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Headteacher's Punishment

As I lay on the cold hard pale blue tiled floor of the school's store-room, tied up helplessly by Kaylee and her mean little gang, with the humiliating 'Fart in My Face' sign she left by my head, I was visited and farted on by lots of the school teachers. Lucky for me, they were only the female teachers. I smelt lots of flavourful womanly farts that day, and it was finally coming towards the end of the school day.

The end of my embarrassing torture, or so I thought...

The very last visitor came into the store-room.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" The old cow yelled. It was my headteacher,
Mrs. Sanderson. She was a short plumpy 40-something year old lady, she had shoulder length black cropped hair, and a very stern woman.

"Hmmph hmmmphh!" I tried to plead my innocence, only the ductape on my mouth prevented me from doing anything but groan and grumble.

"Master Barkley, hm?! I shouldn't be surprised!" She quipped
with her arms folded.

"Hmmmmmph..." I groaned, my cheeks glowing bright red.

"You're in BIG trouble this time, mister!" She threatened. She always had it in for me since my very first day of school, and now finally she had the perfect chance to punish me good.

She walked over me 'til she stood with her flat-heeled dark shoes either side of my chest, my heart raced wondering what she's going to do to me.

"You like farts, hey? How disgusting!" She told me, studying the note.
"I'll soon sort you of that, mine can burn the fur off a rat in seconds!"

I gulped as I watched her turn around and begin to unbuckle her belt. She pulled her long black trousers down along with her big beige granny knickers, her large behind now in full veiw.

"Please don't!" I thought, trying to look away but unable to take my eyes off of her and her fabulously plump naked ass. She began to slowly lower her bulk down and I stared deep into the dark crevice of her crack, unable to see it clearly. I daren't imagine what horror the sight of her asshole looked like.

I tried to close my eyes but I was utterly fixated on her naked butt as it's large frame inched closer down towards my face. Finally, her ass meet up to my face. She had positioned herself so she was squatted over my face, her plump smooth bumcheeks were bearing down onto the cheeks of my face. My nose was being pressed up into her crack, she smelt surprisingly good, a little bit musky but it had a rather sweet quality to it.

I felt myself get really hard again, like I had been for most of the afternoon spent tied up and at the mercy of every woman who came to fart on me.

"You smell that?" She mocked, no doubt with a big grin on her face, "This is what you're going to smell when you misbehave in my school!"

"Hmmph..." I groaned softly.

I kept sniffing her big ass, I never thought I'd be loving anything to do with the horrible old crow, but I was loving the sweet musky smell of her.

...That was until she pushed down and let rip a big fart on me!

I had never smelt a smell so bad before, like a thousand corpses rotting in the sun. I struggled to breath as the powerful eggy sulphorous odour of her fart smothered to oxygen from what little air there was under there.

I panicked, kicking me legs helplessly about trying real hard to turn my face away from her smelly butt just to breathe, but she stayed firmly sat on me, keeping my nose embedded into her now extremely stinky crack.

"Take it ALL in, boy!" She demanded victoriously.

I was literally suffocating, but she wouldn't let up for a second.

I began seeing stars in my eyes and my vision was fading as my lungs began to burn for oxygen, and all I could smell was her horrendous fart.

I was just seconds away from passing out when she finally stood up.

I breathed furiously through my nose, getting as much precious oxygen into my body as possible. Her choking fart lingered in the air.

"You still like farts, boy?" She teased smiling.
"Doesn't smell so good, does it?" She sniffed the air, almost as though she was enjoying the deathly smell she produced, she probly was, they say everyone enjoys their own!

Despite tht ordeal, my cock was still firmly hard.

"Right, you snotty nosed brat," She started while pulling up her big panties and trousers and buckling up her belt, "You're the see me tomorrow morning in my office, at 7am sharp. Is that understood?"

"Hmm hmmph." I moaned.

"Good, I'll let Ms. Brown see to your release." She explained while heading out the door. Ms. Brown was her personal secretary.

After a few hours, she finally turned up at the store-room. She laughed at me and teased me. Even made me beg her and kiss her 'til she decided to untie me.

I made my way home after, and shuddered fearfully at the thought of what my punishment will be when I go to Mrs. Sandersons office very early in the next morning...

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