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12 incredible days of sex with Aunt Jane

I'm not really a writer but this is a true story so it compensates for the lack of flowery words.

I was 18 that summer some 10 yrs ago when I answere to a newspaper ad for a Thai English translator. The job travels with the Variety show to a province in Thailand.

I expected it to be in an upper class subdivision but the address brought me to a 3 bedroom house in the poorer section of the city. I ring the door bell. At first a man in his 30's appeared, he was sl**py and he called on his wife or girl friend.

That's how I first saw Aunt Jane, she was wearing a white shirt with no bra underneath, her nipple clearly protruding on top of her round cone shape breast. She was wearing shorts and her legs was so soft and smooth and firm, her entire body was a work of art, so gorgeous and her face is very beautiful, her hair was blonde and she resemble a little bit with the young Ashley Judd. As I would know later Jane was 32 at that time but she looks like she was in mid 20's.

Jane had me sat on the sofa and she question me casually. She was satisfied that I can translate well although I have an accent. She told me the pay isn't very good but we have free plane ticket, hotel, food, drink and she wink at me when she said Chicks. I wasn't interested in any chick, from that moment on my obsession was only with Jane. I wasn't sure if she noticed me taking a glimpse of the outline of her nipple and the soft skin of her thighs but she seems not to care much. My crotch started to bulge as I cannot control my erection. Then one final thing, she warned me that the show is varied from rock music to sensual performances and there will be some nudity. I ask what kind of nudity. She started describing how she would come into stage dressed in formal blazer and singing slow rock and eventually she would discard an item of clothing until towards the end of the second song she will be on her leather bra and panties. Then she would unhook her bra and slowly lower the strap from her shoulder titulating the audience. But before they'll see her tities she would stop and hold her bra in place and say some seductive words to her audience. My mouth was open listening to her description and she smiled. I almost burst inside my pants and some pre cum came out, I tried to act normal but I was very arroused. Just looking at Janes face already create sexual excitement. She has a very casual and pleasant but erotic personality.

That was a time when the internet and the cellphone was new and tourism just started to grow in the middle provinces of Thailand. So the local night club owners were contesting to hire western bands and sexy shows to attract both local and foriegn tourists.

We landed in Bangkok and took a long bus ride to our destination. Jane's boy friend Dennis was band leader. Although they are not married they have been together for 8 yrs and they have a daughter left at home. There were 5 crew all men and only one other woman, a dark skinned black mexican mestiza, Sandra in her mid 20's. Jane and her will be the center performers.

I expected a 5 star hotel but we are cramped in a two bed one bath studio type room with airconditioning unit that can hardly keep up with the heat. I went with them to check on the rented instrument if they are installed and adjusted well. The club was just an ordinary structure in the road by the beach and it wasn't very big.

That night we retired early and everyone just elbow his way to lay on the foam in the floor. I didn't get any good place. Dennis was laying in bed with Jane and Sandra squeezed in. The other bed was already full. It was a warm night and I can't sl**p. I stood and went to the bathroom. From the dim light I can see the outline of Janes perfect body, she had pushed off her blanket and she had taken off her shirt due to the heat. She covered her chest with a face towel. She was perspiring and the skin from her face going down to her neck and shoulders and her abdomen and her legs were so beautiful, it turned pinkish white due to the heat and a little moisty from mild sweat, her shorts was cut off jeans, unbotton on the top but the zipper was holding it. I immediately had a hard on just looking at Jane. These people are so used to traveling with the band that they sl**p like a baby despite the heat and the crowded condition. I was tried from the plane but my dick was very awake. I started stroking myself looking at Jane. Sandra was half naked too but I never even take a glimpse on her. I had my body inside the bathroom while my face is in the little opening of the doors in a difficult angle but enough to see Jane beautiful face and super hot body. I started stroking myself and it didn't take long I trembled and shoot my load on the floor. I know I got to wipe it later for that moment I enjoyed every spurt of cum I shut in dedication to Jane.

The first series of performance were Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and it went very well. Most of the audience were Asian and Western tourist and except for some cat calls and wistle blowing and some minor altercations with the bouncer everything was well and everyone were well behaved. That part of town was relatively the upper part.

Dennis and Jane weren't too happy with their share of the money although they already break even with expenses. We have 3 more shows on the next Friday to Sunday. The Thai manager suggested that for the band to make more money we have to perform on Monday night since our flight is still on Thursday. Everyone agreed. These group have traveled within USA and Canada and some parts of Mexico, but apparently they have no clue how things are going in third world Thiland back then.

