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My new toy, day 1

After work I return home to my beautiful wife. Long slightly curled brown hair, 5 foot 4 with an incredible figure and truly large breasts. Everytime I see her I just want to rip off her clothes and take her on the spot. On the other hand, I am quite average, never considered myself very attractive. Still can't believe I landed a woman of her stature.

"A package came for you in the mail today", she greets me.

Upon inspecting it, a small brown box with no markings other than the address label. Addressed to me. From customer service, no company name, just customer service. Discreet shipping? I bet it is something of an adult nature. Now I am curious, and aroused. What could it be?

"Don't open it yet", she requests.

I put the box down. Nary a word is spoken as we eat dinner, watch a little tv and then proceed to bed. From my vantage point upon our bed, I watch get undressed. Feelings begin to swell inside me. Her long brown hair covers her face as she bends over to remove her pants and underwear. As she stands erect I get a full view of her larger than DD breasts and her protruding brown nipples. I begin to fantasize about her opening my package and removing a grey corset. Then a red garter belt with red silk stockings. I picture her bending over to pull up her stockings to mid-thigh, one at a time. Her hair flips across her face as she twists to surround her body with the belt. One by one she pulls the straps down and her stockings up to attach the two. Next, the corset covers the front of her body, she pulls the sides around to the back pushing her chest forward. Her breasts struggle to escape but to no avail, they must be content to be restrained.

As the bl**d flows to parts of my lower body, I realize my fantasy apparel is really two piece cloth pjamas. She turns out the light and lays next to me. Not wanting to waste a good hardon, I reach to caress one of her ample breasts.

"It can wait until tomorrow", she coldly states before she rolls over and tries to fall asl**p.

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