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Milking Time B1 Chapter 3 The Milking

Chapter 3: The Milking

Barocca adjusted herself as she sat at the console. She made an adjustment to one of the dials on the console, and entered a few keystrokes.
"We'll start with something easy, to begin with."
A very quiet hum of machinery, much like a vibrator at low speed could be heard coming from the platform where Tiffany was reclining. The sheath slowly began to move up and down on Tiffany's cock.
"And now, a little pressure."
The sheath began to squeeze and contract on the shaft of Tiffany's cock. Tiffany's huge shaft could be seen to actually change size and shape in small amounts, as the sheath exerted its pressure on her cockmeat.
"Next, a little bit of 'good vibrations' are in order."
The sheath on Tiffany's cock began to ripple up and down in a pulsating rhythm.
Tiffany could be seen drawing in her breath as the sensations mounted, and she enjoyed the treatment she was getting. After a few moments, Tiffany's balls began to swell slightly, and a number of small blue veins could be seen on the surface of them. The huge shaft on the front of Tiffany's cock began to slowly begin pulsing with a life of its own. Barocca immediately noticed this at the console, and either shut down or greatly reduced the pressure and intensity of the stimulations on Tiffany's cock.
"Oh no you don't, Tiffany. We're just getting started here." Barocca flipped another switch on the console. The head of Tiffany's cock seemed to flinch and contract for just a moment. The result of Barocca flipping the switch was a quick application of pressure directly on the head of Tiffany's cock. This caused any sensations that Tiffany might be feeling of a nearing orgasm to be quickly suppressed.
Barocca waited for almost a minute, and then began the stimulations to Tiffany's cock again. Barocca repeated this process for over forty minutes to Tiffany, bringing her massive cock to the brink of orgasm time and again, and then expertly holding back and cutting her off, before Tiffany could reach her climax.
Barocca kept up a steady stream of sexy chatter as Tiffany wriggled on the reclining platform from the joy she was receiving. Only a shemale amazon could truly understand how to stimulate and prolong the attention to such a monster cock as Tiffany or one of the other amazons had.
By now, Tiffany had broken out in a fine sweat which covered her body, and she was panting audibly from trying to keep her composure as she reveled in the pleasure that she was receiving from Barocca's efforts.
Finally Barocca looked at Tiffany from the console. "Well, I think you just may be ready to shoot off, Tiffany. What do you think?"
"Damn! I thought you'd never get around to that. I've been ready since you walked in here. Let me show you and the girls here what a cum shot really is."
"All right, Tiffany. If you insist. Get ready, because here we go," said Barocca.
Barocca made some adjustments to the settings on the console. The machinery now produced a louder humming noise, as it moved into a higher gear than before.
The sheath began moving faster in it's up and down, piston-like motions on Tiffany's cock. Tiffany's cock became a slightly darker color as the pressure increased and more bl**d swelled inside the flesh.
As the f***e of the stroking increased, Tiffany's balls began to shake back and forth, and slap noisily against her thighs. Tiffany began to heave and pant like a runner in a marathon race. Her hands gripped the handholds on the reclining platform so hard that her knuckles showed visibly. Tiffany began to lose control, and began pleading and almost screaming with Barocca.
"Oh, shit, yeah! Do it, do it, do it! Push me over the edge, Barocca. Just do it!"
Barocca pushed her lips together in a sexy pout as Tiffany squealed in ecstasy.
"As you command, my queen." Barocca pushed a final switch, and then leaned forward for a closer view of what was to happen next.
The machinery increased to a higher humming noise, and the sheath on Tiffany's cock was now moving at almost a blur.
Tiffany threw her head back against the platform, and began to shriek and squeal in unabashed ecstasy.
"Oh, fuck, yes! Yes, yes, yes, do it!" The last syllable escalated into a high-pitched scream of pleasure from Tiffany. For a moment, Tiffany's eyes rolled back into their sockets as she was nearly overcome with pleasure.
Tiffany regained control, and lowered her gaze to the clear plastic container sitting on the table in front of the console.
Tiffany's cock began to shoot out its mammoth load of sperm. The tubing had been coated with the special lubricant, so even though the container was several feet away, Tiffany's cock could f***e the sperm through the tubing and into the container with little or no effort.
Huge white streams of the thick liquid gushered forth into the container. Some of the nymphs thought that this was almost a stream or constant flow from Tiffany's cock. These were actually the incredible amounts of cum that a shemale amazon's cock could produce under the ideal conditions.
After several tremendous splurts had been delivered into the container, the pumping of the sheath slowed to a slightly less frantic pace.
Barocca adjusted it so that the pumping actions were slower and prolonged. Much like those of a mechanical milking device working on a cow's udders. That was how the ritual had gotten its nickname of "milking time".
Tiffany continued to shoot off long, thick streams of hot, sticky sperm into the container as everyone in the chamber watched in amazement. Tiffany was now engrossed in the moment of her orgasm. Tiffany stared at the shaft of her pulsing cock, the veins now clearly defined and protruding.
Oblivious to anyone else in the chamber, Tiffany reached down and began squeezing each of her enormous balls in each hand. Although Tiffany couldn't come close to gripping one of her balls in each hand, she still held them quite firmly.
Many of the shemale amazons had a habit of constantly using the small 'hand clamps' that were popular in many gyms, during their free time, to develop hand and wrist strength. The result was small, feminine hands that were still suprisingly strong.
Tiffany exerted her strength, and her fingers dug into the surface of her balls, causing them to flush to an even darker color. This caused Tiffany's sperm to gush out even faster and harder into the container than before. Barocca and the nymphs could hear it land loudly against the plastic walls, like when a water hose was directed against a wall.
In this manner, Tiffany continued, locked in the throes of her orgasm, for over five minutes. The five-gallon container slowly but steadily filled to almost total capacity with Tiffany's hot, sticky sperm. Other than some almost incoherent moans from Tiffany, the room was almost silent.
Barocca had seen this before, with many of the other shemale amazons on the island, as well as more times than she could remember when she herself was in Tiffany's place on the reclining platform.
Most of the nymphs had doubtless never seen a display of sexual prowess like this before, and most of them sat in awe at the edge of the chamber, trying to take in what they'd just seen.
Finally, Tiffany gave one last, loud groan, and let her hands slip to her sides. The sheath stopped its rhythmic pumping on the shaft of Tiffany's cock, and came to a stop.
Barocca flicked one switch at the console, and a tiny vacuum applied some suction to the tubing, as it sucked the last of Tiffany's cum into the plastic container.
Tiffany had filled a five-gallon container to the near the rim with pure molten sperm, in less than ten minutes. The entire process had taken just under an hour, since Barocca had begun her ministrations on Tiffany's cock from the console.