That Monday night we just wanted to rush and finish then we can relax and roam around while waiting for our flight. The Thai manager told us that these local club is several miles inland to the jungle edgef. The audience are mostly local boys who work in the logging business. They do have money but not in dollars so the manager will have to hold and convert them. He said many of these boys have never seen Caucasian performers live. Jane was unmindful and hyped up. She teasingly said that then she will show these local Thai boys something that no other American girl would be willing to show.

It was a long two hours drive and when we got there we were surprised with the posters. We don't know exactly how it read but from my interpretation, Jane and Sandra were marketed as super hot American nude dancers. Sandra consume a lot of beer and was game. Jane had half a bottle of beer but was also hyped up. The rest of the crew were unmindful, just wanting to start and finish the show. There were no dressing room and we just set up some card board to cover Jane and Sandra as they dressed up.

The show started with the band playing rock and slow rock. But the audience were not interested on music. They were chanting for Jane and Sandra to come out. I stayed to hold the card board covers as some young boys were trying to pep. Sandra express concern that some minors might be in. The manager said not to worry because the boys there are just overworked that's why they are small. The local authorities don't even care.

Sandra came out first with her number a modified Salena song. Everytime her blazer flew exposing some skin the boys would roar. I thought that scares off Jane. But instead she was amazed that she had never seen that kind of reaction from an audience. These were sex starve isolated i*****l loggers in the jungle's edge. At the end of her number Sandra didn't take off her her blazer and infact she covered her self. The audience began to boo. They expected to see more skin. The shouted for their money bakc half jokingly. Dennis announced for them not to worry because there will be more more performances. The climatic hight of the show would be Jane's number and it was overhyped that the audience weren't paying attention to the other songs but waiting for her to come up. They were told about the "most beautiful woman in the world naked before your eyes"

Finally it was time. The drum sounded and Dennis announced, 'ladies and gentlemane...from California USA..presenting my gift to you... no other than my super gorgeous and beautiful darling...Jane"

The audience was quiet. Jane entered the stage to the sound of a soft pipe organ music. She was wearing a formal black dress complete with blazers. The music accelerated to some slow rock and Jane started swaying her body, very softly and gracefully. She took off the ribbon from her hair and threw it to the audience. The boys roared. She then kicked off her highhills as the dance intensified. She choreographed in a mix that it ressembles a little bit of a billy dancing and disco. She slowly unbutton her blazer and gracefully swayed her body until it finally dropped off from her. The audience were quiet except for some few whistle. She started unzipping the back of her inner blouse in a very sexy way until she is stripped to her bra. She then unzipped the side of her skirt and slowly discarded it away revealing her super gorgeous legs as she dance in her black bra and panty. At that point the music changes and Jane took the microphone and started singing a madona song, which was not yet much of an oldie at that time. Jane was so graceful and gorgeous even on a fast tune. She unhooked her bra as she danced and sing and her breast and nipple would sometimes slip and showed up as she danced and turned. As she goes on her bra strap both slide off her shoulders and arms. She was no longer part of her choreographed, she did this out of her own excitement. She was now holding her bra in place to cover her nipples while her other hands was holding the microphone. At this point I can see the expression on Dennis face, he was so concerned but couldn't stop playing his guitar.

Finally the song and the music ended. There were no smoke screen and for the final part Jane took a new bold move. She aske the audience if anyone wants her bra. The boys went into a frenzy. Jane covered her breast with one hand as she throw her bra to the boys. Here is Jane a white girl, beautiful and super hot standing topless in front of some 30 or so rugged looking local Thai lumber boys. The crowd were screaming in mix reaction, cat calls, wisle blowing etc. Jane was apparently amazed at how she stirred such kind of explosion on these boys. Jane hold the microphone in one hand while covering her breast with the other, she announced teasingly, 'so how do you feel seeing a naked white girl'. The crowd chanted for 'more' in english.

This was way beyond choreography and Dennis was so anxious. Jane has arroused the entire crowd of over 30 boys. These crowd could become unruly. One boy scream the loudist. Jane asked him what he was saying. He ask if he can come to the stage and dance with her. Jane agreed and the boy came on stage. Dennis reluctantly played some disco piece. But Jane danced it like a billy dance swaying her gorgeous body while covering her breast with one hand. The boy started taking off his shirt and Jane gamely went ahead sexily dancing so close to him. The crowd were in a frenzy again. Jane enjoyed these reaction. Finally the music stopped. The shirtless skinny boy now has his hand over Janes shoulder and he clearly have a very huge erection. The boy now put both his arms on Jane and became uncontrollably provoked. He started kissing her and Jane tried to wiggle out. Some of the crew went to help Jane and the friends of the boy came on stage and a commotion followed. Jane was pulled to the crown while Dennis and the crew were pinned on stage. Since I was down stage I was able to elbow my way towards Jane. She was topless and the boy's hands were all over her trying to touch her breast and her pussy. They tried to pull down her panties but they were leather exterior. Some fighting broke out somewhere. I managed to stay close to Jane and covered her with my body as the locals were trying to touch her.

