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BBC Seduction

I have a friend I met on Xhamster who's name is Kathy. Kathy is a very hot redhead with light complexion that has the most wonderful fantacy she told me about.

Her fantacy begins with her stoping after work for a drink at a local bar to unwind after a stressful day at work. She is sitting at the bar sipping her drink when she noticed someone beside her ordering a drink. As she looked his way out of curiousity, her eyes met his and then she immediately noticed his warm smile. He said Hi to Kathy and excused himself if he had startled her. Kathy replied no I was just deep in thought about my day.

They exchanged small talk for a couple minutes and Kathy was surprised at how at ease she was with him since they just met. She was also very attracted to him and the quivers she felt was a tell tale sign. Kathy had never been with a black guy before but she had heard stories of the large cocks some black guys had. Her mind started racing wondering if he had a large cock and how it would feel getting fucked by something very large.

Katy's new friend indroduced himself as Joe and asked if she wanted to have another drink with him and his friends from work. Joe pointed to a table where Kathy noticed 4 other black men. At first she was hesitant not knowing any of these men but the sexual quivers she was having thinking of Joe and the posibility of fucking a hugh cock gave her enough courage to accept and join the men at the table. They all seemed nice and Kathy started to relax a bit.

After a couple more drinks. Kathy wasa feeling more adventurous and let her hand slide onto Joe's leg as they tsalked. Joe taking this as a good sign slid his hand over Kathy's and moved it up until it rested on his cock. As soon as Kathy realized what she was feeling she gasped under her breath as she felt teh size and hardness of Joe's cock. He trues was one of those black guys she had heard about.

Joe leaned over and whispered in her ear, lets get out of here. To Kathy's surprise the words "yes lets" slipped from her lips before her brain thought of what that meant. Joe took her by the hand and led her from teh table as Joe's friends hooted and remarked about Joe going to get lucky.

Joe led Kathy from the bar adn Kathy asked where are we going. Joe replied that he knew of this motel around the corner and he would get a room. All of a sudden Kathy started to get cold feet and hesitated but Joe said no way you are backing out now, especially since you got my cock so hard. I didn't take you for a cock teaser Kathy. Kathy didn't know what to say and Joe persisted.well what are you Katy, a little white slut cock teaser that won't put out? Kathy knew that at this point she half wanted to get fucked by Joe and was half affraid at what may happen but she took a deep breath and reluctently said no Joe, I am not a cock teaser.

Joe got a room and they went inside. It was a two bit motel with a bed and bath and barely clean. Joe pulled Kathy inside, closed the door and pinned her to the door with the weight of his body as he kissed her deep and long. she hesitated not kexpecting to be attacked as soon as she got in the room but after a couple seconds of feeling his muscular body against her and the hardness of his cock pressing against her stomach she kissed Joe back starting to get turned on.

Joe stepped back and commanded Kathy to take her clothes off but just the tone of his voice made that fear swell up again and she hesitated. Joe noticing this said either you take them off or I am going to rip them off you you little slut. Kathy knew at this point she had gotten herself into more than she bargained for.

Joe f***ed Kathy to lay on the bed naked as he took off his clothes. She noticed his muscular chest as he stripped off his shirt and then he slid off hs pants and underwear and Kathy gasped as she saw his hugh hard cock spring up. She had never seen or imagined a cock that big in her life. Joe's cock ws 10" long and extremely thick. Kathy knew she was gong to gt fucked and now her new fear was how would she ever be able to take that cock in her tight little pussy.

As Joe approached the bed, Kathy heard the door openand to her surprise Joe's 4 friends were suddenly in the room surronding the bed. They were all staring at her naked body. Each of the men were making remarks about what a fine little white fuck she was and how they wanted to fuck the white bitch giving her a taste of some good ole black cock she would never forget.

Kathy closed her eyes for a moment hoping that this was all a bad dream and she would wake up in her own bed safe and sound but when she opened her eyes she saw the 4 other guys now naked and each of them stroking theit hard cocks as they looked at her naked body. Each of them having a hugh cock. She quickly thought that 2 of them were as big as Joe and the other 2 were at least 8".

Befrore she knew it, one of the guys was shoving his hard cock in her mouth as she felt Joe's hugh 10" cock spreading her pussy lips. She layed there stunned as she felt the head of his hugh cock sliding into your tight little hole. She tried to scream as she then felt his tickness spread her pussy open wider than it has ever been spread but her scream was muffled by thr hugh cock in her mouth.

Within a few seconds the pain form being spread open s wide dimished and pleasure started to grow in Kathy's body. Even thoiugh she did not want this to happen like this her body took over and her urge for pleasure made her wet and wanting more. She reahed out with both hands and took the other 2 guys hard cocks in her ahnds and started stroking them as they wathced Joe fuck her little white pussy with his hugh cock.

Before she knew it Kathy was the cum slut that she knew was burried deep inside her. Her mouth eagerly sucking on a nice hard cock and her tight pussy bucking up agianst Joe's long thick cock tryig to get as much of it inside her as she could.

She then noticed the 5th guy who was just stroking his cock up until now, slide on the bed under her raised legs and push the head of his hard cock against her tight ass. Kathy gasped as she only tried anal sex once before and that was with a guy who had a much smaller cock. She braced herself as she felt the head of his cock pop into her nice tight ass as Joe's cock was still fucking her now drenched pussy.

Before she knew it, she was filled with a hard cock in her ass and in her pussy both fucking her deep and hard and her body craving it, wanting all her holes satisfied and filled with hot dripping cum.

The pleasure in her body building until she was to teh point of exploding. Her ass wiggling and hips grinding against each of the 2 cocks in her pussy and ass. Her mouth sucking the hard cock that was shoved into it, now wanting to feel it explode filling her moth with warm cum. Each of her hands stroking wanting them to also explode on her body, making her feel like the cum slut she had just become.

After a few more minute Kathy got her wish as she first felt the cock in her mouth explode. She sucking and swallowing as much as she could but still cum was dripping out of the sides of her mouth.

She then heard moans from both guys she was stroking, the hot cum shooting onto her breasts and face as they both squirted thier hot cum on her. This sensation trigger Kathy's orgasm as she bucked harder against the 2 cocks in both her holes. As she came she felt the gush of hot cum filling her pussy and her ass that triggered another strong orgasm in her.

Within a couple minutes each guy pulled out of her spent body and Kathy closed her eyes still feeling the waves of pleasure stream through her body. When she opened her eyes, she was alone. The only sign of her adventure ws her body covered in sticky cum, cum dripping from her pussy and ass and a smile across her lips of a night she would dream of for the rest of her life.

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