Tiffany relaxed on the reclining platform, still languishing in the throes of her orgasm.
Having noted that she was completely finished, Barocca attended to the business at hand.
"All right girls, you know the drill. I expect a turnaround time of less than five minutes from you. You've all been briefed on your duties. And no dawdling or fondling. There'll be time enough for playtime later."
The nymphs gathered around Tiffany as she relaxed on the platform. One girl removed the piece that covered the head of Tiffany's cock. Another gently removed the sheath and slid it off of Tiffany's shaft.
Two other girls performed their duty on Tiffany's balls, which had shrunken somewhat, so that they were closer to their normal size now. One girl held them, while the other extended the rubber-like strap, and unfastened it so that it could be removed. Tiffany was now naked on the reclining platform. Even after such an incredible orgasm, Tiffany's cock was still rock-hard and fully erect.
Two girls came forward with bottles of the special lubricant. They quickly applied an even coating of the lubricant to every inch of Tiffany's cock and balls. Tiffany's eyes gleamed as she saw the lights of the room glistening on her skin.
Jordan and another girl came forward with another rubber-like strap, and quickly placed it around the base of the shaft of Tiffany's cock, and then did the quick crossover, and placed the other end around Tiffany's balls, as they had done earlier.
Jordan performed her duties quickly and professionally this time. With Barocca's warning fresh in her mind, Jordan did not want to take any risks of falling into disfavor with any of the shemale amazons.
Two other nymphs came towards Tiffany and applied a fresh sheath to the shaft of Tiffany's cock, and also the headpiece to the tip of it. One girl fastened a new piece of tubing that connected to a fresh plastic container that had been brought in.
Two girls moved over to the full container of Tiffany's sperm that sat by the console.
One of them placed a special rubber seal on the top. Together they bent down to pick it up.

"Be careful with that, girls," said Barocca. "While it's not hot enough to scald you, the sperm is warmer than you think it might be. It's also heavier than water, so lift with your knees and not with your backs." The two girls carefully moved the container to a waiting storage compartment at the side of the chamber.
From there, the same ritual proceeded as before. For almost an hour, Barocca would stimulate and tease Tiffany's cock just to the point of no return, and then hold off. Finally, Barocca would push Tiffany over the edge, and Tiffany would shriek like a banshee, as she filled another five-gallon container with her hot sperm.
Then the nymphs would attend to Tiffany, and prepare her cock and balls just as they had done before, and affix a fresh container with new tubing connected to her cock.
Six times in six hours this ritual was performed, and Tiffany had produced almost thirty gallons of pure shemale sperm for the island. At no point in the last six hours had Tiffany's cock been at less than full erection.

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