The Police arrived very late. It was almost morning when things settled. Dennis and the crew were taken to jail for the fighting. Sandra was booked for suspicion of using prostituting to a minor. Jane and me were held in the local chairman's house and were cleared of charges. We went were driven back to the Hotel. We were told it will take about 3 days before the rest of the crew will be released due to procedure. We cleaned up ourselves and went to sl**p. That afternoon Jane and I went to the jail house. Sandra was cleared but couldn't get released till the next day, Denis and the crew has to wait and will be released directly to the airport on flight day.

That night back at the hotel Jane was still a bit stunned. After dinner we watched some tv. We were the only ones there and I was so aroused thinking how possible it is for me to have sex with Jane. She stood up and went to the shower as I continued watching Thai tv, none of which is interesting. I was debating myself if I will follow Jane to the shower and maybe seduced her into agreeing to have sex with me. But I was too much of a coward. My dick is still very stiff. Jane cameback out wrapped in white towel ready to put on her sl**ping clothes. But she didn't, instead she sat next to me, I can smell her shampoo. She was quiet and she looked at me. My voice was a bit shaky, I manage to ask if she has panty underneath the towel. She said yes. Then quiet for a long 2 minutes or so. I manage to say that there were no one else here and only the two of us, and no one will ever know if we do something. She smiled as if it was funny. She said she knows I wanted to fooook her. She got a bit serious and she said what about Dennis. I said, well if he doesn't know then it will not hurt him. She looked down and she said that she had actually cheated on Dennis a few occasions during their tour. Once with a rich older man and another one with a young college basketball athlete. She looked at me and she said, what is sex by the way, it's just a few minutes of pleasure that we can share together. I was so uncertain where our conversation leads to. Then she said, why not as she stood up infront of me. She dropped her towel and toss it to the side. I was sitting in bed looking at her baked body. I slowly pulled down her panty and it reveals her sweet pussy, with soft blond hair. She motion for me to stand up. She lifted my shirt and then she pulled down my shorts. We were standing there naked.

I wish I could say she suck my dick, but she didn't do that. She said there's a difference between sex withoug caring and sex with care. I don't understand what she means but she puts her arms around me and we french kiss for the longest time. I was so arroused. I run my tongue like hell all over her neck and shoulders and down to her breast and I suck her nipple along with as much flesh I can shove inside my mouth. I was like a mad dog. I don't know where to start, I was going down her pussy then back up to her tits then to her lips. I can sense she was aroused too. I run my tongue on her pussy and it was my first time and I don't know what a clits is so I was just eating her wildly. She had her hand on the back of my neck and her other hands reach out for my dick. She knows how to hold it very delicately as she guided my dick inside her pussy. I felt the wramth the wet and the shiny parts and I immediately got the idea. I penetrated her as deeply as I could and I pumped her so hard, for a second I thought I hurt her when she moan for every hard thrust I shove on her. The entire wooden bed vibrated and the phone slip out of place. I was uncontrollable. It was just less than a minutes. Jane pushed me out and squeezed the head of my dick. She said I have to hold a bit, she want to cum together. I shove my dick again on her and I pumped her like there is no tomorrow. It builds up with more and more intensity, in just less than a minute I was ready to explode. This time Jane was ready too, I can see from the way she moans and we exploded almost at the same time. We were both breathing heavily. I collapse onto her very exhausted. But in just 30 seconds my dick was stiff again and I started. She smiled. We went 4 more rounds that night. I still wanted to go on a 5th but she said she is exhausted. As we lay down she said what if she gets pregnant. I panicked a little bit. Then she smiled and said she got it all figured out. Whenever she goes on out of town performing she always bring her pills just in case. She put her finger on her lips and told me to hush so Dennis won't know.

We were both lying naked in bed, she on her abdomen and I on my back. I asked her if we can do it again sometime. She said sure if the mood is right. I would have wanted more sex but We got Sandra out and we didn't want suspicion. At the plane Dennis had no clue what Jane and I have done when he was in jail.

I would attempted to call Jane but it was hard to get in touch with her and I went to college after that. That was the only sex we had. I see her on the net and we chat as if nothing happened. She is still with Dennis and the band still perform at local clubs. She is still gorgeous and beautiful in her 40's.

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