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The Pool

Today I was swimming in the adult pool at my complex. I was wearing a skimpy bikini that barely covered me that I was going to remove and sunbathe nude in after my swim. The top was just a strip of cloth across my huge nipples and the white fabric was see thru when wet. I loved showing my DD tits poolside. The bottom was a thong that went between my pussy lips and my asscheeks. I was almost naked there in the warm sun. I swam for a few laps then went and found me an oversized lounge chair at the back of the pool area. Just as I was about to lie down two twenty-something young men showed up.

The men had on skin tight speedos leaving nothing to the imagination. One looked like he was sporting about a ten inch cock and the second was shorter but very thick. I stared at the cocks as they stared at my almost naked body. I knew today I was going to have a hot and intense three-some with these two young sexy studs who had hormones raging inside. As I laid on the lounge I spread my legs and arched my back. This brought them over to the chair by me. I looked up and smiled and told them to come closer. They each took a seat on each side of me staring at my tits. I said to them "Would you rub this oil on me please?" They grabbed the bottle and poured it in their hands.

I leaned up and told the one to untie my top. As he did I pulled it off and laid topless for the two guys. As they rubbed oil over my tits and nipples I rubbed their legs getting close to the now hard cocks. I then untied the side of my bottoms and pulled it off. With my legs spread I told them "Oil my pussy will you please?" As I felt a hand go to my pussy and slather oil over it the other hand stayed on my tits massaging my nipples. By now I was rubbing each cock and stroking it as I told them "Why don't you take off these speedos and let me feel your big hard cocks?" The guys stripped off the speedos and I loved seeing the huge cocks stick straight out.

As the guys played with my tits and pussy I began stroking the oversized cocks. I rubbed the cocks and down to the balls. They had big firm balls just like I love on a man. I then shoved the one guy down to my pussy and rubbed his face between my legs as I took the second guy and pulled him to me so I could lick his cock. The pussy guy wasted no time licking and sucking on my clit as I had my legs spread far apart for him. I was licking the guy with the nice long ten inch cock and rubbing his balls when I then took him into my mouth and sucked on the tip and ran a tongue over the slit. I heard him moan and felt his cock jerk as I ran my tongue over his slit more. He was leaking cum and had a nice taste.

By now the pussy guy had a tongue inside my hole and was fingering my clit and sucking my cum from me. I then took more cock in my mouth and decided I was going to give this young man a nice deep cock sucking till he came down my throat. I grabbed him by the ass cheeks and pulled him deep into my mouth and sucked his cock hard as I ran my tongue up and down his long shaft. Then I felt a thick cock enter my cunt. The guy was shoving his big cock into my hole. This made me suck the cock harder and the guy was all but screaming as I took his cock deep and sucked him hard. Now the thick rod in my cunt was fucking me hard and deep. His thickness filled my fuck hole and he pushed in and out of me going deeper with each thrust. My hole felt wonderful and as I sucked the big cock I tightened by cunt muscles and gripped the cock inside me as he rode me and fucked me hard.

The first fuck with the young guys went too fast and soon both holes was filling with their cum. I pulled the breathless guys to my tits and they began to suck on my nipples as they caught their breath. I gave them a few minutes then swapped their places. I pushed the long cock to my pussy and pulled the thick cock up to my mouth and I felt the tongue go in my cunt as I began to lick that thick rock hard cock. I kissed the tip of his cock and licked the precum from him before I began to get the thick cock in my mouth. He was thick and hard and felt like a giant mouthful. I grabbed a handful of his balls as I sucked the monster in my mouth. Then I felt the long cock enter my wet fuck hole and go balls deep in me. He then began to fuck me harder and deeper than I have ever been fucked. I fell in love with that nice long cock that hit places that made me scream. I sucked the cock as my cunt got a fucking that I would not soon forget. The guys had cum once so now they lasted a long time and I sucked and deep throated the thick cock as the long shaft rammed me hard and pounded me like he was a stallion.

It seemed like hours that we fucked and sucked but all too soon my mouth was filled with cum the same time my cunt overflowed with a huge load of cum. They then wasted no time going to my tits and sucking and kissing them. Then they turned me over onto my stomach and began to rub my ass. They spread my ass cheeks and found my sweet pucker and began to rub it and oil it. They used a finger to push the oil deep in my hole. The the long cock oiled his cock and pushed it to the entrance into my ass. I felt him go in me as the other guy kept rubbing my ass cheeks. Inch by inch I felt the cock go deep. Then he began to fuck me. It felt like he was tearing my as apart and it had a pain but wonderful feeling as he fucked my ass hard and deep. He fucked me for over thirty minutes till my ass had stretched and then the thick cock began oiling his shaft and I was not sure that wide cock would fit in my tight ass but I soon felt him begin to push inside me. I was stretched but his thick rod stretched my ass more. The pain hit me the same time I began to cum. It was the most intensed cum I had ever had. It was mixed with pain and pleasure. He kept fucking my ass harder and harder and it felt like nothing I had ever felt. The pain was almost more than I could take but the pleasure side didn't want him to stop fucking me. I was glad and sad when he blew his load of cum in my ass.

We then laid back on the lounge and the two guys played with my tits as they asked me when I wanted to do this again. They lived in the same unit as I did and only two doors down from me. I told them I wanted them often. We then decided to go back to my apartment and shower and eat in the nude and fuck more. I heard them say that I was going to love a cock in my ass as the other fucked my cunt. I just knew I was really going to love that too. I was never going to get enough of these two young guys with the big fucking cocks.

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