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That sucked

A few years ago we met another couple at the pool bar of a hotel where we were vacationing. My asian wife May looked stunning as usual wearing a white bikini top, without the inserts so her thumb-sized nipples stuck out. We had a few drinks with the couple and hit it off with them. The guy was probably 6'4" and a little out of shape. His wife was a stunning blond with a great set of tits. I'll call them Bob and Bobby.

They asked us up to their room for more drinks and we agreed. I was getting excited at the thought of getting my hands on those nice blond tits of Bobby's and I could see Bob already had a stiff cock from looking at May's nipples poking at him. We got to the room, put on some music and everyone grabbed another beer.

May was feeling her drinks, since she only needs a couple anyway. Bobby looked like she wasn't feeling any pain either. May started to dance a bit . Bob's eyes were glued to her tits so I suggested to her she take her top off, which she gladly did. Bob suggested the same to his wife and, after some coaxing, Bobby released her tits for all of us to see. Bob commented on how huge May's nipples were and she asked if he wanted to feel them. Duh!! Yeah he did. She sat in his lap at the edge of one bed while he played with my wife's tits. I could see May's nipples getting harder and more erect as he pulled and twisted them.

I moved over to the bed to sit next to HIS wife. We kissed a bit and I felt Bobby's nice firm tits. Somewhere around this time May had released Bob's cock from his swim trunks and was stroking his erect penis and while he sucked on May's tits and fingered her cunt that was sopping wet by this time. I figured turn about was fair so I moved Bobby's hand down to my hard cock. She just let her hand rest there, much to my disappointment. So I went back to work on her tits while fingering her.

While this was going on May had proceeded to slide her wet lips over Bob's cock. She was bobbing her head up and down, slurping as she gave him what I know from my own experience was an amazing cock sucking, even has her head bumped into Bob's fat belly! I again tried to get Bobby to play with my cock since I was hard as hell seeing my wife suck her husband's cock. She finally started playing and stroking my cock a bit. I look over to see both of Bob's hands holding May's head as he raised his hips to fuck her mouth.

Seeing this I tried to move Bobby's mouth to my cock that was throbbing to have her moist lips working on it. She resisted but did start jerking me off, which felt good enough that I laid back and closed my eyes for awhile. Bobby finally started licking and taking my cock into her mouth when I heard some slapping sounds and opened my eyes to see Bob's cock buried deep into May's cunt and start fucking away. May was moaning from Bob's fucking and I knew she was going to go into one of her series of orgasms.

I tried to roll over on top of Bobby but she wouldn't let me slide my condom covered cock into her. GOOD DAMN WOMAN I thought. Her husband is fucking the hell out of my wife and all she would do was suck my cock! I took the condom off, moved up and f***ed my cock into Bobby's mouth because I sure as hell was going to cum, at the very least.

I look over and Bob is fucking May from behind, and I love to see her tits swinging. She has her eyes closed, head thrown back, and moaning as she cums again. I'm at least fucking Bobby's mouth and pull out to cum on her face while Bob is pounding May from behind until he lets go with his load in his condom deep inside my wife.

Bob was laying on top of May with his cock still in her as they recovered. Meanwhile Bobby runs to the bathroom to clean up her face. I could see Bob getting a second wind and wanting another shot to fuck my asian wife. May seemed up to it too, but I was pissed that Bob had a great time fucking my wife while all I got was a blow job from his....and that sucked......

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