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Found how kinky my girlfriend is.

Alright so last night I found out how really kinky my girlfriend is and I'll telling you why at the end. So last night I had gotten out of the shower and was in our bedroom and my girlfriend starts talking to me about average day things, then randomly she says to me "Hey babe, when's the last time you cummed in my heels?" Well, I was honest with her and told it's been awhile since I have because we've been busy and I asked her why and she says "Just wondering." So I'm still covered with a towel because I'm trying to find clothes to wear and I hear her in our closet and at that time I didn't think much of it, just I was trying to find clothes lol.

Well, I didn't hear her anymore and while I was finally finding some clothes I hear say to me "Hey babe, turn around real quick" and of course I did and when I did I spotted a gorgeous heel. Not sure of the brand, but it had a dark metallic purple color, it was snakeskin leather and the heel had to be 4" or 5" plus, this heel I haven't seen yet. So I'm standing there still covered with a towel and not too long after she reaches for the towel and takes it off. She then puts the heel under my cock and she uses her right hand to give me a hand job. She also rubbed the heel around my balls and cock a few times. Well, I hit that moment while she was giving me a hand job that I pretty much exploded in her heels lol. Some fell on the carpet, but she did good placing her heel at the right moment so not all of it went to waste.

After I drop a load in her heels she tells me "You did really great babe. That's so attractive" and the reason I said I found out how really kinky my girlfriend is, is because after she said that she starts licking my cum out of her heel. Right then I got another hard on lol. After she cleaned out the cum in her heel she looks at my cock and says "Hm, I think you might need some cleaning" and she starts giving me a blow job.

I swear it's the hottest thing that has ever happened to me.

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