tiffany means," said Dee Dee, "is that the girls are usually given pills on a gradual basis, and they can eventually accommodate any size cock or fist in them, after a while. It eventually becomes second nature to the amazons on the Island, once they've been exposed to the supplements for a long period of time. You probably noticed how Tiffany and Barocca could swallow the entire cockhead during the Milking Ritual, while the new girls were instructed to only try and take part of it in their mouths. But as Tiffany mentioned, this was a short notice project, so there is one serious setback that you have to know about."
"What kind of 'setback' are we talking about here?" asked Jordan with a trace of fear in her voice.
"The pill you've just taken will protect you from serious or permanent injury, Jordan," said Tiffany. "But because it was a rush job, Dee Dee was unable to include anything in it to help you with the pain you'll experience. You'll still be able to walk, and of course all of your organs will still be in the same place and function properly. But you'll feel every inch of Ebony's cock inside of you, as she has her way with you."
"Oh jeez. I think I'm starting to feel sore already," groaned Jordan.
"I tried to stall for time, and make some other type of arrangement for you Jordan," said Tiffany. "But when Ebony and Barocca found out that this was all that Dee Dee could come up with on short notice, they thought it was the perfect test, and the perfect type of retribution for your actions during the Milking Ritual."
"If you can manage to survive your session with Ebony," said Dee Dee, "I know I'll have the right kind of pill made for you, so that you can experience how good things can be with Clyda. That's what Tiffany hinted at the other day, when she indicated that one test would a real ordeal, and the next would be a reward for you."
"I guess that I don't really have any choice, do I?" said Jordan. "But like I said before, I've come too far to turn back now, so let's go ahead and get this over with. But I don't think I understand why Ebony and Barocca seem to have so much power?"

"That's a long story, Jordan," said Tiffany. "But here it is in a nutshell. Ebony was also one of the first girls here, and one of Dee Dee's first 'patients'."
"After the operation, Ebony was more or less like everyone else on the Island," said Dee Dee. "But after about a month, she had some type of reaction to the procedure I'd done on her. Within two months, Ebony suddenly grew another foot larger. Both upstairs and downstairs. I still haven't been able to figure out what caused the reaction in her."
"Ebony already had a very dominant, aggressive personality when she came here," said Tiffany. "Growing another foot larger was only adding fuel to the fire. We didn't really know what to do with her, so we put her in charge of security, as well as physical training and conditioning here on the Island."
"Barocca came on board a little after Ebony arrived here," continued Tiffany. "The two of them had known each other on the outside world from their career in videos and magazines. They became quite popular among most of the girls here on the Island, and they wound up carrying a lot of clout here. That's why we're f***ed to turn you over to Ebony without as much preparation as we'd like. But there isn't any other way at the time."
Jordan stood up from her chair, and went over to hug Tiffany, and then Dee Dee.
"I really appreciate everything that you've done for me, Tiffany," said Jordan. "And you too, Dee Dee. Nobody said that this would be easy. But like I said before, I've got one chance at my dream, and I'm damn sure gonna make the most of it while I'm here."
"All right, Jordan," said Tiffany. "Ebony holds a conditioning class from twelve to one in the workout room. If you go through the workout routine with the rest of the class, it'll help the pill spread into your bl**dstream, and get you ready. After that, you're in Ebony's hands."
"I'd recommend that you go back to your quarters and change into some type of leotard or workout suit," said Dee Dee. "You'll fit in better with the rest of the girls in the class that way, and be less of a distraction to her class. It's not much, but any edge you can give yourself against Ebony will be a plus for you."
"One last thing, Jordan," said Tiffany. "I've got all the confidence in you, that you'll make it through a session with Ebony in one piece. But to be on the safe side we'll be monitoring you through a closed circuit camera. If you get to the point where you honestly have to back out, or if Ebony completely loses control, stick one hand out with three fingers extended like this, and wave it like mad. That'll be the signal for Dee Dee and myself to come in and break things up."
"We don't think you'll need it," said Dee Dee. "But it's always good to have a backup plan, just in case."
"Okay, thanks," said Jordan. "That's good to know."
"All right, Ebony," thought Jordan. "You want me, you got me. Get ready, 'cause here I come."

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